NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Thursday, June 27, 2013.

Latest on Vincent Lecavalier, Ryan Miller, Kris Letang, Daniel Briere, Nathan Horton and more.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports hearing the Tampa Bay Lightning are shopping Ryan Malone, preferring to avoid a buyout, offering up a draft pick as enticement…Red Wings pending UFA Valtteri Filppula has been linked to the Columbus Blue Jackets…Friedman wondered if Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray might approach the Chicago Blackhawks to inquire about Marian Hossa’s availability.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not surprising if the Lightning are trying to move Malone. They need to free up some cap space, and trading Malone would be easier than shopping Vincent Lecavalier and his big contract…As Friedman noted, it seems every Finnish player potentially available this summer is being linked to the Blue Jackets because of their Finnish GM. Cap-wise, however, I’m not sure the Jackets would pay Filppula $5 million per season…I don’t believe the Blackhawks would try to move Hossa. They don’t have to dismantle their roster for cap reasons as they did in 2010.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports former teammates Vincent Lecavalier and Brad Richards – both key players in the Lightning’s Cup win in 2004 – are awaiting their fate as they could receive compliance buyouts from their respective teams…Ryan Miller’s future in Buffalo remains uncertain…Some Philadelphia scribes suggested Tim Thomas as an option for the Flyers to replace Ilya Bryzgalov…The Kings and Rob Scuderi’s agent continue to talk contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll find out by 5 pm ET on July 4 if Lecavalier and/or Richards receive compliance buyouts…The Sabres could shop Miller but his $6.25 million cap hit for next season could be tough to move…No word yet if Thomas intends to return to action next season.

Could Kris Letang be dealt to the Maple Leafs?

Could Kris Letang be dealt to the Maple Leafs?

TRIBLIVE.COM/TSN.CA: Rob Rossi reports Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang is uneasy over his status with the club. He hasn’t sought a trade, and GM Ray Shero maintains his wish is to re-sign him, but Shero hasn’t ruled out a trade. If the two sides can’t agree on a new contract, Rossi claims it’s believed Letang might prefer being dealt to the Toronto Maple Leafs. He lacks a trade clause, however, so has no say over where he could be dealt. If Shero shops Letang, Rossi believes they’d want an NHL-ready player under contract, at least one top prospect and a potential first round pick.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Joe Starkey believes trading Letang would weaken the Penguins.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby believes the Penguins would seek promising blueliner Jake Gardiner as part of the return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  The Leafs would also have to re-sign Letang to a long-term deal worth at least $7 million per season. It would also mean the inevitable departure of Dion Phaneuf, and could affect future signings. Such a move could potentially weaken the Leafs.

STLTODAY.COM/LA PRESSE: Speculation links recently bought-out center Daniel Briere with the St Louis Blues and Ottawa Senators.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater claims the Florida Panthers remain interested in Nathan MacKinnon, maybe enough to “give up a a good roster player and/or prospect to trade up from their No. 2 position.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I still doubt any team will part with the Avalanche’s asking price for the first overall pick. Indeed, the first overall pick over the past 36 years has only been traded three times. We’ll find out for sure this Sunday if the Avs retain the pick or trade it.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports a source claims Nathan Horton “will be looking for a 5-6 year deal in the range of $5.5-6 million per year if he hits the open market”but might be willing to accept a little less to remain with the Bruins, provided he gets the same term he’s seeking via free agency.

WASHINGTON POST/CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Katie Carrera reports Capitals GM George McPhee could provide no updates on contract talks with pending UFAs Mike Ribeiro and Matt Hendricks. Chuck Gormley wondered if the Caps fail to re-sign Ribeiro if they’ll replace him via trade.


  1. Vinny has been bought out so the Leafs should take a stab if the price is right. Who knows maybe Richards will be bought out now too and there will be to centers available.

    Leafs can’t afford Letang under this new cap UNLESS either Grabo, or Lyles & Kuli or Phaneuf go the other way. I wouldn’t see the point in giving up Gardiner at his low salary to take on Letang’s long term deal. The Leafs might as well wait a year and get him for free while at the same time Phaneuf’s salary comes off the books.

    • It depends what the Pens want for Letang but it is a move I would consider. Letang (only 25) is much better than Gardiner and is also a right handed shot. Leafs have Morgan Rielly in the system so we could move Gardiner in this deal. Imagine a top 4 pair, 1 line anchored by Letang and a solid defenseman, another anchored by Rielly and a solid defenseman. We would have to move Phaneuf, could we get a top 10 draft pick or front line center. I don’t know, but once again it depends on what the Penguins want in return. Would you do Gardiner,1st rd pick in 2013(#21) and a prospect for Letang. I wouldn’t go any higher than that, if Pittsburgh want to rob us then I would have to pass. Make it fair and Nonis will consider.

      • No way I do this deal when letang will be a UFA next year and made his intentions known he wants TO as a destination. Wait it out and keep gardiner and Rielly.

        • If you are Pittsburgh do you let Letang get to UFA status? That would be like teams waiting out Kessel. Letang will be traded somewhere before the draft and his no trade clause kicks in July 2nd.

          • He does not have a no trade clause, he has no control where Ray sends him

        • You mean when a writer claimed that someone told him that Letang wanted to go to TO? Several reputable hockey media have debunked that report. But of course EVERY free agent wants to go to TO.

