NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Saturday, July 27, 2013.

An update on Ilya Bryzgalov, speculation the Maple Leafs could shop Cody Franson, and guessing which forwards the Red Wings could shop.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli recently reported former Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov has received an offer from KHL team Vladivostok Admirals. Alexander Mogilny, who heads up the Admirals, confirmed the offer, but acknowledged his club might not be able to afford Bryzgalov.

YAHOO! SPORTS’ Dmitry Chesnokov reports via Twitter “Bryzgalov tells Russian media he has had offers, but declined to say whether they were from the NHL or the KHL.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vladivostok is Russia’s far eastern port, which I visited Vladivostok over 20 years ago. It was a lovely city ( likely better now than it was when I visited, when Russia was still the Soviet Union), but it is a long, long way away from other KHL cities, meaning road games will be lengthy affairs for the Admirals. I daresay if Bryzgalov does sign with a KHL team, he’ll prefer one in the East. As for NHL offers, there’s been little to suggest he’s received much interest of late.

Maple Leafs shopping Cody Franson?

Maple Leafs shopping Cody Franson?

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports trade speculation involving Maple Leafs defenseman Cody Franson could heat up, as the Leafs want to keep him but his asking price could be too expensive. Dreger suggested the Leafs could seek a draft pick or prospect for Franson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting turn in Franson’s negotiations. He led the Leafs blueliners in points last season with 29, and appeared a more confident blueliner under coach Randy Carlyle than he was under Carlyle’s predecessor the season prior. He made $1.2 million last season. Dreger didn’t report what Franson was seeking, though I daresay that could leak out at some point in the coming days in the Toronto media. The Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche and NY Islanders could have interest.

MLIVE.COM: Responding to readers e-mail questions, Ansar Khan speculated Jordin Tootoo ($1.9 million) or Patrick Eaves ($1.2 million) are the likely forwards to be dealt by the Detroit Red Wings, who are trying to shed some salary and free up a logjam at forward. Cory Emmerton has also been mentioned in trade rumors but Khan notes his salary (over $533K) wouldn’t free up much cap space. Khan doesn’t expect Mikael Samuelsson will be moved. He acknowledged Tomas Tatar’s name has come up in trade rumors but doesn’t believe the Wings will move him without giving him a chance to prove himself.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Tootoo is the likely trade candidate. He saw limited playing time with the Wings last season, and he would have some market value.


  1. There are some interesting possibilities in The Islanders…. Franson for Brock Nelson or Casey Cizikas they have some good looking centers/forwards besides Strome

  2. Bryzgalov has had offers…lol ya to help him pack up and move

  3. The more I think about it the more it will make sense to trade franson. With it sounding like reilly is going to be up you can have gardiner, reilly, ranger, liles and franson. I’d say liles and gunnerson or franson has to go. I like franson but if he gives you the best return and is asking the rumoured 4 mill then there might not be room for him on the leafs.

  4. Before you guys jump on the trade Franson bandwagon consider Bozaks agent said he wanted $7M but settled on $4.25M (still over priced IMO). Franson’s agent may very well say $5M because the Leafs are currently offering $2.5M but in reality they are just trying to get the price up to a reasonable $3M to $3.5M.

    If the Leafs let this guy go they are screwed on the blueline this year. Franson will be a number 2. Franson showed he could play 23min per game during the 7 game series with Boston and came out an even +/- player as opposed to Phaneuf who played 25min per game and was a minus 6 for the series and single handedly lost them game 4 with his huge gaff (I believe game 4? can’t remember which game I blocked it out from my memory) and don’t try and tell me Phaneuf played against the top line and Franson didn’t because that’s incorrect.
    Good, mobile, big D men are hard to find in this league so to trade this guy is just plain stupid. Yes, I’m fine with Franson, Gardiner and Reilly all on the Leafs as mobile D men although I don’t think Gardiner will be as good as Franson in his own end in two years from now, (Gardiner may have more puck carrying skills). Hey worst case we sign Franson and if the Leafs don’t want 3 puck movers when Rielly is finally ready in two to three years then they trade one at that point. Rielly will have to go back to junior this year because he isn’t eligible for the AHL and the Leafs can’t afford to have his salary or him sitting in the press box at $1.74M. So figure he will start with the Leafs for the max games then get sent back this year, next year he will be with the Marlies and the following year he will probably make the big club for good (hopefully), that’s 3 years out. In the mean time Franson are your two puck carriers.

