NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Tuesday, March 5, 2013.

Get the latest on the Maple Leafs, Avalanche, Oilers, Senators, Capitals, Hurricanes and Blues.

SPORTSNET.CA: Chris Johnston reports Toronto Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis hinted he intends to be patient leading up to the April 3 NHL trade deadline. One player Nonis is open to dealing is defenseman Mike Komisarek, though he denied a recent report claiming the blueliner had requested a trade. He claimed Komisarek said if a trade was in the team’s best interest he wouldn’t stand in the way, but the defenseman prefers to try to return to the Leafs lineup.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: James Mirtle examined the difficulty the Leafs face moving Komisarek, whose contract still has a year at $4.25 million remaining on it, along with a limited no-movement clause which prevents them from clearing cap space by demoting him.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock reports the Carolina Hurricanes could be in the market to upgrade their defense to help out goalie Dan Ellis and call-up Justin Peters while Cam Ward is sidelined by a knee injury. He suggests Komisarek might be worth a look.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere wonders if Devils forward David Clarkson would sign with the Maple Leafs this summer as a UFA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Komisarek’s salary and declining performance, I don’t expect the Leafs to get much interest in him via the trade market. He looks like a perfect candidate for a compliance (amnesty) buyout this summer. if the Hurricanes want a physical defenseman, a more affordable option could be Colorado’s Shane O’Brien. As for Clarkson, I expect the Devils will try to re-sign him, but if he becomes a UFA, the Leafs could be the front-runners for his services.

Could the Avalanche trade Paul Stastny?

Could the Avalanche trade Paul Stastny?

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater wonders if it may be time for the Avalanche to shop Paul Stastny now that Ryan O’Reilly is signed through next season, while Mike Chambers believes the Avs might look to move a veteran defenseman in order to keep Tyson Barrie in the lineup.

SPECTOR’S  NOTE: Stastny’s name has kicked around the rumor mill for the past two years, but with one season remaining on his contract at a cap hit of $6.6 million, the cap declining to $64.3 million for next season, and considering his declining production, I don’t see too many teams bidding for him. As for moving a blueline, Shane O’Brien seems the likely trade candidate, as he’s been a healthy scratch for most of this season.

SI.COM: Allan Muir wonders if the Edmonton Oilers recent acquisition of Mike Brown means winger Magnus Paajarvi might be on the way out. Paajarvi is just one of two Oilers eligible for demotion with passing through waivers, but Muir wonders if he has a future with the club.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the St. Louis Blues are reportedly looking at Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney. He also considers Nikolai Khabibulin a possible trade candidate, as he could provide insurance in goal for a playoff club. Ryan Jones and Ladislav Smid have also attracted some interest around the league. Both are UFAs this summer, but Matheson doesn’t see the Oilers moving either player. He also believes Sam Gagner and Ales Hemsky could be in play this summer if the Oilers seek to move skill for size.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whitney and Khabibulin are the most likely to move before the trade deadline. I think they’ll try to re-sign Jone and Smid, as well as Gagner. Hemsky could be shopped this summer, though the  $5 million for next season could hurt his trade value.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports Senators GM Bryan Murray can’t find any scorers available in the trade market, and will likely look to within to fill the gaps in this lineup created by injuries.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray isn’t dealing from a position of strength, so rivals are trying to get him to part with one or two of his promising young players. Better to ride things out and hope for the best than sacrifice the future for a quick fix.

WASHINGTON POST: Neil Greenberg wonders if the Capitals might move center Mike Ribeiro by the trade deadline if they’re no closer to playoff contention by that time. Ribeiro is among the few bright spots in the Capitals miserable season, and is eligible for UFA status this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Capitals aren’t in playoff contention by the deadline, and unless Ribeiro wants to re-sign for a reasonable contract, they should shop him.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports the tight standings are making it difficult for the Blues to make a trade to fill the gaps created by injuries in their roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The trade market should improve over the next three-four weeks, but will it come in time to help the Blues?


  1. 30 teams will line up to take a shot at Clarkson. Yes, there are guys like perry and Getz who will be on the market, but Clarkson should be just as attractive for any club.
    As for Komi, I will give 20$ to Nonis if he can trade him. Hell, I would even buy him a ballpark frank.

  2. I think the solution for Ottowa is to deal Anderson and roll with Bishop and Lerhner. A deal with the Islanders would seem ideal where Ottowa get Visnovsky and Neiderrater for Anderson.

    It’s a win for NY because they are losing Visnovsky anyway and Nabakov is at the end of his career so they would get a premium keeper to make Taveres happy.

    It’s a win for Ottowa in that they get a smooth, puck moving D that will help the offense while also adding another young player to fit with their long term plan plus Bishop and Lerhner are showing they are both capable of carrying the Sens.

