NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

The latest on Bobby Ryan, Matt Read, Chris Stewart, R.J. Umberger, Alexander Semin and many more.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman lists the close standings, the declining salary cap for next season, high asking prices and a number of teams pursuing the same players for the lack of activity in the NHL trade market thus far…The Florida Panthers have a number of players they wish to move, but they still have term left on the contracts. He suggests Filip Kuba might be a good fit with the NY Rangers, but he has another year at $4 million on his contract…The Carolina Hurricanes plan to re-sign Alexander Semin, who’ll be a UFA this summer…The concern over Ryane Clowe isn’t his lack of production this season, but if he’s playing hurt…Friedman guesses Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier won’t blow up his roster, but could be willing to move either Ryan Miller, Jason Pominville or Thomas Vanek for the right return. He’d prefer to keep Vanek unless the winger isn’t going to re-sign before next summer…The Maple Leafs won’t make a move which jeopardizes their playoff hopes…If the Flyers do business with the Flames, the latter could have interest in Matt Read…Blues GM Doug Armstrong vows his club will match any offer sheet for RFA blueliners Alex Pietrangelo and Kevin Shattenkirk. Armstrong also noted the RFA status of Chris Stewart and Patrik Berglund gives him time to address their contract situations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Business will pick up the closer we get to the deadline, but the more teams which remain in playoff contention, the less sellers there will be, meaning less activity than in past years…Can’t see the Rangers chasing Kuba with that extra year left on his contract…As long as the Semin camp seeks a reasonable contract, the Hurricanes will be happy to keep him. Semin seems a much happier player in Carolina than he was in his final years in Washington…A hidden injury might account for the drop in Clowe’s numbers this season, and could affect his trade value…If Regier moves Miller, Pominville or Vanek, it could be this summer, when there might be better options and more interest…Don’t expect the Leafs to go into sell mode this season…Can’t see the Flyers moving Read, but it depends on how desperate the Flyers get to make the playoffs…Sounds to me like the Blues have no interest in shopping Stewart, or any of their RFAs by the deadline.

Could Bobby Ryan become trade bait this summer?

Could Bobby Ryan become trade bait this summer?

ESPN.com: Pierre LeBrun reports the automatic assumption, in the wake of the Anaheim Ducks re-signing Corey Perry last night, is Bobby Ryan could hit the trade market this summer. LeBrun suggests that could depend on what happens with pending UFAs Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks have over $53 million invested in 16 players next season, with the salary cap dropping to $64.3 million. That leaves nearly $11 million to invest in seven players. Doesn’t sound like a problem, until you factor in the cost of either re-signing or replacing Selanne, Koivu, Toni Lydman, and Kyle Palmieri.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/WINNIPEG SUN: As long as the Jets remain in playoff contention, they probably won’t move pending UFAs Ron Hainsey and Nik Antropov.

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnson noted the parallel worlds of the Flames Jarome Iginla and Dallas’ Brenden Morrow, two captains who could be available by the trade deadline.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports a combination of injuries and lack of sellers in the trade market could make it difficult for GM Bryan Murray to make moves by the trade deadline. Garrioch suggests Murray could deal from his position of strength in goal by shopping either Ben Bishop or Robin Lehner, but starter Craig Anderson (ankle) remains sidelined.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless more teams move into the “seller” category over the next two weeks and Anderson makes a full recovery and returns to the lineup soon, Murray could continue to find a trade to bolster his club difficult to come by.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Chris Kuc reports Blackhawks pending UFA winger Bryan Bickell hopes to re-sign with the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I suspect the Blackhawks management wants to keep him, but of course that remains to be seen. I don’t expect they’ll shop him by the deadline.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports it doesn’t sound as though the Blue Jackets will be buyers at the trade deadline. R.J. Umberger, Derick Brassard, Vaclav Prospal and Adrian Aucoin could become trade bait.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Umberger, Prospal and Aucoin have no-trade clauses, which obviously affects their trade value and potential destinations. Brassard might be the easiest to move.


  1. Thank god Perry is finally off the market so we can stop speculating. The Ducks are in a bit of a cash crunch now. Either Hiller or Ryan will have to be moved this summer if they want to sign their RFA’s and not have them sit out. The Ducks could see an offer sheet on one if they don’t free up cap space.

