NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Thursday, March 21, 2013.

Latest on Dan Boyle, Daniel Alfredsson, Jarome Iginla, Michael Del Zotto, Drew Stafford, Derek Roy and more.


ESPN.COM: Katie Strang reports a source confirming the NY Rangers have interest in San Jose Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports Boyle wants to remain in San Jose.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And since Boyle has a limited no-trade clause (in which he lists eight teams he won’t accept being dealt to), if he’s unwilling to waive it, he won’t go to the Rangers.

Could Michael Del Zotto become a trade chip?

Could Michael Del Zotto become a trade chip?

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks is concerned Michael Del Zotto could become a trade chip for the Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would be a dumb move if they do it. Del Zotto is young and talented, and not worth being part of any quick-fix deal. I think Glen Sather’s smarter than that.

SLAM! HOCKEY: Randy Sportak notes rumors continue to dog Calgary Flames forward Jarome Iginla and defenseman Jay Bouwmeester.  Iginla’s been linked to “the Pittsburgh Penguins or Boston Bruins or Los Angeles Kings or Vancouver Canucks or Philadelphia Flyers or Detroit Red Wings” while “the Red Wings, Flyers, St. Louis Blues and Ottawa Senators” are reportedly interested in Bouwmeester.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek reminds us Iginla controls his situation right now.

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnson reports Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff is pushing the trade rumors out of his mind. Toronto and Chicago are rumored to be “sniffing around”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s your Calgary Flames rumor roundup for today. Sportak, Duhatschek and Johnson went into much greater detail, which is worth reading, but it’s basically the same stuff we’ve known for weeks. Lots of teams are rumored to have interest in Iginla, Bouwmeester and Kiprusoff. Iginla controls his future, and the trio aren’t willing to talk about the possibility of being dealt. Join us tomorrow for more of the same!

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli is facing pressure to make moves to find replacements for injured Bruins Chris Kelly and Adam McQuaid. Haggarty also believes it would be worthwhile for Chiarelli to focus on affordable trade deadline acquisitions than expensive ones like Jarome Iginla.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports the Dallas Stars face tough questions regarding free agent center Derek Roy. There’s no news on any progress in his contract extension talks, fueling speculation he could be dealt by the trade deadline.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli wonders if the Flyers might try to bring back Jaromir Jagr.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Getting pretty desperate for the Flyers when they want to bring back an ageing Jagr. Not knocking Jagr, but hey, the Flyers felt they had enough depth they could afford to let him go last summer. 

SPORTSNET: Ian Mendes reports we can officially end the Daniel Alfredsson trade rumors, as it’s obvious he’s not going to request a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That was obvious to me a month ago, but some pundits and bloggers insisted on keeping his name out there.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan wonders if the Detroit Red Wings might have interest in Buffalo Sabres winger Drew Stafford.


  1. I respectfully disagree on the rangers and sather part lol

  2. Let the Kipper to Toronto for Scrivens straight up rumor talk begin! Should be interesting to see leaf fan trade ideas for this one. Leafs will somehow probably end up with Iginla in the deal also.

    I doubt very much that Calgary would trade Iginla to Vancouver or LA, and I’m not sure who the Pens and Bruins have to give up without stealing him, neither team would be willing to give up a roster player other than say Caron on the Bruins, and perhaps Beau Bennett from the Pens, plus the flames would likely want a pick and a prospect from each in addition, I dont see it happening for what the flames have been asking roster player, prospect and a pick.

    The Sens do have cap space for Bouwmeester, especially if Gonchar isn’t resigned, but similar with Iginla they won’t want to give up much Cody Ceci? Mark Stone? Jared Cowen? Flames would likely wanting something like that in return.

    • Leafs and Flames won’t do anything together, same goes for Ottawa and the Flames. I think Ottawa should stay on course as they are. They are winning games without their star players, and those players are slowly getting back into becoming healthy. Once this season is done, make good trades via NHL Entry Draft and Free Agency. Ottawa cannot afford to give up prospect assets, and sure as hell doesn’t make any sense trading draft picks. Toronto on the other hand, Free Agency and Entry Draft dealings haven’t been kind to them, so the trade route is probably their only viable option.

