NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Thursday, April 11, 2013.

Updates on Shea Weber, Keith Yandle, Roberto Luongo, Thomas Vanek, Derek Roy, Steve Ott and more.

Could the Wild pursue Thomas Vanek this summer?

Could the Wild pursue Thomas Vanek this summer?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman recently interviewed Nashville Predators GM David Poile, who poured cold water on the notion he’d consider trading defenseman Shea Weber this summer. “We have a franchise goaltender and the best defenceman in the NHL”, he told Friedman. “We are building our team around them.”…A few teams were disappointed they could pry forward Boyd Gordon away from the Phoenix Coyotes…Friedman doubts the Coyotes received any offers which would convince them to part with Keith Yandle. The asking price is two forwards, one being a center…Distrust between the respective general managers of the Canucks and Maple Leafs was one reason why the two couldn’t agree on a deadline day deal regarding Roberto Luongo…Luongo could join “Ryan Miller, Jonathan Bernier and whichever of Niklas Backstrom, Mike Smith, Jimmy Howard and Ray Emery remain unsigned” in this summer’s goalie market…Wild GM Chuck Fletcher downplayed speculation his acquisition of Jason Pominville from Buffalo could lead to his acquiring Sabres forward Thomas Vanek (who played at the University of Minnesota) via trade this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the “Shea Weber-to-Philadelphia” ship sailed when the Predators matched the Flyers offer sheet last summer. I realize it sparked rumors of the Preds shopping Weber this summer, but they genuinely appear keen to rebuild around Weber and goalie Pekka Rinne, despite his expensive contract. Besides, I think the Flyers will chase more affordable options, like Phoenix’s Keith Yandle, though they’ll have to part with one of their good young forwards as part of the return…The Canucks are hopeful of moving Luongo this summer or even this season, but if that doesn’t happen, I expect they’ll use the amnesty buyout clause next summer to buy out the rest of his contract. Personally, I think they should cut their losses and buy him out this summer, but as long as Canucks management believes there’s a market for Luongo this summer, they’ll keep pursuing a trade…Sure, the Wild could try to land Vanek, but as Friedman pointed out, that would be tough to do under a shrinking salary cap for next season.

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre reports Canucks center Derek Roy understand his role as a playoff rental player.  “With nearly its entire 2013-14 payroll of $64.3 million already committed to just 15 players, the Canucks have almost no hope of re-signing Roy regardless of how well he and the team play”, writes MacIntyre.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not unless they can move Roberto Luongo’s hefty contract, and even then, they won’t have enough to re-sign Roy.

BUFFALO NEWS:  Mike Harrington reports Steve Ott, who is signed through next season, could be captain material if he signs an extension this summer.


  1. I wonder if Lu will think his next contract sucks too…lol

    • Those damn no trade clauses. lol

  2. I like Ott as Captain and he’s already stepped up to the plate – blasting the Sabre fan base for booing the “now” youngest team in the league. Ott also told WGR that in his mind the booing at home becomes counter-productive for the team in the long run.

    You know – that’s what a Captain does – speaks up, takes responsibility and mentors the younger team members. I agree with Ott, you can’t blame these kids for the past and need to support them for today and the future. On the other hand, I also understand a fan’s frustration – especially when over the past years we have not seen maximum effort, but more complacency from our “core”. So, what Sabres fans need to realize is that half the core is gone – Roy, Pommer, Leopold and Regehr – let’s get behind our youngsters and give them a chance.

    • are you the real steve ott?? seriously steve ott as captain bahhaha…….. goes to show you how much character buffalo has. Wait how about Kaleta hes a really good choice to be captain of Buffalo a real character guy sign him to a long term contract and give him the c lol…..

      • @willyjones

        You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Steve is absolutely right. Ott is a tough player who has chosen to lead his young team. He plays physical and scores goals too.
        Gone are the days where the best player is the captain. The Sabres will only survive in this league when they embrace the fact the league is tougher, bigger and stronger. Ott will be a great leader.

  3. I’m thinking maybe Booth and Ballard may be part of a amnesty buyout clause for the Canucks. If they can’t trade Luongo they’ll put him on waivers. To make this Luongo trade work all he has to do is whisper “I ain’t intending to play the last 4 years of the contract for chump change” The salary is for the final 4 years = $3.4 + $ 1.6 + $1.0+ $1.0 which leave Luongo on a 5 year contract & after that he retires

    • I think because of his contract the team pickin him up or van is punished and the cap hit stays? I could be wrong

      • There is a penalty if players retire with this type of contract now. I can’t remember exactly what it is though.

  4. It’s official, if the asking price for Yandle is two forwards it must mean a Kessel/Bozak for Yandle trade is in the works. lol

  5. There is no chance at all that the Canucks will use an amnesty buyout on Luongo. Zero. You do not write 27 million dollar cheques for assets that are performing. They will trade Cory long before they buy out Lou. He signed a contract here that if unmovable he can honour or retire.

  6. What about a trade with TB? TB takes on Lu’s contract and Van takes Vinny’s contract. It seems TB’s biggest problem is in the net. Trade Vinny and Lindback to Van for Luongo and Booth.

    • Honestly as a Cancucks fan…I would like this deal.

    • Problem being van can’t afford Vinny’s deal either, I think they are more concerned about getting under the cap then the playing time of Lu if it wasn’t for the cap issue I doubt there would be an issue with Lu….

      • You’re overlooking one significant factor: Lecavalier has a full no-movement clause. Trust me, he has no interest in leaving Tampa Bay. He and his family have put down roots in the community. Agreeing to a trade to Vancouver is not something which interests him.