  2. As Lile said don’t expect the Leafs to start selling. They won’t do much of anything since there isn’t much out there to trade for without giving up a boat load for a rental. Beside once the Leafs buy out Komi this summer I figure they will have about $8M to spend on two forward positions which are currently occupied by Bozak, and MacArthur. Hopefully they let Bozak and MacA walk and go after Clarkson and Elias. Now that’s an upgrade…

    • Toronto currently have $7,597,714 in availabe cap space now. Then Connolly ($4.75M), Lombardi ($1.5M), MacArthur ($3.25M) and a few other minor contracts. So that is going to be significantly over $8M, more like over $9M. Then the year after that, Komisarek, Tucker, Armstrong are set to be off the books. While Phaneuf and Kessel will need to be re-signed or sent off packing as they are scheduled to be UFA’s.

      • I assumed $8M to re-sign Fraser, Franson, Gunnar, then added Gardiner and possibly ORielly’s salary for your 8 Dmen. I also assumed $3M for Kadri going forward, $800k for McLaren, $1M for Komorov so all totalled it left abot $8M for Bozak and MacArthur but we would like to upgrade at these two positions so Clarkson and Elias would be the targets. I doubt you would get both for $8 anyways and that leaves no money for a Vet goalie. Leafs aren’t sitting as pretty as everyone thinks for this new cap.

        • True, but with $7.6M now, cap going down $5.9M next season, as it stands, there’ll be $1.7M available. Then add in Connolly’s $4.75M, Lombardi’s $1.5M, CMac’s $3.25M and a few others, there’ll be at least $11.2M available, not $8M. The players that’ll need to be re-signed are; Kostka, Fraser, CMac, Orr, Bozak, Komarov, McLaren, Gunnar, Franson and Kadri. There is a projected available cap space of $18.57M. As this season is contract years for all mentioned, they’ll need to up their game if they’re to get a pay raise. I can see:

          Kadri – $4M per
          Franson – $3M per
          Orr – $1.5M per
          Bozak – $3M per
          Frattin – $2M per
          Kostka – $800K per
          Fraser – $800K per
          Gunnarsson – $2M per
          MacArthur – $3.5M per
          Total – $20.6M

          Based on that, there’ll need to be a few trades to make space. Probably see Gunnarsson and CMac traded to make room. Likely for draft picks.

    • Clarkson may walk… NJ wants Elias to retire for them.

  3. The Ducks are on a roll! Will they win the cup? Will they resign Ryan and Hiller? You can bet Selane will retire, guaranteed if he gets another cup ring. Koivu gets a cup ring and retires as well? What is their combined cap hit? Let’s hope Ryan and Hiler sign with the Leafs in the off-season.

    • both of those players are under contract next season…..

  4. Or trade for them in the off-season I should say…lol

  5. What was the LOCK OUT really for …….I mean really !!!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!

    You have to really wander what the owners are thinking right now …….there egos during the lock out was the cancer that cost half a season and is what is ruining the game as a whole …….the first two contracts signed are for the max and at PRE LOCKOUT prices …….now that the cap is going down around $10 million next year to $63 mill …….you really have to ask each owner what they would rather have …….$10 million more to spend on better players to have a better team or the debacle that cost them that same millions over the next 5 years that could have gone towards bettering the game and having better players on the team…….all the new cap will do is create positions for ELITE ALL STAR players to get paid BIG BUCKS…….. i.e. Pittsburgh next …….and will leave literally only thousands of $ $ $ for the bottom 2 lines thus not being able to fill your roster with quality players but rather half an NHL team and Half an East Coast Hockey league team ……..sorry but thats the truth !!! Good on you owners great tactic!!!

    The truth now shows as it always does in the end !!!

    As ticket prices rise the product will on the ice will get worse for about 60% of the league and the owners wont care becuase its the crap hockey that they want everyuone to see to keep parity to make the illusion that the league has gotten better which it has not ……the owners get paid hundreds of millions out of this …..and Bettmans solution to the problem is to make the nets bigger so the East Coast players can score on NHL Goalies …….what an F en joke !!!!!

