NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Saturday, March 23, 2013.

The latest on Keith Yandle, Ryane Clowe, Jaroslav Halak, Ben Bishop, Dustin Penner and more.


Could the Coyotes shop Keith Yandle for scoring depth?

Could the Coyotes shop Keith Yandle for scoring depth?

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark (no relation) Spector suggests the shortened season as well as the asking price for Jarome Iginla could determine if he’s moved by the trade deadline…Spector believes Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Keith Yandle is available but not at fire sale prices. The Coyotes need to bolster their offense…He wonders if LA Kings winger Dustin Penner is available…The Canucks continue to shop for a center…Is anyone willing to take on Roberto Luongo’s contract with the salary cap dropping next summer?…Ben Bishop of the Senators is more likely to be moved than Jonathan Bernier of the Kings, as the latter would want a defenseman in return, while the Sens could move Bishop for a pick and prospect…Spector believes Buffalo’s Jordan Leopold or Edmonton’s Ryan Whitney might interest the struggling Flyers…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mine, not Mark’s. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Iginla. Yes, it’s a shortened season and all, but never underestimate the ability of NHL GMs to succumb to bidding fever as the trade deadline nears…There would be considerable interest in Yandle if the Coyotes shop him, but GM Don Maloney earlier this season claimed Yandle was among the Coyotes core players. If Maloney still feels that way, Yandle won’t be shopped…The Kings could shop Penner, but I really don’t believe there would be much interest in him now…I still think the Panthers could take on Luongo, but not until this summer, and after they’ve shed some salary…The Kings won’t trade Bernier this season. Jonathan Quick’s inconsistent play means Bernier stays as insurance. Bishop won’t be dealt until Craig Anderson has returned to action. If Anderson is still sidelined by April 3, Bishop stays put…Leopold or Whitney might interest the Flyers, but at this point, is it really worthwhile for them to make a quick-fix trade? Better to bite the bullet on this shortened season and save your trade chips for the summer, when there could be better options available.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong has a terse message for rumormongers suggesting Jaroslav Halak could be traded: “He’s not going anywhere”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE; Brian Elliott, on the other hand…;)

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS/CSN BAY AREA: Neither Ryane Clowe or Douglas Murray want to leave the Sharks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to regular contributor GJ Berg for the links.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli would like to add depth at forward and perhaps a defenseman, but claims it’s difficult to find willing trade partners because of the tightness in the standings.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland suggests a trade is more likely if his team performs well over the club’s remaining six games before the trade deadline. The Wings are reportedly in the market for a top-four defenseman, and could use a scoring winger.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports the Nashville Predators upcoming home stand will determine their moves (if any) by the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears general managers are willing to wait another week-and-a-half before making significant moves. It’ll serve to ramp up anticipation as the trade deadline nears.


  1. Clowe and Murray would be more than foolish to come out and say they want to leave the Sharks. What did the reporter expect them to say?

    These guys are far to savvy to do something so foolish.

    Even Drew Stafford turned around and stated he doesn’t want to leave Buffalo, after saying a change of scenery might do him good.

    • I see the Sharks moving Clowe before they move Murray – problem with the SHarks is that they are an “old” team and have gotten slow. Something is up with Clowe and rumor is he has an undisclosed injury and isn’t playing at 100%. Sharks need an infusion of youth. I would love to see a Miller Pomminville deal for Niemi and Pavalski or Miller Stafford for Neimi Clowe deal. As I have said before, Niemi is not a Shark Fan Favorite and while he is the reason why the Sharks have been kept in games, I can see the Sharks shaking things up.

      • He would kinda fit one of the leafs needs….so would Hanzil…

        What about along the lines of (may need to be tweaked a bit with salaries but…)

        Grabovski and Franson and Fratin or possibly a pick…Grabovski might take off with a change of scenery and top line minutes Franson is alright defensively good on the power play and a threat from the backend and Fratin has showed he can produce at an NHL level we get a D that can play top pair minutes and a big center who is harder to play against not over the hill and somewhat has hands ….

        • Hit the wrong reply…lol see jrd18 post below

      • After tonights win…does that change anything in Buffalo?? Only 2 points out now…

        • The only thing I think that changes now is the timing….more deals at the draft then at deadline day I can’t see them not changing anything after the type of year they had. Ride it out retool in the offseason….

