NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Tuesday, February 26, 2013.

The latest on Mike Smith, Simon Gagne and Jose Theodore, plus updates on the Bruins and Flyers.

Could the Bruins pursue Ryane Clowe?

Could the Bruins pursue Ryane Clowe?

ESPN BOSTON: James Murphy listed Calgary’s Jarome Iginla, Dallas’ Michael Ryder, Florida’s Stephen Weiss, San Jose’s Ryane Clowe and Philadelphia’s Ruslan Fedotenko as five forwards the Bruins should target leading up to the NHL trade deadline. All five are slated for unrestricted free agency this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Where their respective teams are in the standings will determine their availability, plus those with movement clauses (Iginla, Weiss) must be willing to waive them.

Of this group, I’d say Ryder and Fedotenko would be the easiest to acquire. Ryder’s a former Bruin (he was part of the 2011 Cup championship) so he’d fit it easily, and Fedotenko (who has a modified NTC) would address their need for grit on left wing. Iginla and Weiss would cost too much, and I doubt the Sharks will part with Clowe.

FOXSPORTS ARIZONA: Craig Morgan reports Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney said contract talks with goaltender Mike Smith are on hold this season due to the club’s uncertain ownership situation. Maloney also won’t be sending Colorado Avalanche holdout center Ryan O’Reilly an offer sheet.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would be a shame if the Coyotes lost another starting goalie because of their never-ending ownership woes. We’ll have to wait until the off-season to see how this plays out. Don’t expect Smith to be shopped.  Maloney hopes to re-sign him.

RDS.CA: Renaud Lavoie reported a GM told him there is “no doubt” LA Kings winger Simon Gagne could be dealt to a club seeking depth at forward. Gagne is healthy this season and has five points in 11 games this season. He’s due to become a UFA this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gagne’s cap hit is $3.5 million. At this point in his career, I believe clubs could have more concerns over his concussion history than his salary.

SUNSENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports the poor performance this season of Panthers center Stephen Weiss is hurting his trade value. GM Dale Tallon insists he wants to re-sign Weiss, while a source told Fialkov neither Weiss or goaltender Jose Theodore were being shopped…yet.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Panthers don’t turn things around soon, I expect the fire sale to begin around mid-March.

PHILLY.COM: More than 21 scouts and front office types from around the league took in last night’s Maple Leafs-Flyers game, including the GMs of the Winnipeg Jets and St. Louis Blues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Let your imaginations soar!


  1. Every player in the league to Toronto for komisarik…and…go!

    • LOL….I know it’s embarrassing for some of us leaf fans too that have some semblance of hockey iq.

      • The chances are that most of them were there to see the flyers. I’ll bet anything that Holmgren has been on the phone already as his team has struggled and may want to make a change or two. They desperately need some steady d-men. Nonis may have a poker or two in the fire but I don’t think he is in a big rush to make changes as the leafs are playing better now than they have for years.
        Simon Gagne should just retire before he gets another major concussion that he can’t recover from.
        I really feel for Maloney in Phoenix. His hands are tied in so many ways. I know that the coyotes are Bettmans little problem that just won’t go away but I think it’s time to realise that no super wealthy person wants to own the coyote franchise. You tried Gary, you really gave it the old college try, but its time to admit failure and move to Quebec City.

    • I fail to see how comments like “Every player in the league to Toronto for komisarik… and…go!” are any more productive than the stupid trade ideas that get posted.

      • It’s because sarcasm is hilarious. It’s kind of hard to read it on the net, but it’s there. And it’s awesome.

      • I have been a leaf fan for almost 50 years. I even live in Alberta but once I pick a team I stay with them. Anyways I have to admit that there are some really idiotic leafs fans out there perhaps more so than any other team. But you have to understand that we have been waiting for a long time and many older fans are at our wits end. However, I have to say that there are just as many leaf haters out there that propose just as many stupid trade scenarios involving leaf players. The idiocy goes both ways, so when you see a leaf fan proposal that makes no sense just keep in mind that they are just desperate for a championship and without a doubt the most loyal fans in the league.

        • Well, now one domino has fallen. LA traded Gagne to Philly for a conditional 4th round draft pick. More dominos to come for Philly? I think Philly should trade Briere while he still have very high value, as he is 35 years old. I know he has a NMC contract, but to another contender, like in the West, he’d might opt out. If not, Philly is going to have to move contracts to free up cap space, as they have none. Fedotenko has to go as well, maybe for a 2nd round draft pick. Briere would fetch them 2 first round picks, 2nd round pick and a 3rd round pick.

          • Briere is not getting you 2 first round pics… Great player and all but not with a nmc $7mill for this year and 2 more years on his contract at 5 and 3mill and he is 35 years old…tough to see him going anywhere unless a big salary is coming back

          • honestly briere won’t net you a single 1st rounder this year. waaaay to deep of a draft and he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past what he used to be. 2nd rounder is all u can hope for him and maybe a mid-ranged prospect.