    On tha note NONIS you better pull the trigger PRONTO and make a splash cause your sinking fast !!!!

    • First of all, the salary cap is going down $6.2 million to $64 million. Not $10 million. Secondly, while I agree Perry is overpaid its not by a landslide, maybe $1.5-2 million more than what I think he’s worth, but I’m not a GM so my insight to his value (and all of ours for that matter) is rather useless.

      As for needing more scoring on the east coast, 9 of the 12 top scorers in the league right now are playing in the east. I really don’t understand how every teams cap going down by less than 10% is going to make 60% of the league worse, maybe I’m delirious or something but a lot of the league doesn’t spend to the cap max already.

      As for Nonis needed to panic and make a deal, that’s how stupid deals are made. Playing the desperation card never helps your team, it hinders it. The Leafs have made desperation moves in the past and it hasn’t helped them. Losing five games in a row isn’t evidence you should burn down the barn and start over.

      • Also, you saying teams should have $10 million more to spend on good players while arguing salaries are too high is a complete contradiction. Having an extra $2 million to use on free agents makes salaries even higher. Had the cap been schdduled to go up rather than down next year perry may have commanded more money. Having the cap go up and having more to spend on free agents and contracts doesn’t create more superstar players, it causes GMs to spend frivolously on mid-level talent.

    • Please…to quote the great Denise Greene lol….they are who we thought they are! A good young team fighting for a playoff spot….no need to panic or do anything extreme the ship ain’t sinking, it’s finaly starting to surface…keep to the gameplan and this team might contend for the east in the next couple years….

    • Lockout was about rev sharing. 57-43 in favor of players and now down to 50-50. I think that was worth it for the owners.

    • I’m with you backchecking. I think the NHL is getting worse and worse every year. GM’s with shit teams seems to be content. They act all like they care but year after year do NOTHING about it. (COUGH Calgary). Bettman has ruined this game. Trades other then 4th liners or minor leaguers will become non existent. I would say trade deadline was one of the best thing about hockey years ago. If your fav teams was doing poorly, there was always hope trades would be done and they would start getting better. SCREEEEEETCH!!!Those hopes have stopped on a dime. NOW, teams that are bad are gonna suck ballz for years because we ALL know big name free agents will sign with NYR, PITTS, CHI or DET. (sorry Canadian teams, will not be in the cards for decades more an minimum). I feel bad for Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton….Columbus will have a cup before these teams.

      • Ya, good luck with that Columbus comment. Just to let you know, four Canadian teams have made it to the finals in the past ten years. three of them went to a game seven in the finals, and two of those three are on your “I feel bad for” list.

      • Notice you left out Van…that because you know your argument is flawed and this would only illustrate how wrong your argument is?

    • If your not a fan then go post on a thread about curling…quit with the griping I had my fill of whining about the lockout….

      • Every professional sports has its pros and cons with salary structure the NBA and the collusion of players and management making super teams…MLB and the Yankee Red Soxs race to out spend one another and complain about the way the NHL is run? Give it a rest already it could be much worse….

    • The lockout made sure he was maxed out at 8 years so that they didn’t pay him 100M over 13… that way his cap hit will reflect what they’ll actually be paying him per season, and now they can’t go overspend on the rest of their team, so they’ll be Perry, Getzlaf, Fasth/Hiller and a bunch of call-ups 😀

  6. I’m sure we’ll see deals closer to the deadline as UFAs start rejecting contract extensions.

  7. I’ve always said Anaheim had to sign or trade him. No way you let him walk for nothing.
    Not sure if that contract will cripple them for years or not. But have to agree with backchecking you can’t build a winning team with 3-4 guys taking up all your cap space. They are winning now but next year will have to let guys go.

    • You mean like Pitsburgh and Chicago?….they see. To do alright paying boatloads of money to guys they recognize as core pieces and filling in around them with young affordable pieces….or making smart hockey type trades

      • @ Shticky

        You referenced Pittsburgh and Chicago.

        First, you can’t compare Pittsburgh to Anaheim. Crosby is a once in a decade player. Malkin is pretty close to the same. Crosby is almost two points per game this season and well over a point per game in his career. Getzlaf and Perry are not in his league, and Perry about $100k less than Crosby.

