NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

The latest on Corey Perry, Jarome Iginla, Shawn Horcoff, Kris Versteeg, Tyler Bozak, Shawn Matthias and many more.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman examined the advantages and disadvantages for the Anaheim Ducks if they either re-sign Corey Perry or move him by the trade deadline…Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster is keeping mum on potential moves by his club, but did acknowledge it is an “organizational decision” not to tear down the current roster and rebuild. They will try to address their lack of size and skill at center…Friedman wonders if Jarome Iginla could be traded, then return to the Flames this summer as a free agent…Freidman believes the Oilers will trade Ryan Whitney for sure, but is surprised there hasn’t been much conversation between management and pending UFA blueliner Ladislav Smid…Teams might covet Oilers center Shawn Horcoff. Expect Ales Hemsky’s name to resurface in the rumor mill…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If I were Ducks GM Bob Murray, I’d retain Perry in hopes of going deep in this year’s playoffs, try to re-sign him after the season, and if he’s unwilling to do so, try to move his rights before the July 5th free agency deadline…The Flames front office is deluding itself if it doesn’t see its roster needs a significant overhaul…I wouldn’t fully rule out Iginla returning to the Flames as a UFA if he were dealt to a Stanley Cup winner this season, but it would have to be for a considerably cheaper contract…Whitney will be moved, but the Oilers won’t get much for him. As for Smid, maybe they’re waiting until their season ends in late-April to start contract talks with him. Smid’s among the league leaders in blocked shots and hits this season, so he’s worth re-signing…Horcoff’s production has declined over the past couple of years, plus he’s got two more seasons at a cap hit of $5.5 million per left on his contract. Unless the Oilers wish to absorb part of his salary, I don’t expect they’ll get much interest in him.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson expects it’ll cost the Red Wing plenty to re-sign pending UFA goalie Jimmy Howard, suggesting he’ll get between $2.25 – $5 million per season. David Staples commented on speculation the Oilers could move center Sam Gagner, suggesting if Gagner (a restricted free agent this summer) seeks more than $5 million per season, the Oilers could shop him. Staples also believes until more is known about the long-term health and productivity of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, it would be wise to keep Gagner and instead shop a winger like Ales Hemsky.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur regarding Howard and Gagner. The Wings really don’t have anyone in their system to step up and replace Howard if they let him walk via free agency this summer, and there’s not much available via free agency or trade. $5 million per season seems likely for Howard. As for Gagner, they’re under no rush to make a decision on him right now, as they can wait until the summer. If his salary demands are reasonable, the Oilers should keep him. If they do shop him, it won’t be until this summer.

Could the Maple Leafs shop Tyler Bozak?

Could the Maple Leafs shop Tyler Bozak?

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis isn’t in any hurry to shop pending UFAs Tyler Bozak and Clark MacArthur. Zeisberger also reports Nonis won’t shop promising defenseman Jake Gardiner for a playoff rental player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve been amused by recent trade rumors regarding Bozak and MacArthur. The Leafs are in the thick of playoff contention. They’re not going to dump pending UFA players now. And it’s silly to think they’d trade Gardiner for a quick-fix. If they trade anyone, I expect it’ll be Mike Komisarek or John-Michael Liles, though their respective contracts won’t be easy to move.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma speculates the struggling Canucks could do some shopping before the trade deadline, wondering if they’ll “kick the tires” on Florida Panthers center (and pending RFA) Shawn Matthias. Possible pending UFAs to target include Buffalo’s Jochen Hecht, NY Islanders’ Marty Reasoner, and Tampa Bay’s Nate Thompson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of these, Matthias would be the best of the bunch, followed by Thompson, Hecht and Reasoner. Matthias has been among the few bright spots this season for the Panthers, so they might prefer to retain him.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports the Boston Bruins have been following the Dallas Stars over the past two games, as have “Pittsburgh, Toronto, Columbus, Minnesota and the New York Rangers.” Stars scouts also attended Monday’s Bruins-Senators game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stars captain Brenden Morrow has popped up of late in the trade rumor mill, and the Bruins are seeking a third line left wing. They’re also rumored following San Jose’s Ryane Clowe.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Florida Panthers will listen to offers for forwards Kris Versteeg and Tomas Fleischmann. Versteeg has three more years left on his contract ($4.4 million per season cap hit) while Fleischmann has two years at $4.5 million per season, with a modified “no-trade” clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There could be more interest in Fleischmann than Versteeg, as the former has been healthier this season and has a more affordable contract.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeff Gordon has his list of potential candidates for trade deadline moves. Corey Perry, Roberto Luongo, Mike Ribeiro, Jarome Iginla, Brandon Dubinsky, Ryane Clowe, Kris Versteeg, Clarke MacArthur, Jack Johnson, Brian Campbell, Jay Bouwmeester, Jussi Jokinen, Mike Komisarek, Tyler Bozak, and Keith Ballard.


