NHL Morning Rumor Mill – September 24, 2013.

The Leafs, Blues, Red Wings and Oilers face possible player moves, plus updates on Derek Stepan, Andrej Meszaros and Mathieu Perreault.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts reports David Clarkson’s suspension makes things tight for the Leafs payroll, as they’ll have to find a replacement for him while his salary still counts against their cap. It also adversely affects their efforts to re-sign Cody Franson, as Shoalts claimed the Leafs goal was to sign Franson and create cap space by carrying only 21 players. The Leafs could face going the first ten games of the season without Clarkson and Franson.

CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson wonders if former Leafs GM and current Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke has identified any trade targets on his former team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After signing Mason Raymond yesterday, the Leafs have less than $1 million in cap space. Clarkson’s antics merely worsen the situation.If they hope to re-sign Franson, they might have to wait until after Clarkson’s suspension ends in late-October.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: NY Rangers GM Glen Sather told MSG Network he doesn’t expect Derek Stepan’s contract impasse to last much longer. “It’s unfortunate that Derek has decided to listen to his agent. I don’t think Derek’s going to let this linger too long. I don’t think he’s big enough of a fool …”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sather took a similar approach in his contract negotiations last year with defenseman Michael Del Zotto. He sounds very much like a GM who knows all the leverage is with him.

Are the Flyers showcasing Andrej Meszaros?

Are the Flyers showcasing Andrej Meszaros?

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio wonders if the Flyers are showcasing defenseman Andrej Meszaros to prove he’s healthy, making it possible to shop him to create a roster spot for young blueliner Erik Gustafsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Meszaros’ $4 million salary for this season won’t make him easy to move at this time of year.

ESPN.COM/BMD.COM/STLTODAY.COM: With the St. Louis Blues signing winger Brenden Morrow, it’s expected the club could make room for him by trading a third or fourth line forward. Possibilities include recently-acquired Maxim Lapierre, Vladimir Sobotka, Chris Porter, Ryan Reaves and Adam Cracknell.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A move via trade, waivers or demotion will also be necessary to ensure they remain salary cap compliant. CapGeek indicates they have roughly $850k in cap space.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports injuries to several players (Jordin Tootoo, Darren Helm, Patrick Eaves and Jonas Gustavsson) could help the Red Wings become cap compliant to start the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once those players start returning they’ll have to free up cap space via trade, waivers or demotions.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Oilers hope to replace injured centers Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Sam Gagner (both sidelined until November) from within. GM Craig MacTavish, however, isn’t ruling out plucking a player off waivers or making a contract-for-contract trade.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley wonders if Mathieu Perreault is the odd man out for the Capitals.


  1. There will be no trades between Burke and the leafs ….Burkes cut goes deep with this organization HE will never help out the Leafs even at the expense of Nonis s needs !!!

    The only way Franson would have been signed is iof the Leafs moved out Liles I think that’s well documented so this really hasn’t changed anything !!

    Just trade Franson and get on with it !!

    Is Edmonton with Eakins behind the bench in a position to do a deal with the leafs now for a center
    & D man ( Franson ) & Colborne ???? …Does Eakins claim Ziggomanis off waivers !

    • Burke is not the GM of Calgary, and therefore does not have the final say in any trades.
      If Nonis and Feaster come to an agreement that King approves of, it will go forward.

  2. I think Kessel will get a game or two. Player should not use stick like that.. This is not 1970th.

  3. kessel should be sentenced to playing 3 games with no stick

    • If you want to discuss Kessel’s possible suspension, do it either in today’s Canadian Corner or News update. It has nothing to do with trade rumors.

  4. There is onlythree options the Leafs have if they wanna resign Franson, i have said 2 of them all along,
    Both these options involve sending down Holzer and Trevor Smith, that would free up 1.3 million, to go along with 1 million they already have. then option A

    option A trade kulemin for prospects or a 2nd and retain 800k then you have 4.3 million (sign franson 1 year 2.5 to 2.7 million) then they have roughly 1.7 million to play with (i would have signed Morrow) in the past tho

    Option B trade Mclaren and that frees up 700 k and gives you 3 million to sign Franson 1 year 2.5 to 2.7

    Option C trade Colbourne for a draft pick or prospect that frees up 600k and you have 2.9 million

    I really like Kulemin, but we have so many free agents next year and we might loose him, having roughly 1.7 million in cap space with a prospect in return and franson signed makes most sense to me.

