NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Saturday, March 16, 2013.

More lists of possible deadline trade candidates, the rumored asking price for Jarome Iginla, plus updates on Mark Streit, Ladislav Smid and more.

Could Lubomir Visnovsky be available at the trade deadline?

Could Lubomir Visnovsky be available at the trade deadline?

CBC.CA: Doug Harrison looked at the status of several notable pending UFAs heading up to the trade deadline, suggesting Jarome Iginla, Lubomir Visnovsky, and Jaromir Jagr as possible trade candidates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regarding Visnovsky, Harrison believes the Carolina Hurricanes might be interested as they’re rumored seeking a puck-moving defenseman. I seem to recall, however, a piece in the Raleigh News & Observer suggesting the Hurricanes had enough skill defensemen and might instead seek a more physical blueliner. If so, they’ll have no interest in Visnovsky.

OTTAWA SUN: Chris Stevenson lists Jarome Iginla, Jaromir Jagr, Mike Ribeiro, Derek Roy and Vinny Prospal as his top five rental player forwards heading into the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Two weeks ago, I would’ve believed everyone on this list would be moved. Now? I’m not so sure. If the Flames manage to claw into playoff contention by the deadline, I believe the Flames will keep him. Same goes for Jagr with the Stars and Prospal with the Blue Jackets. Ribeiro could still be moved, as he’ll prove costly for the Capitals to re-sign. The Stars reportedly have held contract talks with Roy, so he’s not a certainty to be moved.

SPORTING NEWS: Sean Gentille cited a recent tweet by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Rob Rossi claiming the Flames asking price for Jarome Iginla is “a top-four defense prospect, a roster player and a draft pick”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, the Penguins could afford this. So could several other teams (Bruins, Blackhawks, Kings). Stay tuned…

ESPN.COM: Katie Strang reports preliminary contract talks between the NY Islanders and defenseman Mark Streit are ongoing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Never assume just because an Islander is a free agent that he’s going to be moved at the trade deadline or the off-season. As much as this team has struggled over the past three seasons to become a playoff contender, more of their notable free agents over that period opted to stay, as they genuinely believe they’re close to becoming a playoff contender. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Streit is re-signed before July. 

EDMONTON SUN: Robert Tychkowski reports Oilers pending UFA blueliner Ladislav Smid hopes to remain an Oiler.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Smid not only leads the Oilers in hits and blocked shots, he’s also among the league leaders in those categories. For a team which lacks defensive grit like the Oilers, they simply must re-sign Smid. Failing to do so would be a huge blunder.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited an interview Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier had with local reporters Friday, in which he claimed he’s not in a “blow-it-up” mindset heading toward the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Honestly, what would we expect him to say? “We suck on toast so everyone must go”? 


  1. The flames will claw there way back to 10th keep iginla and then drop out of the race. I hope he does not resign with the flames they are going nowhere fast and he only has a few good years left. I know being loyal to your hockey is one thing but c’mon this guy has been a force for years and deserves to have his name on the cup. As for riberio i think he get moved at the deadline, only if the caps can’t afford him or have zero plans on resigning him in the offseason. I could see the leafs trying to pry him out of wash if they can stay relevant in the playoff race, but you would half to think a center would half to go back in return. and the only rental guy they have would be bozak, not sure how much of an upgrade riberio is over bozak but if leafs can’t afford to keep him maybe its a decent swap for both team plus pick??

    • I don’t doubt that Ribeiro will be moved…I am really thinking the Blackhawks will work a trade for either him or Roy from Dallas….I just don’t think that Bolland is a good fit on the second line. He’s a hell of a defender and agitator who sometimes shows flashes of brilliance on offense, but those flashes are too few and far between. I really like the thought of Ribeiro having some high quality talent on the wings….He doesn’t have a full compliment with the Caps and definately did not have much to work with during his stay with the Stars. If I had my Christmas wish I would have Andrew Ladd wearing the best sweater in the NHL back in Chicago where he belongs!!

  2. Any idea if the Flyers buy, sell, or stand pat?

    • I don’t really know what the flyers would sell that would benefit them in any way? They are full of young high end talent they need to add and I don’t think they will find the right pieces till the off season.