    • bad trade for the Isles … who else thinks Anderson is a “premium keeper”??? Surely not Garth Snow … wait, what am I saying?

      • Ottawa doesn’t need a “smooth puck moving D”, next year they get back Karlsson and Cowen. As for Anderson, only a Leaf homer wouldn’t think Anderson is a solid #1+ or “premium keeper”. Besides one injury in Colorado, and one season early in his career on a very bad Chicago team, his save percentage and winning percentages have been in the top ten . Least we forget that until he jumped into the net in Ottawa going 11-5, that team was on pace to win less then 25 games. So if I had a young team with a goaltending problem or a solid playoff team with an injury in goal, Anderson would be a great answer to that question.

        • Jeesh look for a decent goalie for 10 years find one, and then trade him run with 2 inexperienced NHL goalies when ya have a few injuries seems like a winning formula to me….seriously who does that?

          • Hey wait a sec… Let’s get this straight some of us Leaf fans are first of all hockey fans with some hockey sence and call a spade a spade. I’m just as critical of some of the stupid mistakes our management has made see Komisarek Grabovski…ect as praising some others (I hate the sens) but Murray and McLean have done a minor miricale with this team the past few years finding Anderson drafting and getting a bunch of AHL guys to buy in and play like they have…seems to me most leaf haters are way worse then the homers….

          • Unless the wheels fly off the cart, you can’t trade Anderson; only if somebody makes a ludicrous offer. As for being a hockey fan first, team fan second, that’s the way its supposed to be. Enjoy the game tomorrow night.

          • That was sarcasm btw…lol was agreeing Anderson is going nowhere….

  3. Good morning Lyle,

    Haven’t looked into any details pertaining to this whatsoever…your article just got me thinking about this. But what about a possible Stastny for Komisarek deal. Young at 27 still with potential, maybe a change or scenery and a few other pieces?

    • Yeah, the Leafs 7th defenseman, whom should never have been signed in the first place, for a #2 center.

      He’d be a great fit for Toronto, but your going to have to give up a pick and a SOLID roster player other than Komi, a guy that will probably be bought out. Not sure why Leaf fans figure they can just trade away their scraps and bits for solid returns.

      • I think it’s mandatory for Leaf fans to think that way. Last week an idiot wanted to trade Komisarek + a minor league ham for a decent center. To them, trading three boaderline fourth liners is about the right price to pay for a first line player. But It’s funny how it only works one way. You NEVER hear a Leaf fan say : “I would trade Kaberle + Moen + Blunden for JVR”.

    • and the Avalanche would do this trade because????

      • Well accept for the Komisarek Part…lol(never getting rid of that guy…) the Avs. I am sure would,do love to dump that salary.. I was thinking along the lines of Holzer or Gunnarson and Colborne… Top 4 D pairing for the avs. Anyway plus a pretty good center prospect…I don’t think the management in Colarado are really loving that contract and would do this deal…not so sure the leafs would love 6 million for Stasney either but that would be along the lines of a deal both might think about I think….

      • I am a leaf fan, and I just about blew coffee through my nose. Sorry, but start thinking in the real world. As stated above Komisarek is no more than a seventh d-man and not even that with the leafs. He could be a fifth or sixth with the avalanche because of there injuries but to trade for Stastny, wow. The leafs don’t really need Stastny anyways, his skill has diminished lately and he makes way to much money. Besides the leafs want a number 1 centreman not a fading number 2. Kadri is presently there number 2 who at present is playing like a number 1

    • That’s not the first time I’ve heard that suggestion, but it doesn’t appear either club is willing to consider it.

    • If you had looked into details at all you’d see no one wants Komisarek at Amy price. The leafs are stuck with him until they buy him out.

      But beyond that Spec also pointed out that the Avs are looking to move a veteran defender to keep Barrie in the line-up.

      You should read the column not just skim them for names that interest you.

  4. Maybe Stastny would be the right fit for the Leafs. He only has one more year after this year on his contract which means he will be playing for another big pay day next year to go along with his UFA status, he could turn out to be that number one center the Leafs have been looking for once they pair him with Kessel and JVR. If the Leaf’s could ship Lyles the other way along with a prospect or say Kulemin, Bozak and a 3rd round pick maybe the Av’s would bite. It would be low risk for the Leafs considering they have tons of cap room once they buy out Komi and Lyles with the amnesty provision and the fact Stastny one has one more year remaining. Hopefully by the end of next season Colborne is showing signs of making the show and Kadri is ready to step into the number one center spot.

