NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Tuesday, June 11, 2013.

The latest on Dustin Penner, Nathan Horton, Sergei Bobrovsky, plus updates on the Red Wings and Blues.

Could the Kings re-sign Dustin Penner?

Could the Kings re-sign Dustin Penner?

NHL.COM: Curtis Zupke reports LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi indicated he wants to bring back winger Dustin Penner and could re-sign UFA blueliner Rob Scuderi. “I’m going to try everything I can to bring the pieces back,” Lombardi said when asked about Penner. “It’s going to be a little more difficult.”

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: Elliot Teaford reports Scuderi said he hasn’t spoken with his agent yet about re-signing with the Kings. He’d like to remain in Southern California but was noncommittal about returning to the Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings have around $11.8 million in cap space. In addition to Penner and Scuderi, they must re-sign RFA blueliner Slava Voynov, as well as RFAs Kyle Clifford, Trevor Lewis, Jordan Nolan, Alec Martinez, Keaton Ellerby and Jake Muzzin. Backup goalie Jonathan Bernier is also a restricted free agent, but its expected he’ll be traded this summer.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty believes Nathan Horton’s strong performance in this year’s playoffs makes him worth re-signing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The problem, however, is the Bruins have only $5.8 million in cap space, and must re-sign goaltender Tuukka Rask to a long-term contract, plus re-sign or replace Anton Khubobin, Jaromir Jagr and Andrew Ference. They’ll get over $4 million in cap relief when Marc Savard goes on LTIR again, and they could use a compliance buyout to shed Rich Peverley’s $3.25 million salary. That’s what it could take to keep Horton in the fold.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen said contract talks with Vezina Trophy nominee Sergei Bobrovsky have picked up in recent days, with Kekalainen telling his agent to approach their talks as if Bobrovsky had won the award.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think this gets done before the end of the month, especially once it’s known if Bobrovsky has actually won the Vezina or not.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Looks at several UFAs the Red Wings could pursue this summer, including Mark Streit, Bryan Bickell, Nathan Horton, Pascal Dupuis, Jarome Iginla and David Clarkson.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports Blues GM Doug Armstrong intends to talk with pending UFA defenseman Jordan Leopold.


  1. It will be interesting to see if the hiring of Eakin’s sparks any deals between the Leafs and the Oil. Eakin’s knows every young Toronto player intimately and could have a say in how the team plugs any holes on the Oilers roster. Just a thought off topic.

    Horton seems like “the best deal for your money” of any UFA player out there at this point. Let’s see if the price to sign him away from Boston actually stays at this lower level.

  2. There is no way the Bruins buy out Rich Peverley. They would rather do without Horton (and his 5M minimum salary for next year) than to lose Peverley’s versatility. Horton’s spot may go to Jagr if he resigns or Seguin may move up to the top line. He could be replaced by Alex Khokhlachev on the third line or they could pick up another Pouliot or someone like that.

    • I’d pay Horton $5M to join the Leafs as a top four winger (Lupul, JVR, Kessel, Horton). I think Bickell could be another flash in the pan and I think Clarkson will demand $6+ (not worth it).

      • Silly…1 head shot away from retirement no way do I wanna give Horton 5 mill…

        • I take Bickell out of the 3, he will come cheaper he is younger still could have more upside. Clarkson will be overpaid Im sure but I can’t see him making 6mill…

          • I think there will be a GM that pays Bickell 4/yr (to much), Clarkson will get 5/yr (to much). Horton (discount) will stay with bost.

          • Bickell? Based on what? He’s only had one great playoff run

        • I agree, I think signing Horton carries a risk – I think everytime Horton goes on the ice he is a hit away from retirement. I think TO should check out TJ Gilardi – he really impressed me during the season and in the playoffs for San Jose – has speed, skill and is willing to go to the net and corners and be physical. I just hope you all don’t sign Roy – that is the guy I am worried about.

          • TJ Giliardi is a RFA and I can’t see SJ letting him go unless someone offers him a crazy expensive contract, which I don’t see happening. But you are right he did look good in the playoffs.