    Liles Cant be moved to much salary, unless Leafs took 40 percent of his salary back for just this year until cap went back up next year, that is why it isnt an option for me. Really think about this before everyone bashes me, i know Kulemin is a gd two way player with a little offensive upside but to get Franson signed and have 1.7 million left, we can go after a3rd line two way player at the deadline with the return we got back from Kulimen

    • Hey Michael those are some really good options ……I was just proposing the Liles trade as this will open up space for a future quality d man to get in the line up right now as opposed to giving up on Kulimen right away !

      I totally agree with the waivers of Holzer and Colborne and Smith they have all been out played and are in no need to the organization at this point !

      If you cant move Liles than move Franson and keep up Reilly !

      • Yes Definately agree with you if Franson gets traded Reilly will stay up, possibly Holzer. I think you can trade Colbourne for a mid draft pick tho, but we need his depth at center. Liles would have been traded long time ago if there were any takers, that is why retaining part of his salary might work. As for Kulemin if we traded him maybe go after a guy like Maxim Lapierre and get Franson signed while
        Rielly gets another year to dominate for Canada and his junior team, i really like Kuli tho but if he isnt gonna resign (he might wanna idk) then this is a legiminate scenario. Going back to Maxim Lapierre he would replace Kuli on pk and i hated when the Leafs played against him, he might be effective lol, but this isnt going to happen

        • Bozak
          who would be our depth Centerman if Colbourne was traded or put on waivers just wondering, would they double shift Kadri or is there someone else

        • I see some really high quality players in Ashton and Davane and Leivo that can easily take over Kulimens position and save some money and bring toughness into the fold as well !

          • Agreed before camp and pre season I thought very little of the depth at forward position. Very surprised at the quality of play by a few of the young guys. Nice to see. They are in need of high end forward prospects and maybe franson + could be used to bring such a player in

  5. Hey Lyle Richardson love your website, just wondering what you would do if you were GM of Toronto? involving Franson situation

  6. Hey Lyle Richardson love your website, just wondering what you would do if you were GM of Toronto? involving Franson situation, i love the regulars on this site, they seem to know hockey

    • I would’ve avoided this situation long ago, first by not overpaying for David Clarkson, then using the savings to ink Franson and Kadri to fair contracts, thus avoiding unnecessary drama.

      • No offence they didn’t over pay for Clarkson they over paid for Bozak !

        • Really? You’re comfortable with the Leafs paying a 29-year-old winger who has exactly one decent offensive season on his resume $36.75 million over seven years (with him being paid over $7 million per season for 2 seasons at the mid-point of that contract) over a 27-year-old center who has good chemistry with your top scorer and tied for second overall last season in faceoff wins getting a five-year, $21 million contract? No offense, but I’m glad you’re not the GM of my favorite team! 😉

          • All great points Lyle ..appreciate your time .

            Clarskon has scoring potential plays a more physical game and may be the all around better player and point getter even without playing with a top line center where as in you have to justify playing Bozak on a top 1st line with the best players to even try to get him points …if Bozak plays on the second line and gets the same points he has been getting or just shy do you pay him the $4.2 million or are his stats inflated by being able to take advantage of playing with Kessel and Lupul or JVR …..Bozak doesnt give Kessel a better chance for pint production …Kessel and players give Bozak a better advantage of better point production …Clarkson earns his by playing on the 2nd and 3rd line and adds more to the over all team …IMO

            Bozak is a second liner on every other team and would struggle getting points elsewhere with 2nd and 3rd liners. IMO

            Clarkson is quite possibly the face of the franchise if Dion is to departs the big city !

          • The leafs paid market value for Clarkson…. they didn’t over pay and if they did it was only by $500,000 market dictates the price if they didnt get Clarkson they would have had to go internal ..there wasnt anyone else of Clarksons calibre in the UFA market and they needed his other attributes other than just a scoring touch ! They have been missing that badly in the line up !

          • Not knowing your favorite team!!
            Iam sure the GM of your favorite team has done this also with a player or 2 over the years and there is one or 2 on there presently right now in this situation !