  2. Gagne can be a fairly effective player still and is worth the contract. You are right that that his concussions are more of a concern but I think even at 3.5 Million this year a team would take a risk on him. LA has enough cap space to keep him for the year and still add so I don’t really see him getting moved unless they fall out of the playoffs.

  3. Gagne should be a fairly easy pick up for any team, but why would the Kings deal him and for what?

    I don’t think there is any rush to trade Weiss just yet. Panthers should wait to see how things go once Versteeg comes back.

    • Agreed not like he could hurt his trade value anymore in the next few games maybe once Versteeg gets back he can salvage some of his game…

  4. In order to move forward Flyers must take a step back. Unload Timonen, Briere, Fedotenko and who knows maybe even Mike Knuble. 1st two will bring 1st round picks and prospects. No doubt in my mind. Timonen is still decent top 3 d-men and Briere is money in playoffs. Feds will bring 3-4th round pick and Knuble = future considerations.

    I have no idea what to do with Bryzgalov. Lats 4-5 starts a bit lame. Tough decision there.

    • Nitro, I think most any team would love to pick up Briere, just for the mere fact that he is good for 30-40 points per season and is money in the playoffs – he’s sneaky and will get in front of the net. I think part of his slow start this year is due to Hartnell being injured – Hartnell does the dirty work and is a physical player. I also think Briere’s role shifted once Giroux became captain. I think when Richards left and Pronger didn’t come back, I assumed Briere would be named Captain and I think it might have stung a bit. Briere is a leader and with the trade rumors starting to swirl, I think it really could become a possibility that he does get traded. There is also rumor that Brad Richards could be unloaded and I could see Philly doing a deal for him. Anyway, I will be interested to see what comes about at the trade deadline – may Leino will go back to Philly.

      • Steve, no Briere had cracked wrist. A marginal injury that he had that responsible for his slow start. Simmonds was also out for 3 games. Briere will bring at least 1st and a prospect. He has two years but total 5M. It will be VERY easy to buy him out if team does not like his 6.5M cap hit.

        B.RIchards is 2nd coming Scott Gomez. Ok ok.. I am over exaggerating but B.RIchards is not worth his money. Thatt contract is horrible. I do not see anyone trading for him with that contract. Absolutely not.

        • Actually, yes Briere’s cap hit is $6.5M, but this year he is making $7M, next year $3M and the final year $2M. How can any team not be interested in that? But any trade that involves Briere, would come at a cost of his cap hit, and his cap hit would require (based on Offer Sheet for Group 2’s), Philly would get:

          2x First Round Draft Picks
          1x Second Round Draft Pick
          1x Third Round Draft Pick

          So to accumulate that into what Philly would require in a trade, and based on what NYR had to give up for Rick Nash, one would think Philly would get:

          3 roster players and a 1st rounder. Obvioulsy Philly (if they go this route), will mainly look at the Western Coference teams. Ones that would give up that much for a Briere. I’d like to see a trade between Colorado and Philly.

          To Philadephia: O’Rielly + Hishon + 1st Rounder
          To Colorado: Briere

          • Crack kills put down the pipe

          • OMG guy what are you smoking? 1st rounder from Colorado which is bound to be a top 10 + O’Rielly and Hishon? You clearly do not know hockey and should strain yourself from posting these types of ridiculous trade ideas before making an absolute buffoon out of yourself, again.

    • Sorry Nitro but Timonen and Briere will not bring 1st round picks, never mind a 1st and prospects, and people make fun of leaf fans, lol.


      • Of course they will bring 1st round picks, Briere scores at a point a game clip EVERY playoff and Timonen is a legit #2 d-man! The only thing stopping a trade is the NMC on both contracts.

        • Give up a 1st and take back a bad contract, hmmm. I suppose that would fit the needs of the flyers but what GM in his right mind would do that. Makes no sense at all. That means they would have to use up one of there amnesty buyouts on that player probably, and also inherit a player making 6.5 or 6.3 mil per as well when they are older players and the cap going down next year. Plus the fact this years draft is one of the best for prospects in years and every team is almost guarenteed a really good pick in the first round.

          • Bad contract? Each guy has one year left after this one! Stop over thinking this;)

  5. Bruins will pick up a player or two that won’t cost them too much.
    I don’t see Chia doing anything big. He hasn’t in the past.
    I would love to see a big name added though. Like briere or Hartnall.

  6. From years watching him up close, the words “Fedotenko” and “grit” are two that I would never put together in a million years. I would in fact call him the very pinnacle of the antithesis of grit. Ryan Kelser is gritty, David Backes, Brad Marchand, Scott Hartnell. But Fedotenko?!

    • Agree with all that except Marchand. He’s a dirty little pussy that hides behind the Likes of Thornton or Chara. You can file him in the Matt Cooke Folder.

