NHL Morning Rumor Mill – September 4, 2013.

Could Nazem Kadri receive an offer sheet? Has Miikka Kiprusoff retired? Are the Hurricanes still interested in Brenden Morrow?

KUKLA’S KORNER: has a collection of tweets from TSN’s Bob McKenzie regarding the latest talk on the notable remaining restricted free agents.  McKenzie claimed Nazem Kadri seeks a six-year deal around $5.5 million per season. That drew a rebuke from Kadri (“false bobo”), prompting McKenzie to tell Kadri to “feel free” to provide any details whilst expressing confidence in the info he had tweeted.

McKenzie also claimed NY Rangers center Derek Stepan was seeking a deal similar to teammate Ryan McDonagh (6 years, $4.7 million per season). He reported St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo sought an eight-year deal but the question was where it would settle dollar-wise (between $6-$7 million per season). As for Ottawa Senators defenseman Jared Cowen, the two sides were discussing long and short term deals but nothing was imminent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No reaction from Stepan, Pietrangelo and Cowen on McKenzie’s recent Twitter reports. Of the four, Pietrangelo and Cowen seem closer to getting deals done, as they seem to be discussing various options with their respective clubs. Kadri and Stepan, however, appear stuck with the “take-it-or-leave-it” bridge contract offers from their teams.

Could Nazem Kadri receive an offer sheet?

Could Nazem Kadri receive an offer sheet?

THE SPORTING NEWS: Sean Gentille wondered if a Nazem Kadri offer sheet was possible. He noted several teams (Phoenix Coyotes, St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames, Colorado Avalanche, Buffalo Sabres, Ottawa Senators, Florida Panthers and NY Islanders) had the cap space to pitch an offer sheet to Kadri, but noted various reasons (RFAs of their own to re-sign, self-imposed cap ceilings) hamper such a move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Gentille noted, if any team on that list could make a pitch, it could be the Calgary Flames, who unsuccessfully tried to sign away Ryan O’Reilly from the Avalanche last season. However, that was under different circumstances, as the Flames were harboring playoff aspirations and seeking a center for the now-departed Jarome Iginla. The Flames appear committed to rebuilding from within this season.  Factor in the reduced salary cap for this season, and I doubt Kadri gets an offer sheet.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames GM Jay Feaster said he’s had conversations with Miikka Kiprusoff about the goalie’s plans. While unwilling to discuss them now, Feaster claims they’ll “have a resolution” before the start of training camp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At this point I’ll be very surprised if Kiprusoff decides to return for one more season.

RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER: Chip Alexander reports the Carolina Hurricanes  recent training camp invitation to Radek Dvorak hasn’t dampened their interest in signing UFA winger Brenden Morrow. GM Jim Rutherford said Morrow had spoken with the Hurricanes and other clubs and has narrowed down his choices. Hurricanes coach Kirk Muller believes Morrow is “hanging tight” right now to see what happens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, Morrow could be weighing the offers and opportunities before making his final choice, which hopefully will come before training camps open next Wednesday.


  1. Kadri is starting to be a sideshow

    • The kid needs to learn to shut up and stop retweeting about every little rumour posted about him.
      This is a huge red flag to me. It shows his lack of maturity.

    • Kessel Phaneuf even Franson all handeing things like pros not seeming petty and commenting on or whining and sulking to the media, makes me wonder if it keeps up if they dont ship Kadri out. A month or so ago I would never have thought it, but if the powers that be were not comfortable with how Burkie treated and acted towards the media, they cant be impressed with how Kadri is conducting himself. Maybe a Kadri trade is an option after all.

    • I hope he’ll be as good in the future as he thinks he is now! If he demands 5.5mill i can only hope Nonis is ignoring him and let him sit out the season!
      And his immidiate response on twitter shows that there is some truth in what McKenzie posted.

    • You know when some other team will hand Kadri an offer sheet? – when his skating foot speed is that of average NHL forward.

      • Haha I love all this non insider info. The MSM in Toronto or sports journalism is anything but in Toronto and fans eat this crap up like its beluga caviare. Haters be hatin’ nothing but the sound of mouth breathing.

        • Ehh its been a long summer so its something to talk about thats for sure, and as I previously mentioned there are alot of guys in the same boat as Kadri and they all seem to be handeing it with a little more professionalism then he is. I doubt “Bobo” is picking on Kadri or making this stiff up, and Im definitely not hating on the kid, but it has kinda starting to change my opinion on him for sure. As a guy who has seen him alot since his Jr. Years and Marlie games etc. I knew he was a little high on himself, I just figured like most he would either grow up a bit or learn to hide it a little better.

        • get your facts straight it was b blabber mouth mackenzie he never gets his stories right

          • Ha! alrighty then…

          • You don’t think Nonis is leaking that BS to McKenzie to try and make Kadri look like a gready prick so he gains leverage? Give me a break it’s the oldest trick in the book. How would you like it if someone started spouting lies to the media to make you look like you aren’t a team player and you are all about greed so the GM can drive your asking price down. I bet Kadri is looking for around $3.5M and that’s why he’s so pissed about these reports and can’t hold his tongue.