  2. same old bla bla bla …

  3. If Yandle is available Philly and Detroit would be stupid not to be all of that. Though I wonder if phx would deal with Detroit? Wonder what it would cost, schenn, prospect. Would love for leafs to get him, dreaming but grabo, kulimen, pick.
    I think the off season if going to be flooded with goalies. Luongo, Halak or Elliot, bishop, Bernier, kipper depending of what the flames do, backstrom, smith, miller, on and on. Good time to be looking for a goalie.
    Can’t believe there is less then 18 games. Should get interesting within the week.

    • You would think they would trade with detroit since they are moving east

      • But if they were going to deal with Detroit and they were looking for offense who would have to go back the otherway? you know Detroit isn’t going to part with any of their stars and it’s not like they are extremely deep with scoring forwards….

        • I would give Phoenix Fransen formYandle….

  4. I’m surprised there has been no discussion of trading Ottawa’s Anderson for future assets. During this recent stretch Lehner has shown he may be the real deal and I believe the organization has the same mindset. The present issue is scoring due to injuries, but that will solve itself next year with health.

    They should look to move Anderson and Bishop for a young Gonchar and maybe Alfredsson replacement, and picks and prospects. I’m a Leaf fan and its scary how prepared and deep the Sens look going forward.

    • Anderson is going nowhere. Neither is Lehner.

      The Sens finally have very good goaltending.. with Anderson leading all goalies in save % and GAA prior to his injury.

      Why would the Sens weaken their goaltending by trading Anderson? For a better return? So that’s more important — to get a better return than keep the best goaltender?

      Lehner is a rookie and by no means ready for the #1 position in Ottawa.

  5. Jrd18 us Leaf fans are crazy huh?!?! Imagining competing teams want to give away their stars for our scraps / true 3rd liners/ overpaid players lol. Yandle starting price is Kadri or Gardiner if I’m a GM. Philly could do it if they wanted by putting a Schenn or Couturier type prospect/player in trade.

    • That be why I said I was dreaming.

    • Couturier may be a good Center some day but right now look at him 2 goals 5 assists minus 11 in 28 games and a good amount of ice time ya that’s what I want if I’m, lookin for offence yet another post about how leaf fans are dreaming but if it’s another prospect that’s not a Leaf they are awsome…

      • Jrd I’m not so sure you’re all that crazy cept for the Kuli part…lol

        • I’m not saying the Flyers wouldn’t want Yandel or if there was a deal Couturier wouldn’t be part of it but if the Coyotes wanted to deal him for offence they would be looking at some kind of proven NHLer and Courier is hardly that…

  6. Crunch time, two points are in need. Teams have to get a jump on trades to make that push. Carter helped the Kings last year to just get them in and they went on to win it. Carolina 3rd seed Edmonton 8th seed went to the finals in the last shorten season. Edmonton beat Detroit first round. Carolina had it easier then Edmonton. Winnipeg is the third seed but Washington making a push. Also the eight seed is up for grabs in the west but who will make the best trade at the deadline.

  7. King Kadri not going any where. He makes everyone better. Enjoy picking the pucks out of your net. Wait tell Reilly and Gardiner play on the powerplay together. Grabo getting hot just in time for Boston. Also if Kadri gets a shot playing with Kessel watch out!

    • Why would the Leafs move Kadri up to the top line?
      He is only top ten scoring, and top 13 in plus minus so he has a ways to go to match Bozak.
      It’s not like you could say he’s been carrying the team for the past 10 games…
      The guy can’t even get the same wingers to stick on his line all year.
      The guy is obviously not skilled enough to play the power play because otherwise Carlyle would be giving him top power play minutes.
      Then there is that ugly stat, he has the most points for the least amount of ice time among the NHL leaders…
      I guess the only good thing about him is he does body check once in a while.

      • GREAT INSIGHT I hope RANDY wakes up on time to realize what he has, and not become a total NINCOMPOOP like WILSON. KESSEL – KADRI – LUPAL seem like a true 1st LINER TORONTO had in sometime. ANDRECHUCK – GILMOUR – CLARK or even MOLGILNY – SUNDIN – ROBERTS. KADRI reminds me of GILMOUR alot. FIESTY, SMART, SLEEK and WILL to win. I RATHER HAVE 1 KADRI than have 10 PHAUNEUPHS.

