NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

The NHL trade deadline is tomorrow. Get the latest on the Bruins, Jets, Flames, Blackhawks, Red Wings, Panthers and Avalanche.

Could Curtis Glencross be the next Flame on the move?

Could Curtis Glencross be the next Flame on the move?

CALGARY HERALD: Following Jay Bouwmeester’s trade to St. Louis last night, George Johnson wonders which Flame will be next on the trade block. Miikka Kiprusoff, Mike Cammalleri and Curtis Glencross could become trade candidates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Maple Leafs were given permission yesterday to speak with Kiprusoff’s agent, and Glencross is starting to pop up in trade speculation. One or both could be gone by the deadline tomorrow.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty lists Ryane Clowe, Dan Boyle, Jaromir Jagr, Mark Streit and Curtis Glencross as potential trade deadline targets for the Boston Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of this bunch, Glencross’ style of game could make him the best fit on the Bruins, provided the Flames are willing to move him, and he’s willing to accept a trade.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff could be a buyer and a seller at the trade deadline. The Jets are believed in the market for a top-six right winger, but Cheveldayoff is willing to expand his focus.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: After acquiring center Michal Handzus from San Jose yesterday, Mark Lazerus reports Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman isn’t ruling out other moves before the trade deadline, but isn’t looking to move out any current roster players. It’s possible he  stands pat if he finds nothing worthwhile in the trade market.

DETROIT NEWS: Gregg Krupa reports Red Wings GM Ken Holland isn’t interested in acquiring marginal talent at the trade deadline. “If we can do a legitimate trade to acquire a player that we think is a legitimate top-nine or a top-six forward, or a legitimate top-four defenseman, then we’re going to look,” he said. “Unless we get that, I don’t think we have a deal.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings had interest in Jay Bouwmeester before he was shipped to St. Louis last night, but obviously Holland doesn’t want to part with promising young assets or core players. 

DENVER POST: Mike Chambers doesn’t expect the Colorado Avalanche to be very busy at the trade deadline.

MIAMI HERALD: David J. Neal doesn’t expect the Florida Panthers to make any significant moves at the deadline. Most of the players they’d consider moving are sidelined by injuries, and they have no interest in moving any of their promising young players.


  1. Calagary

    Iam not sure about all of you but Calgary is a buck short and a day late with the trades for J BO and Iginla.
    They added no roster players and got no 1A NHL ready prospects to rebuild around for two elite players.
    this is really di heartening for Flames fans.

    I love Kipper …BUT Iam not usre his head or heart is in playiong anymore …I really think this could be a terribel situation for the Leafs if kipper just feels forced to be doing this ……he has not looked good this year in what he has deemed to possibly be his last season ! ( unannounced) that is !
    I would not give up a roster player for him at this point and I would keep my fingers on the RED Luongo bat phone to Gillis for a last minute deadline call !!!

    Iam getting the sense that a lot of G M s are trying to create a bidding war for teams as opposed to actually having interest …and se what they canget other teams to spend….but it seems teams are willing to unload players for mid level deals and not subtracting anything from the current rosters …..which is wrid considering the cap reduction next year !!

    Ryan Clowe
    You would jhave to be out of your mind to take on this guy at the 7 yeard extension that he is asking for when traded ……just ridiculous …..he s playing it smart ….essentially he is making it so hard in his new contract to be moved ….I dont see how a team will take that chance ….especially the cap tight Habs or Philly !!

    St Louis
    ….. is all in as they should be …they have great cap room as well and have some great young players , they make great trading partners for quality deals here !!! Perron on the move maybe!

    Id say that the Jets need to bolster the back end on a really tough to play against D man they are to focused on the puck movement powerplay type guy ! …they need a stay at home stallwart D man !!

    @ Canadian King

    Looks like I was off at bit on La deal but Lombardi gave away one too many draft picks as it my as well have been a #1 drat pick as 2 second rounders in this deep draft for Regher is way TOOO much !
    However they have a hole to fill ….but thats too much !!

    • I agree Calgary is late with trading its assets. They shouldve moved them last year, but they did aquire a couple first round picks and have 3 so far. I imagine another one when Kipper is traded and another when Glencross is traded. They’ll have all kinds of assest to trade come draft day. Teams will be looking to unload because of the cap going down and Calgary could benefit from having lots of cap room.

      TOR does not need a goaltender. They should trade off their free agents and ride it out. We all know they aren’t going to make it far in the playoffs so why make a trade for a goalie. Give the young guys a chance they may go on a run like Holtby.

      I hope the Hawks add another center and defenceman. If they add a guy like Riberio and Hainsley we would be set! I was hoping Reghr would go to CHI, but 2 second rd picks is alot.

      I know Clowe is the type of forward everyone wants but zero goals and is supposedly hurt, why take that chance. I doubt he would pass a physical. but hey cudos to him if he can ride it to the bank. So much for a lockout when a bottom 6 forward can right his own ticket.

      • Kipr just hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep with the new baby around. Move him to To and he can get lots of sleep.

      • I totaly agree about the lock out scenario ….what a waste of time and money as the woners in the end always look to stick it to another team with money to get there man !!!

        How many owners right now wish they could spend more money than they have to get 3 – 4 extra players before anyone else could …..I know ALL OF THEM …thats just the way it is ….frustrating !!!

        • Kipper can still steal a game but I think its just pointless now to go and get him. If they wanted a vet goalie shouldve already picked one up at the start of the season. I cant wait for TOR to do a stupid move and trade away assets for someone who isnt going to help them. I think most TOR fans are content with making the playoffs. They will not win the cup so dont waste assets on a pipe dream.