        • You could say the same for Lupul and JVR or for anyone for that matter. Every player is one head shot away from a career ending injury. Leafs can always opt for LTIR if something happens. You can’t base signing guys of this calibre over concussion possibilities no one has a crystal ball otherwise the Pen’s wouldn’t have signed Crosby and every team in the league wouldn’t have wanted him if the Pens didn’t sign him.

          • But his style of play and injury history kind of increase the risk of a blow to the head.. Sid Lupul JVR not really in the same mold of a power forward like Horton who drops the gloves on occasion and depends much more on physical play then skill. I agree you can’t always base signing on the possibility of concussions or injury but in this case I think you could…

      • Why would Horton join the Leafs for 5M a year to become most hated Leaf? For 5M a year Horton will stay in Boston.

        Always injured Lupul make 5.2, while Grabosvki makes 5.5. Keep dreaming Leafs fans.

        • Same reason Bernier the ould go to the Flyers on an offersheet I guess…you speak of dreaming…lol

          • +1

          • Has an offer sheet ever worked for the Flyers? And if you guys want to continue to over pay goalies and look like a laughing stock for it ok… but unless it was an over payment or ridiculous amount of money that as of he wouldn’t be worth do you not think the Kings may match it knowing they will probably be able to deal him even easier now that he is under contract? It is much more likely that a player may sign in Toronto then an offer sheet from the Flyers works on Bernier… Tool

    • Soderburg somehow plays into all this.

    • I think Horton will take a small discount to stay in boston. $4.5 would be the same as Marchand. Rask is the important player to resign. Schneider got 4 a year so Rask should be 4.25 to 4.5. He really is a lot like Halak. Great playoff year going in to RFA summer, but Halak has been average since. Hope Boston doesn’t over pay.
      If boston has to they could buy out/ trade Peverley (3.25) and Kelly (3). They are playing just over 14 mins/game and are both minus on a plus team. They can be replaced by cheaper guys, even if it saves them 2 mil that’s a lot towards signing Rask and Horton.

    • Horton is far more valuable than Peverley. I like Peverley but he is over paid since he produces very little offensively. The Bruins have nobody to move into the top six if they don’t bring back Horton. Koko is not ready and I don’t think Jagr is coming back. Even with the concussion history I would like to see them buyout pevs unless someone wants him for a 6th rounder or something, then Bring back Horton. And Sequin will be back with Marchand and Bergeron next year.
      They can replace Peverley on the third line with Soderberg or Caron (re-sign) or possibly Spooner.

    • @Shticky let’s see LA has 12M to sign 7-8 players. I doubt they can pay 3.4M to a backup goalie. I gave you multiple reasons why it is more likely for Bernier to become a Flyer then for Horton to play for Leafs.
      1. Flyers known for offer sheets and yes they worked in the past. Since you do not know.
      2. Flyers and LA have history of trading.
      3. Multiple rumors about Bernier to the Flyers.
      4. Flyers thinking about buying out Bryzgalov.

      Now, give me one reasonable reason why Horton would want to sign with the Leafs especially for 5M a year.

      P.S you calling Flyers a laughing stock? Your team made playoffs for the 1st time in 7-8 years and got bounced in 1st round like a bunch of clowns. Biggest collapse in hockey history.

      • No no Bryzgalov and that contract isn’t a joke nor is the fact they have went thru 5 or 6 goalies the past 3, years you’re right nothing even remotely funny there the Flyers may very well get Bernier but it won’t be via offer sheet for a second round pick guaranteed, the King will have better offers and won’t let him walk for nothing even if they have done trades with Philly in the past dosent mean they would let the Flyers screw them with an offer sheet, Horton I could careless about so I hope he dosent sign with the Leafs, but maybe the Bruins realize he has a bit of an injury history and don’t feel comfortable signing a contract for 3-4 years between 4-5 mill per year and the Leafs (who have been known to overpay in the past Conoly Komisarek Grabovski ect…) offer him somethng stupid like 5 years at 5.5 I think the chances of the Leafs overpaying a player who has injury issues is greater then the Flyers getting Bernier on an offer sheet.

        • Ooooo Bryzgalov… I will take one Bryzgalov screw up over 7-8 years of Toronto failures. Bryzgalov is history in Philly. No biggy.