  7. i think Clarkson will be just fine, I like him on my team, he turned down more money somewhere else, at the begining of free agency day July 5th i said if we could get Clarkson and Bozak signed for under 10 million go for it and they did, i dont criticize that one bit, but it was Burkes fault overpaying Grabowski and Komisarek that we were in that situation, so we couldnt buy out Liles, well we could have but we would be paying salary for many years like Tucks and Armstrong

    • Clarkson turned down more money? Who offered him more money?

    • And yet, when Burke overpaid for Komisarek and Grabovski, it was well received by the Leafs faithful. Sorry, but in a couple of years, you’re gonna regret the Clarkson signing. He’s certainly not off to an auspicious start.

      • +1

        • +1
          time will tell the tale.

      • Kyle I love your work but a couple of years, I think your exaggerating a bit. I do feel that clarkson got to much term. If he was paid the approx. 5.75 per year for 5 years there wouldn’t be a problem with the contract, but realistically clarkson s value won’t drop till year 4 or 5. As for your comments about his start as a leaf, nobody should blame clarkson for his suspension. He did what was necessary, Buffalo was acting dumb because our primary enforcers weren’t in the line up. When Scott went after kessel somebody had to jump in. Scott is buffalo’s enforcer, and there wasn’t a bonifide scrapper on the ice for the leafs. Clarkson didn’t throw any punches to my knowledge, all he did was hold Scott back from trying to assault kessel. Clarkson should the signs of a try warrior and leader, he knew he was oing to get suspended, and jumping over the boards was the right thing to do. Do you think the leafs would do worse with clarkson out of the line up or would they be worse if kessel got injured, or worse yet becoming to intimidated to touch the puck. You watch, because of clarkson s actions, kessel knows he’s a protected player, and that the leafs have a ton of tough guys ready to stand up for the team. Kessel and Kadri are gonna chirp players and get under their skin this year, and the next. (You can probably tell by this post, that I am a fan of Orr and maclaren. Btw, I also oppose the idea of trading maclaren. The leafs arguably have two of he best heavy weights in the NHL, I would rather see one of them sitting on the bench, just in case the other gets injured. The actaul salary cap saving just isn’t worth losing either of them.

  8. Love the arrogance of Sather – Stepan should either ask for a trade or sign a 1 year deal and then get the hell out of dodge. On the open market – he’ll make the big bucks. Actually, since Buffalo is down Foligno and Tropp, maybe they should do an offer sheet to Stepan.

    Nonis, mishandled Franson by overpaying for Clarkson and Bozak.

  9. Have heard the Edmonton Oilers offered him more money!? Not sure how much or how long.

  10. I would have Done the same thing sign Clarkson, and you always overpay a little to get free agents, Clarkson will be worth every penny, An unkwon team, I’m guessing Ottawa

    • Oilers, Senators, doesn’t matter who offered him more, they were fools for doing so, and lucky he passed them up to sign with Toronto. Too many GMs put on the stupid hat when it comes to unrestricted free agents.

      • Possible they talked to Clarkson’s agent just to drive up the price for a rival team.

        • In 4 years or so when the cap is at 80 mill is it still over paying?

          • It is if he fails to pot 30 goals-or-more per season for at least five of those seven years, especially when he’ll be getting $7 million per season in years four and five.

          • Compare him to similar salaries. Will he have the same value as Vanek? or Taveres? I struggle to see it. Then again I don’t wear the blue tinted glasses either.

  11. Anyone think that maybe Bozak, Franson, & Colborne to the Avalanche for O’Rielly & 1st rounder work?
    I think Bozak would make a great 3rd line center that in case of an injury could move up. The Av’s need a defenseman, & Colborne gives them center depth. Toronto gets O’Rielly for the 1st line, a first rounder is always a good thing & salary cap relief.

    • I say salary cap relief cause they no longer need to sign Franson & between Bozak & Colborne they save almost $5 mil. Drop Brody & Smith. There is almost $7 mil out & O’Rielly makes $6 mil.

      • Um no, that’s not happening.

        • o.k. what about the same scenario but instead of O’Rielly Toronto gets Stastney?

        • Why

          • Trust me, the Leafs aren’t interested. Period.

