NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Thursday, March 7, 2013.

The latest on Jarome Iginla, Daniel Alfredsson and Stephen Weiss, plus speculation on possible moves by the Red Wings.

Could Ryan Whitney be dealt soon?

Could Ryan Whitney be dealt soon?

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Boston Bruins have the cap space to add a significant player or two by the trade deadline, but GM Peter Chiarelli downplays the possibility, pointing out having the cap space doesn’t mean he’ll make a blockbuster move. Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson and  Calgary’s Jarome Iginla have been linked to the Bruins, and LeBrun speculates they might take a look at Anaheim’s Corey Perry if he became available…Jonathan Bernier is the LA Kings prime trade chip but LeBrun isn’t sure if he’ll be moved before the trade deadline or this summer, when he’ll be a restricted free agent…The Penguins have been linked to Iginla, but it remains to be seen what the asking price would be or if Iginla would waive his movement clause…LeBrun doesn’t believe the Canadiens will move Lars Eller. They do have three second round picks plus two third rounders in this year’s draft to draw upon as trade bait, but GM Marc Bergevin may be reluctant to mortgage the future…The Edmonton Oilers have yet to determine if they’re buyers or sellers. If they become sellers, Ryan Whitney and Nikolai Khabibulin are the most likely to move…The Ottawa Senators need offense but GM Bryan Murray won’t deal away youth for a quick-fix. They could move Ben Bishop for the right offer. As for Alfredsson, Murray will leave the decision on his future up to his captain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps I’m being stubborn, but I just don’t believe Alfredsson will bail on the Senators, especially when they’re battling for a playoff berth. He could’ve left two years ago when Murray blew up the roster and mid-season and commenced rebuilding but didn’t, so I don’t see him doing it now. Even if they drop out of contention, I still don’t believe Alfredsson will demand a trade…Iginla could be available, but of course it all depends upon where the Flames are in the standings by the end of this month, and if he’s willing to move… I don’t believe the Ducks will trade Perry unless the arse goes out of their season between now and April 3…Bernier has played very well in relief of Jonathan Quick this season, so I believe the Kings will wait until this summer to move him. As long as they’re in the playoff hunt, I can’t see them moving Bernier…Bergevin could move one or two of those draft picks if he feels he needs to add depth to his lineup. I agree with LeBrun regarding Eller…I can see Whitney and Khabibulin hitting the trade block very soon…Until Craig Anderson returns fully healthy, the Senators won’t consider moving Bishop.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty believes the Boston Bruins need to bolster their third-line depth. Haggarty reports the Bruins have  been scouting the San Jose Sharks lately, suggesting Sharks left wing Ryane Clowe (a pending UFA this summer) could be their target. Jarome Iginla, Ryan Smyth and Brenden Morrow could also be available by the trade deadline, as well as Columbus’ Vinny Prospal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of those listed, Clowe might be the easiest to acquire, as his production is down this season and his future with the Sharks appears uncertain. Morrow and Smyth could also be affordable. Prospal, too, but he might be a little more costly to acquire than Clowe, Morrow or Smyth. Iginla would be expensive, which makes me doubt Bruins management is willing to pay the price to land him.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Florida Panthers center Stephen Weiss said he’d like to re-sign with the club, but acknowledged the possibility he may have played his final game with the club. Wrist surgery has ended Weiss’ season, and he’s an unrestricted free agent this summer.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan believes how the Detroit Red Wings fare over the next two-three weeks will determine if they become players by the NHL trade deadline. If they make any moves, Khan thinks they’ll pursue a top-four defenseman or a top-six forward.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports the Red Wings cannot mortgage their future by trading away a first round pick or their promising prospects for a quick fix. She suggests Valtteri Filppula could be their most valuable trade asset, but he’s in a contract year which could scare off some suitors.  They could shop Johan Franzen, but he’d also be difficult to replace. Defenseman Ian White could be available, but there’s a limit as to what he could fetch. She also believes the Wings are in the market for a top-four defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As with most teams, it’s going to take until the end of this month before the playoff picture becomes clearer for the Red Wings. Even then, if they become buyers, landing an affordable top-four defenseman won’t be easy. I don’t believe they’d move Franzen, and despite Filppula’s contract status, they’ll likely retain him for the rest of the season.


  1. Visnovsky = top 4 D = UFA = will never re-sign with NYI = cheap.

    Why are there no rumors about him?

    Oh, how good he’d look playing for Detroit or Boston or Montreal and Oh, how he’d help Ottowa.

    • I wonder if his personal issues back home will scare away teams.

