NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Saturday, June 1, 2013.

The latest NHL Entry Draft speculation, plus updates on the Red Wings and Sharks.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon is gauging interest in his first round pick, second overall, in this year’s entry draft, though he’s not actively shopping the pick.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater recently examined some potential trade scenarios for the Colorado Avalanche involving their first round pick (first overall),  including shopping the pick for Florida or Tampa Bay for an established player or two plus their pick.

ESPN.COM’S Craig Custance reports via Twitter Lightning GM Steve Yzerman, who holds the third overall pick, doesn’t expect to move up in the draft, saying he doesn’t have enough “ammunition” to pry the first overall pick from the Avalanche.

NHL.COM: The Edmonton Oilers are willing to consider moving their first round pick, which is seventh overall.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The suggestion by Avalanche executive VP of hockey operations Joe Sakic and new head coach Patrick Roy they would consider trading their pick  sparked considerable speculation over the movement of high picks in this year’s draft. It remains to be seen, of course, if anyone actually moves their pick. Can’t blame the Avs, Panthers and Oilers for letting it be known they’re willing to at least entertain offers.

Wings won't buy out Johan Franzen.

Wings won’t buy out Johan Franzen.

DETROIT NEWS/MLIVE.COM: Ted Kulfan reported Red Wings UFA forward Valtteri Filppula acknowledged the possibility he could depart via free agency this summer. Ansar Khan, meanwhile, reports Filppula and the other Wings notable UFAs (including Daniel Cleary, Damien Brunner, Drew Miller and Ian White) hope to return next season.  Khan also reports Red Wings GM Ken Holland shot down speculation he could use one of his two compliance buyouts on Johan Franzen. “Yeah, it’s crazy (speculation) for me,” Holland said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Filppula’s agent insists on $5 million per season, the Wings won’t re-sign him. I expect Brunner and Cleary will be back, but less certain about Miller and White). Sure, Franzen can be inconsistent during the regular season, but he’s one of those players who always seems to find an extra gear in the playoffs. He may be overpaid, but he’s also part of the Wings core and Holland has no intention to dump his salary.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK/MERCURYNEWS.COM: Dan Boyle, who’ll be a UFA next summer, hopes to finish his career with the San Jose Sharks, while pending UFA Raffi Torres hopes to return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Boyle can continue playing at a high level (he turns 37 this summer)  and is willing to accept a short-term contract with a bit of a pay cut, I think the Sharks would consider. Torres would be an affordable re-signing if the Sharks want to keep him. GM Doug Wilson sounded like he believes Torres could be a good fit next season, but it’ll depend upon the winger’s salary demands.


  1. Riley pick 23 and a second rounder…… hell we will even throw in Frattin any takers in the top 3??? Lol

    • no chance i trade riely, not for the first pick. id involve phaneif in any of those trades though. i am not against moving the 23rd pick, but id sure love to have two first rounders.

      • Gotta give to get…Riley will be a gem but I look at it this way we have 2 young puck moving D in Gardner and Franson. That may turn out to be very good…it takes alot of time to develop a young D especially. In Rileys case with another year of junior before he can go to the AHL where he should probably play a year maybe more to get used to playing against bigger faster men. This is not such a process for a young forwards and will probably even less for players like McKinnon Drouin or with Barkov and Monahan we could finally get a guy who could be a true number 1 center for years to come….Plus the Leaf prospect pool for D seems a little deeper then at center or wing

        • How do you know Riley will be a “gem”? Based on his junior numbers??

          • Well ya that’s how you base a propect..how do you know anyone in the draft will work out its based on their junior numbers world juniors ect…really you need this explained to you? How else would you determine who is a decent prospect or not…it’s all based on their numbers, genius really

          • You can not base a prospect based on his junior numbers only. Theres other things involved. His drive.desire to do anything it takes. His finess level. Commitment to learning and hockey sense has to be taken into account. It is was based off of junior numbers. Take a peak at latendress. Matt foye and corey locke. Latendress never really panned out. Matt foy and corey locke were part of the 67s glory days when they couldnt lose. 63g 88a in 66gms followed by a 55g season. Labelled as an elite player but lacks consistancy and work ethic. Relies on skill. Matt foy same year. 61g 71a 61gms added 121 pims. Labelled as a big player who has elite hands exceptional ice vision and plays with an edge. Both players never made it big anywhere after being drafted.locke played somethjng like 10 games in the nhl and is now 29 and playing over seas in the DEL. Matt played longer but never made an impact. Hes 30 and also playing over seas. There are many many more.