    I bet Nonis can’t move Liles or he would be gone by now. Teams probably want him to retain salary or throw in a prospect or draft pick in order to take Liles.

    This whole scenario stinks…

    Being an Oiler fan (secondary) I would be fine with trading Franson to the Oil for a bag of pucks and let them finish building a winner.

    • True. Each team/ player has a starting point and you meet in the middle somewhere. Frason should probably get a similar contract to gunnerson 3 year 3 mill. Imo that’s still high but for comparables around the league fair.
      I would of thought bryzgalov might fit in edmonton but now I think the only team is NYI.
      But who’s knows maybe luongo doesn’t show up to camp and gillis has to sign bryz.

    • 1 post is all Im giving this. You complain about Liles contract 3.85 mill after 1 kinda off season and 7 seasons of averaging over 30 points,next breath say we should give Franson and his 25 games of decent stats (again resulting mostly from pp time and being sheltered from other teams top lines) more then Liles, 4mill 0 sence, trade him to the Oilers for a bag of pucks? good idea instead of getting something useful again smart move. Bandwagon? I said as soon as they signed Ranger Franson would be moved go back and look it gives them options to get under the cap that you are so worried about doing. Why trade Liles for a third round pick when you can get some assets for Franson we still have 4 puck moving D and despite what you may think its Franson not a younger version of Coffee or Leetch we are talking about we have guys capable of playing his type of game and given the opportunity may just do as good a job if not better for less money.

      • You are sooo wrong about this. The Leafs blue line will be a total joke replacing Franson with Ranger and Fraser with Holzer (or who ever). Ya, I said at the time they signed Liles the amount was a joke… The Franson to the Oil was a joke wake up.

        One post you say you hate Gunnar and he should be traded or paid less then $2M the next post you say you are ok with him making 3.15M for 3 years.

        At least Liles won’t be sitting in the press box all year again since there is a good chance that he will have very little competition if Franson is traded and Fraser is allowed to walk. I bet a judge awards Fraser $2M. I can’t wait…

        • If it gets to a judge and is is under 3.5 mill you cant just “let him walk” anymore you have to sign him…again showing great knowledge Fraser will be a Leaf unless they sign him and trade him before his arbitration hearing

      • Who cares if they trade Franson. Maybe the Leafs brass can sucker some GM as smart as say BeerG and over pay for an overrated defenseman that has played against pillow soft competition and a ton of time on the PP so his stats look better than a top ten defenseman like say Phaneauf.

        • Or we could let an 80 yr old miserable Ron Moore run the team like Ballard use to so he can crap on everything and every body because he hates his life.

          • Or we can hear more smart hockey talk by a person who thinks they know hockey when they don’t. Why can’t you make a sensible comment instead of your narrow minded opinions about players and basically rip into anyone YOU think sucks based on what you heard, saw, or think rather than things like stats or proof even?

        • Ah man….I agree with Ron lol

          • You two are two peas in a pod until you to start arguing with one another about your warped sense of hockey. Ron has never made a actual suggestion for a trade yet on this site. He just rips everyone else’s trade ideas and I have witnessed Sht getting into it on many occasions with other posters because they don’t take getting your ideas jammed down their throats

    • Bozak’s agent didn’t want $7M, he wanted $5M to $6M.

  5. The reason you don’t trade Franson is because he has been greatly improving every year. If he gets 3.5/4 he will look under paid performing like a solid 2-3 in coming years. Also with Phaneuf being a FA next season and Rielly not being a sure thing you can’t afford to lose Franson,

    • Greatly improving every year? How you figure? He only improved this year and really it was only the last half of this short year up till then he never played more then 14-16 mins a game? Go back thru his career stats and tell me he has “improved every year” his 2 highest point totals were with Nashville he was a plus in Nashville then a mius when he came to the Leafs again how is that improving it goes +15 +10 then – 1 +4 not sure where you learned math but that is not improving every year this is the first year he was on pace to get more then 30 pts Subban has 3 seasons of 30 pts or more out of 3 seasons and he has a bridge deal for less then 3 million bucks granted it will go up but why do you think Franson should make 3.5+ when he is the same age as the guy who won the Norris who currently makes under 3 mill this year or a guy like Del Zotto who also has multiple 30 pt seasons and is making 2.5 mill, again people complain about bad contracts then complain when the Leafs try to avoid signing bad contracts.