      • I disagree, if the flyers continue to struggle I could see them being sellers and they have plenty of assets that could be moved for varying returns. Briere, timonen, gagne, fedotenko, talbot, maybe even gervais or even knuble could be additions for a team looking to go deep in the playoffs. I’m sure they won’t all be moved but they all seem to be replaceable and could be desirable at the right price for the right team. And could see them stocking up on picks and prospects in deadline deals.

  3. How stupid is Pegula to allow Regier to fire Ruff? He should of fired Regier instead then decided on Ruff later. Never thought darcy was a good GM. The Grigorenko fiasco another turd stain on darcy’s crappy resume.
    I hope to god Smid wants to test free agency this summer. He’ll get paid and can basically chose his team if he’s tired of Edmonton.
    Lubo is a whinebox. He cried about having to go play for NYI and returned late this season from Europe. That clown should go finish off his career playing in the khl for bag of untaxed money.

    • I totally disagree with you. Regier has been a very good GM. No one is perfect, and he did misjudge when he kept Grigerenko with the team this year – a decision I did not agree with.

      But Darcy has done a lot of good things for this team that no one seems to appreciate. He has filled the holes the Sabres have every time they have appeared. From obtaining greater toughness to centers, he has done his job very well. And some of his trades have been steals.

      Enough with this Regier-bashing. Give credit where credit is due.

      • He did what he could with what the cheap owners provided him with. Unfortunately things seem to have worstened with a rich owner backing him.

        • My feeling is that Darcy did a few panick signings – overpaying for Erhoff and Leino on the free market and then overpaying Meyers based on his one year performance. Overall as a GM I would probably rate him a B – pulling off his steals of Briere, Drury, Hodgeson, Sulzer, Ott and a #1 draft pick for Gaustad give him a better than average grade when considering the offsets like Torres, Moore, Leino and Neidemeier to name a few. Thing is….its time to move on and either Darcy needs to make the deals to get rid of our complacent players and get replacements that are hungry and energized to play in Buffalo. Pommer – getting to be more like Tiny Tim every day, Stafford shows up every now and then, Meyers looks confused out there and Miller – well he just can’t seem to get us or the US over the hump and the “Kid” is in his head. So Ryan needs to head west and San Jose is a great place for him or maybe even LA. I don’t think the Gregorinko experiment was a bust, I think it gave the kid a taste of what he needs to work on to stay in the “bigs”. I say keep Vanek and get him some support!

          • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, why the hell would the Kings want Miller? They have two great goalies, that are both younger and cheaper than Miller. Remember Quick just won the Conn Smythe and Stanley Cup, and was a Vezina runner-up. As for the Sharks, Niemi is having a Vezina worthy year in San Jose and has a cap hit that is half of what Millers is.

            I’m not saying Miller won’t be moved but it won’t be to California. As a Kings fan I sure the hell hope its not to LA anyways.

  4. Still hearing Penquins are shopping Paul Martin for draft picks. Detriot has offered a 2nd. GM’s do not believe many top 4 defensman will move. Shero waiting for all offers as dead line approachs. Shero wants future cap space for new contracts for Malkin & Letang.

    • Detroit has something like eight or nine dmen already. They would need to move a few or send one back to Pitt. Seriously doubt they consider Martin at 5mil for a second. He’s more like a 3rd or 4th at that cap hit with the cap going down next year.

    • Where did you hear this? I’m thinking its made up, pal.

  5. @ Beer gogles I have read all your posts …see you in the Canadian corner about Leafs

    The Flames and Sabres have there heads buried in the sand …..they have tremendous assets that they can move for true quality propects and loose over the next 2 years and really rebuild there clubs with substantial talent …they both really need to move on….there pride is actually hurting the team which in turn hurts the fan base down the road ..its time to clean house for both clubs turn the page and breathe new life into the franchises…The Sabres have that chance now …but Flames missed the boat as they should have done it last year and now the assets are not worth as much!! A dangling of Bernier for Iginla is a joke …thats not a good return!

    I d say a Miller for Hiller trade would be a good score for both Clubs now that the Ducks also have Fasth ….maybe a multi player deal to see if you could do:
    Miller -& Vanek ……for….. Hiller, Bobby Ryan 1 st rounder
    Trade Perry for Kessel and Frattin ( Frattin replaces Selanne position as well when he retires )

    …..Vanek …Getzlaf ….Kessel.