      • You don’t have to be a big hitter to be gritty. Fedotenko is a good defensive forward who does solid work along the boards, is that not at least a little bit gritty?

      • Disagree with that….

        • Meant for TJ

  7. Clowe is for sure available from the sharks. But what would the Bruins give up for a guy with exactly 0 goals so far this season?

    • Clowe definitely needs a change of scenery. He would add some toughness to whom ever picks him up.

  8. I don’t see this year being a very trade heavy deadline. Its a short season, with no camp, players came in rusty and the league is decimated by injuries. I think most teams will be patient and smart and wait things out, try and make some free agent signings and make some minor deals here and there. But lets be honest for a sec

    1. Are the Flyers, Rangers, Capitals, & Avs as bad as they’ve been playing? No they really aren’t.
    2. Are the Leafs, Sens, Habs as good as they’ve been playing. As much as us fans would like to believe so, no they aren’t (though I do want them to prove me wrong).

    Its an odd ball season and the patient GM will be the winning GM.

    • Could be the opposite. By this trade deadline, we should be able to see more the teams that are selling and teams that are buying, not 27 teams unrealistically hoping to make the playoffs.

  9. Well all the speculation can quit now on Gagne, he just got traded back to the flyers

  10. Still shaking my head with the Oriley a first and a prospect for Briere…

    • Why. O’Rielly hasn’t proven himself. Sure he did good last year, but that doesn’t prove that he is a good proven player like Briere. So a coin toss + prospect and a 1st for Briere, is reasonable.

      • Because Colorado didn’t want to pay Oriley pretty close to what he is worth (if you look at other centers around the league) and are going to try and get some kind of package for him not deal him, and take a worse cap hit while sending other assets out of town aswell. You really think Briere is going to put the Avalanche over the hump to suddenly make some noise?….In the West? Not happening…

        • And you keep thinking Briere is going to bring in the same kinda deal as Nash that ain’t happening either he is 35 best years behind him Nash is 28 in his prime and the Rangers over paid for him before they new the way the cap was going to go too, I like Briere really I do but no one is giving their no 1 or 2 center a prospect and a first round pick for him especially a team which will be picking in the top 10picks this year…

      • Because no team is going to trade their a no. 1 or 2 line center plus a prospect plus a first round pick which will be a top 10 pick in a very good draft year for a 35 year old vet who’s best days are, long past and take a bad cap hit to top it all off…Dont get me wrong I really like Briere but to say he will get the same or a better return than Nash who is 7 years younger and the Rangers still way overpaid for is waaay off

        • More reasons…lol Briere would never waive a nmc to go to Colorado Lets see anyone else have any other reasons then the dozen or so already listed this makes no sense…oh ya how bout this one it could very well be the first pick over all they deal away so how does Seth Jones or nate McKinon plus Oriley plus a prospect sound for Briere. Jeesh

        • What Columbus got in return for Nash wasn’t an overpayment! As for what I put up for Briere to Colorado, is only a hopeful at being a top line centerman. He only has proven a single years worth = unproven. Hishon is merely a top prospect, which does not equate to a 1st or 2nd line centerman. So the trade scenario was based on a gamble at hoping these players turn out good and a 1st rounder. With the likes of Briere in the Avs roster, they are a playoffs team. You all are putting Colorado at drafting within the first 5 selections of the first round, when all they need to do is put together a few win streaks and they’re in a playoffs spot. They are only 5 points out of 7th! With a trade like I proposed, they’d have this line up:

          (Extra) Kobasew

          Overall, that team can easily be a playoffs team. Although it sucks that Johnson is out of their lineup.

          • 3points out of last over all…closer to the bottom then the playoffs ORiely has. more potential then 50/50 coin flip not like he has ever had a bad season or major injury..anyway I’m done with this its a stupid idea it would never happen nothing about it is a good idea for Colorado not even a little bit…beginning to feel like I’m arguing with a half whit.

  11. Ryder for Cole…done deal

    • Yup

    • Kinda odd for Dallas…but whatever

      • Bad move by Dallas, great move by Montreal. They shouldn’t of traded Ryder in the beginning.

        • *I mean, they should of either re-signed him or given him an contract extension. I forgot that he was a free agent when he left Montreal.

  12. The Flyers won’t move Timonen as they resigned him for next season… 6mill. Wasn’t overly pleased with that figure but he’s the best dman we have. On the UFA market this summer he’d easily get that money.

    I’d be in favor of moving Briere, but realistically I highly doubt he’d be willing to waive his clause.

    As for the argument that of what these two players would be worth… I agree with the assumption that they could both fetch 1st rounders or at least a highly touted prospect.
    That Colorado trade scenario made me laugh. Would be a tough sell to get a “Rick Nash” return out of Danny B.

  13. A lot of teams want a top 6 forward… what about Ryan O’Reilly? Is the asking price still too high?