      • LOL I’d be worried if Mikey Malkin to Toronto is saying you got great insight….

    • I agree with keeping Kadri in the depths; it gives the team powerful secondary scoring. It makes coaching against the team a nightmare, because matchups are confusing. Cover Kadri or cover Kessel/JVR? Throw them all on the same line, and you can cover them all.

      • Super agree with this….

        • Ya except that the so called top line is invisible most nights so you are back to having one line producing.
          I would think Kadri/Kessel/MacArthur followed by Grabo/JVR/Lupul followed by a checking third line Bozak/Kuli/McClement

          • See I could almost agree with this accept the center part Kadri could go 1st line and it would be a decent line I think but then you have a second line that will dry up and really expose the lack of depth up the middle that’s why I purpose to get a guy like Hanzil or Backes for the 2 nd line so it would look like a very fast up pace first line and a line simmilar to the old legion of doom line on the Flyers Lindross Leclaire and Rendberg…with 3 big kinda harder to play against guys with some touch around the net Lupul 6.01 Hanzel 6.06 JVR 6.03…and (wait for it BG this part makes even you happy!) would make Bozak or Grabovski (either one) very disposable….

    • Only in Toronto! They are already planning the Cup parade because of dreams that Kadri is “the one”. I have watched this kid since his days in London and with Marlies. He has a certain flair but is not a star. The reason he is picking up points right now has a lot to do with line matches and Carlyle is a master of line matches. Kadri is not only not playing against other teams top forwards but is benefiting from avoiding the other teams top defence pairs. He benefits from the attention other teams place on the Kessle line. Having said that, he is small, weak on face offs and loses track of his checks – which put his linemates and defencemen under pressure to cover his lapses. Kessel will become an UFA after next season and Kadri has a big dollar contract in mind around the same time. That would create yet another in Toronto’s legacy of over priced players who become difficult to trade. I have always liked Matt Duchene who is a much more complete player than either Kessel or Kadri. A trade suggestion? Kadri and Kessel to Colorado for Duchene and Ryan O’Reilly. Colorado needs help on defence, so I would add Lyles to the trade and ask for a pick or prospect like Stephen Elliot

  8. Not much forward thinking by G.M.’s. Come on right now just about everybody is in the playoff hunt except Florida and only 16 of the 29 left will make it. Out of the 16 that make it, ONE gets the cup. Not great odds.
    One of these teams needs to go against the grain and become sellers. They could end up with a Kings ransom in picks and prospects. Sure they would be taking a step back in the short term but in the long term they could be way ahead of the game. Every year the flames become older and weaker, wake up, even if you sneak into the playoffs you are not going far and you will be another year older. San Jose, good team, some very good players but gets older by the year, and both they and Calgary are rated very low in the latest hockey news future watch. You can add Detroit to the list, still a good team but they lose a key player or two each year due to age. Would it hurt the wings or help the wings in the LONG TERM to take a step back and trade age for prospects and picks ?

  9. This trade deadline can not come soon enough…signed, Flames fan.

    But in all seriousness, I think this is shaping up quite nicely for the future of this organization. I’m not going to suggest that Calgary will get some unprecedented windfall of riches should they be able to trade some of their assets but you should all remember how crazy it gets at the trade deadline and how exorbitant the prices get that day, so I am hopeful of a great return in the event that some of our players are traded. Anyone remember Gaustad for a first, I do :)

    So keep tanking it my Flames so the correct process can take its course… FACT: I’m going bald, so I shave my head, no false sense of hope here. Flames management & owners, do us Flames fans a favour and pull your head out of the sand!

  10. Actually, in the last shortened season, New Jersey swept Detroit in 95′ to win the cup. Thommyboy, you’re probably thinking of the lost season of 04-05, but Edmonton and Carolina played the 05-06 final, which was a full season.

  11. Yandle would be a dream for the Devils. He’s exactly what they need. The Avs also need a player like him.

  12. Interesting that Vancouver is looking for a center after dealing away Hodgson. A year later, do you think they’d like the have the Hodgson/Kassian deal back? I do.