    Smid is a great depth D man 3 line …he would be great to add grit to a team like Boston – Detroit – Carolina or Leafs….. will help a team as he likes to play physical in your face hockey wears down opponents!

    Streit would be a great pick up for the Devils

    Jagr would be a great late pick up for the Canes

    • Why would the ducks look to shake things up that much we they have on of the best shots in the leauge to go deep into the playoffs, they might consider trading perry at the deadline. But there is also a really good chance he doesnt move at all.
      Maybe they trade his rights in the summer before July 5th.
      I agree Buffalo and Calgary need to get off their high horse and start moving guys, but i dont think ducks are looking at trading ryan or hiller mid season. That would moves better made in the summer

    • 1st hiller and ryan is hardly enough for vanek and miller. maybe miller and pominville.

      i’d rather look to the florida panthers. they need a goalie and scoring.

      To FLA

      To BUF
      1st rounder
      Two 2nd rounders

      • An absurd trade. And who will replace Ryan in goal? Enroth??? I think not.

        • don’t need to replace him right away. the should be entering a rapid rebuild mode soon. and i say soon because pegula basically promised us a cup.

          • Well Jes, we can’t say we’re in the cellar due to lack of spending or coaching – huummmm, must be the players themselves. Pommer is looking like he took playing lessons from Tiny Tim and Stafford looks like he’s still doing his “hot yoga” or would rather be doing his “hobby”. Meyer looks like he has forgotten what brought him into the NHL and Leino…..well we just don’t know because he haven’t gotten a full season out of him – maybe we need a refund or maybe we can return him. Miller, he’s like a box of chocolates – you just never know who is going to show up the elite goaltender or swiss cheese. Love Gerbe and Ennis, but they are too small to play on the same line – I guess if we put Porter with them then we can call them the “Less than 72″ line. What we need to do is get Darcy to make some trades that will give us 2-3 talented players that are over 6′. Don’t have to be Brad Richards, Nash, Getzlaff, Malkin or Thornton – but someone like Ryan, Setoguchi, Clowe, Hemsky, Eberle, Chris Stewart, Penner, Brandon Sutter, Teddy Purcell or I would love to see Wayne Simmonds because he is pretty nasty to play against and would bring the attitude.

          • i dunno steve. we have taken the way of getting tougher in ott, scott and we still have kaleta. i don’t think toughness is what we need. everyone is doing there job in that aspect of the game. what we need is another scorer. someone who is consistant unlike vanek. we also need a new captain someone who can tell these low lifes to pick shit up and we need a brand new coaching staff i’m mean everything stripped to the bone. i still dont know how kevin adams still has a job. regier should be out of a job come drafft day and i don’t see rolston here next year.

      • Jes, you so sure the Sabres wouldn’t want to jump on the Hiller, Ryan and a 1st for Miller and Vanek? They would shed some payroll, and get younger in the process. Remember the cap goes down a bit next year.

        Also why would the Panthers want Miller. They have Markstrom and I doubt they want to add to their payroll? That’s over a 11 million heading their way.

        • zeke

          yes i’m 100% sure sabres wouldnt jump on that trade. hiller sucks. he imo not starting material no more thus is overpaid. ryan’s ok but he disappears for long stretches and we honestly don’t need that. and that draft pick will prolly be a bottom 2-3 pick so it wouldn’t really benefit us say if we offered the same package to colorado, dallas or columbus.

          replace hiller and ryan with perry and vanek with pominville then we are talking more of a deal.

          florida’s shrinking fan base and possible relocation talks are grounds for a win now atmosphere,

      • First, the Sabres need to trade Miller. An ideal place for him would be New Jersey. Brodeur is 40, and is closer to retirement every day. Hedberg is 39, so they need a complete goalie makeover. Brodeur’s cap hit and Miller’s cap hit are similar. Miller plays much better when there is a solid to great DF in front of him, so his play would pick up in NJ. David Clarkson is set to become a free agent, though he would probably resign and a sign-and-trade kind of deal would be a possibility. I would gladly give away Miller, Stafford and $4M cash (to pay stafford’s contract) in exhange for Clarkson and a 3rd rounder. I’d even take Zajac and a 4th rounder. Leggio can come up from Rochester and the thrill of playing in front of his hometown crowd might be the boost he needs to take over the job (although he’s 28 and not the long-term answer). Leggio and Enroth could hold down the fort for another year or two until Makarov is NHL-ready.

