NHL Morning Rumor Mill – September 5, 2013.

Potential moves for NHL teams currently perched over the salary cap, plus updates on Alex Pietrangelo, Nazem Kadri,  Marcus Johansson and Johan Hedberg.

SI.COM: Allan Muir recently speculated on potential moves by NHL teams currently perched over the salary cap to become cap compliant when the season opens. He suggests the Philadelphia Flyers (about $2 million over the cap and two players over the 23-man roster limit) could demote blueliners Bruno Gervais and Marc-Andre Bourdon and waive Jay Rosehill to make up the difference. They could also demote center Brayden Schenn for one game then recall him after placing Chris Pronger  and his $4.9 million cap hit on LTIR.

Could the Penguins shop Matt Niskanen?

Could the Penguins shop Matt Niskanen?

The Boston Bruins  ($1.1 million over) will place Marc Savard on LTIR, and are one player short of the roster limit, prompting Muir to speculate they could sign a UFA blueliner like Ron Hainsey on the cheap if their young defensemen struggle. The Penguins (about $1 million over) could shop a veteran like defenseman Matt Niskanen.

The Detroit Red Wings (about $637K over and two over the roster limit) could shop forward Jordin Tootoo or Patrick Eaves. It’s also possible Darren Helm (back) could start the season on LTIR. The San Jose Sharks ( about $400K over and one player under the roster limit) and LA Kings ($87K over and one player over) could each try to trade a player, like Adam Burish or Keaton Ellerby.

Muir also touched on the Toronto Maple Leafs difficulty re-signing Nazem Kadri and Cody Franson with their limited cap space ($4.9 million). He suggests trading Franson as an option but one which would be hard to justify.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In short, expect some player movement via trade or demotion before the end of September. The Flyers could also place Andrej Meszaros (shoulder) on LTIR to start the season if he doesn’t receive medical clearance.  Niskanen’s name kicked around the rumor mill throughout the summer and he could interest teams in need of veteran blueline depth. The Wings reportedly spoke with the Nashville Predators about returning Tootoo to the Preds but nothing came of it. The Sharks and Kings can more easily address their issues with demotions than trades.  As for Kadri and Franson, it appears the Leafs are willing to wait them out.

SPORTSNET.CA: Luke Fox reports the Toronto Maple Leafs expect Nazem Kadri and Cody Franson not to report to training camp next week. The Leafs remain far apart in contract negotiations with the pair, especially Kadri, who’s borne the brunt of criticism from fans and pundits for his rumored salary demands. The young center acknowledged he will skip training camp if that’s what it takes to get what he considered a fair deal. Kadri also rejected reports he was seeking a long-term deal worth between $5-$6 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As they say in the Army: “SITREP: NO CHANGE” (In civilian terms, “there’s been no change to this situation”). Barring a last-minute resolution, looks like Kadri and Franson will be staging contract holdouts starting next week.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports the Blues are making plans in case Alex Pietrangelo isn’t re-signed when training camp opens next week. One is inviting unrestricted free agent blueliners to training camp on professional tryout contracts. GM Doug Armstrong acknowledged having spoken with some of those free agents. Though he wouldn’t divulge their names, Rutherford lists “Ron Hainsey, Ryan Whitney, Hal Gill, Tom Gilbert, Ryan O’Byrne, Jim Vandermeer and Radek Martinek” as possibilities. Even if Pietrangelo re-signs before training camp, the Blues could still sign one of those veterans to fill depth at that position.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pietrangelo recently said he wasn’t thinking about a holdout. We’ll know in about eight days what his intentions are. For now, Armstrong remains intent on getting the young blueliner under contract.

CSNWASHINGTON: Chuck Gormley reports Capitals GM George McPhee remains hopeful of getting RFA winger Marcus Johansson under contract before training camp opens next week. The Capitals have about $2.6 million in cap space.

NJ.COM: Former Devils goalie Johan Hedberg remains hopeful of signing with an NHL team. A position within the Devils organization is available to him.


  1. When did the Kings acquire Burrish? I think you meant Carcillo.

    • It says Sharks & Kings, then named a player from each team.

    • Read it again. He mentions the Sharks AND Kings; Burish is a Shark and Ellerby is a King.

    • I was asking that same question. Had to read that a couple of times to read it correctly.

  2. It’s a damn shame what happened to Pronger, such a crazy accident. Flyers would be a true power house if he was healthy.

    Anyway, Flyers are about 4M under the cap. Looks like Gagne will join Flyers once we put Pronger on LTIR.

    • I don’t think many people will feel sorry for him at all

      • You’re both right!

  3. Its funny maybe just cuz I listen to toronto based media but doesn’t seem like buffalo, nyr, wsh, aren’t getting any where near the attention what kadri and toronto are.

    • All those other markets have football to talk about. Not much else happening in Toronto.

    • What’s new?

    • I think Kadri is under the microscope because he opens his mouth. We haven’t heard anything from Hodgson, Stepan or Johansson. I haven’t really heard much on Franson – so Maybe its just Kadri.

