NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

Check out the latest on Jarome Iginla, Miikka Kiprusoff, Roberto Luongo, Jaromir Jagr, and many more.

Are the Maple Leafs interested in Miikka Kiprusoff?

Are the Maple Leafs interested in Miikka Kiprusoff?

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie considers the Boston Bruins the most motivated team to get Jarome Iginla, reporting the Flames seek a first round pick, a primary prospect and a secondary prospect…Pierre LeBrun claims the Pittsburgh Penguins, despite their recent acquisitions of Brenden Morrow and Douglas Murray,  aren’t out of the Iginla sweepstakes…Darren Dreger suggests the Toronto Maple Leafs could investigate the asking price for Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff. Dreger also wondered if Mike Cammalleri, Mark Giordano and Jay Bouwmeester could be in play once Iginla’s dealt…LeBrun doubts the Vancouver Canucks move Roberto Luongo by the trade deadline…Dreger speculates about a possible off-season swap between the Ducks and Flyers, in which Bobby Ryan is dealt for Sean Couturier in a player-for-player deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve already touched on the Iginla speculation in an earlier post. I’m not sure the Flames would move Kiprusoff now, but they could seriously entertain offers this summer, and wouldn’t doubt the Leafs kick the tires. Bouwmeester’s salary and the declining cap next season makes him tough to move. Ditto Cammalleri, especially given his declining performance. Unless Giordano wants out, I suspect the Flames prefer to keep him…Luongo isn’t going anywhere at the deadline. This summer, perhaps, but not now…The Ducks are confident they can carry Ryan’s salary into next season, but that depends on how they spend their $10.8 million in cap space to fill seven roster spots

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports sources claim the Dallas Stars have opened contract extension talks with Jaromir Jagr, while the Anaheim Ducks and Ottawa Senators have interest in Stars center Derek Roy…There’s sizable interest in Sharks winger Ryane Clowe, but one NHL executive claims the asking price is too high right now…Teams are making inquiries about Canucks goalie Cory Schneider, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll move him…Buffalo Sabres defenseman Jordan Leopold is being frequently mentioned in trade rumors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Stars shop Roy, the Canucks could also have interest in him. Forget about the Canucks moving Schneider, that’s not happening. Leopold could be on the move by deadline day, as he’d be an affordable rental player.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman weighed in on the Iginla trade speculation, claiming some “excellent sources” say Iginla would go to the Vancouver Canucks, though the odds of these two clubs being trade partners are long…He noted Coyotes GM Don Maloney is following the Penguins around, wondering if they’ve got something he wants…Oilers GM Steve Tambellini confirmed he’s had “serious talks” with the agent for pending UFA blueliner Ladislav Smid. Tambellini also dismissed speculation Shawn Horcoff was on the trade block…The Blue Jackets will soon begin contract talks with goalie Sergei Bobrovsky.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see Iginla going to the Canucks, though it would be a helluva swerve if he did…The Penguins and Coyotes have a recent trade history (Zbynek Michalek). The Coyotes need scoring and have blueline depth to spare. Might be worth watching, though I dunno who the Penguins would be willing to spare…If the Oilers don’t re-sign Smid, their best defensive blueliner (and among the league leaders in hits and blocked shots), Tambellini should be fired…Hands up, anyone surprised by the notion of the Blue Jackets re-signing Bobrovsky.

 TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan reports a source saying not to read too much into rumors of the Maple Leafs having interest in Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Shelly Anderson reports Penguins GM Ray Shero won’t tip his hand if he’s got other deals in the works, but said he’s not planning to trade any of his defensemen.

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera reports Mike Ribeiro’s contract status leaves the Capitals facing a big decision heading toward the trade deadline. The Capitals have improved of late and are moving up the standings, plus Ribeiro’s been their most consistent performer this season. However, the Caps have limited cap space going forward, and Ribeiro seeks a long-term extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Capitals shed salary elsewhere to retain Ribeiro, they’ll either have to keep him for the rest of the season and risk losing him for nothing to free agency, or move him by the deadline and try to get something worthwhile in return.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports the Blues trade picture has recently become murky. Rutherford doubts GM Doug Armstrong moves any of his current forwards, while their defense on the left side has improved, with Kris Russell, Wade Redden and Barrett Jackman playing better in recent games. Adding Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester would be a significant upgrade, but his $6.6 million salary for next season is expensive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t expect the Blues to stand pat, as I believe they’ll still try to bolster their depth on defense on the left side, but I don’t expect them to “go big” for an expensive acquisition.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reports Sportsnet hockey analyst Doug MacLean believes the Oilers could get a second round pick if they shop Nikolai Khabibulin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Why not? Stranger things have happened during previous trade deadlines.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Mark Purdy speculates the Sharks trading defenseman Douglas Murray to the Penguins yesterday could signal bigger moves ahead for the club, though GM Doug Wilson isn’t going to give up on the season. The Sharks GM intends to retain his own draft picks.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports the NY Islanders are likely to stand pat at the trade deadline, neither trading away pending free agents or bringing in additional depth.