          • Who cares we don’t want him…

      • I think Shero will be asking for more than the Leafs are willing to give up. Sure Letang wants to go to Toronto, but Pittsburgh will move him to wherever they get the best return. I wouldn’t be surprised if Edmonton makes a play for him.

    • Lets hold the fort- Lecavalier is 34- dont want him…I love Kris Letang- BUT I wouldnt give Gardiner or Rielly- why? he is a UFA in a year…if he really wants to be a Leaf the Pens hand will get forced….Unlike Staal last year I dont think Nonis is as dumb as Rutherford- he gave up all those assets when it was clear Staal would come to Carolina the year after- there was no need

      • One hundred percent agree.

      • I agree on Letang, but I think we could kick the tires for Lecavalier (providing he doesn’t retire). He’ll probably be asking for 2-3 year contract at $4-5 Million/year. The biggest concern would be his health, perhaps a bonus for games played could be part of the deal?

        • Totally agree on your assessment of LeCavalier but hopefully you can ink him around $3.5M considering he only lost $13M over 7 years on his buyout. Anything over $2M is a total bonus to Vinny at this point. He will choose a home where he actually wants to play and will take a huge discount so he doesn’t have to hear about how he is over paid everyday.

          • No one is getting Lecavalier for less than $5 million per year on a 4 year deal. And it will likely cost more.

          • I would pay that if I was a GM.

          • Vinny will make 5 m or more unless he really want to be on one certain team and takes a pay cut to be on it. I think he’s worth 5 m.

    • *Liles

  2. All these long term over priced contracts are now immovable ie: Richards, LeCavalier, Grabovski, Bryz, Briere and also including any future contracts that will command big dollars such as Letang at $7M. I don’t see anyone trading anything significant for Letang based on his salary expectations. The best I can see is trading similar salary back to the Pen’s and a good prospect and if salary doesn’t go back the other way then if will just be a mid level prospect. This cap has really taken the wind out of the return for over priced players.

    To Pens: Kuli, Lyles, and TO’s 2014 first rounder
    To Leafs: Letang

    • Ray Shero barfed in his corn flakes after reading that proposal …

      • Good luck move a pending UFA who has public ally said he warns to go to Toronto. Lol especially knowing he wants $7M on a long term deal. The landscape has changed for good returns on these type players. The leafs will have the same issue with Kessel if he wants move then $6M.

      • The rest of us just laughed our heads off at the satire.

    • Let me correct you:

      to Toronto: Letang

      to Pittsburgh: 2013 1st, Colborne/Ashton/Holzer, Gardiner

      Toronto then has to facilitate the trade by giving Phaneuf to a team willing to take him on (Phaneuf + a 4th for a 6th round pick). Okay, okay, now I’m just being satirical 😀

      • The biggest problem is that Pittsburgh wants NHL ready PROSPECTS and you guys are looking to unload bad contracts. Pittsburgh’s dealing a Norris finalist, and these are deals you’d propose to a team with a defenseman that’s considered good but struggling.

        • dont count me in that crowd I got no desire to even entertain a deal for Letang…lol

      • I can see the offer having a chance if it was Kulemin instead of 1 of Colborne/Ashton/Holzer. They need to be wowed to except a deal.

        Letang won’t become a UFA so you need to pay if you want him. It is different than Staal, because I am sure he will accept multiple destinations. No reason to pick Toronto only he has no connections here.

        I personally would prefer to avoid trading for Letang. Scoring from the blue line is not an issue (Franson, Gardiner, are very effective on the PP and moving the puck [Phaneuf is thought to be capable I disagree]), defensive ability/instincts are. If we were talking about a Chara/Weber/Suter/Seabrook/Doughty it would be a different discussion.

        -Letang is an offensive dynamo but below average defensively.
        -It will be difficult to retain multiple prime aged and prime paid star players at a single time and still build around them, so you do need to have young cheap controllable and playable players on your roster like Gardiner, Kadri, Holzer, etc to stay competitive and below the cap. The whole issue in Pitt is that how do you build around Crosby/Malkin/Letang with no salary to play with.
        -If we moved out Phaneuf I would be all for trading for Letang, but only if we find 1 or 2 defensive dmen which is what the Leafs desperately need,

    • very realistic offer there…maybe Gunnarson, Kulemin and a 1st- truly believe that is fair value- cannot compare Jordan Staal and Letang-

      • Sam’s proposal works too. Pretty much what I said except replacing lyles with Gunnar. Same difference.

    • Beer goggles has the right idea. Kulemon has to be in the deal, how long have leaf fans said Pitt wants him for malkin?

      Also liles at 3.whatever is not as bad as we keep saying. Also Pitt won’t get a better offer because gms now know what letang wants (Pitt or Tor if you believe the reports) so any Gm that gives up what Pitt will want without having a sign and trade are going to be looking for work at the end of the year when letang walks.

      • No Letang! …overpriced a UFA that suits 0 needs looking for a place to crash and burnout and destroy all his value while we give up everything we have accumulated the past 4-5 years to aquire him, epic mistake same one the Leafs have made time and time again looking for the next big thing…we are not cup contenders dosent matter that we lost in 7 to the team that came second,we didn’t make it by the first round, so keep building you can’t say that in the next 4-5 years Gardner or Riley don’t develop into the exact same type player for less cost then him with out dealing. Away all your assets this deal makes no sense.

        • I agree with you which is why I said Kuli, Lyles (salary dump to make room for Letang) and Next years first rounder (late pick). Not worth anymore to the Leafs then that.