    • I would say that Kessel is going to continue to be the face of the franchise as long as he is a part of the franchise, but what if he leaves then who would become the face of the franchise? Clarkson? Kadri? Rielly? Gardiner? Bernier?

      • How is Kessel the face of the franchise when he hides in his stall and under a pulled down baseball cap .!!!

        Are you guys all OK ????

        • Of Course Clarkson is the face of the franchise !!!

          I was at Steve Ludziks roast in Niagara Falls and Clarkson was there at the benefit LOADS of NHL guys past & present were there Clarkson was the center of attention the whole night and everyone I talked too were saying that Clarkson is the next Leaf Captain and is the next face of the Franchise ….this is not me talking………

          but people in the Leaf organization and Hall of Famers like Hull , Larmer, Darcy Tucker , Scotty Bowman,& Don Cherry whom I talked to directly !!

  12. Clarkson, the face of the Leafs franchise? I don’t think so. It’s Phil Kessel, the most underappreciated scorer in Leafs history. If Clarkson goes on to become the face of the Leafs franchise, that team is doomed to many more years missing the playoffs.

    • Even more so than Frank Mahovlich? I never seen the man play, but I love Leafs history.

      • Even more underappreciated that Mahovlich,yes. And more than Mats Sundin, whose only crime was he wasn’t a “good Canadian boy”.

    • Lyle this might be the comment of the day. I swear that I was ranting to my brother yesterday that kessel might be the most underrated score ever on the leafs, and even an underrated scorer in the NHL. How long have. Analysts been saying kessel isn’t a franchise player but more of a final piece that you add to a cup contending team. I don’t know how any one can think that way after watching the playoffs last year. When kessel is back checking and forechecking, with his sped he looks like one of the best in the league. The new angry bone hacking kessel is going to have an awesome year.

  13. agree to disagree but i have to disagree with the Clarkson situation, only time will tell Lyle, keep up the good work buddy. This is my fav hockey site for rumors and i love Cap geek lol

  14. I hated the Grabowski signing when it happened tho, signing too Komisarek didnt understand why we paid him so much for someone that isnt an elite dman but thought that was the market at the time and thought the Leafs had to overpay,i loved Beauchamen at 3.8 million thought was great, ( i thought Leafs D was gonna be solid that year lol), but didnt work out, nice trade tho for both teams, Toronto came out on top tho

  15. if Clarkson puts up 25 golas consistenly each year and plays his physical style and sticks up for teammates well worth the 5.25 million a year. Bozak i think he was a fair deal for both sides. I was hoping nothing over 4.5 a year, I think he is key staying so we can resign Kessel

  16. I wish you were as active as this everyday Lyle, love getting to see further insight into your ideas and comments.

    Anyway, Stephan is going to sign and Sather is putting all the blame on his agent, which is smart. I believe Franson will remain a Leaf as well.

    The huge question for me is what is going to happen in Edmonton, this is just unacceptable. Questionable defense, questionable goaltending, no depth a center and now their top two guys are out for at least the first month of the season? When does the turn around start for this team as another top 10 pick just can’t be an acceptable thing.

    • Sadly, my work keeps me from participating, but I chime in where I can.

      • You mean you’re not on this site during company time like the rest of us? LOL

        • It is funny about Edmonton isn’t it… Goes to the point of anyone can make the 1st overall selection.. How do you pick so high so many years and seemingly have no depth with other picks??

  17. Interesting happenings all around!
    As usual, I’ll start with the Leafs situation, with the Clarkson suspension and possible Kessel suspension Franson can be assured any contract progress will have to wait until Nov.
    Hypothetically speaking, if Kessel does get suspended as well Toronto will have to find a way to temporarily fill in the holes, Raymond or Kulemin could alternate on the top 2 lines, McClement moves to the 3rd line, but the real kicker is the last spot. They won’t want to fill it in with someone they might lose on the waiver line later.
    My thought (a crazy one at that) would be to invite Latendresse to a 2-way contract. He just got let go from his try-out and I’m will take anything that comes his way….. crazy huh?
    Switching a bit to the Oilers, this team cannot catch a break, I remember as a kid watching the 80’s dynasty so there is a soft spot in my heart for them so I want to see them do good, but holy cow!
    Hopefully Boyd Gordon can fill in at #2 C well…

    • Can a player such as latendresse be signed to such a contract play the I think 25 games and then just let go without a major cap hit? I’m not sure if my info is correct think it’s the league minimum or ahl maximum??