  1. I’m curious why people don’t think the Flames would be willing to trade Kiprusoff now? If they are truly throwing in the towel and committing to a rebuild, why not shop Kiprusoff too? He is 36 years old, his value is only going to go down the longer they wait to move him. Plus if they trade him now it will significantly improve the Flames chances of getting a top 3 pick in the upcoming draft.

    • I agree, trade Kipper and get what you can. A late first rounder or a early 2nd rounder, perhaps a decent prospect. There will be lots of goalies available this summer to choose from.

    • Probably why they want a goalie for Iginla first. Then he will go.

  2. Agree in theory…but the goalie market seems weak for a 30+ year old goalie in decline.

  3. I think the Leafs should definitely kick the tires on Kipper, or, failing that, Khabibulin. It never hurts having a veteran goalie at least on your bench for a playoff run. Khabibulin is probably the cheaper choice if the two, and he has a cup ring, but Kiprusoff might have a little more left in the tank. Either way, both would be solid fits in Toronto, I think, as long as the price isn’t too steep.

    • Personally I think almost any price would be too steep for either of those guys.

  4. Why not trade him to Vancouver? At this point in Iginla’s career and the fact Calgary would be in a re-build what would it matter. By the time the flames are in a position to compete at a decent level Iginla will be retired and not a worry. But of course history dictates that even if the flames do trade iginla it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be in complete re-build mode, they would still have to move Kiprusoff, Bouwmeester, Cammalleri, and others. Feester has not given any indication what the organizations mind set is, he may only move Iginla to give him a chance at a cup and keep everyone else. Now that is what flames fans probably expect.
    So it is expected that the penguins may make more movement. Are the rest of the league just going to sit back and do nothing to answer back. Its obvious that the penguins are taking a serious run at the cup and if they acquire someone say from Calgary named Iginla then I’d say the chances of winning it improve dramatically. It seemed as though everyone was waiting for someone to make the first move. Well it has happened so will the rest of you GM’s get off your butts and start trading already. Its a big bummer anticipating and waiting for action and then be let down when nothing of significance happens, especially on trade deadline day.

    • trading one of or the best player in franchise history to one of your most bitter rivals is a stupid move. any dope should be able to tell you that.

      • What’s really a stupid move is wating this long to do something. Calgary hasn;t been relevant to Vancouver for quite some time, and I agree with what Drew was saying.

        It’ll be intersting to see if anything comes of all this, or if it’ll be another Feaster Folly.

      • I guess a dope just did. Are you telling me the flames wouldn’t trade with Vancouver just because they are rivals, especially if Van gives up what they want. There is no guarentee that Iginla signs with the canucks, as a matter of fact I bet he wouldn’t. Iginla would just be a rental. It would be a stupid GM indeed if he didn’t make a good hockey trade just because the other team is a rival. Even if Iginla did sign a contract with the canucks he would be retired before the flames will be ready to challenge for the cup

  5. It kills be to hear all these Leaf fans who think Kiprusoff is washed up and Toronto should not deal for him but are willing to keep Kessel as the teams go to guy even though he has proven over and over again he is a defensive liability and is a soft player in every aspect of his game. You are willing to squeak into the playoffs with guys like him and Bozak as your number one guys but aren’t willing to take a chance on a goalie of Kiprusoffs perigee who could potentially carry the team on his back to the finals if he got hot like he has in the past. He ha one year left on his contract so if he is washed up as most people think then you left him walk what’s the big deal. Kiprusoff will agree to be traded to play with his buddy Dion so its just a mater of what you have to give up but just know the Leafs won’t steal him for nothing.

    • If TOR is going for Kipper I dont think it’ll cost to much. Scrivens and Franson? Kipper is an elite goalie who has carried CAL to any success these last few years. He would be a welcomed asset to most teams.