    • wow!!

      these leafs fantasy proposals are gettiing worser every day….

      • worser? awe a Buff fan enough said. lol

        • no solid come back thank you leafs fan….

          it’s slang, and is referred to as an archaic word…

          look it up… maybe you didn’t know but you can look stuff up by using what’s callled a search engine nowadays.

  3. The Buds need Horton. Forget getting involved in the bidding war on Clarkson.

    Things are heating up I love this part of the game. This looks like it will be the most exciting draft/buyout/UFA/trade market for the next 2 weeks in many many years!!!!

    • He still has his Condo in To. and just bought a rather big house there to you know right? Clarkson I mean…lol not that it necisarrily means anything but food for thought.

      • Didn’t know that but my point is don’t get wrapped up in a bidding war for him if Horton is sitting on the sidelines asking for $1.5M less.

  4. Lecav is being bought out, likely heading to his dream team, the Habs.

    Letang to Leafs is not going to happen. They are better off sticking with their affordable known commodities like Gardiner and Rielly and let the team grow together. Letang is good but he isn’t $7m/yr good.

    Malone is a grit guy that a lot of teams are looking for. I would be surprised if Pitts cannot find a trade partner if they throw in assets or keep a little cash. Malone would have to approve it but he likely would.

    • What does Pitts have to do with Malone? Unless you’re suggesting some sort of trade between Pitts and TB.
      I think most GM’s have clued in that Malone will be bought out though. May as well just wait to see if you can sign him instead of exchange assets and taking on his current bloated salary.

    • I don’t see my Habs getting him at all. Lecavalier has been linked to Montreal for forever, and never shown any public interest or intent. I also can’t figure out where he’d slot into the lineup. At centre, we have Desharnais, Plekanec & Eller as the top 3, and those guys are interchangeable as to who is 1st-2nd-3rd line centre right now.

      Lecavalier might be better than all 3, but it doesn’t answer what the Habs would do with that logjam in the middle? Trade Desharnais, possibly, but for what? They need to think about what would make their team better overall. Desharnais and a big winger, or Lecavalier and whatever draft pick Desharnais would get? (just as theoretical examples)

      • at least this buyout will end those stupid talks about lecalvier being traded to the leafs for the purposes of a buyout and in exchange leafs get the 3rd overall selection.


    The owners screwed themselves in there lock out and new CBA while lowering the cap ……
    The owners lost HUGE money locking out the players …and are now loosing huge money on the buy outs and are crying because they all want to spend HUGE money on all these players that they cant sign because they screwed them selves in negotiating a lower cap rate ….In a year where most or all teams want to spend the bank on obtaining the crazy amount of TRUE talent that is on the open market the ownership group shot themselves in the foot with there lockout ……3/4 of the teams that wanted the lockout want to spend $100 million to get the players they want to build the team they want but they can’t because of the stupid cap going down …LMFAO …that’s hilarious …there is so much great talent available that most teams cant get those players unless they buy out there top paid players THAT THEY WANTED TO PAT HUGE BUCKS TOO so that no one else could get them ….this is all a weird scenario….

    The Owners and Bettman really need to look at this scenario and realize that lowering the cap for the bottom 5 teams is not the answer but raising the cap creates an open market for the players and allows teams to trade bad contracts as opposed to having to fork out cash and having no services rendered after the fact ……..its such a waste of money …..oh waite ????? wasn’t it about saving money and making more money ….NONE SENSE !!!
    The owners ALWAYS want to spend as much money as they possibly can to create a winning Stanley cup team even if it bankrupts them ….and get those players and pay them BIG BUCKS so no other team can get them ….what was the lock out really for ……its the same thing all over again except now in a lower cap you have to give up your best and highest paid guys to compete !!

    • You make absolutely no sense and have no idea what you are saying do you? The lock out was not about lowering th cap by 10 mill or so for a couple years it was about a bigger piece of cake for the owners long term. Even if the cap Jumps back up to 70 mill next year the owners make way more money because the revenue is now split 50/50 instead of before where the players made 57% of everythng while putting up 0 dollars middle of the road successful teams were losing money it made about as much sense as your rant does. If you look at the deal its 8 years long the owners make 7% more (or 210 million on a 3 billion dollar business) and have the option to redo some of these horrible deals like Vinnys RickyDs and pay only 2/3 s of the original cost between those to bad contracts you are saving a couple of teams over 20 million dollars and thats just 2 bad contracts its possible there could have been 60 buy outs!The 100 million or so lost to the lock out seem a litlle more worth it now?
      This lock out wasnt about saving Phx. and the weak sisters this was about making the league as a whole profitable teams like Ottawa Edmonton Calgary Dallas St Louis middle of the pack teams that were barely breaking even. The cap has little to do with it in the short term, Im sure the owners pray that the cap does jump up in leaps and bounds because they know that if the cap goes up so do profits unlike the previous system

      Think bigger

    • Next point owners always want to spend more money to win the Stanley cup even if it bankrupts them? Have you heard of Jeremy Jacobs???? guess not…

  6. Dream on Leafs Fans! you have nothing! just dream on!

    • Funny how a guy like you will say Phaneuf isn’t worth a second round pick but Letang is suddenly worth more then a first rounder and Kulimen even though everyone knows he is a cough up king in his own end and wants crazy long term money in an u friendly cap world.