    • Iggy to the east does seem way more logical but hey it was logical to blow Calgary up last year and they didn’t so who knows….

      • I think if the flames could get Beau Bennet and the Pens 1st its a pretty good start to a deal….

        • Nonis probably has spoken with Feester but I should think the flames organization may be a bit wary of dealing with the leafs as they have been fleeced a few times. I’m sure that they could agree on a player and a prospect but The stumbling block would be the 1st rounder the flames would want as well. Since it is suppose to be a good draft year not many teams will be wanting to give their first up this year.
          I think the penguins would be crazy to give up Bennett. He looks like the real deal, but of course he is playing with Crosby now and Malkin when he plays. I guess it depends on how confident they are with the present line-up. They won’t have to worry about the flyers in the playoffs this year.
          If Messier took over for the rangers it would be a good thing. Considering the money Sather has had available and the big free agent signings the rangers, even though playing well last year have not lived up to expectations. Maybe new blood will push them even closer to a cup. I have never liked Glen Sather much because I think he is pompous and arrogant but I hope he does well in his recovery from cancer.
          If I was GM of the senators I would be hesitant to make any big moves. They are doing incredibly well with prospects so the prudent action would to hang on till next year. I think they would be kidding themselves if they think they could win the cup with the current roster and a new body or two from trades.

          • If the discussions around Kipper involve a first round pick prospect and a roster player (simmilar to Lou) then I think (hope) we stay away from it unless there is a bunch of salary going back to Calgary (Liles or Grabovski) Kipper is on the downside of his career and would be a great mentor type to Scrivens or Rhymer but not worth some of the assets that they would have to give up to get him for a year or 2…. The Leafs should be building to contend in the next few years (playoffs would be nice this year but…) that requires younger players so hang on to the ones you got don’t give them up for a guy that will most likely retired by the time they are ready to truly compete for the east…

        • The pens will not be trading Bennett. Your best hope is Kennedy and you all will like it.

          • LOL not as much as you guys would love Iggy in the playoffs and if the best they get is Kennedy that convo is going nowhere fast…

          • Probably kennedy a lesserd prospect and a first roubd pick. Better theprospect lesserthepick.

        • The best the flames will get is Kennedy a d prospect and pick. Better the prospect the lower the pick the higher the pick the lower the prospect. Iggy is 36 and not worth as much as everyone values him at.

          • We will see what he is valued at at the trade deadline.

        • Are you out of your mind? Beau Bennett and a #1 for Iginla? I’m not sure Iginla is worth either one let alone both.

        • Shero wouldn’t trade either one of those for an aging old man … put down the crack pipe homer …

      • You have to rememebr it is not up to the Flames where Iggy goes it is up to him. There is alot of speculation he wants to remain in the west for family reasons. Thats why the Kings make a ton of sense, not too mention the sutter connection and they are the defending cup champs and not divisional rivals.

    • They got Dion for a package of guys they didn’t want to keep, with the exception of Stajan. So you never know . If Jay Bo gets shipped Scrivens and Gunner or Koska might do it.

      • Sup fellow Labradorian! Anyway, yeah but I doubt Feaster wants to get burned/schooled again like that last trade.

        To Toronto: Phaneuf + Sjostrom + Aulie
        To Calgary: Stajan + Mayers + Hagman + White

        Maybe we only have Phaneuf from that trade, and Calgary Stajan. We let Sjostrom walk, but from Aulie, we traded him for Ashton. So really, from that original trade, we have Phaneuf and Ashton.

        If for some reason we get Kipper, we better get something else good in return, as he is falling apart pretty quickly! Maybe this type of trade:

        To Toronto: Kipper + JBo + Baertschi
        To Calgary: Reimer + Komisarek + Connolly + CMac

        • Calgary may have been fleeced in the past but what you propose is ludicrous. Connollys career is done, Komisarek is a buy out candidate. Kipper still has a couple of good years left, JBO is a quality d-man and Baertschi is one of the flames best prospects for as of yet an unproven tender and a so-so winger. Have you give your head a shake yet. Its leaf fans like you that give the rest of us a bad name, geesh.

