NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Saturday, March 9, 2013.

The latest on Corey Perry, Brenden Morrow, Derek Roy, Kris Letang and more.

With Getzlaf re-signed, is Corey Perry next?

With Ryan Getzlaf re-signed, is Corey Perry next?

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek reports the Anaheim Ducks re-signing Ryan Getzlaf yesterday to an eight year, $66 million contract shifts the focus upon teammate Corey Perry, who is slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. Perry remains noncommittal about his plans, but acknowledged Getzlaf’s re-signing will be a factor with his decision.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The rumor mill has been abuzz with anticipation Perry will be traded by the April 3 trade deadline if he’s unsigned by then, regardless of the Ducks position in the standings. If the Ducks go into free-fall between now and April 3, maybe they will trade him. Given how they’ve currently got the second-best record in the league (17-3-3) and appear in good shape for a serious playoff run, I still doubt Ducks management would jeopardize that by trading Perry. We’ll find out for sure by April 3.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports Stars captain Brenden Morrow is trying to stay focused on helping his club, but acknowledged the possibility he could be moved by the trade deadline.  Heika also reports the Stars are trying to negotiate a contract extension with Derek Roy, who (like Morrow) is eligible for UFA status this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Stars are jockeying for a playoff berth in the Western Conference, I would assume they won’t move Morrow, Roy or their other pending UFAs (like Jaromir Jagr) at the trade deadline. Then again, they dealt away one of the better forwards in Michael Ryder for Erik Cole on the basis of the latter being under contract for two more seasons. If the Stars fall out of playoff contention by the end of this month, the greater the likelihood their pending UFAs hit the trade block.

OTTAWA SUN: Chris Stevenson speculates Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang could be available by the trade deadline. Though Letang still has one season left on his contract, he’ll be a UFA next summer, at the same time as superstar teammate Evgeni Malkin, leading Stevenson to wonder if the Pens can afford to retain both. He believes if Letang is shopped the asking price would be a top-six winger, an everyday defenseman and a prospect.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Penguins were to shop Letang, it’ll be before next season’s trade deadline, not now. Letang’s their best defenseman, and with one season left on his contract, it makes absolutely no sense to move him now, especially with the Penguins sitting second overall in the Eastern Conference. 

TSN’s Bob McKenzie recently reported the following via Twitter: “OTT looking for a physical player, preferably one who can drop the gloves with some authority.”


  1. Letang isn’t going anywhere this year but next year could be different … if it’s a question between him and Geno it’s no contest … Malkin gets the money … Pens are loaded with young, mobile defensemen who are almost ready … Morrow would look really good in a pens uni but I doubt Niewendyk deals with Shero again after he was robbed of Neal & Niskannen … Pens need Perry and a shutdown D-man but so does everybody else … I am not happy with Ray Shero so far but am probably in the minority … Pens lack size, toughness and grit … Pascal Dupuis is a nice player but belongs on the 3rd line … Kennedy, Cooke, Adams, Vitale, Jeffrey are all a dime a dozen … Mike Brown would have been a nice addition but Shero is sleeping … wake up Ray!

    • // I doubt Niewendyk deals with Shero again after he was robbed of Neal & Niskannen//

      He just made a minor trade earlier this year for Carl Sneep.

  2. Damn right Getlafs signing will be a factor in Perry’s decision. He can now say, well I’m worth the same so thats two of us taking up $16.5M plus Ryan at $5.1M on the $64M team cap which represents 34% of the salary cap for this team for 3 guys. How will they be able to pay anyone else decent money to stay for the next eight years. Hmmm, screw this I’m out of here…

    • I honestly think they they will trade Perry. It would make sense to trade him and get some more affordable guys. For example trade him to Tor for Kessel and Kulemin. But they have to get someone who will help them now and is under contract for a least next season. Although the cap goes down next year with revenue soaring this year, even after the lock out, expect the salary cap to rise.

      • I doubt Nonis will bite unless he can lock up Perry on a long term reasonable deal before the trade is completed. If Nonis can ink Perry then I think he does that trade and so would the Ducks. Problem is I don’t think the Leafs can pay him more then $6.5M or it will cause major cap problems down the road. Doubt Perry will sign for that amount.