      • GIVE IT UP BEER GOGGLES…….its falling on deaf and DUMB ears

        half these guys here are only here to bash you because it makes them feel better while they sit in there cubical …..they still dont get it !!!! ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN and the craziest trade scenarios are being discussed right now by every GM that if were privy to we would look like geniuses……as BURKIE always says theres anchors thrown every day ……that means stupid trade scenarios !

        DEAF & DUMB ears !!

        • im pretty sure Shero would trade him to the West over any team in the East.

          • That is what I am thinking. I am surprised that Letang and the Pens first pick to the Avs for their first pick has not come up. This way the Pens get Jones so they really don’t lose that puck moving defence man, and the Avs get a developed puck moving defence man that they need.

      • I am not a big phaneuf fan, but he holds good value, but if push came to shove i would take letang at 7mil over phaneuf at 6.5m. people think phaneuf holds little value and if you think he takes a pay cut to stay with the leafs you are sorely mistaken. If leafs wont pay him 6.5 someone else will. There are a bunch of teams who would line up for his services and I could see edmonton, being his hometown sign him at 6.5 next season.

        • Letang is def worth a high 1st rounder.

          Phaneuf is also worth a 1st rounder but a lower value one… Maybe a 15 and beyond…

  7. I can’t see Toronto paying 7 m a season for Letang. If he really wants Toronto maybe he will take a discount but the hard part will be to get Letang first. Pit might actually be interested in Franson, 1st and Reilly. Pit could sign Franson to 4 yrs around 3.5m. Reilly will be ready to go in another year. Pit does have a lot of d prospects. so maybe biggs and ashton both instead of reilly.

    • I don’t see it either.

      I do think, however, that Calgary can make a play on Letang, Lecavalier, AND Iginla. They have a first to spare the Penguins and can offer depth guys (or maybe the two lousy prospects they got from Pittsburgh as part of the Iggy deal).

      • I think Calgary needs to rebuild not sign a bunch of older guys.

        • Since when has rebuild been in their vocabulary? 😀 They’re liable to sign those older guys, but they wouldn’t actually be doing a terrible job, this time.

        • I’m still baffled on why the flames signed Hudler and Wideman last offseason….

          • I think the flames confuse everyone. They have to be one of the worse managed teams over the decade. Hopefully they don’t screw up their first round picks like they did last year. I hope they fired that scout. This year is simple pick the best player available at what ever spot.

  8. @ goggles

    The landscape for players like letang has changed eh?

    Lets see last year this guy Jordan staal (maybe you’ve heard of him?) let it be known he wanted to play in Carolina, wouldn’t sign an extension (6mil/year), and Shero traded home for sutter and a 1st.

    It’s a known fact that had more gm’s known he was available, despite his wanting to go to Carolina to play with Eric, would have liked to have had the chance to try to acquire him.

    The pens will receive a decent return from letang if they trade him, no matter where they trade him.

    • I think that trade was silly on the Canes part- everyone knew Staal was going to Carolina….dumb move the Hurricanes..they could have waited Pittsburgh out

      • I agree with Sam.

    • Obviously you are not aware of a major turn of events since last year so I will attempt to clue you in. The cap just went down to $64M and teams are struggling to stay under and cant afford to pay a cough up king $7M. This is not last year my friend and you are not in Oz anymore Dorthy.

      • His salary won’t rise until the 14-15 season. You just made yourself look like an idiot. Letang will get nothing less than Gardiner, Kulemin and a 1st. If you don’t like it, then you won’t get Letang.

  9. Oh and “everybody knows” he is the cough up king yet he’s been a Norris finalist the last 2 years.

    • Passing to Malkin Crosby, Neal and Kunitz while playing with a very good D man in Orpick will do that for a guy who plays that style…

      • amen shticky….

        look at dupuis honestly I doubt he’d get anything more 15 or so goals a year…

  10. Cannot see Lecavalier going to any big city like Toronto or Montreal, unless he has changed his mind. Not because they don’t want him, but because he prefers the anonymity of a small market. He would be an undisputed number one for Toronto and I would welcome him. I think Nonis is probably shopping Liles and Grabo. I can see Grabo to Anaheim if Koivu retires, and Liles as the second compliance buyout if they cannot move him.
    While I would welcome Letang, there is some risk in trading for him especially if he does not sign an extension with the team he is traded to, being almost a rental.

    • No one will take Grabo unless the Leafs retain some cap salary. Is it worth moving him if you have to retain $2.5M of his $5.5M? That would mean you are giving him up for $3.5M. Might as well keep him for those dollars.

    • This does make me think, though – what about Lecavalier to ANA if Koivu retires? They’d have some wiggle room for money, and they’re a team on the cusp of contending, so it actually makes sense for them to sign an older guy like Vinnie.

      Plus, I agree, he likes the anonymity, making the Ducks a good fit their, too.

      • * “there”, not “their”. I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning. lol

        • I was thinking the same thing, Even on a 1 yr $3.5 mil contract, it could be a perfect fit for the Ducks. It is a very big long shot knowing he wants to stay in the East. But him centering Selanne and Etem would be really nice for a year.