          At least Homer took Flyers to SC finals.. wtf did Nonis do? Nonis will be fired 2 years from now when you won’t make playoffs again. lol

          Horton won’t play in Toronto for 5M a year. Not for 5M a year.

          • Well…Nonis put the final touches on Vans team that made it past the conference finals been further In the playoffs as a GM then Homer ever made it took a pretty average team striped away some of the Burke signings an took them to the playoffs in his first year as GM of the leafs…really you need up this much of an update? So Far on his career of a GM I think Nonis has dome a pretty nice job really…do you think that anybody besides a Flyer fan would say the same of Homer?

  3. Some team should offer sheet Jonathan Bernier. Roughly 3.6M is 2nd round pick. I hope Flyers do it.
    Kings will be in a tough position to match and probably won’t

    • Why not offer a trade for a second round pick? No way Bernier is a King next year. I say the Isle should pick him up!

      • because he is worth more… that’s why.

        • He will be traded they won’t lose an asset like that to an offer sheet…

        • So if he is worth more then that (your own words) why would the Kings let him go On an offer sheet for a second? Wouldn’t it make more sense to package him in a deal or if they can’t resign him trade his rights for even a late first? A prospect? I’ll say it again 0 chance a Philly offer sheet works here.

  4. As I stated in another post yesterday I think Bernier ends up in Edmonton. The Oilers have picks or prospects or players to trade and the Kings will want a good young player prospect or pick in return. Perhaps a larger deal gets done and Stoll is added in to allow some salary to be shed, and the Oil could use a big gritty checking centre to replace Horcoff. Bernier would steal the starting position, but at the very least would probably play up to 40 games or more in tandem, something he would never see (barring injury) in LA. I would not rule out Pittsburgh looking at Bernier either, but not sure what Kings would want or accept in return. Other than the Flames ( thinking future) I don’t know that he is enough of an upgrade to push anyone out as a starter on another team.

    • I doubt Lombardi will be keen to move Bernier to a Western Conference team unless he gets an incredible offer. A pick and a prospect isn’t going to be enough to land Bernier and Stoll.

    • I agree with Jefferson, why would Lombardi keep Bernier West? Makes no sense.
      He would ask and arm andf a leg from Edmonton.

      • Bernier to the nj. 1 year to learn from the greatest and then he will take over.

      • I don’t see LA dealing Bernier to a Western Team, but could see him doing something with Philly or the Islanders. The thing is, Bernier has only played something like 62 games in the NHL over 4 years – so we really don’t know just how good he can be. Rumor has him going to Philly, but on the other hand Philly picked up Mason and he’s been touted as the heir apparent. I’m not saying Bernier won’t be moved, my sense is that the Kings are going to “overprice” him and we all know this year there is a “glut” of goalies available.

      • But he would let him walk for nothing to the Flyers on an offersheet?

        • Schtick – Bernier makes $1.5 so I’m sure LA will make him a qualifying offer. If Philly decides to give him an offer sheet – LA has the option of either matching or letting him go – but they will receive compensatory drafts based on Bernier’s new salary. According to some, Philly just needs to write an offer for $3.3M as LA cannot afford to match it and the compensatory draft pick would be a 2nd rounder. While the rumor has Philly offering Read for Bernier, I could see LA doing what Vancouver did with Ehrhoff – listening to all offers of trade to see if they can get more than just Read – giving another team the ability to sign him. Remember the Islander’s tried to sign Ehrhoff and then traded his rights to Buffalo. There are a number of Eastern Teams that would seem to be in the market for a goal this season.

    • Why does everyone who is not an Oiler fan think that the Oilers need a Goalie. Majority of Oilers fans believe in Dubnyk. He finished 14th in save percentage amongst starting goalies with a weak defence in front of him, he also stole a few wins last year. Not to mention he stole the starting job in the Spangler Cup from Bernier. IF the Oilers do anything in net it will be to improve it GREATLY not a sideways move which is what getting Bernie would do.