        • Perry just became out of the question cap-wise for the leafs unless they can find some takers for all the other over priced contracts they got…Kessel Grabovski Pylon list goes on….not to mention Komi and Conoly the buy out twins, Perry is worth at least what Getlaf got, might be able to get him down to a shorter term but it would have to be along the lines of 5 yrs 40 mill to sign him now….if they could send Kessel back to the Ducks and find someone to sucker Grabovski with well then maybe but that I think is a big stretch….

          • Even if they could send some bad contracts packing I still doubt the Leafs want to set a bad precedent by signing Perry for $8MM when you have currently set the bar with guys like Lupul, JVR, Grabo at no more then $5.5M because if Kadri keeps playing like this he could pull a Subban and sit out waiting for a big payday. Plus they have negociations with Kessel coming soon.

    • That is unless they trade Ryan.

      • If you were with the Ducks tho wouldn’t you rather keep Ryan who is younger by 2 years locked up for 2 more years with a fairly friendly 5.1 mil cap hit probably won’t cost as much to resign by the time his contract comes up again with the cap dropping there will be a moderate reduction in what guys will be able to ask for and trade Perry to restock the shelves if you will the Heart and Richard trophy wingers don’t come around every day his value would be much higher then Ryans…

        • Even unsigned if they do trade him he is going to be the biggest name on the market people saying Iginla would be worth a first and a prospect if Calgary ever comes to there sences and blows that thing up I would argue at this point in their careers Perry is a much better player and plays a very similar type game the prototypical power forward who can score for a team going in to the playoffs the Ducks are looking at a very big pay day if they decide to deal him by the trade deadline and much less at the draft for the right to sign him…so if they are not going to sign him I think he is gone on deadline day. If he is still there a month from now they will sign him, somehow.

      • Now if they get rid of Hiller they might have the room but still I’m not sure you would want 2 guys that names aren’t Crosby and Malkin taking up over 25%. Og your cap space…

  3. OK OK then I will start the Letang to the Leafs rumours.

    Kessel, Gunnarrson, Colborne to Pitz
    Letang to the Leafs

    Someone had to start it. lol

    • If its a leafs trade, wouldnt it be Komi, Liles and Grabo for Letang and Malkin??

      • ya but I wanted to make it somewhat realistic

        • then it wouldnt be considered a leaf trade if it was realistic. I’ll start the Perry to Tor for komi, Lilies and Grabo rumour!

          • Shaddup

    • With in 3 years if things go as planed Leaf wise we could have 2 Letang type D-men in Riley and Gardner let’s no start this rumor too…lol just adds to our bad name 😉

      • Is this Slap and Shot/Chris btw?

    • NO THANKS…You can keep Kessel!!!!

    • They won’t trade Kessel for Perry unless Perry is locked up. If you want a Leaf rumor, consider this………….Jake Gardner for Sean Cotourier of Philly.

      • No… Not even straight up Gardner is going nowhere unless it was part of a way bigger deal Riley is still a year away atleast if they let him develop properly keeping Gardner will allow him time without the pressure of being “they guy” (see Luke shenn) Cotourier would fit the mold of what the leafs need and has alot of upside, but still lacks a little in experience and I think it makes more sense to build from the back end out Gardner is a big part of that..Dmen who skate and move the puck like that are almost as hard to find as a good center if they hold on to him and give him some more time while developing some of the other prospects he will probably be able to fetch that kind of return and would be missed a little less if there was another similar type prospect ready to step in….

        • Perhaps a guy like Franson and a prospect like Biggs and a 2nd Philly gets a decent Dman a prospect and a pick Toronto gets a young big center to grow with the core…before I get jumped on by Philly fans the kid is 20 years old -8 and has what 30-35points in 100 NHL games?

    • BG – You make your favourite franchise, their fans and yourself look bad. You have interesting things to say but it is clouded by shoving Leafs into every comment thread. Stop it! This site is one place informed hockey fans come to learn and discuss. If you have something to say that is relevant and moves the discussion forward please do. If you need to talk Leafs Leafs Leafs please do that in a forum built and designed for just that. If you are going to fabriacte rumour there are sites out ther for that too.

      • It’s still a place to come and get informed just as long as the person says away from the comment sections. :)

  4. Nonis can you call Washington and see if the Caps will trade Ribero straight up for Bozak please. Thank you.

  5. Leaf trades – Dion Phaneuf, Joffrey Lupul and JVR – how did those turn out?

    • Phaneuf hasn’t been great, he can only hit teammates with his high shots, Lupul has injury problems and they just extended him so I would say not the best deal. JVR seems to be a decent trade so far. 1 for 3. That’s a good percentage.