          • no way grabovski is traded….

            unless of course some of his salary is retained by the leafs…

  11. Call me a dreamer but still see an Oilers deal going down- especially if there isnt a Komisarek buyout announced soon….to many obvious connections and Eberle is a target (yes I am sane)

    • doesn’t seem like it….

      only one out of the big young stars thats has a remote possibility of going anywhere on the oilers is yakupov and the 7th overall in this years draft. but i am positive they willl keep that pick and draft a much needed defenseman

      • Why would they trade Yak? 1 he was drafted last year would be the easiest and cheapest to hold on to long term performed pretty well for a rookie this dosent make any sense I can’t see them trading any of those guys especially Yak, the 7 pick maybe but again the price would be steep, the others won’t be moved unless it was the type of offer that might get the other manager fired lol

        • I mention him as possible trade bait because he’s been mentioned in trade talks ever since trade deadline day on what oilers can get rid of to keep there “KEY” guys in the rotation…

          a steep price huh? like phaneuf’s expiring contract for the horcoff and the 7th overall lol?

        • This is a deep draft and good draft. If Yak was in this draft he would be around the 7 pick. It would depend on what the Oilers could get for him versus the 7Th pick.

          • so what would you rather give up the known in Yak or the Unkown…Im betting the 7 goes long before Yak

  12. Kulemin and lyles? For Letang? Sweet Jesus that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day

  13. seriously, gardnier is involved with any deal for letang. I am extremely high on Gardnier and i never propse him in deals, because i think he will be that good, but Letang is very inciting ( as long as its long term). But someone did say salary would half to go back and i do believe that. If its done on draft day this year it will most likely be:

    to pitts, gardiner, 2013 1st kulemin,

    to toronto


    think the value is fair for pit, gives the gardiner on back end at very reasonable cap hit, gives them a 1st round pick, and kulemin gets to play with his best friend. and returns to a 20-25 goal scorer instantly (look what they did in khl)

    Phaneuf, letang
    Gunnerson, franson,
    fraser, liles/blacker, finn, reilly

    Now I know its a cap situation so liles or get bought out next year and we either sign or trade pahneuf.

    also this is long sorry lol

    Would live vinny on toronto, I think he only signs a one year deal anywhere and returns to tampa, but even if only a year you get vinny kessel and lupul/jvr on a liine could you imagine and it cost nothing to get him but some cash like 4 mil to 5 mil

    • First two lines on the Pens are essentially set… they’ll not have any interest in Kulemin.

      • Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Kunitz (just signed for 3 yrs 3.85 /yr) and Bennett (maybe) are the top two lines. Dupuis is UFA and Morrow and Iginal are gone. They could use Kulemin to fill it out.

        • They could also use the plethora of wingers that would love to play in Pittsburgh as well.

          • In the free agent market I mean*

    • Good luck with your top 2 D making 13-14 million salary cap says hi its Phanuef or Letang and I know I’ll get laughed at here but I’ll take Dion I think he will resign cheaper and has a more rounded game if he won’t resign cheaper then I say none of the above…
      Here’s a Crazy idea let’s get a D guy that plays D! Ferrence is going to be UFA he might work…

      • Ference could be a good fit, for sure. From the little I know (but have read) about Phaneuf’s ego, though, I say no chance he re-signs for cheaper.

      • LOL
        Ya but just imagine, Lyles, Letang, Rielly, Gardiner together defending the Leafs end of the ice. Your worst nightmare. lol

        • *shivers with fear at the thought*

    • your the man willyjones.

      first toronto proposal by posters on here that isn’t ridiculously one sided (In toronto’s favor).

    • LMAO, you have Phaneuf and Letang on the same line, they’re both puck moving dmen (Offensive Defensemen).


      If you think that is the an even trade, you should just stay at your facebook Sabre’s group page.

      • @ LeafsAdvocate

        Man oh man you leafs fans (not all) either can’t read or honestly have to be stuck in 1st grade or something. I said if you’d like to scroll up I just copy and pasted this for your convenience….

        first toronto proposal by posters on here that isn’t ridiculously one sided (In toronto’s favor).

        word of wisdom, read and understand the post you start sounding off. now go back to your lil foxhole chatting it up on your leafs facebook page 😉

  14. Thank you Willy that deal actually makes sense and is pretty fair for both sides

    • I thought so looking at the pens it gives them cap space a good young puck moving d man that will replace letang to an extent, and the so sought after kulemin to play with malkin. I am a huge leafs fan and it hurts me to give up gardiner and kuli but for someone with the pedigree like letang and hes only 25 you got to give a little to get a lot

    • Yep, good one willy – a trade proposal that actually might work for BOTH teams. Crazy! :)

  15. Let me just put an end to two ‘myths’ that I keep reading on this message board.
    First of all, Vinny Lecavalier is not interested in coming to play in Montreal. Just because he is a francophone, his name seems to be always linked to the Habs much like Martin Lapointe and Daniel Briere have been in the past (and they never played here) This is just another classic case of the french press trying to indirectly manage the team and nothing else.
    Second of all, I just heard Kris Letang’s agent speak on tsn690, and he was specifically asked about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ comment, and he not only denied that his client ever expresed an interest in playing for the Leafs, but also mentioned that he took the writer to task for writing it.
    There are many teams that will be interested in signing Vinny at a discounted price, and I suspect that Pittsburgh will probably work out a deal with Kris Letang (and, if not, I think the Flyers or the Red Wings would be logical destinations).

  16. There’s no way we get Sutter, Dumoulin, and a top 10 pick (Pouliot) for Staal but only get Kulemin and Lyles for Letang. Shero has full control over this situation

    • What happened to the first rounder I also included?