      • I agree with kipper to toronto would be a nice upgrade, but i think scrivens and franson are to much. franson has been our best point producing defenceman and puck movers. and he has a big shot on pp. i agree the flames will probably want scrievens, which i belief will be a very good back-up and possibly a prospect/pick. I think the leafs should possibly hold on to what they have and try and improve on some issues in the summer. They should go all OUT for DAVID Clarkson.. Id rather see him in a leafs jersey then any other ufa or rfa. hes the big power forward who can score and fight we have been missing. I could see a grabo for luongo deal working its self out in the summer as the nucks need secondary scoring, and us possibly retaining some of grabos contract maybe 1.5 for first 2 years or something.

      • dont think it will cost much? apparently you dont think our leading scorer on D is much?… good one

      • Reimer has an awesome personality which allows itself to a mentor situation at this point. Reimer will be a number one I’m sure of it but he is injury prone and need still needs some help from time to time. Kipr would be the perfect fit. Unfortunately his cap hit is heavy but there is no perfect scenario out there. Better Kipr for one year at that cap hit then another 9 years of Lu’s contract.

    • have you even watched kessel play this year?

      • I watch Kessel every game and I specifically focus on him everytime he is out on the ice which is why I know he is a one dimentional, soft, scared player. I would take just about anything to get rid of his lack of leadership abilities and soft defensive coverage. There is a reason he is a minus 44 since coming to the Leafs.

        It is a stat you can no longer ignore after 4 years!!!

        • @BeerGoggles I completely agree with you accept for the take anything for him. I along with you have thrown the controller so many times watching kessel. Yeah i get he get points but watching him he gives up as many scoring chances with the puck as to how many he makes. He does nothing in the corners, but stands there like a pylon, his hit on seguin the other night i swear was the first of the year. He has so much talent but is scared of his own shadow and has no heart for the game. I realize he was brought hear for his play making skills but you got to be able to throw around a little bit in the NHL. Saying this i think with kessel still playing against the other teams best it gives guys like kadri and lupul, and jvr a better opportunity to score. Lupul and kadri are red hot, jvr not so much but he has been a very good net presence.

        • K but let’s not forget alot of that was with Ronnie no D or system Wilson behind the bench…not that I totally disagree he is very soft just that state is kinda skewed…

          • Actually I really don’t care about the plus minus stat I was just using it to prove a point. I rarely ever see a level of comittment from Kessel and I think it has now rubbed off on JVR. Kessel has talent but he is wasting it so I say let him waste it on another team.

        • You are picking on the wrong guy. He is not on the roster to make saves or block shots or even fight . KESSEL is on the roster to score GOALS and be an offensive threat using his speed and skill. Our problem is DEFENSE-MEN particularly DION PHANEUPH and CARL GUNNERSON. These two guyss are suppose to be our one two punch. Yet, they are our worst nightmare. GUNNERSON is reincarnation of AKI BERG, and PHANEUPH is a player who has WILL & HEART, but he lacks the most CRITICAL component, that is BRAIN. You can`t rely on Brain Dead Defenceman to lead your team.
          KESSEL shouldn`t be playing defence, had he had better linemates than BOZAK or JVR. If KESSEL was playing with either VANEK or MALKIN, nobody would be talking about KESSEL`s defensive game. GET RID of DION AND GUNNERSON ASAP. GO LEAFS GO

          • So… just so I have this straight and understand this… Malkin Mike and Shticky are together and and totally agree, like brothers in arms, that Kessel has gotten a bum rap. Good to know…

          • Please Toronto trade mikey now. He’s making your fans look unintelligentand i’mstarting to feel sorryfortherest of them.

    • Agreed!

      • Did you watch him against Boston? He was afraid to go into the corners. It was the kid, Kadri, getting in there and digging against the Giant. If he keeps it up Kadri will be the real deal. Kessel…hmm maybe not so much. He will score 30 – 35 a year for you, but he will not be the elite super star the team hoped for.

        • Hey I’m not defending him I agree he is soft and goes long stretches with out showing up but the minus 44 thing did have something to do with Wilson and the way they played previous to RC not that they Are a shining example of Defence now but at least from time to time you see him in his own end…at least his side of the red line with Wilson not so much..pretty tough to be a good plus minus on the worst defensive team in the league when you don’t skate past your side of the red line…

          • And no use trying to explain things to BG or trying to help him to get things straight I believe he might be one of those trained monkeys who has learned to type as a parlor trick but alas has no communication abilities…

      • X2

  6. Lyle, tell us how you really feel about Tambellini in Edmonton. Personally I think the Oilers need a complete re-make at the GM and Head Coach positions. They could be so much better. Knowing Tambellini’s luck, though, they’ll miss the playoffs again and win the draft lottery, again!