  1. Agreed the Leafs probably won’t make any moves. It’s very tough to move Liles or Komi unless the Leafs eat salary but why do that with the amnisty provision this summer. I doubt Nonis cares if he looses Bozak or MacArthur to the UFA market this summer for nothing considering the best the Leafs would get at this years deadline for either player is a second rounder. The only reason I could see MacArthur being moved is to make room for Lupul but all it takes is one injury to a top 6 forward and there is no need to move any forwards. Nonis wants to keep depth for the playoffs. I think they would like to get Gardiner up and in some games but that means moving Kostka or eat some of Liles salary to move him. Who knows maybe they plan on waiving Orr or Steckle. . Tough choices…

    • If they want Gardiner up they can just send Holzer down as he does not require waivers.

      Fleishman would look good in between kessel/lupul but florida players always seem to be in trade rumours and few get moved.

      Calgary has got to start cleaning house and it is amazing they don’t see that.

      Canucks just may now see they waited too long on luongo and the missing pieces are catching up to them.

      I watched TSN mid season report and there is no way i take habs coach over Sens coach.
      habs have been pretty healthy and aided by the most PP in the league where the Sens have lost their 3 best players and still somehow get points and are in every game.
      I really thought once the goalie went down they would plummet and win maybe 1 out of every 4 games but the coach has been brilliant keeping them together and working hard.
      As a Leafs fan of course i dislike the sens but credit where credit is due.

      • I was thinking about sending Holzer down but after signing him to a two year extension I thought that would be a step backwards for the Leafs and Holzer.

      • I don’t know where you got your stats that Montreal has had the most power plays in the league, They are Fourth overall for most power plays, but are second overall for most penalties.

        • My stats are from the NHL where the habs have had 120 pp and the next highest team,philly,108.
          and the habs are way down the list for being sh.
          by comparison ottawa has had 85 pp and the leafs 98.

          where are your stats from,habs don’t dive.com?

        • hab fans have a great tendancy for never finding the “stats” when they dont work in their favour……Habs lead the league with the most PP’s with #2 (philly” has more than 20% less……geez! keep diving why dontcha!

          • its quite obviouse your not a habs fan,the real reason they may have the most pps in the league is maybe they,re a really fast skating team and slower teams can,t keep up so they trip hook board bully and what ever else it takes to get their lazy asses in the penalty box

    • Well I think Liles and Komi can be moved, just need to add someone extra like a Bozak or Gardiner. And of course Nonis cares if he loses Bozak and/or MacArthur this summer for nothing. It is better to trade them for 2nd-3rd rounders than to let them sign somewhere else this summer. Draft picks are better than nothing!

      • Why would they move Gardner to get rid of Komisarek?! That makes no sense same with Liles your going to give up your best puck moving D just to get rid of a bad contract when you could just buy them out?

        • I don’t think it’s out of the question the move a Centre say Steckle or another peice say MacArthur for picks or whatever they can get…they have some depth when Frattin and Lupul return and Nonis has said he would like to take a good look at some of the guys on the Marlies roster with the big club also I wouldn’t be surprised if a team going in to the playoffs took a chance on Conoly for some depth at center I think there will be some minor type tweak moves to be sure…and hopefuly a big one or 2 as well

          • Yep all those moves are crazy…I’m not saying they are going to ship out a bunch of regular guys with the exception of 1 or 2 why would you waive Steckle with the shortage of centers that people are shopping for around the league he may fetch a 3rd or a 4th pretty good face of guy penalty killer reasonable salary might not get much for him but anything is better than nothing same could be said for Mac going to be a UFA Kuli could be moved for the right price aswell not that all these guys are going to be moved but to open some roster sports spots I could see it….

          • One thing is nice for sure a month from deadline day still in a playoff spot and not talking about how the leafs need to blow it up and start from scratch for a change…like I said some minor tweaks here and there maybe get a look at Colborne Ashton or Ryan Hamilton

        • I’m not saying that they have to, but with the likelihood of ridding them, will probably take one of Bozak or Gardiner (or even Gunnarsson) to rid Komi or Liles. Rough example, remember…this is just an example.