      Listen if letang was signed for five more years at $5.5M then I would agree with some of the trades involving gardiner or Reilly BUT the fact is he is a pending UFA next summer who is looking to be over paid at $7M in a reduced cap world. This is what changes the landscape just like it will for the Leafs with Kessel if they can’t ink him and he wants $7M. Leafs will get very little in return as well. You need to consider the business side of this cap world and not just for one year out either.

      • To Pittsburgh

        Jake Gardiner
        Nik Kulimen
        J M Liles
        2 nd Rounder 2014

        To Leafs

        Beau Bennet
        Kris Letang

        • To Edmonton

          Dion Phaneuf
          Tyler Biggs
          Mikhail Grabovsky

          To Leafs
          Teemu Haritkainanen
          Sam Gagner

          • Edmonton can’t afford all that money going the other way.

            Remember to factor in salary to those proposals.

          • Buy out and or trade Horcoff and Hemsky
            NO PROBLEM!

          • Plus they are ridiculous deals…If a Leaf Fan says you’re Robbing the oilers and pens I can imagine what their fans would say…lol

          • How is that ridiculous Hartikanainen is going to play in Europe not an Oilers and they have been trying to move Gagner since last year becuase they doesn’t want to overpay with Yakupov in the wings.

            Fills a center position with a guy who may be paid less re negotiate with Phaneuf and move a guy who isn’t on your roster????

          • Well the 12 mill they eat in salary when they said they were not going to buy out Horcoff so there’s 17 mill in salary for 2 3rd line centers and a D. I’m not so sure that’s what they are exactly looking for lol… Then you really think Pits is throwing maybe their best prospect in the deal for a second round pick? Even at that why are they going to take Lyles salary when they have Martin and Gardner as puck movers so to recap they get stuck taking salary they can’t really afford give up their best prospect and Letang for a second round pick Kulimen and Gardner? Give your head a shake man…lol

      • Yup agreeing with BeerGoggles on this one…. Value of a player decreases the closer he gets to that UFA status. With one year remaining I think Pitt will end up keeping Letang for next year and end up trading his rights during draft day, for barely nothing in return. If Pittsburgh really wants to get anything for him they’ll have to deal him this offseason or at the start of next season. Buffalo has real similar situation for them in Miller and Vanek UFA’s next year….

        I believe he’ll end up in Toronto for less money, because if it’s a place he wants to play wouldn’t he take less?

        • no he could but he wont and it takes a GM to write up the contract and I really believe that if you are not going to give Dion more money the Leafs wont be paying Letang that either particularly due to the fact…. we have enough freaking puck moving D! jeesh

  17. i say if PENS trade Letang! he goes to the West!

  18. Lupul – $5.2
    Kessel $7.0
    JVR – $4.2
    Kadri $4.0
    Orr – $1.0
    Mclaren – $1.0
    Brier – $2.0
    Bennet – $1.0
    Gagner $6.0
    Wheeler $4.0
    McLement $1.5

    Fraseer $1.5
    Ferrence $3.5
    Fistric $1.5
    Franson $2.5
    Rielly $1.7
    Letang $7

    Bernier $2.5
    Reimer $1.8

    $60.6 million cap hit
    Not including cap hit buyout or Darcy Tucker cap hit

    • Fraser will get $500k more, Franson will get $1M more, Bernier could get $1M more, Kadri could get $500k more, Briere will probably demand $1M more, not sure about some of the others?

      • I dont even no where to begin…jeesh, thats bad if that was the line up Im turning in my leaf jersey and buying one of the foam fingers in Oiler colors

    • If your talking Wheeler from wpg then they would easily match the 4m offer.

    • Man, you are horrible

      • lol

        agree with Leafs Advocate

  19. The only way Jarmo & JD go after Filppula is if he lowers his salary demands. Yes, the Jackets barely missed the play-offs, but that was mostly due to Bobrovsky standing on his head. Nor is the amount of salary cap space the CBJ have (roughly $18 mil) a factor as AA chewed up some and Bob will certainly take a chunk more. Look for more subtle, and less costly, moves by the Jackets.

  20. @ beer googles & slap you guys are such asses.

    Ya the cap went down this year (in which letang still has a what 3.5mil hit) next year it will probably be back over 70mil. Another lockout and yet more an more people are tuning in.

    You guys are effn ass clowns.

    • Now, now, be nice.

    • No worries obviously you have a crystal ball none of us “asses” have so you know for a fact the cap will be $70M so a GM should be stupid and base his future around this fact. Maybe they could call you for all their decisions from now on.

      Hey Spec
      I thought you already warned everyone two or three times on this site about using personal insults. I think Icebear needs to go to the penalty box for a week or so. Unless I am allowed to call him an ass or something worse? Totally uncalled for…

  21. @ beer googles & slap you guys are such asses.

    Ya the cap went down this year (in which letang still has a what 3.5mil hit) next year it will probably be back over 70mil. Another lockout and yet more an more people are tuning in.

    He said “pens or Toronto” so if neither have the cap space hell just what retire. Seriously there are 29 teams that will call Shero to tire kick on letang at the least.

    The leafs don’t need him. Ya they didn’t really need bernier in most people’s opinion too yet they went the hardest for him…

    Oh and I keep hearing things have changed yet come July 5th gm’s will overpay still. The landscape may have changed abit (cap ceiling) but everything else is the same. People will overpay.

    You guys are effn ass clowns.

    • Again with the personal insults. I can’t take anything you say seriously now you make yourself sound like TPT.