    • Well said! Oiler fans cannot be happy with the job he’s done so far! The team has too many of the same kind of player. Dustin Penner would be great fit there right about now, maybe even guys like clowe or chris Stewart. It’s time to trade one of your young guns because they are all small skilled forwards. The team lacks size,toughness. I hardly think that dubnyk is a starting goalie as well.

      I don’t think kipper is moved by the deadline. I think luongo has a much greater chance at being dealt April 3rd as the Canucks need to fill holes left by injuries.

      • Sorry this kinda has to do with another rant I am on….

        Duby not a number 1? How can that be? Khaby the 40 year old cup winning goaltender must not be a very good mentor cause everybody knows that’s how there is true success at the goal tending position by splitting time playing and watching an old guy from the bench…right BeerGoglgles?

    • I’m not Lyle, but picking Yakupov over Murray was a joke. They have Hall, Eberle, RNH, Gagner already and NO star young defensemen. Murray should have been an Oiler. This is not 1984 and more then scoring is needed to be successful.

      • If you don’t count J. Schultz

        • I haven’t seen many Oiler games this year but to me Kruger was a bit of a head scratcher with Eakins and Cooper showing that they can really put a system together and teach it to a younger group of players with some success… The few games I have seen this year (all Oiler losses btw) it seemed to me the stars come out blazing early and soon as a bounce goes the other way or they draw a bad penalty its over almost like they now they have the talent to win and expect to win without putting forth the effort to win…like I said maybe it was just those games I seen, three games isn’t much to draw conclusions from I guess

        • right I forgot about Schultz….but they didn’t have him when they took Yakupov.

  7. Couple thoughts today, maybe instead of going after Ignila, the Pens might target Keith Yandle out of the Phoenix Coyotes, the Yotes are currently sitting 4 points back and might consider something like Engelland, Bennett, 1st to pry Yandle out of the desert and get some good future.

    I still think the Senators are going to move for Bouwmeester, I just feel he is the right fit for that team, Noesen or Stone and a draft pick could likely land him and the Sens have the caps space to keep him long term. I don’t think they pursue Roy as Spezza is close to returning and Turris has been playing very well, but they could seek a scoring forward still though I am unsure as to who they would target.

    The Leafs could very well grab Kipper and it wouldn’t be a bad move. He can come in and finish his career mentoring Reimer for the starter role. Probably pick him up for Scrivens, D’Amigo, draft pick which IMO wouldn’t hurt the Leafs too much, gives the Flames a potential future starter, top 9 forward, and I am unsure the level of draft pick that would be in … also to be honest, not sure if it would even fetch him.

    I think the Caps move Riberio and I think that the ‘Nucks & Hawks will bid heavily for his services as they could both use the depth at center even if he only stands as a rental player for the season. Odds are the Hawks would be more likely to land him, with the ‘Nucks choosing a more affordable 3rd line option though. No idea what that deal would look like.

    I also think Ryan Clowe will move and it won’t be to an obvious team, but someone like Carolina who will end up getting desperate enough to really overpay for him.

    • If Phoenix wants Bennett, they can keep Yandle. Period.

  8. Though I do wonder for the poor Leafs, if they ate say $1,000,000/year off Grabo’s salary if they could pick up Riberio at the deadline. Grabo, Colbourne, and a conditional pick upon him resigning? Riberio – Kadri – Bozak could at least make a decent amount of center depth for now.

    • If Carlyle keeps shitting on Grabo I wonder if they will use the amnisty provision to buy out Grabo along with Komi. People were thinking it would be Liles but now I wonder if it will be Grabo instead. What a shame…

      • Here’s hoping…that’s an awful contract….

      • Would you go Grabo for Ribeiro?

