NHL Morning Rumor Mill – September 30, 2013.

Are the Penguins interested in Ilya Bryzgalov? Are the Flyers still trying to swing a trade? What’s the latest on the Leafs, Avalanche and Devils?

Are the Penguins interested in Ilya Bryzgalov?

Are the Penguins interested in Ilya Bryzgalov?

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien cited a report claiming the Pittsburgh Penguins had “interest” in former Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov. They could free up cap space for Bryzgalov by placing Tomas Vokoun (who’s recovering from blood clot surgery) on LTIR.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW’s Josh Yohe took to Twitter with the following: “Regarding the Bryzgalov rumors, I wouldn’t expect Pens to sign him and have heard nothing to suggest they will.”

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Shelly Anderson reports Penguins GM Ray Shero said he has other ways besides a trade to ensure his club is cap compliant by the start of the season and doesn’t have any trades planned.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shero’s comments means defenseman Matt Niskanen (the subject of trade speculation since mid-summer) can breathe easy. As for Bryzgalov, that would be an extreme choice.  It’s believed the Penguins are waiting for a timetable for Vokoun’s return before deciding if they should bring in an experienced backup for Marc-Andre Fleury. They reportedly had preliminary talks earlier this month with UFA Jose Theodore, who has apparently opted to play in the KHL.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi noted the Flyers still have a logjam on the blueline, sparking speculation Andrej Meszaros could be traded to make room for promising Erik Gustafsson.  Frank Seravalli, however, reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren doesn’t foresee making any changes via trade. The club still has to determine if there’s room for Hal Gill, who attended training camp on a tryout basis.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers have been trying to orchestrate a trade to lose significant salary cap dollars on defense but so far have not succeeded.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One should always take Holmgren’s public statements about trades with a grain of salt (right, Jeff Carter?). If a trade cannot be made to become cap compliant, Holmgren will go the demotion route, perhaps by using waiver-exempt players like Sean Couturier and Brayden Schenn as a “paper transaction”.

DENVER POST’s Adrian Dater reports via Twitter “Patrick Roy essentially said Avs will not be making any trades before start of season”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was talk of the Avalanche shopping fourth line center John Mitchell. The Philadelphia media speculated over the possibility the Avs might have interest in Andrej Meszaros. Doesn’t sound like there’s anything to it.

TVA SPORTS’ Renaud Lavoie reports via Twitter the Toronto Maple Leafs tried to trade John-Michael Liles before placing him on waivers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Liles’ salary ($3.875 million per season) is tough to move at this time of year. I’ll be shocked if anyone claims him off waivers, and expect he’ll be demoted to the Marlies.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports Devils GM Lou Lamoriello could temporarily demote a waiver-exempt player like Adam Larsson, rather than make a trade, to become roster compliant today. Over the weekend Lamoriello traded enforcer Krys Barch to the Florida Panthers.


  1. I understand the Bryzgalov thing due to money and availability of goaltenders ….BUT Fleury and Bryz were the absolute worst 2 goalies in the playoffs the last 3 seasons GAA was through the roof ……I mean really !!!
    If I was Pitt Id make a trade for Kuhdobin if hes available or a deal could be had or sign another francophone ( Mathieu Garon ) to give Fluery some support !
    Bryz is a terrible idea this could look real bad on Pitt if both of them are a BUST!!!

    With Liles available for less than Mezaros….. and for free ……as opposed to having to trade an asset you would think that right now would have to be difficult for Holmgren to make a trade !!

    If I was a team Id be picking up Luke Adam from Buffalo as well as Goalie Lawson from Ottawa

    Very surprised the Islanders did not pick up Liles to replace Mark Striet on the power play and to have a quality puck mover …they are very very thin through the D side of the line up past Visnovsky !

    • Mezaros is the better player tho if he is not injured. Couple weeks of bus trips and I bet Liles list (lntc) of possible destinations grow if he isnt moved this year its a buyout. No need to rush now.

      • Shticky : Meszaros has had a very average if not below pre-season. He looked very rusty, his timing is way off. He looks healthy tough… Do not know for how long.

        • Liles hasnt looked stellar either, Ive only seen one preseason game for the Flyers but judging from the past couple years Mezaros is the better player right now if healthy.

          • Yeah I agree that he is.. and this is why I want to keep him. I think he can find his game if he stays healthy..

    • Mez only has one year left, and then he is ufa. Liles has 3 years left. Big difference in commitment.

    • The Isles have Hamonic, Donavan, and Reinhart in the wings on D, not to mention De Haan if he can ever stay healthy. Liles for 3 years is not working there, especially at almost 4 mil per.
      Bryz in Philly was a bad fit but his numbers were not that bad. He is right now the best veteran G available. Best as in the ability to stop a puck. A little flaky….okay a lot flaky.

      • Those guys are in the pipeline and years away …they have nothing past Visnovsky .and is Visnovksy a 1- 2 all around pucker mover and penalty kill and power play guy ???

        I think not !

        • Wasn’t Hamonic invited to the Team Canada Olympic tryouts? Not exactly years away from contributing. Reinhart was still with the team yesterday so it looks like he might start the season in the NHL.

        • Hamonic has played 180 NHL games so he’s not in the pipeline. MacDonald has shown to be a solid defender -if he can stay healthy. And Hickey and Strait were interesting players in a shortened season last year. And then there’s a few standout rookie options. But sure you could call them “thin” however I’m not sure “very very thin” is justified.