          • Reimer is a good tender till a legit #1 can be had for Calgary. CMac is good, but just not in the direction Toronto is headed. Komisarek is good, just that his contract dollars doesn’t equate to level of play, but is way of a less hit than JBo. JBo’s contract dollars is whats ludicrous! Kipper is falling apart fast.

            JBo – $6.68M per (Should be making $4 to $4.5M)
            Kipper – $5.833,333M per

            That’s $12.51M, that isn’t very good moving forth with a $5.9M salary cap decrease next year. CMac will be coming off the books and can be re-signed for cheaper next season. Reimer’s $1.8M is good for another season, after that season, he can be traded or re-signed. Added to that, Komisarek’s $4.5M will be off the books (same duration contract as JBo’s). But Calgary will be shedding $2.18M this year and next year. And Connolly’s $4.75M will be gone after this season.

            JBo maybe a quality dman, but not quality enough to be making $6.68M per. Just think of Reimer and CMac as assets, maybe not star assets, but with the age of Kipper and JBo’s gigantic contract, Reimer and CMac is more eye apealing in the trade market. Lets face it, Kipper is a rental, while JBo is a salary dump.

          • As for “unproven tender”, Kipper was just that before being traded from San Jose to Calgary! Then (in San Jose), was merely a back-up tender.

          • I stopped reading this thread when I read leaf fan advoctes post…wow

        • If you did your home work you would know that Kippers contract drops to 1.5 mill next year, so that would be a still of a deal for TO.

        • Riemer is not gonna be traded…unless toronto get s a younger goalie in return, i believe nonis is a reimer fan and would be willing to part with scrivens instaed

        • what a joke Reimer komisarek connolly and c mac couldnt get you baertschi how would you also get jbo and kipper get real whats next kadri for crosby straight up? hopefully my sens can trade michalek and bishop for pietrangelo Shattenkirk 2 firsts halak and schwartz lol

    • I can assure you the Pens will not be giving up bennett to rent an over the hill iggy. Kennedy sure. Maybe a d-man like bortuzo. Pens have won 10 in a row and malkin and letang are out. Flames can enjoy their captain for another few seasons.

    • I’m pretty sure Iggy holds a NMC and will be the one to dictate where he goes. At that point the return is what it is. The only thing Feaster can do is say yes or no. I think in Iggy’s case, it would be a favour for him to be dealt to the contendor of his choice, but any GM that makes the deal can be pretty sure he’ll re-sign in Calgary next season anyways, and that;s why I doubt the rturn would be any where near the suggetions being put out there.

  3. Unfortunately for Stather and the Rangers he won’t be making any deals anytime soon as he was just diagnosed with prostate cancer and is going in for surgery. Here’s to a speedy recovery and lasting health Glen!!!

    • I could see Sather stepping down and Messier taking over

    • And Sather is the only guy working in the Rangers head office, right? There’s no reason his Assistant GM can’t work out a deal and take it to Sather for his approval. Further, Spector’s comments on Dan Boyle make no sense. As reported, Boyle has a limited NTC in which he can list 8 teams he WON’T accept a trade to. We’re to believe the Rangers would be on that list ahead of the likes of Florida, Columbus, Calgary, Edmonton, the Islanders, Buffalo, Washington, Carolina, Colorado and Winnipeg? I don’t think so. Boyle’s buddy Brad Richards and his old coach Torts are in the Big Apple, so there’s no chance the Rangers are on Boyle’s no-trade list if the Sharks ask him to waive his NTC.

      Regarding Iginla, if he says he’ll accept a trade to Vancouver, the Flames will try to work something out. Iggy has a $4M custom built home on Lake Okanagan located 4 hours from Vancouver. Vancouver is also close to his family if they stay in Calgary. Remains to be seen if the Canucks are interested as this seems to be a retooling year for them but you guys forget, Iggy controls his destination, not the Flames.

      • The thing is the Flames do not have to trade him. So if Iginla does say Vacouver the Flames could say no we would prefer you to finish the year with us then deal with the Canucks. So the Flames do have so say in who they want to deal with.