    • at this point in time i wouldn’t even trade Kulemin straight across for Stastny. Hell if the leafs offered Kulemin, Bozak and a 3rd for Stastny the avalanche would have there fax machine buzzing so fast and loud it would deafen you. Why would they take Liles back? They traded him to the leafs for a second. would the avs give up a second to get him back? I doubt it. Sure Stastny only has one more year on his contract, but would you give up all that you suggested for a gamble on a maybe he might get his game back. Those are the trades the leafs need to stay away from as it has blown up in there faces way to many times in the past.

    • I don’t think the leafs want any part of a deal that involves Bozak and a pick or a prospect for a guy that is making 6mill a year who is not a true no. 1 center they are not going make a deal for potential no. 1 center who has been In decline for the past couple years this is how we got stuck with Conoly remember him the 4 million dollar center for the Marlies?

  5. I’m not sure why everybody keeps writing that Komisarek’s contract could be a sticking point. One year at $4.25M is nothing. I could understand reservations if he made $7 million per season or had four years left on his contract.

    Given the way NHL GMs throw around big contracts, I can’t see why they’d even blink at Komisarek’s contract. What would it hurt a team like Calgary or Colorado to take a chance on him?

    • Because he skates like he should be playing for a beer league some where on long Island and he is getting paid 4.25 mill….

    • If you need to get to the cap floor, he might be attractive, but you could expect a few rolls of tape in return for that lump ‘o’ s***, nothing more.

      Montreal is laughing right now over that one.

      He’s like an old tube TV, serves a purpose, but couldn’t give it away no matter hard you try.

  6. Stastny is not going anywhere. If the Avs intend to shop O’Reilly next year when they can shop him then it’s no point in trading Statsny.

    Avs management has killed this team, though, so who knows what’s next.

    • The avs won’t trade O Reilly especially if he proves to be what he thinks he is. They would also be risking losing two centreman. Stastny is a UFA next summer and could go somewhere else because the avs are not going to pay him anywhere near what he makes now and Stastny isn’t going to want to take the huge pay cut he deserves.

  7. Also, for the Panthers… i’d do a Kuba for Komisarek trade!

    • I think this would be just one albatross for another. The leafs do not really need another d-man. They have Gardiner waiting to come up and several top notch d prospects. Any trade the leafs make will be to upgrade the offense.

  8. I’m sure Kenny Holland would be interested in Paarjarvi. Tambellini probably wants the moon for him though.

    • Tambellini wants the moon for all his players; why do you think they’re still in Edmonton?

      • Thats a fact. But maybe he’s becoming desperate. He gave up a 4th(a 3rd if the oil make playoffs) for Brown. They really need a guy like Brown but still a steep price.

  9. Hahaha why are leaves fans always after Avalanche players? First it was ROR for Bozak and now it Stastny for Komisarek? LOL, this from a team that signed Jeff Finger thinking they signed J-M Liles… They finally got their guy a few years later and is a regular healthy scratch hahahahaha… And they think the Avs want him back. Since we’re in lala-land how about this:

    To Toronto: Paul Stastny and Greg Zanon
    To Avalanche: Kulemin, Colborne and Gardiner

    • Give your head a shake…unless you have confusion issues which might explain that offer…

      • Man the Finger jokes are soooo fresh and original….com’on give me your best wazzz up…keep the joke train roll’n

        • @ shticky, blunders like that never get old.

      • That trade offer was a joke lol… I’m putting myself in a leaves fan’s head.

  10. Toronto has a Paul Stasny in Grabovski. I dont see Colorado doing this trade at all. I am pretty sure they don’t want liles back either.

    • I know Grabovski has not produced like he is capable of but Carlyle has him performing a different role this year. Most nights he is out with Kulemin checking the oppositions top line. It is generally pretty tough to get lots of points in this role, a role that he seems to be doing fairly well. Perhaps if the leafs start to swoon and are out of the playoffs they could consider moving a few guys but until then they should just ride the wave their on.

      • I still think they don’t need a number one center if they can trade Kessel for Perry. Picture Perry and JVR(two larger tougher bodies) between a (small) playmaking Grabovski as your number one then Kadri, Frattin and Lupul as your number two followed by a checking line of Bozak, Kulemin and McClement and a forth line of McLaren, Komarov and Steckle.

      • If Grabovski is a checking center you don’t pay him like a point producing center… McClement (better (+/-)) was brought in to be the checking center he has played pretty well with a cheaper contract… quit saying guys who don’t produce are checking lines…. also shouldn’t your best defensive center kill penalties? Graboski dosent kill penalties yet Kuli does? So to say he is on the checking line as a checking center it dosent make sence either way as far as a checking center still over paid…

        • It’s like calling Komisarek a “solid stay at home defenceman”. It’s because he is slow and can’t keep up with the play…

          • Or when capitals fans say ya Ovi may not score like he used to but is has a way better 200 foot game…come on you really think they had that in mind when they gave him that contract…

      • I still think they don’t need a number one center if they can trade Kessel for Perry. Picture Perry and JVR (two larger tougher bodies) between a (small) playmaking Grabovski as your number one then Kadri, Frattin and Lupul as your number two followed by a checking line of Bozak, Kulemin and McClement and a forth line of McLaren, Komarov and Steckle.

