NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Saturday, March 30, 2013.

Latest on Martin St. Louis, Ryan Miller, Ryane Clowe, Jason Pominville, Mark Streit and more.

St. Louis staying in Tampa Bay.

St. Louis staying in Tampa Bay.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman denied forward Martin St. Louis could be traded. “He is not going anywhere”, claimed Yzerman. LeBrun also reported pending UFAs Ryane Clowe or Michal Handzus could be next to be moved by San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson, who traded Douglas Murray to Pittsburgh earlier in the week….Nashville Predators GM David Poile is “day-to-day” over his plans for the upcoming trade deadline. The Predators need scoring, and they’ve been linked to Dallas Stars center Derek Roy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I never believed St. Louis was available in the first place. He’s invaluable to the Lightning’s offensive attack, and he doesn’t strike me as the type to bail on a struggling club…I doubt there’s much interest in Handzus, who is coming to the end of his NHL career. If he is moved, the Sharks won’t get much in return…If the Predators remain close to playoff contention, I expect Poile will make a move to bolster their chances. He won’t sell the farm, of course, but he has depth in defense and prospects he could shop for a scorer.

TSN.CA: LeBrun cited an NHL executive who believes the Flames will move Jay Bouwmeester, but “they want a lot for him”…Andy Strickland of True Hockey reported Ryan Miller submitted a list to management of eight clubs he won’t accept being dealt to.

BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports the Sabres will be sellers at the deadline, most likely peddling pending UFAs Robyn Regehr and Jordan Leopold. Jason Pominville could also submit a list of teams he won’t accept being dealt to, but claims management hasn’t asked him for it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word out of the Buffalo media yet regarding Miller’s list. Hopefully there will be more information later today or tomorrow.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports the Anaheim Ducks “are clearly a buyer and not a seller”. He noted the Ducks have gotten by so far without a permanent second line center. He cites Washington’s Mike Ribeiro, Dallas’ Derek Roy and Columbus’ Derick Brassard as those who could fit that role.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks have over $14 million in cap space for this season, so they’ve got plenty of room if they wish to shop for depth at center. It would have to be a short-term pick-up, however, as they’ll have only $10.8 million to sign 7 players next season. And no, they won’t trade Bobby Ryan for Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn. At least, not this season…;)

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan examines the pros and cons of adding Jay Bouwmeester to the Detroit Red Wings lineup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A number of NHL teams have interest in Bouwmeester, but most aren’t keen to take on his $6.68 million salary for next season with the salary cap dropping to $64.3 million.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports contract talks  between the NY Islanders and Mark Streit have been progressing well, plus the clubs has open preliminary contract talks with Evgeni Nabokov and Brad Boyes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, Streit, Nabokov and Boyes won’t be shopped at the trade deadline. And no, Lubomir Visnovsky wasn’t a “sign-and-trade”. The Islanders want to keep him.


  1. Ducks should focus on Ribiero, Roy sucks … Buffalo won’t do anything, Rieger likes sitting on his ass … I don’t see the big attraction with Clowe, he won’t be a difference maker, especially for what Wilson wants for him …

    • Sorry, Ducks should not go after any rentals. Giving up a prospect or high draft pick for using Ribiero, Roy or anyone else makes NO LONG TERM SENSE. At most these guys would play 20 games plus a playoff round and then be let go. Ducks have to shed salary not add to it next year. They have a nice collection of prospects, KEEP THEM, PLAY THEM, BE PATIENT WITH THEM. Bob Murray scares the hell out of me.

    • While the Ducks trading for Brassard could help both clubs, I doubt they’ll trade for him as he is on contract for a little over $3 million next year. Word is, however, that the Jackets are willing to listen to offers for Brassard.

    • Ribiero is a decent player and I would take him over Roy – Ribiero gives a more consistent effort. I do see the Sharks doing something if they can hold onto a playoff position. Something is up with Clowe, there are whispers that he’s not playing at 100%, if that’s not the case, then are his skills on the decline. I still can see the Sharks packaging Niemi and Clowe for Miller and Stafford. Reason being is that San Jose does not really consider Niemi to be an “elite” goaltender like Miller. With their lastest win streak now Neimi is playing “exceptional hockey” – instead the story should read “Sharks find additional scoring with Burns as a forward”. Problem with the Sharks is they are aging and they need to inject some youth into their lineup as they lost/traded Setoguchi, Coyle, Mitchell, McGinn and Winnick to name a few. So they need to do something to energize their lineup. The Sabres on the other hand need to get some “fresh blood” into the clubhouse – get rid of Miller, Pommer, Stafford, Leopold, Regehr and even Meyers.

    • You know nothing about Darcy Regier – that much is obvious. The Sabres have always been in the thick of things since Pegula took over and they will this time too.

      • Darcy has already stated he is looking for picks.