          To Toronto: Dubinsky
          To Columbus: Komisarek + Bozak

          To Toronto: Clowe
          To San Jose: Liles + Kulemin + 2nd Rounder

          To Toronto: Perry
          To Anaheim: Gunnarsson + Grabovski + Kessel

          • i agree, but i would rather see bozak for a second/third pick
            liles for a second or third rounder/
            kulemin for a second/third
            gunnerson for a third
            grabovski for a second
            kessel for two firsts
            Mac for a late first
            phaneuf for a first/prospect
            while i dont disagree all those players would help toronto, i think this draft is too good to miss out on for prospects. just my opinion

          • I would take Liles & Komisarek out of those trade discussions.

            They are healthy scratches… why would a team trade for them when giving up a good player?

            Leafs have $$ buy them both out this off-season..

          • This is all crazy talk Nonis isn’t going to dump Liles, Bozak, Kulemin, Gunner, Kessel, Mac and Phaneuf. Nonis will keep everyone for a playoff run except if he can find a taker for Liles. The only way he trades anyone is to make room Gardiner and Lupul but like I said earlier he could just waive Steckle to make room for Lupul. I think he is waiting until the last minute in case someone else gets injured and therefore he wouldn’t have to waive or trade anyone to make room for Lupul

          • why would the leafs take Dubinsky when his cap hit for next year is going to be way more than what Bozak will likely get? and Bozak is the stronger player bewteen the two. and the trade for Clowe is actually horrible, he isn’t worth that he wouldn’t even fit in the leafs top six and you wanna give up all that for a 3rd line depth player? and moving three of those players for a Perry isn’t worth it, he only puts up the same numbers as Kessel, i’m not saying build a team around Kessel but you can’t build it around Perry either. I’m sick of people making him sound so godly cause he’s won a heart trophy and now he deserves 10M, look what happened with Ovi he came in the league so hot got this huge contract, now he isn’t even the most effective player for the caps on a regular basis. i’m sure BeerGoggles can agree here

          • Yup for sure.

    • Kessel is NOT worth 2 first round picks… not right now, since his production has been falling… Calgary’s GM would not even do that trade…

  2. Jack Johnson is available? Flyers should be all over Jack Johnson if he is available.
    Offering Grossmann who has been tremendous plus a pick or a prospect for us for a puck moving d-men.

    • It would be a istake to lose Grossman. Colombus would probably take a prospect. Grossman has been a GREAT stay at home defenseman and would do well to have Johnson on the line with him. (His albums are good too)

    • to get jack johnson out of columbus (which would be huge for phili). it would take laughton, a 1st and probably a 2nd. he is too good to give up grossmen for

    • Jack isn’t going anywhere. He is the future of the jackets D

  3. Lyle,

    A hypothetical question: If you’re the Ducks GM and Perry tells you right now that he doesn’t intend to re-sign, do you trade him? I’d trade him provided I can get a lights-out return. If I was just getting a first round pick, I’d take my chances and keep Perry.

    • I’d gauge his value, but unless it was a return which would ensure a lengthy playoff run this season, as well as keep the club in Cup contention beyond this season, I’d still keep him for a Cup run this year. The Ducks are a team which needs money more than most. A lengthy playoff run helps. Besides, trading Perry would send the wrong message to the fans, who would be more upset if he were dealt than if he departed via free agency.

      • ducks are damned if they do and damned if they don’t unless keeping him wins a cup.

        sure the fans will be happy if they keep him unless they get knocked out in the first or second round and then perry walks.
        all the fans will say then is how the hell did we get nothing for perry,should have dealt him.

        if they deal him and get knocked out the fans will say we did not get enough and the deal maybe cost a cup.

        poor gm is between a rock and a hard place and i don’t see any knock your socks off offers coming on a ufa.

        • The poor GM made his own bed waiting this long. He must have thought after last year he wasn’t going to be anywhere near a playoff spot otherwise it was just plain stupid to wait this long. He could have gotten a great return at the start of this season for Perry and no one would have been the wiser. Now he has created a monster. As you said if he keeps him and looses him for nothing he’s screwed, if he trades him and they get knocked out early he’s screwed, and don’t forget if he keeps him and signs him this summer for 8.5MM++ he handcuffs the team for the next possible 8 years.

          • LOL I wouldn’t exactly call it a monster I am sure if he wants to deal Perry on deadline day he will get an excellent return if he keeps him the way the Ducks are playing they may go deep in the playoffs…oh yes the horror!