        Second, the Sabres need to go to Detroit and pull Assistant GM Jim Nill away from their soon-to-be division rivals. The guy’s been with a winning club for so long, and he’s never been hungrier to strike out on his own and prove he can be the man. Nill would likely want to pull a coach and a few players from Detroit, all with winning resumes. Todd McLellan (SJ) and Paul McLean (OTT) both came from Detroit, and they’ve done very well in their own right.

    • Leafs would give something extra in that trade but I doubt very much it would be Frattin.

    • Streit isn’t going anywhere. Even if they did move him the Isles wouldn’t deal in their own division.

    • In terms of rental, Streit isn’t that much of an upgrade over no-slicky Zidlicky.

      As for next season, NJ might hunt down a free agent top 6 forward if any are available, but with Merill coming into the mix next season, we might already get a pretty good offensive defenseman. We might upgrade Urbom, Severson, or Gelinas as well.

      Devils may end up out and looking in this year :(.

    • Backchecking…why don’t you actually watch a good team play once in a while and you would see that Bernier is playing awesome for the Kings. Saying Bernier for Iggy is a bad return just shows your a moron and probably think Scrivens and Reimer are good goalies. Flames would be dumb not to take that trade or a similar variation of it.

  6. After last nights win by the Flames they are only 4 points out of 8th place so making the playoffs is still a strong possibility for this team.

    • I agree that the Flames have a chance of finishing in eight place, which to my way of thinking is just about the worst thing that could happen for the team. If a full scale makeover, as many people suggest should happen, then moving two or three key players and getting back good strong assets in return is a proven way to help rebuild. But if Calgary basically stands pat just to make the playoffs then the rebuild/makeover is kicked back another year and their key players are another year older and quite possibly devalued from this years return.

      • As burke kept saying, “I don’t want to just make the playoffs only to be smoked in the first round. The goal is to go deep and hopefully win the cup”. It seems that flames ownership would be happy just to get to the playoffs and be able to pay an extra bill or two. They will always remain an 8th to 10th place team if radical changes in thought don’t change. Thinking trades and actually making them are hugely different but the flames do have a few assets that can be moved but only if they do it soon.

    • that’s the worst thing that could happen to flames fans. calgary needs to crash and burn already so they can put on a proper rebuild and maybe be a playoff contender in 3 years and a cup contender in 6. this current team is nothing but first-round fodder that’s only sliding downhill as iginla and kipper get older.

  7. Teams should be carefull when they strip their assets , could be left with a mess look to the Oilers… they need a housekeeping of a different sort his name is Kevin Lowe. Vanek cant be traded he is their team, Jags wouldnt go to the Canes look for the Pens to make a splash to bring him home if IGGY wont leave cowtown…

    • Vanek hinted this week there needs to be a change and if it was him he would think about it and that it might be time for a change ….that means in latin….. Please trade me !!
      Vanek is not the team and if he is they will always be in next to last place as they are now as they have had better teams around him in the past !

      • Plus the Sabres are in contetntion for the lottery draft this year so they will pick up Mckinnon Jones or Drouhin !!! They really need to look at rebuilding at this point and move out some players to build a new core!

      • guy vanek is the sabres team… no way he is traded. do u have a link to this supposed “there needs to be a change and if it was me” quote by vanek, or are you just making stuff up? if not i’d post that link before posting stuff like that

      • Vanek is their team , look at his stats.. wow he led the league in scoring man..

  8. Here’s the thing about the trade deadline this year….I don’t see there being as much movement as the “experts” think. As of today, only one team that is double digits outside of a playoff spot. Florida. Everyone else is 8 or less, and that means too many teams still see themselves as playoff teams. It’s hard to trade for players when pretty much everyone see themselves as buyers. We all know Calvary should trade Iginla (love to have him in Vancouver), but their only 4 points back. Who would have thought Washington, Philadelphia, and the Rangers would all be outside looking in? I just think that teams are too close together in the standings to be able to trade with each other. There will be some deals, but I don’t think there will be as many big names going as people think. But it’s still fun to speculate :)

    • We probably won’t see a whole lot of “selling” but we could see a few East-West player-for-player deals.