  2. okay so ill probably get booed for this one but what about this.
    assuming Toronto is not on Millers list of 8 teams he will not got to.
    To Tor:
    To buffalo
    Scrievens, kessel

    Then Toronto contacts colorado and gets …….
    To tor:

    To Col:
    Bozak, franson, and a 2nd if they want to much money to sign in Toronto.

    Toronto would have there number 1 center, and number 1 goalie. Don’t want to hear hows statsny not an upgrade over bozak, bozak is good but statsny is better.

    • Stastny? Really? $6,600,000 cap hit for 19 Points and a -11? And the last two seasons weren’t better….
      I’d rather have Franson and Bozak and the 2nd!

    • How about getting a goalie and not giving up Kessel, one of the cogs of the offense?

    • Boo….

  3. Hope Darcy Regier had Ryan Miller sign off on the list of teams he would accept a trade to!

  4. Interesting to see if Miller gets traded, but i doubt it will be by April 3. Most likely in the off-season. I also wonder how Miller entering the trade market would affect Luongo’s trade market value.

    • I am not doubting lous ability to be a game changer but unless gillis is willing to eat some of the cap hit 1-1.5 mil a year then i find it hard for Vancouver to get a decent value back. Tampa Bay and Van should do a even bad contract swap lecalvalier for Lou, both gives the organizations what they need, and both contracts are just as bad.

  5. Watched Skinner play the other nite and he is nowhere near the player he use to be. Same goes for Gardiner. Both suffer from confidence due to concussions …hope both make it back to old forms. Toronto is in a good spot with riely, percy, finn still to come but need to be left in the oven for a couple of years. Toronto needs a steady two year defenseman. Hate lou, love kipper but not to be had so I would go for Smith. He has held a c level team in for two years. Imagine him on a b+ team going to “A”. bye bye scrivens.

    • Goalies that play for the Coyotes in that Defence first system tho tend to have better numbers look at Bryz….not saying he would choke as bad as Bryz I’d just cautious about what I’d give up or sign him for…

  6. Geez you guys are keen on giving Scrivens away. Look twice at his numbers. He’s a pretty good goalie! He’s got better numbers than Miller has.

    • On a team with more Defencive questions then the sabers too yep I agree…

      • I said the trade proposal earlier with kessel and scrievens for Miller. And you guys are right but hes the only one I would really be willing to let scrievens go for. You are right the numbers this year do not lie, but there is no doubting miller is a top 10 elite goalie. Personally the whole vet goalie to Toronto is being look at to often. Reimer is my true number 1 he has the attitude and the play to get it done in a fish bowl like toronto, scrievens has played very well at times and just needs not give up on the play when down by a few. Its tough but unless its miller or a inexpensive vet comin in and were not losing anything but a 2nd or a 3rd then i say leave the kids in net and get a number #1 center, and a minute eating defensive defenceman

        • I’m almost willing to bet Toronto would top the please don’t trade me there list for Miller anyway….

          • Miller wants to go out West to be with the wife.

      • You think Scrivens is better then Miller? Seriously, what are you smokin?

        • Not saying career wise no but does have better numbers so far this year and I’d. Rather be playing behind the Sabers D then the likes of Gunnarson Kostka Holzer Dion playing 25-28 mins a night Liles and Komisarek…lol

          • Don’t get me wrong some of these guys do have potential just saying there are some big kind of question marks or more of a work in progress on the Leafs D compared to Buffalo…

          • I can’t see any scenario where Ryan Miller would go to To. 1 probably not willing to 2 you really think the Sabers want to face him 6 or whatever the number would be a year?….

          • have you seen our d lately? it’s atrocious. scrivens has better numbers because his team doesn’t shit the bed in front of him game in game out.

          • It’s a bad year I don’t think the Sabers are in as bad a shape as most of their fans… I could pick 4 or 5 guys on our D that you wouldn’t trade 1 for 1 of any of yours I doubt…Kostka for Leopold… Regher perhaps…lol

    • Miller hasn’t been great since the concussion he suffered from the Lucic hit. I don’t trust his play.

  7. I think Miller may end up in Tampa. Won’t be until the summer tho when they buy out Lecavaler and then resign him for base salary.

    • Not sure if a team can resign it’s own player after a buyout…

    • If a team amnesty buys out a player they can not re-sign him.

  8. Things are comin in the east boys. No longer does no one want to come or stay on Long Island. First Visnovsky signs an extension. Boyes, Streit, and Nabby will return to the fold as well. JT. Grabs, and Okposo are another year older and things will get a bit better for them. I don’t see them staying in the basement anymore. FINALLY respectability is returning to the franchise I have been ridiculed for liking for the last 30 years.

    • And wait until they move to Brooklyn. With the young group of players and playing in the NYC area only helps make this team a prime destination for players.

    • I hope the fan base love Tavares. He’s a special player. Reminds me of Joe Sakic.

  9. I’d like to see LA pick up Regehr for a pick or mid-level prospect.