      • No, he cannot. The 25 game thing you’re referring to is for an AHL contract. If he signs an NHL contract, be it one-way or two-way, it counts against the cap, unless he’s demoted.

  18. Kessel isnt the face of the Leafs Franchise but a big Part of it, I agree with you backchecking, Clarkson is the next potential Captain, Our Future looks great Lupul, Kessel, JVR Kadri, Gardiner Rielly, hopefully Franson, Phaneuf im hoping he has a gd year and signs under 6 million, Bernier Riemer. The prospect other the Rielly i am most excited about other then Rielly, is Leivo 1 to 2 years away, i think he can be a top 6 guy, Our defence prospects are stacked and i forgot to mention Bolland and Mcclement, hopefully they sign next year to extensions, My prediction is Leafs will get to Round 2 this year, Every year there are guys on the Leafs lineup i think dont suit the team, this year there isnt one player i dont dislike, Kessel isnt the face of the franchise tho lmao that is funny.He was tho three years ago when we had no one, but time have changed and the identity of the team has changed Started with Phaneuf, we had to change the idenitity and culture and it happened Now we are a tough team with enough skill to compeat with the best. I am scared of no team anymore, we can beat anyone, Absolutely agree with you Backchecking He is a top 10 scorer tho and worth every penny he get this summer, 7 year at 7.5 to 8 million is my guess, We could win our division and im dead serious, dont think we will because playoffs is what matters, Time for Leaf fans to get excited and the people that dont like Toronto to admit they are a new force. Kessel will always be our best Player on ice but is not the heart and soul guy of a Clark gilmour Roberts (Clarkson may be one day)
    Awesome you got involved Lyle, we should set up a date after the year and go over everything everyone said today and see who was more right lol

    • … Clarkson has yet to play a SINGLE regular season game for the Leafs how the hell is he the face of the franchise? This discredits so much of the work of veteran Leafs both on and off the ice and their contributions to the community as well.

      • Agreed with JJB they are putting cart before the horse, Kessel JVR Lupul there are a few guys around who have been part of this team and like it or not guys (even I dont like saying it but Bozak) that the room has rallied around before Clarkson ever arrived. Lets save the anointing oil for now

  19. Keep up the gd work Lyle Richardson, and cant wait until Oct 1st, who is your fav team btw? do you want to share,

    • 99% sure Lyle is a Habs fan.

  20. Clarkson was overpaid for sure.
    Much like the Grabovski contract where the price was right due to the hemsky contract signed just prior to it but the term didn’t make any sense.

    I don’t see how Clarkson is worth 5mil+ over the course of 7 years.
    maybe 5+ for three years was more reasonable or 4mil over 7 years would be acceptable.
    I agree with Lyle here for sure, we will regret this signing in 2-3 years.

    Bozak + Clarkson should have been signed around 8 mil combined max.
    With so many UFAs next year the Leafs will feel the heat of these signings sooner rather than later

  21. All ufas are over paid, 7 mill is steep but the cap hit not so much (and besides the hit the actual dollars are just about meaning less to the Leafs). 15 goals in the shortened season is almost on pace for 30 look at the deals Horton (who wont play till dec at least) and Bickle got (who Id prefer over Clarkson as a little cheaper option) Lucic has 2 30 goal seasons yet only 7 last year and cap hit of 6 million as an rfa. I admit its a big over payment in terms of years but in terms of the cap and where it is likely to be in the next couple years with the exploitation of out door games olympics and what not….I doubt it will be all that bad especially if he puts up a few 20 plus goal seasons. It will be a bust if he dosent produce similar to what he has done the past couple years, but I doubt a bust on the same level as Grabo and Komi who most realized (besides burkie it seems) were horrible overpayments to begin with.

    • Not that 7mill dosent affect the bottom line just the difference between 5.5 and 7 to MLSE is negligible, just thought Id clarify that part. Again I agree overpayment but only in terms of years. If it was around 5-5.5 for 4 or 5 years Id have no issues at all.