      Eric – could you share where you read that the Wings are interested in Paul Martin? He’d be a good pickup, but they already have 9 defensemen. I also thought the Pens were pretty happy with his play this year?

      Calgary is playing well right now. I don’t see them selling Iginla, but wouldn’t be surprised to see one of Bouwmeester or Giordano moved for a forward.

      • If Detroit is interested in Martin wonder if you’d see a Martin for white or huskies type deal, giving Pittsburgh cap relief but still depth at d.
        You are right with the lack of separation but after this weekend there will be less then 20 games for most teams. I see wash, tbay, Florida and buffalo in the east already out and Colorado and Columbus in the west.
        I do agree you’ll probably see more “hockey trades”, playes for players.
        Would be interesting to see jagr go back to Pitt. I don’t see many teams giving up the assets required to get iginla.

        • Amen on the overpricing of Iginla. Especially from the Pens’ perspective. Just saw a post on another website saying that the Flames would expect Beau Bennett in return for Iginla. Once I stopped laughing…well, I started laughing again. No chance the Pens give up a guy who shows every sign of being able to play top 6 with Crosby or Malkin and who is 21 in exchange for an aging winger who (a) is just as likely to go back to Calgary this summer and (b) doesn’t help you in an area of need (the Pens can score just fine).

          • if iggy wants, he will go to pitt. pitt will offer a top defensive prospect anda first. I think if he is available tthere will be a bidding war for him because even though he is older, he will make any team better. pitt has more than enough defenzive top prospetcs to make a deal like that for iggy. what would make this better…throw in sarich or a guy like him Nd take martins contract back

  9. I just hope the flyers, don’t do anything drastic this year as the trade deadline approaches. We need to look at building towards the future and not trying to trade for veteran players. Lets get a high pick this year and maybe trade a couple of veterans for youth or picks and build to get better in the next 2-3 years.

  10. Looks to me like Eric is blowing smoke out his ass with the Paul Martin trade rumours. He’s been playing very well for them this year and it would leave a hole on their d line.

  11. Hard to see the Kings letting go of a top 4 D prospect right now with both Mitchell and Greene out, botn Martinez and Doughty not playing up to last year’s standards and a couple of D contracts to be negotiated.

  12. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Penguins shop Martin to make some cap space for Dupuis, Kunitiz, Letang and Malkin. But, don’t expect to see it until after the season ends.

  13. I agree that player-for-player deals will be made as that seems to be the trend right now. However, particular UFA’s may get moved if the return is right, if not you may see some sign and trade action at the draft.
    Agree it would be foolish for the pens to move Martin as be has been very dependable this year at both ends of the ice.
    If as you say, the flames are playing well and won’t move Iginla then don’t you think the same reasoning would hold for both Bouwmeester and Giordano as well.

  14. NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited an interview Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier had with local reporters Friday, in which he claimed he’s not in a “blow-it-up” mindset heading toward the trade deadline.

    If I were Darcy Regier trading away defensive prospect T.J. Brennan to the Panthers for a fifth-round pick in the 2013 NHL draft, I should be very busy getting ready to make a big move that will help my team. If I continue to sit on my hands and do nothing to improve my team, I hope to join my buddy Lindy Ruff out the door when Terry Pegula and Ted Black fire me.

    Regier is on the hot seat. There are several players he should be divesting like Jordan Leopold. Brennan should not have been one of them. Regier’s seat just got hotter.

    • i like brennan, i wouldnt have moved him. there are plenty more players i would have traded first. but i understand they had to get rid of bodies more than anything else

      • Agreed, the Sabres have to move some bodies. We will be playing more younger players from Rochester next season, including Grigersons.

        Darcy Regier made a mistake getting rid of the wrong defenseman only if he does not follow up with a good trade.

  15. If that’s the true asking price for Iginla, Calgary will generate tons of interest. I could see him in Detroit playing on a line with Datsyuk, taking the spot Abdelkader currently fills. He’d be a really nice fit in LA too, that’d be a scary group of forwards.