    • The Hodgson/Kassian deal was a steal and with Sulzer thrown in – he was a surprise. Maybe Vancouver would trade us Burrows for Stafford.

    • Hodgson was a whiny primadonna – good riddance, same goes for his dad (Lindros much?).

      I think Kassian has done a lot more to endear himself to fans in Vancouver so far than Cody ever did in 2 years here. Either way, as a Canucks fan I would do the trade again, simply because Hodgson wanted out and Kassian is a year younger and a year behind in development. Totally different type of player, but give him some time to catch up.

      Sulzer was an afterthought, he never panned out here as our 8th D. Just needed a change of scenery, I guess.

      And how about those standings anyway? 😉

  13. wow almost got through today with no one linking players to toronto

  14. NONIS do your job….as the GM of the most revered NHL Franchise, please do your job right. Unlike your predecessors, don`t succumb to stupid give away BONANAZA trades, and make real make sense trades.
    We have too many tag along players, not enough i want to change the game players. You need to get rid of floaters and bring in game changers. You need to get rid of the following players: MACAURTHUR for 2nd rounder, GUNNERSON for 2nd rounder, PHANEUPH for 1st rounder, GRABOVSKI for 2nd rounder, BOZAK for 2nd rounder, LILES for 3rd rounder. Just doing this you are guiding the Franchise in the right direction. You replace all these positions with the players from the Marlies. It definitely isnt a down grade, because like i said these players are FLOATERS not an impact players. At the same time you might find another KADRI rotting in Marlies system. Now that you have saved roughly 21 mills per season, and piled up potentially, 1 first rounder, 3 second rounder and 1 third rounder, you can use this arsenal to go after players such as MALKIN, VANEK, GABORIK, one of these elite true franchise players. IF not this year but the Next year. I am tired of LEAFS being 8th 9th 10th 11th best team every single year. If you have to stink it out for a year or two, to become 4th best 3rd best or even 2nd best team in the conference, DO IT!!!!! just DO IT!!!! NONIS be a MAN do your JOB. MAKE TORONTO PROUD. We are not telling you to bring the cup right instant, but lets get in the door to the BIG DANCE. My 3 boys never even seen TORONTO in the PLAYOFFS, lets make it happen soon.

    • Malkin is not available. If he were you be looking at kadri+ 2 1sts + more.

      I realize leaf fans are impatient, but your dumb proposals won’t happen. Don’t be impatient. The leafs as per the last few years need to address their goaltending. Do this you can make the playoffs and start getting some exp there. Let guys develope and then maybe some ufa’s will sign there. Tradin high draft picks and prospects is not a good solution unless you are easy to win and have a deep pool to rely on.

    • MacArthur is playing all right with Kadri, but yet, he could move for a 2nd.

      Get rid of Gunnarsson, Phaneuf, and Liles and who do you have left? Gardiner, Holzer, Kostka? When the top line matchups start eating them alive, what do you do, then?

      Grabovski will cost you a 2nd rounder to get rid of that contract (ie Grabo+2nd for a 4th round pick).

      Bozak is one of your best face-off guys, so when he goes, your team will constantly be playing in the deffensive zone while waiting three years for all these draft picks to make NHLers. Gaborik is the only guy available, and you aren’t going to get him for a bunch of 2nds, so supposing you end up trading Phaneuf, you have offense that you’re generally going to strand and your team will be an average -8 because of nobody to play against the other team’s top players.

      The team president would swiftly boot a GM that gives half their roster players away.

      • Ehh I’m not so sure about Grabovski and a second for a fourth…lol if a team is looking at picking up Grabovski they are going to pay something to get him…granted horrible contract but there are other teams with bad contracts they could send some salary back the leafs could hold some salary or throw in a pick or prospect ect. to balance it out…like I said overpaid and in a bit of a slump this year but for the most part not a bad player if put in the right position the leafs are just kind of full of undersized shifty centers and he is the odd man out…

        • Why would anyone trade away a second round pick for a fourth when you could just buy him out in the summer if you really wanted to get rid of him? I am sure Gms that are pretty much trading 2nd round picks for 4th rounders straight up would also be caned in short order….

          • The argument was thecontractis so bad you have to pay someone to take it. You should thank god forbuyouts.