  22. Goodness sake- so what is a Letang worth… a soon to be offense first defenseman UFA who wants 6 mill plus coming off a terrible playoff- (maybe just maybe his numbers have been bloated playing with two of the best players in the world)…What do you think Gardiner would do on that PP….come on stop overvaluing these players- just like the top 3 picks…..let these guys over value….no one players dictates your teams fortunes- ask the Pens…its all about balance..I like Letang but we just dont need to give our top prospects…like I said he holds all the power in these talks – and you would be surprised how few teams would be able to take on his salary demands…

    • Agreed unless we get him for next to nothing otherwise wait for him to become a UFA. If he really desires Toronto he will wait otherwise PASS.

      • Letang is a Stanley Cup winner , Norris candidate multiple times and is a puck moving free skating defender with great mobility and expereince there is no over valuing this time here ! REALLY !!!

        • OH BY THE WAY ?????

          Didnt Tampa Bay last year have a hard time meeting there payments and were short about $20 million from part ownership ….but after a lock out year they can give VINNIE ….$32.6 million in cash to move on

          WHAT CBA ????

          Again I ask what the &^$@….????

          • They would have to pay him eitherway…no one would trade for that unless the pick came with it which would hamstring them worse, so if you have to pay him the coin he is owed anyway you might aswell buy him out and pay 2/3 spread over a longer time frame…I don’t get what you are saying did you think they were going to claim bankruptcy over a bad contract? Lol It saves them some cash and lowers their payment to Vinny thus making it easier to pay other things simple math

          • IF every team is lining up to get Letang at a cost …I am not sure how anyone can say he is overvalued …EVERY TEAM wants this guy BAD!!!

            That should say enough when professionals in the NHL are showing this kind of interest ..please !!

            Same with Yandle ….what has he actually done and he has done less than Letang who is worth more ???

            Was Weber really worth what he got or Suter ???

          • Iam saying they didnt have 420 million to keep the team and now they can just give $32 million away ….I thought they had no money and all these bottom teams were crying that they cant afford to stay in the NHl and they have to cut back on salaries and revenue sharing but they can literally give away $32 million and not get anything for it ….YOU DONT SEE THAT ???

        • Yes there is a tone of it if he is such an integral part why won’t the pens keep him? Because they think he is over valued is why or eles the would just buy out Paul Martin and extend Letang. Shero probably views it the same as a lot of us any guy who can move the puck even if he is a little iffy when it comes to give aways but is playing with those 2 top lines is going to be successful it doesn’t need to be a guy that makes 7 mill a year! So Letang has over valued himself to the pens and now Shero will over value him to the rest of the League to try and get maximum value from the deal that’s how the system works.

    • Calgary could both use & afford Letang – they’re rebuilding, but Letang is only 25, so it’s not like he’s an old player. They’ll have the cap space, especially if Kipper retires, and are in dire need of an offensive defenseman, enough so that they would forgive his defensive failings.

      Also, they have a bunch of first round picks which they could package one up for Letang.

      The only issue? They have such a crappy lineup right now, is it worth trading for him, as they have virtually nobody for him to pass to! Otherwise, I see it as a decent fit. (Plus, Shero then moves him out west, which I’m sure the Pens would prefer)

      All that said, I think the Pens re-sign him.

      • Calgary makes a lot of sense if Letang is willing to sign long ter,. Calgary needs a centre piece, and they have picks.

  23. Ass is hardly a huge insult. I’d put on par with calling someone dumb which I do believe I could find multiple times in just today’s postings.

    And yes I do have a crystal ball. It’s called revenue from this year an the expected continued growth next year ~ al la 70million. It’s been stated by lots of reputable sports casters etc.

    So quit being a leaf troll. Before it was malkin to leafs for a bag of pucks and te same with letang. Get real.

    • You my friend are a “troll” as you put it, desperately trying to convince others of your warped views. Learn the business side of the game and then we can have a logical conversation and until then comment on other peoples posts and skip over mine. I will do the same since I don’t care what you think.

      • Says the guy who is offering 10 goals a season Kulemin, Liles (who in the right mind wants Liles) and 1st round pick for Letang..

        Freaking hysterical.

        • I have four words for you my friend CAP and PENDING UFA”. Think long and hard…

          • My point exactly. The Leafs will get very little in return for Kessel if they don’t resign him to a home town discount and word gets out that he wants north of $7M for 7 years.

          • Kessel has never won a cup…somewhere just south of 7 mill 6.75 kinda thing 5 year deal, reason 656 to buy out Grabo

  24. Though I am a Leaf fan, I doubt Letang’s rumoured preference for the Toronto Maple Leafs is very strong, if it exists at all.

    I would like to see the Leafs sign Lecavalier at $5 mil for 4 years, though I don’t expect he’ll come that cheaply, nor do I believe he is particularly interested in playing in Toronto.

  25. I really think the Bruins should pass on Horton if he is seeking a long term deal at 6 million or more

    • I would have a hard time signing Horton to any more then 3 year deals at this point with his injury history would hate to think any more then 5.5 he’s just a risky signing IMO.

    • too much for an injury prone player. he’s what a good body check away from retirement?

      • Yes but so is Lupul. I think you take your chances with guys like these and hope for the best outcome. Honestly every player in the league is one awkward head hit away from retirement. Crosby comes to mind. P.S. I was just poking fun about your word “worser”. Lots of caffine this moring. lol

        • lol

  26. As a Caps fan I’m enjoying the idea of them picking up bought-out players on the cheap for next season. I’d love to see Lecavalier as a second line center in DC, if his cost is under market value. But if I were the imaginary GM of the Caps I’d look into the trade rumors about Dave Bolland first, he’s a great pest and getting more players that can draw penalties maximizes the return on what the Caps are best at, their power play.