        • Not if we are going to sign Ribero to a bigger contract then Grabovski…IMO we need a bigger Centre that can play as a number 1 or 2 neither of these guys fit the bill so I don’t want to pay a guy 5mill + to play on the third line, depending on what happens over the summer with Bozak and if Nonis can pick up what I think he will (a more physical centre) and what’s available I guess you could look at signing him as a free agent but I don’t think you would mess around with chemistry too much by trying to trade for him there is no way the Caps would go1 for 1 Ribero. For Grabo (if they would for sure I’d get rid of Grabovski contract)

          • I keep looking at it like this Kadri is probably be the number 1 guy in the near future this year with Bozak there he will stay number 2 most likely you need to have something that will be a change of pace or compliment what they already have McClement is just about perfect for 3 or 4 shut down pk roles this leaves Bozak and Grabovski both decent enough as number 2 guys neither worth what they are paying or going to get paid and both have very simmilar attributes good faceoff guys a bit of playmaking abilities neither physical enough to play the Boston Pits or teams in the west you can fill the last spot with just about anything to play between Orr and McClaren but. You need a certain type of centre to replace those 2 it shouldn’t be just a fancier more expensive version of what’s already there (Ribero) undersized good faceoff guy shifty playmaker…

          • Colborne may fill that role someday he has some size but not very physical and I’m not so sure Randy will like him being as big as he is playing with so little grit also will be very Green playing a very important role so if they could maybe package him and something else to get what they have needed for ever I’d be Ok with that but besides that leave the prospects and picks alone…no quick fixes for the playoffs this year or dealing for past their prime goalies ect…

    • Your proposed trades never make any logical sense! Why would the leafs throw colbourne in there? And eat some of grabovski salary. If they really want him gone they can just buy him out at the end of the year.

      Riberio is seeking a 5 year contract probably for the same kind of money as grabovski and is 33 years old.

      Not going to happen

      • No, see I just actually account for the fact that GM’s overpay at deadline, they always do it is a tried and proven fact. I agree 100% that it isn’t the best deal I am just thinking out loud as to what kind of deadline deal would be made. Also people on this site always just think about the future without remembering that GM’s are willing to give up that future because the owners want them to make money now.

        Playoffs = massive amounts of $$$$$ teams will do what they can in order to get as many games as they can in order to make as many $$$$$ as they can or else deadline day would never have over payments.

    • you have got to be kidding me!!! All that for Ribeiro!!! At most a first rounder!!! Colbourne isn’t going anywhere. He has been playing great with the Marlies since his wrist has healed. I doubt that Washington could afford Grabovski even if the Leafs eat $1 million of his contract. They could probably resign Rebeiro for the same amount & they have cap issues next year.

    • Gahh no Ribero with those blue uniforms people will mistake our center men for smurfs…

    • I don’t think Bozak is in the Leafs future. Sure he is decent at faceoffs, but that’s it. As you can see from last nights performance from Bozie and previous games, he passed when he should of shot, or he shot when he should of passed. Mind you, these aren’t horrible traits, just need ironing off from another team. Like many players around the League, he needs a change of scenery.

      • i think he is in the future, just farther down the chart, the one they will move is grab. Carlyle is clearly going nowhere and he seems to not enjoy watching Grabo play…

  9. Why does everybody think that the Leafs need to add Kipper? I’m a Leaf fan & I think they would be a better team with Kipper but, what do you do with Reimer? Kipper will want to play at least 60 games, does anyone think that Reimer is going to be happy playing 22 games. The Leafs goaltending has been fine this season. Picking up Kipper would not be a great way to instill confidence in Reimer. I also don’t think Kipper’s age fits in with the Leafs age demographics. They are still a team trying to get better with younger players. I could see all the comments about Bernier coming to Toronto because he is still young as well, and could become your goalie of the future as well as for now. Possibly trade Scrivens and split the duties in that scenario.

    • Everyone knows if you want to groom a future number one star goalie or defensemen you need a vet to mentor him. It doesn’t always work but it rarely works well without that mentorship. Kipr will gladly play half the games and allow Reimer to play the other half next year knowing he is in the twlight of his carear. He will push Reim’s hard for playing time. You really want to throw Reim’s to the wolves in this years playoffs with the current Leaf defense? Talk about ruining a guy for the future…

      and how is Bernier going to make the Reimer situation any better? Bernier will want to play 60 games not turn into another back up in Toronto.

