NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Saturday, March 2, 2013.

Latest on Vincent Lecavalier, Marian Gaborik, Jarome Iginla, Stephen Weiss, Matt Cullen and more.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Rangers, Blues and Senators are among several teams seeking a defenseman before the trade deadline…He claims “many GMs” believe the Penguins will deal for Calgary’s Jarome Iginla…Unless the Senators get a sweet offer for Ben Bishop, Garrioch doesn’t believe they’ll shop him…It’s rumored the Rangers have floated the idea of shopping Marian Gaborik…The Red Wings are rumored to be interested in Florida center Stephen Weiss…The Stars have to decide if they’ll re-sign or trade captain Brenden Morrow.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One defenseman who’s believed available is Edmonton’s Ryan Whitney, but the decline in his play has apparently killed his trade value…Iginla’s been linked to the Penguins since he and Sidney Crosby meshed as linemates for Team Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics.  It remains to be seen, however, if Iginla gets dealt, and if the Pens are willing to go that route, especially if it’s possible they could sign him as a UFA this summer…I also don’t see Bishop being dealt for the time being. Even when Anderson returns, it’s best to keep that depth between the pipes just in case. Goaltending is what will get the Senators into the playoffs…Gaborik has a no-trade clause, plus that one year at $7.5 million on his contract would also limit interest, especially with the salary cap declining to $64.3 million next season…I wouldn’t rule out the Senators have interest in Weiss, especially if Kyle Turris keeps struggling…For my take on Brenden Morrow, check out my latest THN.com column.

Should the Lightning shop Vincent Lecavalier?

Should the Lightning shop Vincent Lecavalier?

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Tom Jones believes the Tampa Bay Lightning should shake things up by trading Vincent Lecavalier, though he acknowledged the difficulty of doing so, given his age (33), no-trade clause and the remaining seven years on his hefty contract. Citing the “Lecavalier-to-Montreal” rumors of a few years ago, Jones suggested trying to peddle him to the Habs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s not impossible to trade Lecavalier, but I doubt if the Bolts were to shop him they’d find many takers, especially with the salary cap dropping for next season. His hefty salary alone is enough of a show-stopper. As for the Canadiens, that ship sailed four years ago. There’s new management in Montreal and their focus is not on bringing in a big-name Quebec-born star.

TORONTO STAR/CALGARY SUN: Damien Cox and Randy Sportak both suggest the fact the Calgary Flames were willing to part with their first and third round picks this year as compensation for Ryan O’Reilly could mean those picks could be in play on the trade market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve already said the Flames attempt to sign O’Reilly was a desperation move by a front office which has deluded itself into thinking it is only one player away from being a playoff club. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were willing to shop those picks for a quick fix.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Minnesota Wild center Matt Cullen is slated for UFA status this summer and could be a trade deadline candidate, but he hopes to stay with the Wild.


  1. I can’t imagine why there wouldn’t be a significant amount of interest in Gaborik. The fact that he only has one year left should be a good thing. $7.5M might be a little high for his current level of production, but it isn’t outrageous. As for the Rangers, one can only assume that if they’re trading away Gaborik, then they’re going to make a full court press for Perry or Getzlaf if they’re not signed.

    Don’t the Rangers ever learn? They just keep turning over their roster trying signing one UFA superstar and then casting him off a season or two later to sign the next superstar.

    • It’s a stupid rumor. Gabby is not going anywhere. Slats needs to understand at some point that Torts’s system is not fulfilling the team’s potential.

  2. Lyle,

    The idea for the Pens to get Iginla is to make a better run for the Cup. That would be the reason to trade for him this season.

    Gaborik is no where near being shopped…

    I agree with Weiss to Detroit, though, and definitely Weiss to Ottawa as you suggested. Florida’s main weakness is goaltending right now. Tough to say what they would be offering for Weiss, though, and what Florida would want in return. Florida would most likely seek a center or a goalie at this point.

    Ryan Whitney is still young and can regain form. As a 3rd pair d-man for this season, he would gain interest and the Rangers should give it a shot.

    Is Tom Jones on crack? Why would the Bolts shake things up by trading the captain who has 17 point in 20 games? What a stupid thought…

    I don’t think that Calgary thought that they were a Ryan O’Reilly away from a playoff spot. Well, maybe a partial reason, but also that the Flames were looking at this guy being their #1 center in the long run as well. Nonetheless, what an embarrassing moment for GM Feaster to miss out on the waiver rule if they signed O’Reilly. He just shortened his time with the Flames if he doesn’t turn around that organization soon.