    • Perry will only re-sign with Anaheim based on if they start signing impact players and ship out the old unproductive players like Koivu, Lydman and maybe Beauchemin & Allen (both 32 years old).

      • Says who? You?

      • Really? Koivu not productive? He has 21 pts in 24 games, which is pretty decent for a 3.8M cap hit. Lydman is having a bit of a down year, but both he and Koivu are UFAs this year.

  4. If I were a Flames fan, I would STOP going to games. This team is the biggest joke in pro sports and the people running it are smoking something illegal if they believe this team does not need a wrecking ball.

    • That’s a bit extreme. The Flames are unlikely to make the playoffs and haven’t had a Stanley Cup caliber team for a while, but they’ve been a bubble team for the past few years with some quality players on the roster. I agree that a rebuild is in order, but it’s not like they’ve been finishing last every year.

  5. I think the Ducks should re-sign Perry and trade Bobby Ryan for cap and budget relief. I think Bobby Ryan is more likely to bolt and join another team (Flyers) in two years. If Perry has no intention to re-sign, though, i’d keep him for a Cup run. You’re in this league to win the Cup at all costs.

    I think it would be weird for Iginla to be traded and then return to the Flames. I thought they were going to address that in the CBA….???? I doubt it will happen and if the Flames continue to slide then i think at some point they will have to give up.

    I watched some Oilers hockey last week and Ryan Whitney did not look bad. Could be better, but three goals and seven points in 18 games is intriguing.

    Oilers may be will to trade Smid? The guy who blocks a ton of shots? Sather has the Oilers on speed dial here.

    Red Wings need a goalie. I wonder if Tim Thomas will be of interest if he will make a come back. I think Howard will remain a Red Wing.

    The Oilers have one thing in mind. In a couple of years, they will have to re-sign Yakupov and RNH, which means about $10M a year combined. Plus, they will need to build their D as they have a bunch of UFA d-men coming up, and maybe address their goaltending if Dubnyk is not convincing enough.

    Gagner may be on the block this year, but as as far as Horcoff, why not use one of the two freebies buy him out?

    Matthias gained a lot of value this year, but his trade value won’t be high enough to be worth trading him, unless….unless…..he is part of a package deal.

    I am not sold on Tallon willing to trade Versteeg and/or Fleischmann. He has a great relationship with Versteeg, and Fleischmann is still a fairly young, solid player just playing his second year with the Panthers. Unless the return is too good to turn down, these guys are staying…….

    ……….ALTHOUGH…………….. i was pondering the possibility of seeing a trade involving Versteeg and Luongo…

    • RNH is signed till next season, while Yakupov is signed until the 2014/15 season. Edmonton is in no rush to re-sign them. Edmonton won’t be making any trades, unless it is for a bigger forward or a goalie. Could they make a solid pitch for Perry?

      To Edmonton: Perry
      To Anaheim: Hemsky + Smyth + Paajarvi

      • Smyth is garbage at this point. Paajavi is a bust and Hemsky is decent but he has Havlat syndrome when it comes to injuries. The whole offer is an insult.

      • That’s not a solid pitch, that’s a terrible return for the Ducks. I would expect Gagner’s name to be included along with a 1st and prospect.

      • Tambellini would be tarred and feathered if he accepted an asinine offer like that joke …

        • Well just switch Smyth with Gagner. Paajarvi is a very good player, just that the Oilers’ coaching staff is treating him like the way Wilson treated Kadri. I think Hemsky would work well with Getz and yes, Gagner would fit right in with B.Ryan, while Paajarvi and Cogs would fit nicely. Then just imagine the top 2 lines:


          • If Edmonton is trading for Perry.. (a signed Perry).. they would have to give up one of Eberle, Hall or RNH.

            You are not going to get a player like Perry for some 3rd or 4th liners…

      • This whole issue is moot. Why would the Oilers want Corey Perry this season…for their march to the Cup? And if they want him for the future, forget about resigning 2 of Eberle, RNH, Hall or Yakupov. 8 -9 Million dollars disrupts a lot of fans.

    • I agree with you on Anaheim signing Perry and trading Ryan.
      That’s only if Perry wants to stay.

  6. I forget which site had it up but Brian Campbell was suggested for teams like the flyers and a Detroit looking for that puck moving d. It is a huge salary and is probably why Florida still has him to get over the cap floor, but he is still one of the top passing d men and eats up some minutes.
    As for the leafs if they do anything it will be shipping out the healthy scratches or a package deal for an upgrade, either top centre (doubtful), top pairing d man (doubtful) or big two way forward.