          • Yes Brent I know there is a Lil more to it then that but when it comes down to its numbers…if a guy isn’t putting up numbers he will never get looked at to see if he has the other intangibles that you are speaking of which Riley has shown thru out his junior career and other places like the world under 18, world juniors ect….

          • When it comes down to it its all a role of the dice with younger type prospects some work out some don’t but the numbers Riley has put up plus thing like how he dealt with his injury and how strong he came back from it and how well he played this year even after being drafted and not on a very good junior team has showed his desire to succeed. That is why I believe if the Leafs packaged him with something else (say their first pick this year) they would probably have enough to move up into the top 10 picks…is it enough to move into the top 5 to get a future franchise type center? I’m not sure but then again as pointed out those centers while putting up incredible numbers may not work out either….

        • agreed but i wouldnt trade rielly for anything ofther than a top 5 pick. i like the kid a lot. no chance i move him though. no chance. ayone want phanuef though? by all means

  2. Tallon was very vague when talking about this subject. He gave the typical answer of “anything that could improve our team, we’ll look into it”. However, he did sound not as vague when talking about trading down.

    Still, GMs love to talk about trading picks at the deadline yet they rarely do nowadays. He did say, though, that there are a lot of d-men for the later first round and second round, which to me suggests that he is aiming at MacKinnon.

    The Avs could try and play this one out in telling Dale, “hey, we also want MacKinnon, but if you want him that badly then we can make a deal”. Sometimes it’s a cheapshot and i recall the Coyotes were telling Sather that they were going to pick Al Montoya and tried to get a deal out of him when they had their sights on Wheeler.

    Should be interesting.

  3. Each summer the pickings of UFA’s gets slimmer and slimmer and with the cap going down next season I think we will see a very active trade market with draft picks especially with teams like Columbus, Buffalo, Calgary, Dallas who have more than 1 Number one pick. Draft day may be their best time to trade for that one missing piece, (except maybe Calgary who is in total rebuild mode). Also for a team like the oilers who want to take that next step and who most likely won’t trade any of their core youth, that 7th pick in first round maybe their best option for getting that D-man they need. Should be a very interesting day.

    • agreed cant wait….lol saved my sick day from the tade dudline just for draft day…. :-)

    • oilers need a good goalie too. miller anybody?

      • Oilers have a good goalie. The only people who think they need a goalie are people who never watch the Oilers play. Dubnyk had a better save % then Miller, Luongo, Rinne, etc. Why would they waste valuable cap space and trade assets to get a player that is older and arguably not as good as Dubnyk?

        • sabres were in disarray all season long. Dubnyk I’m sorry but if you think he’s better than Miller because he’s got a better save % this season then him you’ve either know absolutely nothing about hockey and the goaltending position or you’ve recently just been released from a mental hospital and think Grant Fuhr is still playing net for you guys.


          And honestly Dubnyk better then Miller? Wow man you should really stop posting here and maybe think becoming a fan of the NBA rather then the NHL.

          • Dubnyk also had a better GAA. Dubnyk has had one year as the starter. Miler has been a very good goalie but going into next year what argument would you have that Miller will be better then Dubnyk? I am an Oilers season ticket holder and I used to be a goalie coach in minor hockey. I have a pretty fair understanding of the Oilers. How many Oiler games did you see last year? If you watched their games, you’d know that goal scoring was most often their problem – not defense or goaltending.

          • Seriously now I am no goaltending coach or season ticket holder but have seen a few Oiler games and to say Defense wasn’t an issue is stretching it quite a bit…That D corps is young and while improved deff could still use some work and seasoning….

        • True, the Oilers need to invest in defence now to compliment their offence and goaltending.

      • I don’t think that would be much of an improvement for the oilers. Miller and Dubnyk are both amazing when they want to be, but are inconsistent as heck. Not to mention dubnyks younger

        • Miller is also a UFA in a year. Makes no sense for the Oilers.

          Oilers will try to improve their D. Saying that they had terrible D last year however just strengthens the argument that Dubnyk played well – ie good stats with a lousy D. How will he look with a good D in front of him? Hopefully we find out next year.

          • No I do agree Dubnyk looked good for the most part and still young…just that the D needs to improve and some size grit and a Lil veteran direction and they will improve by leaps and bounds they got the skill part covered that’s for sure…

          • Actually, you will find out in a month to 3 months what the Oilers have in mind to improve.

  4. The Detroit News already said that it was certain that both Brunner and Miller would be back and maybe Cleary on a cheap short term deal like what Bertuzzi signed for 2 years @ $4,000,000 total.