  4. I think Khan is correct. I think Detroit will look to add a guy like Stafford and attempt to add Smid. Will be pricey to acquire both, as always when you’re looking to add a top-6er and a top-4 defenseman. IIRC, years ago there was a Kronwall for Campbell trade on the table, Holland asked for Stafford to be included and talks broke down.

    I see Bouwmeester in St. Louis and Iginla staying put.

    • I’m not so sure the blues would want another expensive blue liner unless of course he is just a rental (not sure of contract status). I believe the blues need to sign both Pieterangelo and Shattenkirk this summer to new deals. Both will be in the 4 to 6 million range so I don’t believe they would be able to absorb another 6.7 for the blueline. If Bouwmeester is UFA they would have to give up assets for no return after this year, and acquiring him in no way ensures playoff success.

  5. Hey where did my post go?

  6. nevermind

  7. Leafs looking to flip either Roy ( stars ) or Bolland ( Hawks ) to get Luongo …..

    also what is the IRONY that the Leafs recall Jake Gardiner when every GM is in the building at the same time ……NONIS you are a sneaky one…. you!!!

    Good job…..now make a deal !!!!

    • Don’t think Gardiner is going anywhere. But your right, it did look very suspicious.

    • Gardiner isn’t going anywhere, just so happen that there were GM meetings in Toronto that week and ended that day the Leafs played Tampa Bay. Gardiner and Liles were called up, because Nonis/Carlyle were on the hot seat for a very very poor production from Holzer and Kostka. But I’m sure every GM that were at that game, took interesting notes and made a few phone calls/emails to Nonis & Co. or visa-versa.

      Roy could/can be had, but unlikely Bolland. I doubt Chicago will be doing any tweeking, as they are a VERY solid team this year and are cup favorites. Why ruin anything of what they’ve done and can do.

      • ” Leafs advocate ….I understand that but the timing is a little funny they could have easily put Kostka back in ……but instead choose to use Gardiner ….I feel that they were showcasing there biggest trade bait to the whole league at once to see if they can swing a dandy of a trade !!!

        Finn & Rielly are very similiar to Gardiner in there offensive play so they have a back up for his position down the raqod which makes him expendable if they can make a solid deal for something of higher quality i.e lefit / 1 goalie or Centerman with size!

        We will see

  8. TORONTO – TRADE PHANEUF, GUNNNERSON, KULEMIN, McARTHUR, LILES,BOZAK AND KOMI….JUST tAKE DRAFT PICKS FOR these useless players and save 23 million dollars off the books. USE that money to go after either two or all of the following players in the off season: MALKIN, VANEK, GABORIK. ALL 3 WILL BE JUST PERFECT. RE-SIGN Thomas Kaberle . CALL up HAMILTON from the Marlies.

    ROUGHLY 60 MILLION DOLLAR PAYROLL……BUT TORONTO NEVER HAD LINE UP like this in the history of their FRANCHISE. IT`s like having GILMOUR – CLARK – ANDRECHUCK – SUNDIN – MOLGILNY – VAIVE – SITTLER in a same season. I HOPE MY WISH COME TRUE…………………………………love the LEAFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lol. Malkin isnt going to Toronto. Vanek still has a year left on his deal. Gaborik does too, even though there is talk of him being dealt or bought out. Liles and Komisarek aren’t likely to be traded but rather bought out. And resign Kaberle? Why? You realize he’s a third paring D-man at best, right?

      Out of curiosity, what do you think Toronto would have to give up in a trade for Malkin? Theres no way Pittsburgh lets him walk. He won’t be had for Bozak + Kulemin, either.

      • Toronto has nothing to give up for Malkin … he is not a UFA … and Shero will resign him …

    • You also forgot to mention that Kadri, Franson, Fraser, Komorov, and Kostka are all due for raises next year. That’ll take a few million more at least.

      • Exactly, although I’m not sure Kostka will be re-signed, traded perhaps. He is being scratched for a reason.

    • I suggest you go see someone for help. Your delusional.

      • I tried to help him out yesterday….I just get the feeling he has some anger issues bottled up deep inside… So we will try again Mikey how do the Leafs truly make you feel?