  22. lyle is a habs fan.they didnt over pay prust

  23. Bickell over Clarkson lol, i usually agree with you, not on this one, also if Phaneuf leaves, Clarkson Lupul or Bolland for captain

    • Not sure Bolland gets resigned if he has a bunch of injuries or wants a big deal hes ufa too dont forget. After jumping the boards and costing the team Im not so sure he would be my choice for captain, protecting Phil or not that was a bonehead move, and I think there are other guys that fit the role better Lupul for sure I would consider. Fraser took a puck to the head and fractured his skull (not that Id consider him either) but he has done more for the team than Clarkson.

  24. Well we wouldnt have got Clarkson if we offered him 5 years, So we had to do what we had to do, Leafs will be a top 5 team in 2 to 3 years, so i like it, not like were going nowhere and signed him to that length

    • Bickle’s points per game .404 (90 pts 220) games Clarkson .39 (170pts 426) games 2 years younger he is 6’4 225 lbs and a million and a half cheaper. On a 4 year deal and won 2 cups. Yes Id prefer Bickle.

      • Well 1 cup really but still…and he is a better plus minus not sure he could play top six on a full time basis but really the same could be said about Clarkson. IMO Bickle would have been a better choice if he wasnt resigned. Size toughness younger better deal cap wise, has a cup ring and just as productive.

  25. i was hoping they would sign Bickell and Clarkson but i thought some team would over pay Bickell big time because of his playoff performance, then we traded for Bolland. (smarter move because he is a perfect 3rd line center) 9 goals, IDK, 9 goals, each of the last two years, (one shortened season) Clarkson 30 and 15 (shortened season) Clarkson is a second liner, Bickell is a third, maybe a second but Clarkson is already a second liner, You can argue given more pp time he might put up 20 goals. But i would still take Clakson, Plus Clarkson was a leaf killer lol, so we benifit 4 games getting him out of New Jersey aha Time will tell you will see

  26. And Lyle Richardson who cares if he is getting 7 million a year in year 4 or 5 it doesnt affect the cap. Look at Weber lol, Doesnt come out of our pocket.

    • Sure, the Predators overpaid for Weber, but at least he’s a proven NHL star. Clarkson is not, and was grossly overpaid. Comparing Weber to Clarkson is apples to oranges. Cap hit or no, in real dollars Clarkson be paid $7 million per season for two seasons at the midpoint of the deal, when he’ll be approaching his mid-thirties and past his prime. Seriously, $14 million in real dollars for two years for a player who has one 30-goal season on his resume. But hey, if you won’t take my word for it, how about James Mirtle’s of The Globe & Mail? I strongly suggest you read his breakdown of Clarkson’s contract and why it’s a bad one for the Leafs: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hockey/leafs-beat/the-problem-with-david-clarksons-new-contract/article13067766/#dashboard/follows/

      • Oh, and one more thing (I sound like Columbo), The Predators were forced to pay what they did by the Flyers, courtesy of an offer sheet. They matched it because they wanted to keep him. Yes, they overpaid, but they knew what they had in Weber, who’s played for them for years and was their team captain. They knew what they were getting. Can’t say the same for Clarkson. Maybe they’re getting a power forward capable of scoring 25 goals per season. Maybe they’re getting a physical winger who’s at best a second-liner who parlayed a career-best into a lengthy deal worth over $31 million, of which over $14 million will be paid out to him in two seasons at a point when historically most power forwards are in steep decline. All I can say is I hope it works out for the Leafs in the long-term, but I have strong doubts it will.

  27. what is this, the Maple Leaf fan club

    Clarkson is way overpaid. Bickell is head and shoulders better, less money, shorter term contract

  28. Flyers will land Shea Weber at the deadline when the Predators are out of the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row

    for Weber

  29. Weber signed a year ago at $8m per year which includes signing bonuses

    He’s hands-down the best D man in the league, 28 years old (in the beginning of his prime), is big and physical, and oh yeah he scores 20 G a year. Given what Clarkson, Giroux, Nugent-Hopkins, and others have signed for, Weber is a bargain

  30. How come nobody has complained about the nugget Hopkins, or Eberle contract. I like both player, yet I cannot fathom why hey deserve 6 mill per year. I understand paying for potential but these contracts In Edmonton are way to extreme. Maybe it’s because I am a leaf fan, call me crazy but I would rather have Kadri at under 3mill per year on a bridge, then nuggent Hopkins at 6 for 6 years. Maybe in two years the gm looks like a genius or maybe he looks like a tool, when he has a record setting amount of first picks, and still can’t make it to the playoffs. (B4 comments come in, I liked the hall signing). Here’s a poll for the board. Which teams young guns would you rather have 1) Edmonton or 2) Colorado and which team will make he playoffs first?