          More importantly the kids need the chance to prove they can carry this team. And while the islanders like to think of themselves as a playoff team truth is there still isn’t much expected if them so give the kids that chance. And if they struggle through the first month or two of the season there will still be plenty of overpriced mediocre veterans available to be had.

      • Mathieu Garon is the better option !

        • Garon plays D. now?

          • Regardless Garon is not better than Bryzgalov and francaphone or not the Pens need someone who can play a number of games Garon dosent fit better than Bryz

    • Khudobin was signed by Carolina FYI, and they are too smart to get rid of him, I think he’ll actually push Ward nicely.

  2. If Flyers can create room by sending Schenn or Couturier down paper transaction” they should do it. Flyers No need for John Mitchell.

    I hear Homer wants to sign Gill. ;(

    • @ Shticky

      …..since its a slow day here …just throwing this out there …..

      Would this trade scenario work for thew Leafs and Habs ( yes I know )

      Tinordi !

      This should stir the pot !

      I would make this deal if there was willing partners !

      • Not at all…Habs have Subban and Gardiner hasnt looked very good so far (I know its preseason) If Im Montreal Id way rather keep Tinordi whos locked up for 2 more years adds size and toughness to the blue line instead of getting in to the same situation as The Leafs with too many soft D men.

      • As a Habs fan, I’d say no thanks. Not that it’s an outrageous offer, only that the Habs need more size and toughness, so we’d be crazy to give up Tinordi.

        Plus, we have a puck moving prospect in Beaulieu. Maybe not as sure a thing as Gardiner, but it still makes Tinordi a better commodity for us than Gardiner would be.

        • Agreed Paddy

          • I agree as well just wanted to take a lipid test on Gardiner as everyone was all the rage on this guy last year ….and in my selfishness I really like Tinordi as a tough defender thought that would be a good swap !

  3. The only team I can see claiming Liles off waivers is Calgary. They have cap space, and Liles would give them some veteran and puck moving experience. Yes he is making way too much, but when has that stopped Brian Burke, errr….I mean, Jay Feaster before?

    I bet Liles and Colborne were dangled to Calgary as a package deal but Calgary probably did not want to give up anything for Liles. But they could claim him on waivers for “free”.

    • I see Liles getting claimed by the Avalanche. They too have the cap space and have a history together.

      • lol, nevermind, everyone except Ryan Stanton clears waivers. Stanton claimed by Canucks

    • Cant see anyone claiming him personally only way to get rid of him is hold salary and give something up. Not sure Nonis does that just yet.

    • Liles won’t get claimed unless some teams get’s major injury on D or some team underachieves. Even then, almost 4M a yera for the next 3 years is tough to take in.

      • How about NYI with harmonic ?? They were in need of a Liles before imo

  4. Pittsburgh should go after Jose Theodore

    • Theodore is in KHL.

    • Yes my mistake, I totally forgot about that. I was just going through CapGeek and they just have him listed as “Unsigned”.

  5. Liles has cleared waivers. I wonder if Toronto were to pick up $1.85 mil of his salary would anybody pick him up? I think at $2 mil he would be a good pick up for a lot of teams. In Toronto’s case it’s better to shell out $1.85 mil against the cap than $3.85. That’s a $2 mil savings. Put that with the money saved by trading Joe Colborne & that gives you some money at the deadline to play with.

    • If you have to hold that much money for the rest of his contract its easier to buy him out there is only 1 year his buyout hit would be over 1.85 the remaining years are around a million buck cap hits .79 mill this year 2.2next and 2years of 1 mill. Which is easier on the cap then to hold nearly 2 mill on the cap for the next 3years.

      • But the thing is, if Liles were to be bought out, it would mean we’d have to pay him for the next 6 years. Like what we did with Tucker.

        • Douglas Murray out 4- 6 weeks in Montreal with an injury …….

          wander if they bite on Liles ????

  6. I agree the buy out is cheaper and MLSE has the cash. Maybe they are holding out to see if any D go down with injuries on other teams. Nonis is patient and calculated. I will give him that much.

    • you’re both correct however the buyout would cost the Leafs for six years instead of 3

      • You burry him for the year (you are under the cap) buy him out next year no need to do it right now his buy out is .79 mil for 14-15 2.2 for 15-16 and 1.1 for 2years 4 years instead of 6 . As I said hold on to him for a year try to deal him if not buy him out next year. If you hold nearly 2mill in salary for 3yeats anyway it dosent make sense you are not saving that much, they are worried about the cap hit not the cash. If you hold 1.8 you not saving anything really only a million bucks you could trim a mill off the cap in other ways and his cap hit would be less next year and 2years from now if you just buy him out next year if you cant find a more reasonable deal. Right now they are under the cap next year the other buyouts come off the books. I hate how these things are starting to pile up but if you cant get rid of him holding around 1.25 or less buy him out next year, makes the most sense.

        • Sorry not sure if I was clear, I was responding during a meeting….lol

          If you hold 1.8 for 3 years total cap hit equals 5.4 million spread over 3years

          If you just bury him to stay under the cap and buy him out next year it only cost just over 5 (5.19) and spread over 4 years.

          Its way more cap friendly if you cant get rid of him with out holding too much salary to just bury him and buy him out at the end of the year.

  7. Don’t buy him out
    Recall him later in the season and trade him at the deadline for a draft pick, some teams going to the playoffs will have injuries and will be wanting to fill the void. May have to eat 1.5 for the next 2 years but it is better than eating a buyout for the next 4 years