    • Can you direct me to the stand your getting your kool aid from please?

    • Kostka/ Kaberle??? There’s 15 goals against per game.

      If you are going youth movement what happened to ORielly on the D? Oh, That’s right you had to give him up along with Kadri, and JVR in order to land Malkin so that just created two more holes. Wait a minute we also lost Kessel,and Gardiner in order to get Vanek so that just created 2 more holes. Wait a minute we just lost Frattin, and Franson to get Gaborik. So who are we left with now? Malkin, Lupul, Vanek Grabo and Gaborik plus a bunch of forth liners and Fraser, Holzer, Kostka, Kaberle on defense but we will need to bring up Blacker and someone else from the Marlies since we traded away Liles, Gunnar, Phaneuf and Komi. lol To funny…

    • Wow you all know nothing in Toronto. Malkin still has one year left on his contract and number one priority signing in the summer. You all can go on dreaming on that one.

    • you my friend are a moron. Explain to me how the Leafs mysteriously land Malkin, Vanek and Gaborik, when they have NOTHING of value to trade in return?

    • your insane, malkin will resign, and we dont want vanek …hes always injured and his play is spotty and he has no upside defensivley…

  9. To get off the beaten trail a bit, I kinda wonder if Columbus might make some sort of deals this year. I doubt very highly that it will be for some massive big named player but the reality is the Jackets have played their way very convincingly back into a playoff spot. This franchise desperately needs a playoff berth and their owner has proven he will spend to get it. It is quite clear that the Jackets need to obtain scoring as they don’t even have a player with 10g or 20pts yet this season and they are the lowest scoring team in the NHL, but are in the bottom on goals against. So what is out their that Columbus could get, that is reasonable and would actually, come to Columbus?

    Ryane Clowe – San Jose
    Derek Roy – Dallas Stars
    Mike Riberio – Washington Capitals
    Clarke MacArthur – Toronto Maple Leafs
    Alex Tanguay – Calgary Flames
    Paul Statsny – Colorado Avalanche
    Jason Pominville – Buffalo Sabres

    These are just a few names that could be floated around and to be quite frank not a lot of pure scoring talent in that bunch. The Jackets aren’t going to give up top prospects like Jenner and Murray, but could be willing to part with some draft picks as the franchise is in need of a playoff berth. Personally I think Pominville and/or Clowe should be the targets for the Jackets (though I won’t lie I’d love to see them make a massive pitch and somehow land Iginla <- won't happen)

    As for the Senators, I've been saying for over a month now that Bouwmeester is a guy they should and likely will pitch hard for. He isn't just a quick fix, he is a perma top four defenseman for the Sens. Methot-Karlsson, Bouwmeester-Cowen next year would be great. Gonchar will likely be leaving and/or retiring and the Sens have the caps space and the assets.

    To Ottawa: D Jay Bouwmeester
    To Calgary: Ottawa 1st 2013, D Mark Borowiecki, F Shane Prince


    To Ottawa: D Jay Bouwmeester
    To Calgary: G Ben Bishop, D Mark Borowiecki, Ottawa 2nd 2013

    I think both are fair deals that address both teams needs.

    • The Blue Jackets are playing surprizingly well. If they keep playing as they are now they will make the playoffs and could shock someone in the first round. I believe they have three first round picks already but it would be foolish to move any of them as the future of the franchise might just rely on this draft. No need to jump the gun here.

    • Interesting thoughts on CBJ. How about Stafford? A pure scorer who has lost his way. Overpriced contract, so the Sabres might give him away for not much at this point.

      • i remember reading a rumour that CBJ were looking to shed Dubinsky s salary .
        maybe trading him to the leafs for Clarke MacArthur would work for both teams Clarke MacArthur is ufa at end of year but can add some scoring for their playoff push. Dubinsky s actual salary next two yrs is higher than his cap hit .he isn’t scoring much these days but brings heart and grit .i think he could be a better checking centre than Grabo or he could be a winger either way he would bring a physical presence to the top 9

        • There was a rumour but it has quieted substantially since the teams improved play.