    This off season is so much more fun than the last one. We should have buyouts every year.

    • I don’t think any will sign for undervalue unless they are going to a team they really really want to play for. These guys are capable players and someone will overpay for them again. Maybe not as much but still overpay.

  27. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lecavalier ends up in Mtl.

    If Clarkson goes UFA… it is rumoured he is going to Toronto.

    As far as Briere to the Sens… not sure Melnyk will (can) spend. Murray has wanted another top 6 forward as he said after the Sens season ended… but now says with the budget it can’t be done.

    Melnyk must really be tight with his money.. since he probably lost a bundle in his divorce..

    • And the cost of that all important Cooke investigation. Did he even put out the “findings”?

    • LeCavalier will go where the money is and there is no way that Montreal will outbid Detroit Vinny wants to win another cup and Detroits alot closer to winning the cup then Montreal is and as a child LeCavalier was more of a Red Wings fan then he was a Canadiens fan.

      • Never thought of the Wings. Do they need another $5M center though?

        As someone mentioned here earlier Vinny may sign for one year with someone that has a solid chance of winning a cup then head back to Tampa for cheap.

  28. What about florida trying to for Vinny. They need a number 1 center, could help Huberdeau. They have the cap space and they will probably pick Jones 2nd overall. He doesn’t have to move far and its not a media crazy place.

    • Vinny wants another cup and that’s not going to happen in Florida.

      • Was that written somewhere? Or are you assuming this to be the case? Serious question,

      • If he wants another cup then he should be really happy he got bought out because TB is no where close.

  29. Does anyone think the Winnipeg Jets can get a 1st line center (not an elite center – obviously it Wpg.)

    • anything is possible. but wpg imo has been playing it safe ever since moving to wpg. i think there the type of team thats gonna just try there luck in drafting there top flight players….

      • Ya Scheifele and Trouba will be really good

  30. On the Fan590 Toronto Doug MacLean says confidently Clarkson is coming to Toronto.

    • The same Doug MacLean that never gets anything right? The same one that relies heavily on Kypreos? There are two main sources to rely on, and they are; Dregger and McKenzie

  31. Toronto won’t get Letang, the cost is to high for 95% of the teams. The only teams that may afford him, are; Edmonton, Calgary, Florida, Philly and Detroit. A light example, although not likely obviously:

    To Pittsburgh: Paajarvi + 7th overall
    To Edmonton: Letang

    To Pittsburgh: 22nd & 28th overall + Stempniak + Aliu
    To Calgary: Letang

    To Pittsburgh: 2nd overall + Kopecky
    To Florida: Letang

    To Pittsburgh: 18th overall + Filppula (Rights) + Tatar
    To Detroit: Letang

    To Pittsburgh: 11th overall + Couturier
    To Philadelphia: Letang

    Philly and Pittsburgh will obviously not be a trading partner, as they are like Toronto/Ottawa and Calgary/Edmonton. Although I can see a smaller trade that Pittsburgh will make, something like:

    To Toronto: Orpik
    To Pittsburgh: O’Byrne + 3rd rounder

    And if…a very strong “if”…but more so of a fantasy trade, Toronto gets something of costly difference from Pittsburgh, it’ll be:

    To Toronto: Neal
    To Pittsburgh: Gardiner + Kulemin + 2nd rounder

    That scenario, if ever in Gods name would happen, is to make space to re-sign Letang.

  32. Wow UFA’s want to go to Toronto guess the culture change is in place going to be a great offseason all around

  33. Chicago is shopping Bolland, wonder if they’ll include Hossa?

    To Toronto: Bolland + Hossa
    To Chicago: Grabovski + Kulemin + 2nd rounder

    • Oh jeez …. wait for it here it comes

      • Well it was already talked about on TSN the other night that the Hawks could look at trading Hossa, as they’ll need to re-sign Bickell, Kruger and Leddy.

        • I mean the rest of that (car wreck) deal…lol start low go high I guess, but really?
          Im ducking out of here before any hawks fans come on…lol

          • Yeah, but Bolland is pretty injury prone. Unless they want a straight up trade, Bolland for Liles.

          • Why not throw in Colborne for Kane while you’re at it? Colborne is taller.

          • LOL mawman

  34. I’m just glad to hear UFA’s are starting to want to come back to Toronto. Let’s face it, The Leafs are the be all and end all so why wouldn’t they…

  35. I could see Letang being traded to the Red Wings more than the leafs, they need an elite level quarterback and some offense more than TO, who I think could use more of a stabilizing figure on their blue line.

    • To Detroit: Letang
      To Pittsburgh: Fransen + DeKeyser + 18th Overall

    • Agreed this makes much more sense…but I think he goes west, If not he is a great replacement for Lidstrom

  36. you’re definitely gonna see letang moved, my guess is phanuef being a main piece for letang, what goes with him, who knows, but those will be the core of the trade, most likely kulimen is in there somehow too based on how well him and malkin get along and how cheap kulimen’s cap hit is. Phaneuf definitely wont take a lower cap hit to stay with the leafs, but he definitely would to play for pitts.

  37. Leafs Advocate,

    O’Byrne is a UFA. He cannot be traded. And the Leafs I doubt will resign him to be eligible to trade him.