      • Hodgson may have learned his lesson the hard way, ending up in Buffalo

        • Hodgson wanted to play and he believes he’s a 1st line center – if he didn’t go to Bflo – he would have been stuck playing 3-4 line minutes. So, he should be thanking the Sabres for trading Kassian for him. He needs to improve on his D and faceoffs and the only way he is going to improve is to play. Funny thing – Sabres have a lot of young talent, especially at Center, talent that will be fighting for ice time and their doing it right now in Detroit.

  4. Still want SHERO to dump a load of salary (MAF) or trade him for a cheaper goalie! and make a minor trade for Jordin Tootoo. we need a player like that! now that Cooke is gone! c’mon Ray! pull some strings! wishfull thinking!

    • Trade MAF and his salary WHERE? lol..
      Funny wabbit.

      • like i said couple days ago! the Flyers will take over the hill and over paid! there good at that!

        • what i tried to say is there are teams like the Flyers that would take MAF! they’ve been taking players and over paying them. even when they are way past there Prime.

    • Imo they should be looking at trying to off load Martin some how, last year he wasnt awful like he has been but really thats the worst contract on the team. It makes Liles look like a bargain.

  5. Kadri and Franson are both going to get crucified if they don’t show up for training camp.
    Most fans in Toronto are savvy enough to know that they both deserve only a bridge contract (just like Subban). So if they’re holding off for more they’re in for a rough ride with the fans and the media (people may actually wish Grabovski was not bought out).
    Although I like both of them because they are full of potential, I doubt they’l have much support if they hold out.
    I’m on Nonis’ side on this one. Let them ride the pine all the way to Novemeber if you have to, then trade them. That type of attitude stinks and would only hurt the team chemistry.

    • Agreed..

    • Agreed…. Honestly after the positive seasons both finally had last year any missed time would hurt boths progress toward becoming top players. especially a training camp when most times you can tell it makes a player a step or two behind.

      • You agree they should take $2M each when the same GM gave Bozak $4.2M?

        • I would try to get Franson on a longer term. His issue I think is more so the fact that he is seeking a long term. He had arbitration rights available but he chose not to use them because he wants a long term deal. I would try to get him on a 4 year 2.5/per type deal. As for Kadri, a bridge deal is completely the right thing to do. He should be signed for somewhere around 2.3m at 2 years.

          • I could almost see something like the Franson thing you mentioned for a bit more money (around 3.5 for 3 or 4 years) happening. I’m not sure how I feel about it tho, fine if he continues to play well but if he takes a step back, we have other young guys in the pipe line that will be looking to take his spot in the top 4 in the near future, leaving us with another situation like Liles with an overpaid bottom pairing D.

        • Does anyone else want to try and explain the difference between RFA and UFA to BG again?
          Bozak is a bit overpaid we get it, with in 2 years when the cap is back between 70-75 mill and you are paying a second line center just over 4 ( providing Kadri or someone else steps up) it wont be a big deal certainly not as bad as paying Grabo 5.5 to play on the third line.

          • You need to look at both sides of the fence and not just one side (yours). That is your problem. Try looking at it from Kadri’s side for once. His salary demands are being reported as way over inflated (he said so himself) so of course he wants to clear the air. He doesn’t want the fans thinking he’s asking for $5.5M for five years when it’s not even close to what he asking for. He has full rights to come out and deny the rumours are false and way off base except guys like you jump on the band wagon and call him a whinner and greedy for doing so. Try looking at things from his point of view for once. It might help you understand the world better and make you less negative.
            Franson hasn’t had to come out publically yet because an inflated version of his salary demands haven’t been reported by McKenzie. You can bet if it was tweeted by McKenzie that Franson want’s $6.5M for 8 years he would be out there denying it just the same as Kadri. Same with Fraser and Gunnar. These guys will stand up for themselves when a supposed creditable source comes out and makes a completely off base statement that makes them look like greedy idiots.

  6. How about Tootoo to the Oilers? As an Oiler fan, I’d like that move. At least we could give him a season, can’t see how he couldn’t be any worse of a gamble as say, Eager, Brown, Hordichuck and a couple other checking forwards they brought in. If the Oil are still looking for another piece? As for Hemsky, it’s great they’re addressing the fact they want him for this season. I hope that gives him the confidence to have a great season and put up some good numbers. However, if we end up coming short yet again, I think a trade to a playoff bound team should be the next step for him? Either that or play him till season’s end and say farewell.
    Anyone believe former Oilers Whitney & Gilbert find an NHL team for this season? Or have they fallen that much?

    • Agree

  7. It’s okay at the beginning to put injured guys on LTIR to get under the Cap…. but when they are healthy to play.. the team will probably still be over the Cap… So more permanent moves will have to be made..

  8. maybe kahdri should think about signing what the leafs offer or he could end up somewhere for less had a good 48 games last year lets see what he can do in a full season before they they sign him for stupid money then have to buy him out because he cant stop eating cheeseburgars

  9. they would get some good return for franson and kahdri maybe even that first line center wouldnt be surprised if they made a blockbuster trade that includes dion