    • Ottawa doesn’t have a 2nd round pick in 2013…

      And yes the Sens could use Bowmeester.. with now having 3 of their top 4 D out to injury and 2 of them we won’t see until Sept training camp.

      Cowen will not be in any trade neither will Ceci… Sens are not deep at good young defenseman at the present time. If they trade a #1 pick it will probably be in 2014..

      Bishop (if the Flames need goaltending), Mark Stone and one other top prospect… I’m sure Calgary would like the cap room to get rid of that contract…

    • Columbus has reported they will not be buyers at deadline which is a shame but i know they will be active in free agency. No move or a minor one might be enough i wish the best though.

    • I wouldn’t mind the Sabres dealing Stafford and Pominville to the Jackets for a couple of draft picks obviously a 1st rounder would have to be part of the deal. I see Miller moving as well. Hoping at deadline day but most likely during draft day.

      Calgary will hold onto J-Bo for this season and see what they can get in the draft for him.

  10. Calgary sits six points back right now with two games in hand, they play nashville, columbus, and St,Louis in the next four days. If they loose tonight and tomorrow vs Nashville and Columbus they will loose their games in hand and have a chance of being 8 points back going into Sunday vs the Blues….my guess is you will see the trades start Sunday if not Monday for Calgary. Listening to some talk shows, reading blogs my guess this is how it is going to unfold:
    CGY/Toronto – Kipper for Scrivens or Gardiner and the Leafs first round Pick in this years draft…some suggest maybe even more from To
    CGY/Boston – Iggy for there 1st round pick plus a top prospect, Calgary may have to through in a conditional 2nd if Iggy doesnt resign.
    CGY/Detroit – JBO for Fippula and Detroits first round pick plus a conditional or top prospect if Fippula doesnt resign in Calgary.

    I still believe Pittsburgh is in the running still for Iggy but their rescent run with Malkin out makes me wonder if they really need him, possibly see Babchuk moved there for defensive and PP help on the point.

    You can take LA, Chicago, Vancouver out of the mix for Kipper or Iggy, as bad as management has been at times in Calgary they would not do that to the fans nor do I think either player would as well. However i think managment could move JBO really anywhere in the West and I dont think there would be to much backlash from fans or players.

    • There is no way Nonis would give up that much for Kipper! Sure if he was like 23-25 years old, but at 36, no way!

      • I agree, Gardiner and a first, ouch.

      • I agree, its about as ridiculous as most of your trade suggestions.

    • Babchoke isn’t worth a bag a pucks do me and all of us a favor in Pittsburgh and keep him there.

  11. Hey why don’t the leafs just throw in Liles and Holzer that way we can give you guys Sid too

  12. I wish we could land one of those 3 elite players. NOT KABBY. he was great for the leafs but we have quite a few young guys who rust the puck like he use too. Malkin resigns, i am assuming unless the rangers land another big gun gaborik stays with them, now vanek on the other hand is going to way a pay raise and i doubt buffalo will do it. The LEAFS need to resign bozak to a new deal 10 mil for 3 years or let him walk. they will loose kulemin to pitt to play with malkin. other then that the leafs need to push hard for clarkson and or clowe. id trade kessel for clarkson any day

  13. Kiprusoff for Scrivens and the Leafs first rounder was the talk but Kiprusoff would have to sign an extension first. I’d rather pay more and go after Miller though.

    • I would not give up a # 1 draft pick in this years draft as its one of the deepest drafts in decades ……I would add another propect or player to the deal or take a guy they want to clear for cap for one more season to help but i will not give up my first rounder this year !!

    • i completely agree, i say liles and kulimenand a prospect for miller…id rather have him

  14. I don’t recall if Torts and Boyle left in good terms in Tampa. Something in my mind says no.

    Del Zotto is a bit overrated, Lyle. Yes he is young, but i don’t see him improve at all. I think he reached his potential. If Del Zotto brings in a solid return, not Boyle, then i wouldn’t feel disheartened.