      • Well if we go with what you are saying then we should trade Kessel now since he only really improved the second half of last year and in the playoffs. Your agreement doesn’t hold water when it comes to trading Franson. Should the Leafs offer him $2.5M, yes, Will he most likely get over paid like the rest of the bums that got way to much this year? Absolutely…

        • Do you even have a clue what you are talking about any more bg? Kessel since he came to the leafs goals 30 32 37 last year on pave for 40 that would be improving every year…look at some numbers before you speak would ya points assist whatever you like to choose has gone up every year since hes been here and again he is top 5or 6 in scoring and points over the past 5 years..Your point against Kessel is once again way off base and topic surprise surprise

          • Kessel improved in this years playoffs huge but according to you we need to ignore that fact just like we should ignore the fact Franson played a huge role in the 7 game series. Let’s trade them both.

        • You really think what you said makes any sense? You really can’t differentiate between good and bad players can you?

          Fact: Kessel 30+ goals almost every season still under 25, Point per game in career playoffs so far, top 10 in scoring
          Beergoggles: trade him, not worth more than the 5.4m Rick Nash is a stud I saw him on the highlights on TSN and he’s a winner not that American Kessel.

      • Sticky,
        You should not use Subbans contract as a comparable. He delayed signing IMO because he had to wrap his head around the fact that he would have to leave term and cash on the table if he wanted to be a Hab. MB was not negotiating with him, he told him the reality of Mtls cap at that time. Mtl did not have the cap to sign Subban for what he was worth or for the term he deserved. The contract rally was the best that could be given. When it is done, the cap will be higher, Gionta and Markov will be off the books (10.75mill in cap space) and a gentle and agreement that he will get paid on the next contract. I will not be surprised if his next contract is a little over priced to make up for his current contract. I am sure MB and Subbans agent told him this really was the best deal so his choice was big money now away from the Habs or big money later, decent money now, and still with the Habs. Very unique circumstances which should not reflect on MB ability to negotiate nor on any other contracts in future or past anywhere in the league.

        • K so even if you take Subban out of the picture giving Franson 3.5 + he is not worth More then Del Zotto 2.5 mill, Rozival 2.65, Lucas Sbisa 2.6, Matt Greene 2.9, Karl Alzner 2.8, Nick Leddy 2.8 Derek Morris 2.75….etc etc etc all these guys are as good and more proven then Franson he is not worth 3mill + let alone 3.5….

  6. Oilers are my second team too! :) However the leafs need more than a bag of pucks back. How about a first round pick for next year.

  7. Good points made for both trading and retaining Cody. Rielly needs some AHL time. Phaneuf, Gunnarsson, Gardiner are the only locks on defense. A veteran is needed so maybe one of Liles or Ranger. Holzer, and the others will fight it out. If trading Franson improves the team then do it. It’s always a gamble.

  8. How many good, young, solid, mobile, big D were available in this years UFA crop. Barely any but we should dump a 25 yr old D because he may get $3.5M for three years? I’d rather have Franson at $3.5M then Bozak at $4.25M any day or night.

  9. Sign franson to a 1 year deal to bridge it at 2.5 and then ink him and kessel to a long term during next season and trade phaneuf during the season to a team as a rental. Use the 6.5 from phaneuf to sign a d man, give kessel the raise and give franson a 3.2m/4 year extension

  10. we should be…lol but apparently there are a few that think we should sign a few more puck moving giveaway machines to big long term contracts the first time they are on pace for 30 points

    • In a 82 games season Franson was projected to 52.8 points. 30 points is only in a 45 point season silly Shticky :p .

      I agree by all means start the bargaining at a lower salary.

      • if he played another 40 games or so I guarantee you Franson does not get anywhere near 50 points and is a minus player if the trend of playing him more then 18 mins a game continued…look at the numbers it was something stupid like plus 12 or 13 the first half the season with Fraser as the bottom pairing playing against 4th liners by the end of the year he was plus 4 (trending down quickly) and as great as a playoff BG likes to think Franson played in game 7 he scored twice and was still a minus 2 (give away machine)…. gee that is great defensive play, the guy you all want to give a big raise for having such a great year was on the ice for 4 out of 5 Bruins goals. In a game 7.