          • Yep the leafs only team with a bad contract…the argument makes no sence because there are buy outs! and other ways to trade this type of contract, not saying it’s going to happen but it could, and definitely would before you would trade a player and a second for a fourth, leaf or not that is a ridiculous proposal that would never happen..

          • Thank god for buy outs??? seriously? Jeesh isn’t that like saying Gms should thank god there’s trades? Along the same lines no? Yet another great insight….

    • I’m done picking on all leaf fans. I know there are intelligent ones up there and they will check in. But Mike, you without a doubt are the most brain dead fan i ever had the most unfortunate pleasure to meet.
      Once again. Malkin will never be moved or traded. He is A1 number one, numbero uno to be signed by the pens this off season. They will move letang before malkin. The sooner you get that threw your vacancy, the sooner we all can be happy.

      Plus Toronto has ZERO assets to trade for malkin. Nothing in Toronto will land you that caliber of player, at least from Pittsburgh.

      Go fishing somewhere else.

      • Malkin ISN’T going anywhere..ownership has insrtucted Shero to RE-SIGN Malkin no matter what it costs

  15. Why exactly would the Kings want a defenseman in return? The Kings have:
    * Doughty: Franchise defenseman
    * Voynov: Top-scoring defenseman on the Kings.
    * Muzzin: Possible Calder finalist. Second highest scoring defenseman on the team. Best +/- on the team.
    * Scuderi: Stay-at-home defenseman. Two-time cup champ.
    * Ellerby: Former first round pick. Big.
    * Martinez: Solid in the playoffs last year.
    * Drewiske: In and out of the lineup this year.

    The Kings also have Willie Mitchell and Matt Greene on the roster. Greene is out and I’m not sure about Mitchell’s status.

    So I’m really not sure why the Kings would want or need another defenseman.

    • Great breakdown by the way, but I would still consider bringing in a defensive dman to replace what Greene and Mitchell bring to the table, especially for the playoffs. In saying that though I would send another dman the other way. Something like Martinez for Regehr and a conditional draft pick. If he re-signs then the d core moving forward would be:
      Doughty Regehr
      Voynov Mitchell
      Muzzin Greene
      I let Scuderi walk because Regehr is bigger, nastier and younger and there is no room for both.

  16. Why do Leaf fans always think their garbage is worth so much???? G

    • +1

      • How come if it’s any other team in a playoff spot and its a second or third line guy its not garbage but if it’s the leafs suggesting a trade the players the leafs fan mentions is automatically garbage…Clowe has 0 goals this year yet everyone says oh hope we could get a player like that or if it’s a sharks fan he is worth much more than the leafs got compare some of the guys constantly mentioned in these rumors to the guys on the leafs that are mentioned in rumors a few of emailing might not have the prettiest of contracts but numbers wise they are pretty adequate for some of the suggested deals….

        • Wow sticking up for Mikey!! I’m shocked…

          • Well not exactly sticking up for Mikey he is nuts…more like pointing out alot of people who say we as leaf fans overvalue players then promptly say guys like Couturier, 7point -11 Centre man first full year in the league or Clowe and his 0 goals or perhaps Tyler Kennedy and his whopping 7 points are the answer to every teams dreams and trade demands lol

  17. I’m concerned about the Leafs fans and haters that visit here and demand huge trades of decent assets for pennies on the dollar.
    Just because you don’t like the Leafs fans culture doesn’t mean all their players are crap.

    Yandle for Kadri plus a player…Not likely unless Kadri breaks a leg.


    Selling off 6 of your better players for picks when your team in a playoff position is absolutely ridiculous and moronic. Any GM who would do that would fired the very next day.

    Where do these people come from??

    • +1

    • Lol exactly I know there are some wacky Leaf fans out there but to say Kadri a guy in the top 10 in scoring plus a player for Yandel but Courier plus maybe a pick or another so so prospect should do it….same as the other day someone getting all worked up saying Kennedy and a pick should land Iginla ya the guy is a rental but there is a reason Calgary is going to deal him and there is a reason people like the Pens Bruins and Kings will line up to get him you really think a 7 point left winger and the 30th pick over all is going to do it? The leaf haters are generally just as bad as us “crazy”Leaf Fans…I for one enjoy pointing out the idiotic in both groups equally :-)