NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Tuesday, August 20, 2013.

Updates on Jonas Hiller, Dan Cleary and Hal Gill, plus the latest on the “Theodore to Boston” rumor.

Could this season be Jonas  Hiller's last with the Ducks?

Could this season be Jonas Hiller’s last with the Ducks?

ESPN.COM: In a recent post examining the upcoming season’s “top goalie timeshares”, Tim Kavanagh speculates this could be the final season with the Anaheim Ducks for netminder Jonas Hiller.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Hiller cannot fend off Viktor Fasth for the starter’s job this season,  it certainly will be his last season with the Ducks. Otherwise, it’s not a certainty Hiller won’t be returning with the Ducks after this season. A strong performance could result in a re-signing, though his asking price in that instance would be a determining factor in his future in Anaheim.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the Red Wings roster is likely set heading into training camp, which spells bad news for free agents Dan Cleary and Damien Brunner. The Wings extended contract offers to the pair earlier this summer but they’re seeking more than the club is willing to pay. The Wings are also reportedly close to re-signing Gustav Nyquist.

TORONTO SUN: Veteran NHL blueliner Hal Gill remains unsigned with training camp now less than a month away.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Gill’s size, experience and leadership abilities, I think he’ll find a one-year contract somewhere in the NHL this season.

TVASPORTS: Yvon Pedneault issues an apology to his readers after his recent report claiming Jose Theodore was close to signing with the Boston Bruins was debunked by Theodore’s agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t think anyone should hold this against Pedneault.  He made a mistake and acknowledged where he went wrong. I daresay he won’t do that again.


  1. I doubt Cleary’s demands for contract signing dollars are as high-calling as Brunner’s, which is where I can see a team like Buffalo signing him (Cleary) for depth. My predictions on that front, is:

    – Hodgson re-signed at 5 years, $16.5M ($3.3M per)
    – Cleary signed, 2 years, $5M ($2.25M per)

    The term/contract I gave Hodgson is what Josh Baily got with the Islanders.

    • *Cleary ($2.5M per)

    • While I see Buffalo offering 3.3 to Hodgson, I would almost guarantee that Hodgson is asking for considerably more, somewhere around 4.5.
      While the money suggested for Cleary is probably a little low but close, Cleary most likely would rather close out his career with a contender not a team in re-build mode.

      • I also think Hodgson is asking for more – he currently makes $1.6 and while he is an offensive force, he still needs to work on faceoffs and his defense. I can see him getting $17-18M for a 5 year deal – $2.25 yr. 1, $3.25 yr 2, and $4M for the next 3. Most likely they will end up signing a 2 year bridge deal. As some have said – Hodgson is a 1 line player in Buffalo, but on other teams he is a 3rd liner. I’m not too worried about his signing as there are several others out there that haven’t signed – Stepan, Kadri, Cowen and Johansson. I believe once one signs, the rest will fall into place.

  2. The Ducks better be careful letting go of a quality NHL # 1 goalie regardless of how well Viktor plays …Viktor is an aging goalie as well …Hiller has not been lights out but he has been steady eddie and only compliments the team as a whole , he isn’t a liability by any means….Ive posted before that a Hiller for Miller deal would be good for both those teams.

    However….. it seems that the Ducks are over the moon on Gibson and not even in the NHL yet and may be one of the front runners for the USA Olympic squad as its been stated around the league. With this said a Victor Fasth backing up and playing well it would seem that an introduction of John Gibson is imminent which does push Hiller out the door moving the team forward ….if the Ducks move out Hiller they would like a player in return as opposed to another Goalie IMO …with that said a team would have to push out another Goalie to bring Hiller in as most teams are very set on the Goalies they have right now or there would be more interest in guys like Theo and Timmy Thomas …even if the Ducks wanted to move him being a quality tender …its a stretch to see where he would fit ……Philly? ….Tampa? …Edmonton?…Islanders? …Wild? …..would seem to be spots of interest with there current tandems and
    so / so…. # 1 starters !

    • Exactly… all teams seem set w/ goaltending. By Dec, or deadline, we’ll likely see starter roles open up. We’ll also most likely see Silfverberg light it up.

    • It isn’t Gibson pushing Hiller, it’s Anderson. Anderson had a real good year in AHL and may, I said MAY be ready to move up to backup in NHL with Gibson going from OHL to AHL. Miller for Hiller will NEVER happen. The whole point of trading Hiller is that he makes 4.5 million and as I recall Miler over 6 mil. Fasth is 2-2.5 mil as I recall so if you have Miller 6+ and Fasth 2+ that’s over 8 mil in goalies with Anderson and Gibson waiting in AHL, not going to happen. If both Hiller & Fasth stay injury free and start out well, one will be traded before trade deadline and it won’t be for Miller. Not a knock against Miller but Ducks are small market team, they don’t need 8 mil+ in goalies sitting around, bigger needs lie ahead, that’s why Bobby Ryan was traded, couldn’t resign him 2 years from now, don’t have the money.

    • Calgary could use a starter, but I don’t know how keen Anaheim would be to trade withing their conference…

      • Dealing within the same Conference isn’t a concern/issue, dealing within the same Division is another story. Would Anaheim want to trade for Luongo?…straight up trade?

  3. I think Cleary, Brunner and Gill will find homes but they may not be happy wtih the term/price they command at this point.

    For Gill it might take an injury somewhere to open up a spot as there are likely concerns that his best years are behind him.

  4. i’d be happy if the Pens would Re-unite Gill and Scudrei! make a trade or 2! both can mentor the young ‘D’

    • I never thought about this scenario, nor have I ever heard of it as a rumour, but it sounds like a brilliant move for the pens who could use a short term big bodied stay at home defenceman…..especially in the playoffs.

    • As a Flyers fan I would love to see Gill in Pittsburgh.

      • lol

        • you mean giggling like a girl …

          • I notice you bring girls up alot, is there something you would like to tell us or is it all in the name limp?

  5. Shticky, just an update, as you talked about him A LOT, but Fistric has signed a 1 year deal with Anaheim. Likely a positional filling, as Souray is injured and will be out 4-6 months.

    • Ya…kind sucks for me and Sheldon, there is always Hainsey tho.
      Im ok with Franson as long as its not a stupid deal like anything above 3.5 for a year or 2 hes got lots left to prove in my eyes same as Kadri (Kadri is the more important of the 2 tho) I just think with all the guys we have that are suited to Fransons role, we could address other glaring needs by trading him…like the fact that Kadri is the only top 6 prospect we have, and you can sign a more stay at home type guy for far less then Franson which we also lack.

      • I dunno, I just like Franson a lot. He is young dman with huge potential and we’re just scratching the surface for what he can bring. We all know that Phaneuf eats up a ton of minutes, but he is more of a burden than a benefit. I’d say trade Phaneuf with Kulemin, and re-sign Kadri and Franson.

        • You could be right with Franson like I said its not like I dont like him I just think he has a tone more to prove, alot of last year he was a sheltered bottom pairing. If we keep him and he hold his own its awesome. If he takes a step back or just resumes playing a 4 or 5 role well…. we really dont need another Liles type pmd guy with a crappy contract that is tough to move. Plus we lose the opportunity that we had for moving him when his value is high

  6. On another update for Leafs Nation, and any knowledgeable hockey fan outside Leafs Nation…Kadri has let it be known again that this legging of signing him or not, is weighing on him (taking a toll) leading up to Training Camp. And we’re aware that Nonis says there shouldn’t be anything for us and them to worry about and that the re-signing of Kadri and Franson will get done. If they’re so confident, just sign them already!