        • I agree that an improvement in a shortened season isn’t grounds to offer an inflated contract on a long term. Sure Franson could continue to improve but he needs to accept a 1-2 year deal at a reasonable rate and prove it first. Same was true for Subban. It wasn’t so long ago Cody spent more time in the press box than the ice and was far to soft in his own end. He should think long and hard about this. On the Leafs he has the opportunity to play important minutes with a guy like Gardiner.If he digs in then the Leafs should seek a trade.

        • Franson is really not the turn over machine you make him out to be. Generally he makes a great first pass and gets the puck out harms way efficiently. Phaneuf is a turnover machine. He takes too much time to move the puck getting himself trapped and in trouble all the time. Even if he wasn’t playing those 30 HARD minutes I’m confident he would still get in trouble.

          What made the Franson/Fraser pairing so effective is they played a simple game. Clear the net, and move the puck fast.

          I will admit in game 7 he had a couple notable giveaways but that is the only time it comes to mind. I do agree that he doesn’t have the track record to be in the driver seat when negotiating this contract.

        • What made them soo effective was they were playing against 3rd and fourth lines playing 14-16 mins a night, once he moved up in the line up his plus minus began to drop he ended up only being plus 4 once he started playing better competition he had a huge cushion playing second unit pp and 3rd and fourth lines Phaneuf played 30 mins a night most night and always against top lines was only minus 4 you cant see the difference? Dion plays against Crosby Malkin Spezza Ovi Nash Richards and Stamkos and the like every shift, Franson gets Shawn thornton Brandon Sutter, Tom Pyat, Darrol Powe and Arron Asham. When the competition got better he was turning over pucks more then Dion because he played less minutes and that shiney plus minus cushion he had built up from playing weak lines and on the pp quickly disappeared. His numbers were inflated

  11. Personally, I’m hoping Nonis is working on a deal to send Dion Phaenuf to a western conference team, to allow the Leafs to hold onto Franson.

    I don’t dislike the positives Phaenuf brings to the table, but unless he’s paired with a stud shutdown partner (which does not exist on the leafs roster) he should be seeing second D. line minutes, where costly gambles and mental mistakes will happen less frequently, against the league’s best.

    I don’t expect it will happen, but that’d be my hope.

  12. Shticky you do realize you do not get a PLUS on the PP right lol.

    • Yes I do and I also realize it is pretty difficult to pick up a minus on the power play too fool lol so when you are only playing 16 minutes a game and 5 or 7 of them are power play time and you play against weak lines for 9 minutes a game you are going to be a plus player

      • You realize that Randy is a match up coach right? So at the beginning of the year when Franson and Fraser were on the ice against bottom two type forward lines they were playing with Kadri or Kessel right? So for 9-10 minutes a night he was on the ice against lines that dont score with 2 guys in the top 10 in scoring right hence the exaggerated +/- to start the year, (+12 or what ever it was really a dumb stat anyway proof look at Frasers +/-) once he started playing better lines and more minutes his +/- dropped considerably and quickly considering everyone starts even Dion was a minus 4 Franson had a huge cushion +12 and dropped 8 he gives the puck away as much if not more then Dion again proof is game 7 Franson 2 goals and minus 2 Dion was minus 2 aswell but had 1 points thus he was on the ice for 3 of 5 goals Franson 4 of 5 now explain how a guy with less ice time playing against weaker lines who is worse defensively is a better option the the guy who plays top lines every night every shift plays more minutes and is better defensively and had a couple less points against way better competition. Franson is no where near good enough to take Dions spot or minutes his stats are exaggerated. You and the others who think trade Dion and keep Franson are fooling yourself Gunnarson and Franson as a top pair will be torn up by top lines.

        • As a Sabres fan, I would love a guy who is “only +4″ against other teams top lines.
          The expectation of a player to maintain a high +/- against all levels of opposition is unrealistic.
          Be happy the kid can still be on the plus side, he could have dropped into the minus and then you would have a real problem.

          Shticky: your point about comparable salaries from other players is much much stronger.

          The Sabres never trades anyone it seems and I would love to see them make a move, but if Franson was on Buffalo, he is one guy I would rather overpay than loose.

          • He was + 12 till he started playing top lines….so if he played top lines for 18-20 mins. Night instead of bottom lines for most the year at around 15-17 minutes he would be around a minus 8 still want him for 3.5 mill? Lol