        Chicago is a good comparable though. First, Chicago paid a heavy price for signing Hossa. They had to trade a lot of guys away and that set them back a few years. But, if you compare them to the Ducks next year, the Blackhawks have $18.5M tied up in Kane, Toews, AND Sharp, compared to $16.87M tied to Perry and Getzlaf. Head-to-head, Kane and Toews are very comparable to Getzlaf and Perry, and both are younger.

        The Kings are another example. The Kings are paying Kopitar, Richards, AND Carter $17.82M. That’s just under a million less than Perry and Getzlaf.

        Only time will tell if this ends up being a good deal for the Ducks. I think it could burn them in the long-run, especially if the rumors are true that the Ducks are not willing to spend up to the cap ceiling.

        • My point was that it is pretty common for a team to recognize it core assets and lock em up long term with major contracts some are quite successful for more than a season or 2 with a few players eating up the majority of their cap space instead of spending somewhat equal across the board or signing and turning players over with shorter contract lengths. I’m not sure I’d put the Kings in that category yet..but yes they are built simmilar the comparison wasn’t meant to be between players but more towards the way the teams are built. There are teams that are successful for longer periods of time with 4 or 5 guys long term, it comes down more to the GMs ability to recognize his teams need and strengths when to cut guys lose ect. That effects the team over the long term.

          • Just because guys sign big deals dosent always mean they are going turn into Ovi or the team is going to turn into the Capitals and go in to the tank The Canucks could be a perfect example of what I mean…. for the past few years The Sedins Luongo Kesslar could be said they are key (core) guys who have been there locked up for sometime with success (no cup but successful) A little different this year but maybe it has more to do with some of the Gms decisions (injuries aswell) then the play of the Sedins and Luongo…

  8. Checked out capgeek next year Anaheim has 10 mil in cap space with Perry signed.
    They have 5 UFA and 3 RFA. No way you can keep them all.

    • With Fasth emerging this year you will most likely see Hiller traded and his $4.5 mill off the books. So that will put them at around $15.3 mill to sign 8 guys.

  9. So, GM Tallon built this team a year ago and because of 48 games, marred with injuries, he has players, that did well last year, that he signed, and is now going to trade them?

    I don’t buy it. I can understand guys like Upshall and Kuba, but they also have NTC. If Luongo is coming to Florida then Fleischmann will most likely be involved if he even accepts the trade in the first place…

    I think the Ducks made the right move. Good for them. But, i also think that this off-season they will trade Bobby Ryan.

  10. The Ducks may really regret tying that much money up in two players. If you look at comparable players around the league, the only conclusion you can draw is that they overpaid for Getzlaf and Perry.

    The Ducks are going the way of the New York Rangers. They’re going to have all of their money invested in their top line, and they’ll be extremely thin in all of their other lines.

    • The Ducks are going the way of the New York Rangers.

      Except the Ducks have better players and their GM knows what he’s doing.

      • That is one thing I can not understand. What ever happened to the Sather of old. The guy who was able so find talent like Esa Tikkanen, Doug Weight (who he traded for from NYR for Esa Tikkanen), Craig Simpson, and who drafted Jason Arnott. I could go on, but I don’t have the time. Before he left Edmonton for New York he was considered one of the best GM’s in the NHL. Since he has taken over in NYR he has not made that team any better then when he got there, and the Oilers are just starting to recover from when he left.

        • To busy smok’n stoggies

  11. Wait till they add 2 more teams and my mother could try out, lets raise tickets prices too.

  12. Why are signing key players for big bucks such a surprise?
    We all knew this was exactly what would happen and that the 3rd/4th line guys would end up getting much less then they are now.
    Most teams already have a poor bottom 6 and some already one big line and little else.
    it has been like this for a few years now but some 3rd/4th liners were just paid like they were better then they were.

    Nonis can do little with the market so small and high prices for what is there,you can’t buy hamburger and call it steak.
    I think all GMs are seeing that too with even so so rentals being far overpriced.

    sinking is a little strong as every team has a slump and everyone knew the battle for 7th/8th was going to be tight.
    boston/pitt and a hot jets was not a disgrace.
    if they stink it up the next 2 then it could turn into a disaster.