    • I could see the Wings going after Campbell, Fleischmann and Matthias. Each of those players would address needs and are familiar to the organization. Obviously they won’t get all 3 though.

      I’m not convinced that Howard will get $5 million unless it’s a shorter term deal (4 or 5 years). If it’s a long term deal I would think in the $3.5-4 mil. range. He’s not negotiating from a position of strength in that not many teams will be looking for a no. 1 goaltender. The Wings also have Petr Mrazek developing very quickly and he could be ready for consistent NHL duty as early as late next season.

  7. Holzer and Kulemin for Ryan O’Reilly, thats the trade we have dreamed up here in the office, or Holzer and the prospect and 2nd rounder acquired from the Penguins for Kulemin.

    • The thing is, O’Rielly cannot be traded until at least Feb. 28th of 2014

  8. Oilers will not move youth for a player they could lose to ufa this summer.. If Anaheim could sign and trade Perry the Oil would make a legit offer.. Not if he’s unsigned.. I see Perry staying in Anaheim and B. Ryan getting moved..

    • I doubt B.Ryan gets traded, as Perry will likely demand a significant pay raise. With the cap dropping $6.1M for next season, they’ll probably want to downgrade in individual cap hits and sign more players that can produce…yet have half the cap hit. Would Anaheim want a single player in Perry put up 40-50 goals (90+ points), or two players who can put up 20-30 goals, 100+ points? Perry will likely demand $8.5M-$9M. Why not trade him for at least two players at a cap hit between $4-$4.5M or one player at $4M and the other at $4.5-$5M?

  9. Not that I know Perry’s aspirations but it seems like a longshot Perry would have any desire to play in Edmonton.

  10. Lyle,
    I see the Perry rumor here everyday and its not often i disagree with your point of view. I do on this occasion though. I think there is a trade out there for Perry. If you look at a consistent point producer and a young forward, Anaheim should bite. This secures your current season and brings in a replacement for Koivu if he becomes too expensive to re-sign.
    What are your thoughts on Kessel + colborne for Perry?

    • Anymore I am not so sure I would do this deal Perry making 8.5 mill Or Phil with his 5.5 for the reminder of his deal…I think I’d have to say no, not much of a difference in points and Perry has the benifit of playing with Getz Kessel has no no. 1 center keeping Kessel. Gives you some flexibility to make some other improvements or perhaps in the future you could be able to move Kessel for the real need of a true #1 center

      • Yes, but Perry is more physical and crashes the net more. As soon as Phil sees a shadow, he backs off.

        • Who cares if he hits if he shows up and only gets 30-35points because he dosent have a decent center and your paying him 8 mill a year…

          • Might be putting the cart before the horse…

  11. lots of talk about perry. He is not the only problem that the ducks have. Look at the defense. one going ufa at $3m and not worth resigning and Fowler going from $1.5m to $4m for the next four years and is not playing up to that amount by a long shot. Another komo! Perry will leave….exit #3 with empty hands is not an option. He wants to go East (ties to London). Toronto would be wise to get him for something rather then taking their chances at the Big Walk. If they were to get him to resign and with the D problem then I think that Ryan is on the way out for a forward and a d-man of some quality. There is also talk that Clarkson from N.J (a ufa) wants to go home to Toronto. He states that it is his favorite place to play. I hear Nonis is looking for Aleve.

    • Would Jersey trade Clarkson for Kulemin + 2nd, I wonder? Obvioulsy B.Ryan would fetch a lot, but how much? He is a 30+ goal scorer, but is only a 55-70 pts. player. Would Anaheim take; MacArthur + Liles + 1st rounder?

  12. Great pick-up by Bryan Murray in getting Kassian for a 6th round pick. He said he needed someone that could “drop the gloves with autority” and he did exactly that. $575million cap hit and he’s signed through next season. The 1st 5 video on Youtube of Kassian fighting are Hordichuk (mehh), Thornton, Boll, Parros and Jody Shelly… AND he did quite well in all of them. He starts strong but finishes a bit weak in long fights. He can also switch from throwing rights to left just as good as any fighter in the league. Soooo stoked about this move. McLaren better watch his ass next Leafs game. This time he won’t be facing a guy with 15 AHL scraps to his name. He’ll probably be too scared to “go” anyhow. Probably even develop a phantom game-day flu lol

    • $575 thousand* I meant

  13. Hey BG still think Grabo should be playing on the top line?….that was awful last night lol