    • Well I’m starting to think that garbage for Dion trade was a toss up to be honest with ya…He has played a couple real stinkers this year and I never agree with Cherry but this time I do…. he has to step up and fight Prust a while back show some leadership and back bone these are things a captain of a hard to play against team does Dion has lost a lot of sizzle. Top 4 Dman on alot of teams for sure… Captain and top Dman very debatable.

      • And let’s not forget that Kessel thing and for the most part I was Ok with it Kessel is a he’ll of a goal scorer and we’ll Seguin has looked good I’m not sure he will be the threat that Kessel is most night especially if he had a center to play with but then there is the latest part of that deal which hurts like someone stabbing you in the eye with a spoon Dougie Hamilton is going to be a gem in this league for a very long time…

      • Make no mistake, they won that trade. Addition by subtraction pure and simple.
        Having said that, Dion is NO Captain. He embarrassed himself with Prust. No leader does that. He appeared weak, not smart. A leader must have some element of reckless abandon about him. As Bill Waters once said, there is nothing worse than coming to the rink scared. Dion’s aura quickly dissipated after his first two seasons as word spread around the league that he could/would not back up his big hits with his fists. Nothing wrong with that but it does not add up to Captain Material.

    • C’mon man, Dion sucks. The Lupul/Gardiner deal and the JVR deal were a steal. But so many bad bad deals in their history. How about the Kessel trade, or the Rask trade, or signing Jeff Finger thinking it was Liles, or the Paradis for Tlusty, or the Larry Murphy trade, need I go on? There’s a reason the leaves are the laughing stock of the NHL…Looks like they may have finally woken up, or is it only because Rogers bought them and wanna build the right way…

      • Aslong as the Islanders Coyotes and Bluejackets are around its tough to say we are the laughing socks…

        • Only until one of those becomes a playoff contender before your team. 😉

      • Every team has made bad deals. But oh boy if its the leafs the world is coming to an end. Geesh just give it a break leaf haters your hate is really becoming boring and so predictable. You hate the leafs, we get it, now go get a life.

        • I don’t hate the Leafs, I hate Leaf fans….but then again I don’t like a lot of dumb people.

          Every trade involves the Leafs, every year they are going to win the cup. Its getting old……..be realistic….its hard to win a Stanley Cup……it does not come easily.

          They have a good team this year, fun to watch and they seem to be turning a corner….but that’s it…..call it what it is….be happy….they will most likely make the playoffs this year…..or will they pull another terrible finish out of the hat….I don’t think so…but they are the Leafs!

    • The JVR trade was a great one for the Leafs.
      Lupul fits in perfectly and should also be put into the plus column.
      Phaneuf has not been anywhere close to a $6.5 million dollar D-Man and team captain. While he was brought in from Calgary for Leaf cast-offs he has not performed anywhere close to what his salary says he should.
      While I think Carlyle has done a good job overall I don’t see how Phaneuf rates the big minutes with his penchant for mistakes. Also, having his big shot on the power play has none nothing but hurt the Leafs as he has some mental block when it comes to getting pucks onto the net.
      Bottom line, I would say the Phaneuf trade got rid of some players who were not playing well for the Leafs and the Flames got rid of someone they didn’t want in Calgary anymore. 50/50 at best.

      • 50/50 at best is funny.
        tons of players at that time were vastly overpaid,thats the way it was for a couple of years.
        but considering the lousy players the leafs gave and what they signed for dion was a bargain.
        just stajan/white alone added together make more,a 3rd liner and a dman in the pressbox.

        dion when not overplayed has been good,not captain material good,but solid.
        his stinkers usually come in 2nd game of back to backs when he is asked to player over 25 min per game and thats too much
        especially always facing the other teams top guns.

        i see beergoggles trading kessel again,twice more,what else is new,different day same stuff.

        perry is good,real good,but trade a top player plus something and add a 8 mil contract,passeroonie.

        and i would like to say calling players injury prone means a player has multiple problems that make him miss lots of games,guys like coliaccovo who pull different things and hurt different things all the time.

        lupul had a back issue and was hit by a puck,that is not injury prone.

        i have seen players crunched into the boards one year and miss time and the next hit in the foot and broke it and they are not injury prone either.