          • Agreed, Hawks. I’m a Habs fan and feel the same – we’re not ready to beat the Pens or Bruins over a 7-game series, so why give up anything promising to pretend like we could.

            Same for the Leafs. What if Reimer’s a playoff stud? Even if he isn’t and the Leafs lose in the 1st round, Nonis has learned something valuable for his team to look at for next season. Getting Kipper they probably *still* lose in the 1st round this year, and learn nothing.

    • The picks were for 2014 and 2015 if I heard correctly.

  2. kipper would do just fine in Toronto, a team finally bound to make the playoffs and with a few deadline deals have a shot at 2nd and 3rd round in the playoffs. Calgary has been on a slide since there cup run and should have rebuilt years ago. Feaster is a horrible gm and might get a 3rd and say Ashton from Toronto. I hope nonis is working on top 4 d man yandle, robidas. a younger center in couterier , hanzal, as well and not just focused on this kipper deal.

    • If Kipr comes then the Leafs need to have Calgary retain some of the cap hit so they have enough money this summer to go after a number one center and a top Dman. Kipr’s cap hit is $5.8M which would mess up the Leafs going forward. Way to much if he becomes a back up eventually.

      • cant see it happening( the flames retaining) how would that work anyways? I mean his salary next year is only 1.5 mil i know his cap hit is more, so can a trading team retain some cap hit without retaining salary???? wonder if the leafs would half to give more or maybe there is more in the works, then just kipper to Toronto. maybe Calgary eats komis contract and gets a second instead of a 3rd??

        • Looks like they could retain up to $2.9M on the cap of his $5.8M cap hit if the Flames wanted to which makes Kipr more attractive and worth more.

          • If the Flames retain $2.8M and take Scrivens and his $600k then he really only costs the Leafs $2.2M extra against the cap. Not horrible.

            I’m thinking the Flames may also want a Kulemin so there goes another $2.8M so really the Leafs could swing it so Kipr costs nothing extra on a cap hit and only $1.5M in actual salary (not that MLSE cares about a peanut amount of money)

  3. and if clowe gets a seven year extension and has zero goals just imagine what Clarkson will get as a ufa

  4. Thats it Holland you tell that how it is!!! This is detroit you accept what we offer or YOU get nothing. This guy is a joke. The fans of detroit are now finally starting to see it. He, fo some reason is afraid to make a move. Its getting ridiculous. oh well if we get into the playoffs, holland is happy with one and done. And Spector you say he is nt willing to part with prospects, yet he is unwilling to give them a legit shot at the show. We have Tartar, Nyquist, Mursak Mrzak, to name a few that will be brought up and actually produce and yet when a Bertuzzi, Cleary or any other turds he has signed come back he plays them. Its not just Babcock. Its frutrating watching a bunch of washed has-beens not produce on a niht to night basis, oi really dont blame Datsyuk for wanting to leave.

    • Holland has been a genius at keeping DET competitive. Losing Lidstrom was a huge hole that no one can fill. They let there kids develop before bringing them up so they are ready. How many teams have brought kids up to soon only to see them fail? DET wont be long before they are a great team again.

    • He’s not afraid to make a move, he’s just being conservative. This is a deep draft coming up and he doesn’t want to lose his 1st rounder. He also doesn’t want to waste young assets on a rental or depth player that likely will not make much of an impact. And finally he doesn’t want to take on too much salary because the Wings are going to be relatively tight against the cap next season after signing Howard, Smith, Brunner, etc.

      As for not playing the young guys, I agree that they could loosen the reins a bit. However, Andersson, Brunner, Lashoff and Smith have all gotten good looks this year. Tatar is ready and Nyquist is getting more comfortable so once some roster spots open up they will hit the ground running.

      I’m no Holland apologist, but the fact is this team is in a miniature rebuild. It would be very risky and potentially devastating to go for a quick fix before they are ready. Just look at the Leafs and the Phil Kessel deal.

      • Detroit is going to be going through what you call a mini-rebuild for the next few seasons. Not only have they lost players last year to retirement but they will soon lose Zetterberg, Cleary, Bertuzzi, Franzen, Samuelsson, to retirement or severely reduced roles. They also do not have a lot in the pipeline either in regards to first line forwards. I think that the league will see that Detroits development system is not all that it is cracked up to be and that they relied heavily on Lidsstrom to be “the guy” for everything.
        Are you nuts, Kessel a quick fix. He was traded for to be the teams scoring leader for many years, how the hell is that a quick fix. And please don’t give me all that rhetoric about they could of had Hamilton and Sequin. There was no way that Burke ever envisioned them finishing as low in the ranks as they did giving Boston those two great picks. If they had finished fourth or higher from the bottom their wouldn’t be all this bullshit about Kessel being bantied about. sure he’s soft but so was Gretzky and he had Cement head to protect him. Detroit is on the way down.

  5. If Leafs are not technically supposed to be talking contract extension until the off-season, why would they be speaking with Kiprusoff’s agent? Could it be that they need to sell them on the idea of coming to TO? Like many Leafs’ fans, I believe the best course of acton would be to maintain the status quo. Give the kids a chance and let’s see what we’ve got. No one’s expecting a Cup run this year. If goaltending is, in fact, an issue, it can be addressed in the off-season through trade or free agency. Costs should be reasonable as teams scramble to adapt to the lowering of the salary cap.

  6. I’m going to warn everyone once. Nothing wrong with disagreements, but if you stoop to personal insults and profanity, I will ban you. Forewarned is forearmed.

  7. Bruins have acquired Jaromir Jagr from Dallas for prospects McDermid, and Payne… and a conditional 2nd round pick. Gret pick up by the Bruins without mortgaging the team.