      • Goalies become better by playing games not watching others play…think about it besides Schneider who did back up Lou for a couple years Goalies cut their teeth in the American League and come in in a back up role fairly early for a year or maybe 2. Riemer has started nearly 100 games the past couple years and is starting to regain his former from a year or 2 ago and now you want to sit him on the bench for an older goalie who hasn’t, looked nearly as good as he used to with worse numbers the Reimer? Reimer is 25 almost 3 years in the league time to sink or swim yes I agree a vet backup would be good but the key phrase there is backup not alternate starter or playoff starter how do you expect him to gain playoff experience sitting on the bench?…if it involves picks and prospects stay away if it’s Scrivens and Holzer or Gunnarson kinda thing fine, but I doubt that kind of thing is happening

        • Reimer never had that grooming and it’s never to late he is still a kid at 25 yrs old. Sink or swim kills many carears so on that point you couldn’t be more wrong. A slow build up into a number one role proves time and again to be the right way to groom a goalie or defensemen this I agree.

          If all you look at are 2 months of stat’s (Kipr’s stats this year) then you will constantly pull off trades that don’t work out in the end. How many people thought Belfor was washed up. Quinn saw something different coaching him on the Olympic team and signed Eddie which worked out great for the Leafs.

          I do agree if Kipr for Scrivens and Gunnar (or a 1st round draft pick) works then it is worthwhile. Anymore then that would be giving up to much

          • What do you call what J. S. Giguiere did? He mentored Reimer for a year. Burk made a mistake in keeping Gustaffsson over Giggy.

          • OMG splitting hairs. ok on to the next subject.

          • Himm Lineback in Tampa had lots of grooming how does he look? Bishop payed lots in the AHL same as Lehner no real mentoring there how they look? Rask played more in the A then sat on the bench behind Thomas what about him who mentored Lou or Brodeur ?…no one, Quick?… Nope
            Anderson?….nada Price?…no mentor, Should I go on? Goalies learn and become better with experience not watching games..

          • Who’s Lineback? and why would you use Rask to prove your point when Thomas clearly mentored him for oh only about 3 years. WFT do you read your own posts? lol

          • Srry Lineback goalie in Tampa sat beind and was “groomed” by Pekka Rinne in Nashville geuss if you knew half of what you profess to you could have figured that out but…anyway Rask played 2 years in providence and ya backed up Thomas for 2 years but that is consistent with what I said…and while we are still on the Subject who mentored Thomas?…oh ya that’s right no one, he gained experience by playing games for anyone that would have him….

          • Sorry bro you are talking out of both sides of your mouth right now. I can’t figure out if you are trying to say goalies need mentoring or not because you are trying to prove both points with your examples. I think you should have your buddy Malkin Mike weigh in on this subject.

            Lets just say we are both fine with Kipr coming to the Leafs if the price is right and that I think he will be more valueable to the Leafs and Reimer then you and leave it at that…

          • If you can’t figure out what I am saying by now you really do have issues my friend…. I’ve said it pretty clearly about 5 times and even if the Rask thing confuses you there are 7 other examples I pointed out to my point, that goalies get better thru playing and experience not sitting on the bench watching someone else play or being “mentored” as you call it…

            I can’t speak any slower or draw you a picture here so yes I will leave it at that..

          • Who said I didn’t want Reimer playing? I believe I said he could play 41 games and Kipr play the other 41 (roughly) and they could push each other while Kipr mentors. Geezzz

            Ok I’ll let you have the last word since it seems important to you…

          • The first round pick is waaay too much….

          • You did…apparently memory or understanding are nether of your strengths…lol splitting 50/50 is not playing for a number 1 goalie and you also said you wouldn’t want to throw Reimer to the wolves by playing him in the playoffs this year…

    • Isn’t the goalie coach suppose to be a mentor. They are goalie coaches for a reason, they know the position and have been through the wars. What else does a guy need, a babysitter.

      • Exactly my point….

  10. Apparently Jussi Jokinen and Kaspars Daugavins have been put on waivers.

  11. RE: Capitals. Mike Green amnesty buyout.

  12. “Who’s Lineback? and why would you use Rask to prove your point when Thomas clearly mentored him for oh only about 3 years. WFT do you read your own posts? lol”

    Yeah, Thomas was clearly a mentor for Rask…ah okay :S…Thomas didn’t/doesn’t have a style of play. Pretty hard to teach a young tender “Oh, if a player goes this way, just throw your whole body in that direction and hope that you stop it”.