  15. All this talk about resigning Bozak for north of $3M is insane. All you need to do is compare Bozaks stats to McClements to see what he’s really worth. Compare points, goals, plus minus, face off wins, and divide those by ice time then take into account a lot of McClements ice time is killing penalties and playing with third and forth liners as Bozak gets to centre JVR and Kessel. Once you are done realizing McClement is a much better player then Bozak go to cap geek and see what the Leafs pay him. There in lays your value of resigning Bozak.

    • McClement was one of their best free agent signings in a long time.

      • I’d like to see McClement center Kessel and JVR a few games to see what he can create since JVR has gone missing he finally realized he’s been paired on a line with the sissy sisters.

        • You can’t keep changing the center ice man on your top line every game!….McClement was brought in to fill a role which he does very well Kadri plays 2nd which he is excelling at, Grabovski is a bit of a let down so he plays 3rd we get it you don’t like Bozak (scored last night too ya know?)but he is 1st line center on this team maybe not on every team but that’s the way it goes jeez what’s next you wanna give Orr a shot in the middle players fill roles on a team you can’t just keep shifting things around its not peewee….till they get a guy who is more suited to that role,etc Bozak is the guy…

          • Have you watched any games this year? My god when have they changed centers on the top line this year? Was I out of the country or something?

          • Last week you were whining about wanting Graboski at center with the first line saying he deserves his shot hes got heart blah blah blah… this week it’s McClements turn…when are you going to just stop with the Bozak hate…Every one knows including leafs brass (probably) they could use a true 1st line center but they don’t grow on trees, Bozak while not the perfect fit is working out ok again played pretty well last night.

    • They haven’t tried anyone else in that center role so how do you know what might or might not work. Maybe you have a crystal ball. My original point is that Bozak isn’t worth anymore then McClement. You turned this into a shit show as usual because you don’t read the original post..

  16. Check out the mid-first round prospects and Toronto might want to hang on to the pick. I say, see how the season plays out and make moves in the summer. This group can, and will, improve down the stretch…. and, on the Luongo front, Mike Gillis has put himself in an impossible position and big Lu will be a Canuck for the rest of this year. Well done, Mike, the smartest man in the room.

    • I personally think the canucks keep Luongo now. His 5.3 per is a real good deal right now. I believe the canucks will move Schneider first because I think he has reached his potential and will not be a legit no.1 tender. He just seems to have a couple of weak areas in his game, just my two cents.

    • Agreed with the draft this year there is no way I’m giving up my first pick for a 36year old goalie when I am a young team like the leafs…Leave him for the Flyers or Bolts lol

      • He’s 33, turning 34.

        • Oct 26 1976….
          Makes him 36 37 next season…lol

      • yet you want the Pens to give up Bennett and a 1st for Iginla??? you should go back to watching Glee and leave the NHL to us …

        • Loving the glee comments you continually throw out never gets old and truly funny you must be a fan…anyhow I think Iginla is going to fetch more than Kipper for one. 2 the Pens and Leafs are at two very different spots in their evolution it dosent make sence for the leafs to give up any youth and a pick for a 36 year old goalie to squeek in to the playoffs if it meant they might win a cup then that’s a whole other ball of wax 3 you think if the flames do decide to deal him they won’t get a better offer then Tyler Kennedy and a bottom 5 of the first round? That’s nuts….

  17. Does trading a 1st rounder in a deep draft, Jake Gardiner who is pretty much a lock to be a top 4 D (if not top 2) and other assets make sense for a 36 year old goalie with an .876 Save %? I know the Leafs goalies are not stealing them any games but they certainly aren’t losing them either. And veteran goalies on a young team have more intangibles sure but Luongo has at .904 and Miller at .909. Not as hot as they used to be. Let’s remember here that Reimer and Scrivens are .918 and .915 respectively and the Leafs are 25th in shots against meaning they give up alot more shots then Vancouver and Calgary.

  18. Sorry I can’t let this go…

    Bozak 600 min played, 8 goals, 17 pts, -6 +/-, 2 ppg’s
    McClement 450 min played, 5 goals 11 pts, 0 +/-, 0 ppg’s

    Bozak scores 1 even strength goal every 100min played and 1 point every 35min along with being a -6
    McClement scores 1 even strength goal every 90 min played and 1 point every 40min along with being even +/-
    A lot of McClements minutes are generated on the penalty kill or playing on a checking shut down line
    All Bozaks minutes are genterated playing with Kessel and JVR on an offense first line.