          • But not doing it with Franson didnt do it with Gunnarson or Fraser just picking on Kadri…. Yep he is an evil genius, call Jessie Ventura he will get to the bottom of it.

    • Sideshow bobo

  2. Go ahead and please give Kadri an offer sheet, he will never pan out to be as good as he thinks.

  3. Kipper announced his retirement in June to a Finnish sports reporter, I doubt he’s coming back.
    I also doubt any of the mentioned teams pitch an offer sheet to Kadri.
    The Coyotes have a self-imposed cap ceiling below the NHL one, Colorado is bursting with centremen, Buffalo, & St Louis have to deal with their own RFAs first, NYI is looking for wingers, and Florida already said they’re happy with their current roster.
    Only team (as mentioned) could be Calgary, but that is doubtful as they almost got bit bad with the O’reilly attempt. (Colorado could’ve snatched him back via waivers AND kept Calgary’s payback for the offer sheet.)
    To be honest, the negative attitude most GM’s have for offer sheets makes them a terrible option. Sure you might snag a good player, but that GM will never deal with you again. Is that really worth it?

    • Actually scratch what I said about NYI, I forgot some of their pick ups this off-season. They may be a possibly offer-sheet team but doubtful still as they too have a lower team-based cap

      • Plus they are loaded with talented prospects at center

        • Florida and the Islanders that is

  4. Sorry Kadri, whatever the actual numbers you are demanding are, I guarantee you that a) they are not earned, b) the team wouldn’t be able to afford it even if it wanted to, and c) no other team will snatch you away because of reason ‘a’ and because of the huge price they’d have to pay to Toronto in draft picks. You’ve played two 20 game segments where you were average at best, and then a half-season of great play in your entire NHL career – that rarely translates to a huge multi-year deal worth first-line money. How about playing an actual whole uninterrupted season before telling yourself you’re the next great Leaf.

  5. No one dares to offer sheet the Maple Leafs organization. What’s funny is that the teams that usually get offer sheeted are the ones who have a hard time affording their players (Hjalmarsson a notable exception).

    You never see it coming either. So if there is one, you’re not going to know it.

    • A small part of me does kinda hope Feaster has his eyes on him, for 1 if it is by offer sheet that he tries to snag him that is going to be a very good pick, or for 2 if Feaster has thoughts of speeding up the rebuild by possibly trading for Kadri (if he learned a lesson from the last offer sheet) there are a few young players on the Flames roster who would be of interest to the Leafs Im sure.

  6. Did Gentille even bother to research this or is he just throwing out some team names ? St Loius has a guy they need to sign in Pietrangelo.
    His body of work over his career lists him as .64 ppg. That compares stats wise to Bryan Little. Littles cap hit last year was 2.38 mil.

    WHO would you rather have ?? Grow up Naz, get a new agent and grow up !

  7. Who really knows what Kipper has planned. Wonder if the Flames could extend him for one more year with some extra cash as a signing bonus to really just add salary to this year’s 1 million salary as an incentive to come back and then keep him or trade him if there is a team that has shown interest and the Flames can get some more picks or prospects or projects. Crazy goalies, what do they want?

    If the Flames are going for a rebuild, why would they want Kipper back? Go with the young goalies and see what they have, if they do well then that is a pleasant surprise, if they tank, well maybe the Flames get a higher pick at the draft.

    Hockey players are so lucky to have the opportunity to turn down a million clams at the end of their career cause it just isn’t enough after having earned millions previously.

  8. I thought with the signing of Henrique that would kind of “set the bar” for the othe FA’s to fall in line. While I think Henrique was overpaid on the front end, the overall contract balances out and the backend should be a bargain. We all know Kadri and Hodgson need to improve defensively and on their faceoffs which should really impact whatever deal they are signing. In their best interest, they should consider bridge deal – 2 years – $5M. IMO the Rangers are lowballing Stepan due to their salary cap constraints so they are either going to work something out where the real $ are on the back end of any contract he signs or trade him.

    I don’t really see any teams doing offer sheets, but I think the same results can be made via trade. I would love to see the Sabres do a swap of Hodgson for Stepan. Reason being is that Stepan has leadership qualities that the Sabres could use – in fact I liken him to a Drurey and Callahan type of player, while Hodgson would bring similar offensive skills to the Rangers at a lower cost.

    • It’s not possible to “work something out where the real $ are on the back end of any contract” because it’s the average salary that counts against the cap!

      • All the more better.

  9. Sens may have the cap room… but their Owner doesn’t have the bucks to do offer sheets.

    Also with the Sens trading their first round pick this year.. they don’t have one to complete the offer sheet.

    All I know is Cowen cannot afford to miss training camp. He wasn’t even suppose to play last season because of the hip injury and surgery..

    He missed all but 20 games last season… 3 in the AHL.. 7 regular season + 10 playoff games for the Sens.

    The Sens offered an 8 yr — 28M to him and his agent. It was not turned down… neither was it accepted… It’s still on the table.

    • that’s because windbag murray is trying to cheap out again

  10. Brian Murray really wanted Kadri at the draft but brian burke screwed him over. Now would be a good time for a little pay back.