    • He’s older, might go Zubov and finish up in Russia

  2. I believe that Detroit would move Franzen given the right deal. The cap hit is 4m but he’s catching a lot of grief here over his streaky play. Can’t see them moving Filppula unless it’s a block buster, he’ll be resigned. Holland is going to have to give Brunner a big raise shortly.

  3. I can’t believe in this day and age of tight cap space and big money UFA signings NHL teams still go into the trade deadline with all star players that are to become UFA’s. It blows my mind that the Ducks have this dilema on their hands with Getlaf and Perry. Why not go to both these guys at the beginning of the season and say sign a new contract now or we are trading your asses tomorrow. Instead they start the season knowing full well if things go well and they are a playoff team they will probably be screwed wondering if they will resign in the summer or will they potentially loose both these guys for nothing. I understand these players always play better in their final year of their contracts but if you know they have no interest in staying with the team or if you know you won’t have the cap space why put your team, fans and organization through this uncertainty.Get it done in advance of the season opening before your roster is set and your team gels before it really matters.

    • Totally agree why lose a player for nothing. I’d rather trade any ufa unwilling to resign than let them walk for nothing. Think of what NJ or Columbus could’ve got for Parise or Suter. They got nothing. I’m a Bruins fan and it seems like we try to sign guys before they are ufa.

      • Since when was Parise or Suter a Blue Jacket?

        • He obviously meant the other Columbus, Nashville. 😉

  4. I am a leafs fan so by right i hate the wings lol that being said they produce some of the games best players. Franzen would be an awesome addition to any team, but i am looking at the leafs. I will be honest i do not watch to many Detroit games but when i do he seems to easily be a top 6 power forward. Just wondering what some fans think it would cost to get him out of Detroit?? would it be for picks, or do they need a stud d man and some prospects??

  5. Alfredsson is going nowhere.
    Iginla is going nowhere because the flames management mindset is still stuck.
    Getzlaf is staying and Perry is moving on.
    Visnovski will help someone but beware his mental state.
    No one will take on whitney because of his salary and injury history.
    The bruins will add Ryan Clowe but nobody else.
    Florida will not re-sign Weiss.
    The red wings will not trade Franzen or Filppula although Franzen could use a change of scenery.

    • Why won’t the Panthers re-sign Weiss?

    • Alfredsson and Iginla aren’t going anywhere. Getz will be re-signed, Perry will likely end up in Pittsburgh or Ottawa. Viz won’t be going anywhere, while the Bruins will likely go after Smyth or Morrow. Florida will trade Weiss during the NHL Entry Draft, while Detroit will likely trade Franzen, as he probably has the best value capwise-term. As teams will be hesitant on Filppula, because this is a contract year for him and is set to be a UFA…might pose difficult to re-sign.

  6. Unless Tallon as a plan to replace Weiss for next season, i don’t see how he let’s Weiss walk away this summer.

    Free agency for centers is weak this year, although Derek Roy is intriguing and his style could be a good fit with the Panthers.

    I’d take a chance on Whitney any day.

  7. Its not so much that Talon won’t sign Weiss but that Weiss will decide to move on. Just my thought.
    You may also take a chance on Whitney but in my opinion I don’t think any GM’s are going to pay the price that Tambellini will ask.

    • No Dale Talon pretty much said that he wont resign Stephen Weiss because of the Cap Issues there are other players that need to be resigned that he feels are a better option then weiss.

      • Well there you go then. Because of broken wrist he probably won’t be able to be traded either. Guess Weiss can put his house up for sale.

      • when did tallon say he won’t resigned Weiss. in fact he said on hotstove that he wasn’t going to trade Weiss and will try to resigned him

  8. In my opinion, Franzen is the not the same player as he was since he tore his ACL and then hurt his back… He is no Holmstrom.. He is a perimeter player and does not like to get his nose dirty..

    I would trade Franzen to get a top 4 D man for sure.

    • Johan Franzen for Shea Weber (Sarcasm)

    • Problem is if teams around the league feel as you do he won’t garner a 4 d-man in a trade especially since several teams will probably pay more for a decent 2nd line d-man.

  9. Sabres should make a pitch for Bernier IMO Miller will be moving on once he’s UFA after next season. They should also look at Iggy. We need leadership and another top 6 forward and Iggy fits both.

  10. heard a Calgary broadcaster talking today and the decision on whether or not to move is Iginla’s to make and he has to see the futility in staying in Calgary, this is not a Mats Sundin situation where he’ll finish the season and move on. for the good of the Flames he has to move at the deadline probably to Pittsburgh where he’ll resign next year. Clowe will move as his eratic play has made him expendable in San Jose. i don’t see Alfredsson ending his career with any team but Ottawa.

  11. spotlight on Markstome and maybe just some nervous jitters, but how many more games like tonight’s vs. Washington before Tallon makes a move?