    McClement is better then Bozak on faceoffs, cycles the puck, body checks, is great defensively, has decent hands/ speed, goes to the corners and the front of the net and is one of the best pk guys in the league.
    Bozak won’t cycle, won’t take the body, avoids the corners and the front of the net. He is not in the same catagory as McClement defensively, on the pk or but is close on faceoffs.

    McClement makes $1.5M per year for two years.

    Still think Bozak is worth $3MM++

    • TOTALLY AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!

      Kadri is the next number 1 Center anyways …Leafs need to add an expereinced second line center….. I hope they land Roy from the Stars or make a bold move for Gagne !!
      If they can not get someone else with size and scoring ability.

      • Once Leafs wake up and realize they have to trade Kessel there will be no more need for Bozak!

    • 180 pts nearly 600 games…good checking center yes.. good hands?..not so much

      • Tyler Bozak 123 pts 222 games = better hands

        • You are so limited with your knowledge as usual. I’m embarrased you are a Leaf fan.

        • You are so limited with your knowledge as usual. I’m embarrased you are a Leaf fan

          • I know enough not to play a checking center on my top line…lol

          • With guys like you and Mike (the dude who thinks we are trading for Malkin) around I am embarrassed to call myself a Leaf fan too.

  19. please,please,please.toronto fans just stop.dont you people have anything better to do w/your lives.now malkin is going to toronto?your team dosnt have enough players in your whole organization to trade for geno.hey heres a rumor-lemieux and gretski out of retirement to play for toronto for any two players of your choice plus a season ticket.try this toronto,pay your core players good money and fill in your other roster spots with complimentary players ala the pens?no wonder nobody wants to go there.the fans want to trade everybody for everybody and anybody.you want the malkin?you cant handle the malkin!go after ovie and when you get him , youll want to trade him too.

    • My advice. Ignore the dreamers, they just seem to frustrate you and everyone else. Either that or just snicker to yourself and wonder what planet they are from.

      • Or what they may be smoking……………….and they say the best is from BC

    • @reality check
      I think 5 Leaf fans already crapped all over that Malkin trade proposal so need to get all upset.

  20. Detroit might want Stafford? Take him, please! We’ll accept a bag of pucks in return…even used ones.

    • I think the guy just needs a change of scenery.

    • Personally i’m hoping the pens hop onto the Stafford wagon and picks him up cheap.

      • no …. we need a guy like Ott … a punk who gets under the other team’s skin … we are soft …

  21. I have to think Shero is looking more at a Setoguchi for Despre straight up trade with Minnesota and possibly a David Jones for a conditional pick from Colorado. With Letang to get signed and Joe Morrow in the minors it makes sense. Maybe an attempt to get Ryan Whitney back from ??? Oilers ??? with a conditional too for some insurance on D. Eaton is turning out to be a crazy good mid season pick up on D.

    • With 8 d men on the roster i don’t see them adding another and i really believe devin can be had for less then simon. I still feel a third round pick can land devin.

      • Setoguchi for Despre straight-up? That’s funny.

      • If they can get Setoguchi for less, that works for me but you ask yourself. Would you like to have a veteran presence like Whitney to plug into a playoff line up or are you happy with someone like Bortuzzo being thrown into the mix? Penguins have a lot of good prospects at D but last year proved that they seriously lacked quality defense.

        That’s why they are called rentals folks.

    • I wouldn’t trade Bortuzzo for Setoguchi let alone DePres … do you follow hockey?

      • I’ve been following hockey for nearly 40 years and know the Penguins and their system quite well. You tell me Why Setoguchi for Despre is not a valid trade.

        I would think if anything the Pens make out in this deal. Wild need a defense man that can puck handle so Despre’s value is greater to them.

  22. Derek Roy has struggled with Dallas since being acquired in June from the Sabres for forward Steve Ott and defenseman Adam Pardy. Roy spent time from 2010 to 2012 injured, which partly affected his point production. Roy fell out of favor in the Sabres organization also.