    • it amazes me that the flames are that dumb and lucky. thats the only thing i can think of. there is no other excuse. everyone outside of their front office knows thyey need to rebuild. as a calgarian i would rather go watch them play all sorts of young kids and loe than watch old guy who can’t skate lose. going after a good second line center (at best) and giving up a first and a thuird in one of the deepest drafts in 10 years it incredibly dumb. exactly what you expect from calgary. here’s to hoping they use this as an excuse to actually start to rebuild. if not, it is yet again another embarasing year from calgary.

      sorry for the ran, but i just don’t understand how a team like calgary doesnt see the writing on the wall. they needed to rebuild 3 years ago, but here is an opportunity (draft being so deep) to inject all sorts of good prospects into their farm system this year. if not they will be doing it over the course of the next few years, where the draft may not be as deep

      • Well, it’s either Feaster being very scared of doing a rebuild (it’s not easy to do), or it’s ownership that fears of less ticket sales if the Flames take that rebuilding route.

        At some point, though, this ship has got to sink deep in water and end the chapter.

  3. Lecavalier + for Luongo?

    • My passing thought as well.

    • Hmm never thought of that salary wise comparable fits needs of both teams and heck if it didn’t work out they could just swap buy outs next year with the cap falling but would fix problems of both teams for now this is not as outlandish as it seems…I say bravo sir probably won’t happen but more plausible than most I see on here…

      • Gillis probably won’t think of it tho so unless Stevie calls him and remind him of what he’s done Gillis might not figure it out…

        • There’s a $2m+ difference in cap hit there… Canucks couldn’t make that deal without unloading more salary in return, plus I doubt Vinnie alone gets the deal done for Gillis. Need a good prospect and/or pick in return too.

    • Uh…the Canucks don’t have the cap space or the appetite for another long deal for an older player. Think they are trying to atone for the Luongo long-term deal and rid themselves of a contract like his, not take one back at the same time.

    • It would be a very cool, historic deal, but it will never happen.

      Nucks just need a solid center, not a star forward.

      • This actually makes sense. Two ridiculous contracts swapping places.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Pittsburgh considers going after Luongo with how Fleury and Vokoun are playing right now.

        • There is nothing wrong with how Fleury is playing right now. In fact, his numbers are pretty comparable to Luongo’s:

          Fleury 10-5 2.40 GAA .912 SV%
          Luongo 5-2-3 2.19 GAA .912 SV%

          And you may argue that Fleury actually has a cup behind him.

          As for Vokoun, yes, he has been useless lately. The Penguins might as well play with the extra attacker for 60 min when they want to rest Fleury.

  4. IF WISHES WERE HORSES A BEGGAR MIGHT RIDE. Reading some inputs brings this to mind.
    There is talk that Toronto wants An’s Perry. They would like to keep both him and Getzlaf. But they also have a second problem which people do not see. That is their defense. Enter costs! The defense has a guy becoming ufa at $3m and is playing like $1.5 and will not get resigned. They have Fowler going from $1.5m to $4m next year and is Leafs komo for the next 4 years. These people are in their top 6 d. Do help down on the farm! Leafs trade McArthur and a defenseman for Bobby Ryan both are left wingers. An. also improves the defense problem. That said McArthur costs less but is a lesser player but not drastically and this helps the price pintch in keeping their two best players and addresses defense. Leafs can give up a defenseman and get a top 6 back.

    • Its hard to understand what it is your saying, but it sounds like you said McArthur and a d-man for Bobby Ryan, you must be joking right??? as a Kings fan I would love to see Anaheim make that trade, but in reality it doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell.

  5. I know he is no Oriley but have the Leafs gotta deal for you Mr.Feeester meet Mr. Conoly he can be yours for that third round pick…and because you seem like such a stand up guy we will even throw in Komisarek… Seriously where is Burkie? There are Flames to be fleeced!

  6. Apparently, so says TSN, four other teams provided offer sheets but O’Reilly didn’t like the deals being offered. So, Feaster wasn’t the only one who had a different interpretation of the rule.

    • Nah I know but with the spot the flames are in its kinda fun to pick on them….(hey what can I say I am a Leaf fan after all and we have our fill of our managerial miscues over the past few years and have had to put up with it as well….) just joshin with ya flames fans…

      Be interesting to know who those other teams are tho….

  7. Weiss was seen steam cleaning his driveway this week.he rarely does ANY work on his home, according to this source. maybe he’s showcasing his house.

  8. Luongo will not be traded this year. The Canucks can’t trade Schneider and they would be too afraid to see what could happen to their season if they lost Luongo. Schneider will get his chance to take the reigns in the playoffs and this situation has the potential to get even more complicated after those results.

  9. Agree with the Calgary needs to rebuild and trading away that first rounder would be very stupid.
    Actually think Colorodo should’ve taken the picks. the first rounder could be a top three and the money saved on o’rielly could add a free agent or two. Also how long is o’rielly gonna stay. as soon as he’s a ufa he’s gone. The way Col and Cal are playing Col could’ve had the top two picks or at least two of the top six.

  10. O’Reilly could be the difference between playoff survival and defeat for the Avs. They’ll worry about contracts when contracts roll around.

  11. Calgary’s rebuild ship sailed two years ago IMO when Iggy and Kipper had more value than they do now. I think the ownership is pressing Feaster to do these kind of deals. First Sutter, then Feaster….see the trend
    here? If I was looking for a GM job, I would stay as far away from Calgary as possible.