    • I agree Bernier will be moving out East. He hasnt really proven himself yet but he really hasnt been given a chance either. A lot of GM’s recently have been giving contracts based on potential and not the players actual skill or stats. Bernier needs a bridge contract (2 yrs)to show what he can do. Islanders sign him and Nabakov, then he has a veteran to bail him out if he bombs. As for NJ I have no idea what Lou has been thinking. You have the all time best goalie retiring soon and have not brought in anyone to be mentored by him…that to me is stupid. They should have had someone for the past 2 years in there to gain valuable knowledge and experience. Hedberg is good but old. He will be gone soon as well. My only thought is NJ is going to make a big move and bring in another established goalie….we shall see.

  5. What the hell has Bernier done in his career?? This is another Corey Schneider – I wish people would stop hyping up players that have done jack.

    Bernier isn’t going to the Oilers for the simple fact MacT CAN see past the end of his nose, unlike other GM’s (Tambellini) who have to overpay overperformers.

    • Further to that, how can you base someone’s worth on 48 games played in the NHL??????

      2.50 GAA with a .910 SV% – nothing to write home about. Dubnyk’s (last year) was 2.57 with a .920 SV%.

      If anything it would be lateral move.

      Come on people!

  6. If I’m a gm im on the phone every week with St. Louis. They have a great young team with some good rfa’s and aren’t a cap team. One of their goalies will be moved. Halak would be a great guy for an Edmonton or TO. Lots of big forwards and with petriangelo and shattenkirk as two of those rfa’s Philly could be using the offer sheets again.

  7. It is possible that the Sabres could use Bernier and Enroth in tandem after they deal Miller. Perhaps the Kings may be interested in a package that includes Vanek?

    • Honestly Unless it’s a package of Vanek and a pick I think the Sabers have probably the best thing to dangle in a trade all by himself…almost a sure thing him and Miller are going I think and if they do Vanek is a very attractive piece all by himself, adding salary or another player to complicate things just diminishes Vaneks value I think…

      • Could see something along the, ones of Ellerby and Bernier for Vanek possibly a pick thrown in there going either way…..

        • @Schticky I don’t see how you can tear apart Couturier’s game and then say Bernier will get you Vanek and a pick? A tad hypocritical no?

          I like Bernier’s talent level, he looked great in spurts this season with Quick struggling out the gate. That being said, I think if the asking price is outrageous for him the Flyers will pass.

          There have been rumors involving Matt Read for Bernier which could turn out to be a great deal for both teams.

          • No I said berneir Ellerby and possibly a pick….

          • I guess reading is not your strong suit….

          • What I meant by a pick going either way is that with Vanek being UFA after this year the pick may involve resigning or possibly LA might not want to throw away their first this year for a guy who won’t be there next year so to make it a little essier to swallow they swap their First, Ellerby, and Bernier for Vanek and Buffalo second something like that the picks would depend on how confident LA was that they could resign Vanek…

          • Easy. No need to try and take a shot at me. The way you phrased it, it looks to me like you are saying Vanek plus a pick for that package.

            I guess your only strong suit is leaving an improper ellipsis after everything you say because it certainly isn’t talking hockey.

            Thanks for coming out.

          • Really could work out well for Buffallo, next they move Miller to whoever for probably atleast a mid level prospect and a pick possibly more if they take some salary back and badda boom badda bing. Up graded D with a big strong D man. Goaltending should be just as good anyway, and 3 younger parts to help rebuild for 2 guys that don’t want to be part of it.

          • Go grade an English paper if you don’t like the elipses.

            Thanks glad to be here and well I’ll just leave the hockey comment alone…

  8. No chance the Kings trade him to a west team. Isles seem like the perfect match. Need a goalie, alot of cap room, and a ton of prospects to move. Philly has Mason and Bryz so thats not going to happen.

    • There is a rumor that NYI are looking at Miller.

      • I would discount that rumor as the Islanders are in the opposite direction Miller wants to go. Although I could see the Isles doing a deal for Bernier and resigning Nabby as a backup.

  9. anybody think since Eakins took over as coach in Edmonton, that they might give Toronto a little more for stealing there best coach?? lol seriously though i can see a big trade going on between the 2 teams. Eakins know this team (Leafs) better then anyone else, especially its young talent. i could see them targeting scrivens, hamilton, frattin, gardiner,..etc could be a 3-4 player trade on each side