    This trade deadline is going to be a monster snoozer with a bunch of fillers for 4th to 7th rd picks.
    the action could get interesting around draft time.

  13. Bobby Ryan, meet Claude Giroux.

    • Well get ready to trade either Schenn or Couturiere ++ for him. The last thing the Flyers need to do is get rid of their depth upfront, they are already brutal.

      • You are right but it be the drastic move philly would do. They don’t need a ryan they need a weber.

      • They are young with a little post season experience. You may say that a shortened camp, season, etc contributed to their woes this season or some may take the “there’s no excuse” road, either are fine by me. As long as Read continues to get better I would think that Schenn is expendible. Couturier hasn’t excited anybody this year but he showed glimpses last year of what he can bring to the table and being less that 20 years old, he’ll only continue to grow.
        I agree that the Flyers need a Weber but they also need a goal scorer.

    • Would philly actually know how to use a realhockey player……. ……………… ……. ….I think not

      • Real hockey player, yes, real goaltender, no…

  14. I guess it’s cup or bust for the ducks , because they way over paid for both those clowns.

    • One clown has won a cup…an mvp and the scoring race….
      Ya you’re right he shouldn’t be paid like one of the best in the league…

      • Spot on there Shticky! But both those “clowns” won the cup. But for arguments sakes vs Perry, he has only ever hit a point per game season once, that was the year he won the scoring title. And he has never scored more than 37 goals (besides that 50 goal season). That’s Jason Blake-like lol.

        • The other part to this is, up to now other big contracts have been backdiving circumventing contracts that have made the cap hits lower these are the first signed with max length and the new rules…so the numbers look big but wait till next year when Malkin gets his extension there will be plenty of holey crap deals to come…

  15. I see stafford, miller and pominville in new uniforms next year.

  16. After reading many non-sensical rumors and posts, I have to say this as a Ducks fan- read the capgeek.com report and tell me whether we can still afford Bobby Ryan’s raise after Teemu Selanne, Saku Koivu, and Toni Lydman retire…chances are, you won’t be able to because we’d have more than enough not just to give him his raise, but also pay guys like Palmieri, Etem, Holland, Smith-Pelly, Winnik, Cogliano, Steckel, Lovejoy and our future d-men in Vatanen, Lindholm. Also, lots of people are forgetting that John Gibson will be ready as early as next season who will replace Hiller and is just as good (if not better potentially) and Hiller will more than likely be traded instead of Bobby Ryan. So…all in all, we’re doing just fine and it will all work out.

    • It’s going to be tight in the pond unless you unload Hiller. I can see him going before Ryan but failing that then Ryan will be 2nd on the list. You can’t keep Ryan and Hiller and expect to re-sign all RFA’s or the organization will be looking to loose a guy to an offer sheet.

      • Also you have to worry not just if the Ducks CAN afford with cap space, but as a franchise. Now yes, if they become a perennial playoff contender then that playoff revenue should help, but the Ducks aren’t a large profit generating team, though that could most certainly change.

    • So what would make them different than the Rangers, even if they sign Bobby Ryan? Selanne and Koivu don’t have much time left (though I’m starting to wonder if the only thing that will slow Selanne down is kryptonite). I’m just not convinced that the huge amount of money tied up in Perry and Getzlaf won’t hurt them in the long-run.

      For the record though, I am the guy who said that the Ducks could never win a cup spending $7 million a piece on Neidermayer and Pronger. So it’s not like I’m batting .1000 in my analysis.

  17. I cannot believe Holmgren is shopping Read and I cannot believe we have interest in Jay-Bo.
    Flyers need to get rid of older players.

    • That’s because Read has a tiny cap hit and is valuable beyond that cap hit. They also don’t want to let B.Schenn and/or Couturier go…unless a B.Ryan is apart of a deal, or a R.Miller.

  18. Well, unless Anaheim can pull off some magic, they’ll need to sign 8 players with a projected cap space for next season of $10.8M and then have to sign or re-sign 14 AHL players. Ryan will have to go.

    • Hiller will be a goner..as I am sure a saku or teemu or both will retire if they win a cup….