    • If you think no one’s complained about the contracts of Nugent-Hopkins and Eberle, you’re not paying attention.

    • i say Edmonton might barely get in this year at 7 or 8th because of Dallas Eakins, perfect coach for the job with younger players

  31. Hey Lyle Richardson regarding yesterdays comments who cares if the leafs are paying him 7 million mid way through the contract, I dont understand why you care so much about that. I would have preferred paying him 10 millon those middle years, year 6 and 7 he is making what he will be worth for that age, i dont have the numbers but i am guessing 3 million. All That matters for the Leafs is the cap hit, and the comment i made about Weber i wasnt comparing the two i was just saying he is getting 14 million this year, No player is worth that much in one season maybe Crosby, Flyers did that so they could get him, did not work tho. Anyways year 6 and 7 he will be 3 million dollar player with cap hit of 5.25 if he isnt producing trade him to a team that is trying to get to the cap floor. If the Leafs had Luongo and Schiender the would have bought out Luongo, because the have so much damn money, Vancouver doesnt. So why are you so worried Clarkson is getting 7 million half way through his contract, makes no sense, makes perfect sense to me. and the Bickell Clarkson comparasion, Clarkson right now is the better player, and if he would have left Chicago he would have got more money and longer term, probably would have waited until Clarkson signed and used him as a comparasion

    • Clarkson better than Bickell? no. you must have missed the playoffs. Bickell was a force. he should have gotten the Conn Smythe

    • Michael,you were the one who took issue with my opinion why I consider the Clarkson contract a bad one, taking the time to explain it in great detail for you. If you still don’t understand, then that’s not my problem.

  32. so i looked it up 4.75 and 3.25 the final two years, i wish 4 and 5 were more and 6 and 7 were less, but he is still tradeable year 7 probably not 6 for a team looking to get to the cap basement

  33. Hey Lyle, if the Leafs make the playoffs, who do you see as the #1 goalie, i like them both and cant deside my heart and brain telling me two different thing, i am just wondering your opinion and there should be a poll somewhere for this question, Riemer or Bernier

    • Too early to tell at this stage who comes out on top.

  34. I’d expect Colorado to become players for a veteran defensive defensman like Meszaros early in the season if the offense shows the team could compete with a more competent D.

    Vladimir Sobotka would be a very good aquisition for many teams to play 3rd line C or wing. LA, Vancouver, and Edmonton would do well to add him.

  35. What the hell are the Oilers going to do, They have Schultz dubnk and Yakapov do in the next year or 2 only have 10 playes locked up and 26 million in cap space, Yakapov has to get 6 million because of oter deals, if Schultz plays gd 6 million and the goalie 4 to 5 million i am guessing, that is 16 to 17 million, That leaves you 9 million plus 10 players left to sign lol. How much is the cap projected to go up, They might have to trade one of there young guys, And they were rumored for Clarkson wtf . Your thoughts Lyle plz anyone Oiler fans

    • the Oiler have cornered the market on getting #1 picks every year and still managing to not make the playoffs

  36. the Clarkson contract was so out of whack high that not even the Flyers GM Holmgren was in on the bidding. and that’s saying something. Holmgren never met a player he didn’t want to over-pay

    full disclosure. I grew up in Philly and have been a Flyer fan since ’72

  37. How about Matt Stajan (3.5) to Toronto for Liles (3.875) and Colbourne (600k) Toronto saves 925k with the million they have that is 1.925million, Demote Trevor Smith and Holzer, (1.3 million) That is 3.25 million, sign Franson 1 year 2.5 to 2.7 that leaves 500 to 750 k Keep Rielly up for 9 games when he gets sent back to junior we need a 7th Dman but have a little salary to work with, play with 6 for a while then possibily call someone up
    Calgary gets gd puck moving Dman and Colbourne, Leafs get 3rd 4th liner but the cap room they need. Just a thought< what do you guys think