    • Bro a goalies style of play has very little to do with mentoring. It’s about instilling confidence, game preparation, building metal toughness and the list goes on. I always remember Quinn saying he wanted all his young goalies to watch Belfor’s game preparation and learn from him because he never saw anyone work harder. One thing Thomas forgot to teach Rask is how to open his big trap and piss off who ever gets in your way. lol

  13. Anyone know the asking price for Clowe? If Murray got 2 2nd rounders, what could a “top 6, power forward” get? I still think Montreal will overpay to get him as a Lucic deterrent.

    • … Not entirely sure what Clowe would fetch, however, looking at most of the contending playoff teams current top 6 lineups, I’m not entirely convinced he’d be considered a true “top 6″ forward at this point in the season. He’s had his injury, and struggled quite a bit offensively this season. Originally a 6th round pick, 30 years old, only tapped over 20 goals twice in his NHL career and produced average numbers in the assists column as a player seeing top 6 TOI. Maybe a 2nd rounder and a mid-low grade prospect IMO.

      • Agreed I’ve said it before the past couple years has been a bit of decline for Clowe 3 years ago top 6 guy for sure but now on a contending team probably third line shut down type role for him and hope he can chip a couple in…second round pick mid level prospect type…

  14. No idea, the Ducks after Derek Roy? I hope that’s the case because we can sure use him and his blinding speed!

    • I was hoping the leafs would get Roy. With his speed he could keep up with Kessel and maybe even teach him a thing or two about leadership

      • If the Maple Leafs want to continue underachieving and by bringing in an underachiever with problems, Derek Roy would be their guy. If the Maple Leafs desire to be competitive, they should look elsewhere.

        • I wouldn’t say they have under achieved the past oh 10 years or so most of us (Leaf Fans with a bit of IQ) have pretty much known they sucked…that’s why we are so freaking excited that it looks like they are starting to turn a bit of a corner maybe….see I still hesitate to say it…one thing for sure they appear to be going about things the right way with youth and building from with in and I for one hope that continues instead of sending valuable younger peices away for older guys or guys like Ribero and Roy who do have some talent but it seems to be dwarfed by a bad attitude or smells of it anyway…

  15. Drew Stafford will be healthy scratch for the second straight game along with John Scott as the Sabres visit the Lightining tonight. Right now, it is viewed as Stafford is being benched for not producing enough goals and points. With Stafford being mentioned as trade bait, something may be brewing for the Sabres.

  16. Wow, trade deadline day must be close – so many rumours, so little time! Don’t you think that James Reimer has come along pretty well this year? Wouldn’t a veteran backup goaltender make more sense now than a big-name starter? The people who want Bozak gone might want to re-consider – the off-season might be a better time to chase the stud centre – Bozak’s another guy who, in my mind, has come along nicely even if he’s being used higher in the pecking order than perhaps his skills merit.
    Nazem Kadri has really changed the dynamic for the Leafs and it seems that every winger on his line plays well and scores. I think it’s worth trying Kessel with him for a bit to see if it works. Having said all that, as a lifelong fan, I’m just enjoying the moment and appreciating the fact that the Leafs and the Marlies finally look like a professional organization.
    Just noticed that Jussi Jokinen was put on waivers – given the Leafs’ record in shootouts, he might be a good addition.
    Go Leafs!

    • I was thinking along the same lines good shoot out guy pretty good defensively bit of an agitator sand paper type and the price is right picking him up for nothing…only thing is he is a bit injury prone and I am not sure about that contract gues it all depends on who they get rid of or buy out in the summer…overall tho I wouldn’t be upset to see him in the line up.

  17. Bobby Ryan is exactly what the Flyers need…..just after they get a Top 2 Defensemen. I like Couturier and I think he’s going to be an excellend shut down guy but if I’m Philly I have no problem with a 1 for 1 swap here. He would score 40+ next to Giroux.

    • I think that is a steal of a deal if the Ducks would consider something like that agreed Giroux and Bobby Ryan would look mighty nice together….

    • Bobby Ryan is exactly what the Flyers need. So is consistent goaltending, an almost entirely new defense corps, better coaching, and ownership that doesn’t enter into stupid contracts every 15 seconds. I’m sure they’d like to get something…anything…resembling actual production from Sideshow Scott Hartnell. Oh…and if Giroux were actually able to live up to the comedically unrealistic “best player in the world” hype that his coach laid on him last spring, that would help, too. In short…lost cause this year. They’d be better advised to revamp fairly comprehensively at this point…although that wouldn’t be as tall of a task for them as it would be for many other teams, because they do have some better than decent players that they can build on.

      • LOL..