        • That Kessel trade was a joke dude

          • Only because the leafs finished where they did in the standings. It was not a foregone conclusion or Burke would not have made the deal.
            I think some of you leaf haters must lay awake at night sweating like crazy wondering about what other crap you can spew about the leafs on the following morning sports blogs. Like I said above, get a life.

          • Ya but even being funny it was still kessel,it is in your blood,lol.

      • What would a team like Philly give for a big defenseman like Dion Phaneuf? You can’t tell me they would not be interested. The question is what would they give up?
        Also what would it take to score a first round pick from Calgary for this year or, preferably, next season? If they refuse to accept the inevitable rebuild then perhaps such a pick could be in play (like a certain Leaf GM put his in play a couple of years ago).
        Phaneuf and Franson for Sean Coutorier (sic) or Gardner for Coutorier even up. This would be their long sought after first line center for years to come and satisfies the Flyers quest to rebuild their blue line.
        Phaneuf/Franson to Edmonton for their first rounder for their young Swede winger who can’t crack line up but simply needs minutes.

  6. I don’t even know what the heck an everyday d-man is…. could be anyone that plays on D….even a 6th d-man.

    I think Perry will want to cash in, but if the Ducks go deep in the playoffs then he may want to stick around, but not as long as Getzlaf. I think that if the Ducks re-sign Perry it will be a four…five year deal. Or else, he is gone.

    If i were the Ducks i’d trade Bobby Ryan. I think the guy is a market tester regardless of what happens with the Ducks (as in, they can win two Cups before his contract ends and he’d still sign elsewhere).

    Stevenson must be bored out of his mind to start talking about a Letang….

  7. I have a feeling the Ducks will keep Perry for the playoffs as Lyle said and then probably trade him this summer to a team for a 4th round pick for the early right to negociate before he becomes a UFA which basically is the same thing as getting nothing in return.

    • If they do deal him it will be for a ridiculously good package that I’m not sure the Leafs would be prepared to give up anyway without knowing 100% he would resign

  8. The consensus over at Defending Big D is that Morrow is more likely to be traded than not even if the Stars are still in playoff contention. Mike Heika at the DMN agrees, saying he put the odds of a Morrow trade at 70% in a chat. With Ray Whitney coming back soon, Dallas could afford to trade Morrow.

    Jagr, on the other hand, is going nowhere unless the Stars collapse.

    • Jagr to the Pens is a real possibility.

      • Jagr couldnt skate with that Pens team …

  9. Honestly, reading all these comments from leafs fans hating on leafs haters is just as annoying as the former. When you scroll through the comments and see dozens of responses about how every good player should be traded to the Leafs for so and so it’s a foregone conclusion that some people are going to rip on the trade proposals. Having the most fans on sites like this also leads to some dumb trade proposals that deserve to be ripped on.

    I can’t fathom how some people actually believe Liles, who can’t crack the Leafs blue line, is somehow worth a 2nd-3rd round pick with that contact. No team is gonna pay that much for an overpaid player who has spent a good chunk of time in the press box. Same goes for Komosarek, Connolly, et al. A couple seasons ago we had the pleasure of watching some posters argue that Finger would be traded because some GM will be suckered into taking him. How’d that go?

    The above comment about Bozak going to Washington for Ribeiro straight up is equally as asinine. A team isn’t going to dump its leading scorer for him.

    I’m not saying all leafs fans are dumb by any means, but when you have the most trade proposals made by armchair gms on this site, some of them are going to be really stupid. Nobody is sitting awake all night plotting how they can mock leafs fans on message boards. At least I hope they aren’t.

    • The funny bit to us non-Leafs fans is that even though Lyle’s post had not a single mention about the Leafs, about 90% of the comments are suggesting deals involving Leafs players, or re-hashing old Leafs trades. Makes reading the comments here really stale unless you’re living in in TO.

      • True that…

  10. Things are really heating up with less than a month to go for the trade deadline.
    I don’t see how the penguins can even consider trading Letang – I wan’t whatever Stevenson is smoking.

    Anaheim has a real issue, with them dishing out 8.25Mil to Getzlaf, 5.1 to Ryan and 4.5 to Hiller, resigning Perry will be tough. Why does Perry give a hometown discount when Anaheim is not where he wants to play? They lose Perry for nothing if they wait too long.

  11. Who are the Leafs never heard of them.