        • Sorry went through twice

  11. TSN is reporting that Weiss is out for the year. This is why you don’t fool around with UFAs. If they won’t sign and extension or you don’t want to extend them, you trade them…

    • Lol

  12. Come on.. The leafs need a number 1 centre!! Your not getting perry how many times do I have to tell you.. Just relax your still three years away from being a good team!! Just get rid of the shit contracts and draft good.

  13. Not sure I would buy out Komi for next year. they have cap space going forward, Burke left them in a great position cap wise. I would buy out Grabovski and Liles, both are drastically over paid and have multiple years on them.

    • I agree with you. been thinking about that. I love grabos game but at 5.5 he needs to be a lot better, but i would still give him til the end of next year. Liles needs playing time, if they have any chance of trading him they need to send holzer down, does not have to clear waivers and let liles play a few games show case him if not buy him out. Komi has only 1 year left and as you have stated they have multiple years.

  14. Okay so what about bozak,komi, and a 3rd in 14 for statsny?? Bozak is top 5 in faceoffs, but i dont think we can afford him long term with grabo on the books. komi for statsny would never fly so sweeten the pot. give them komi , bozak UFA and a 2014 3rd. Colorado relieves themselves of the cap hit. Bozak could resign with them and they get a 3rd komi only has 1 year left on his contract?

    • Nope…then you are going to have nearly 15 mill tied up cap space. At center with those centers being Grabovski McClement and Stasney…with Kadri an rfa so no number 1 center and 1/4 of your cap space tied up in…According to others on here a checking line center (Grabovski) possible (yet unlikely) no.2 guy in Stasney and your fourth line center in McClement… How can anyone think that looks strong up the middle Jeesh Grabovski has to go….

      • Just looking at that post hurts my eyes…

  15. Think again on Komisarek front. Take a look how many points/goals Colorado’s d-men are fishing.

    If Colorado wanted anyone from Toronto, it would probably be Dion Phaneuf. But it doesn’t matter, because there’s no way Toronto wants to logjam their team full of 2nd/3rd line centers by picking up Paul Stastny. Aside Phoenix, I don’t really know who’d be fishing for a 2nd line center, and even those that do will probably look for more affordable alternatives.

  16. Leafs Leafs Leafs
    Had enough.
    Is their any other fans here.

    • Then speak up and talk about something that involves your own team. Propose a stupid or moronic trade, hell everybody else does.

      • Sure how about Rick DiPietro for Kadri, JVR and a 1st

        He’s just getting healthy Leaf Fans……………

        OR Andrew Alberts for Gunnerson, Bozak and Phaneuf.

        He’s fresh, just played his 1st game this year, another solid “stay home” (slow) defenceman

        I’m with you Dave- to many Leafs fans hitting the bong and writing down their thoughts. I feel like I’ve just arrived sober to a party in progress…….

        • Then your late, probably per usual. We leafs fans can’t help it if were fun. Lighten up and lose the hate

  17. If the Oilers want to trade Hemsky, we’ll gladly take him in Columbus and we have cap space. Maybe for Nikitin and one of our several defensemen prospects.

  18. So much wasted time commenting about komi!

    • Agreed he’s not even worth talking about….

      • then why are you?

  19. The very idea that Komisarek alone could be moved without retaining most of his salary and throwing in a useful pick or prospect, is ludicrous.

    As for Leafs trading for Stastny, it would be a sideways move, as the Leafs have the same level Center in Grabovski (at 5.5mil).

    I feel the expendable Leafs currently, in fitting with Carlyles system, would be;
    Forwards: Bozak, Kessel, Steckel, and potentially Kulemin ( though, he’s a good fit on the PK and on a potential shutdown 3rd line)
    Defense: Gunnar, Komisarek, Liles, and perhaps Kostka.

    The Leafs would be better suited to try Grabovski in a 1st Center role, and look at a shutdown Center through trade; ie: Vermette, Handzal type.
    The other need is a top pairing Right handed DMan to play with Phaneuf (both Reily and Gardner are Lefties, and Carlyle has shown he likes D to remain on their natural side, hence the promotion of Righties;
    Kostka,Holzer and Franson, etc)

    So, ideally they should continue to look for a lg. franchise Center, but, they are rare, highly valued and hard to come by, but, til then (Colborne is still a question mark and they need to give him a look this year as he’s an RFA at years end) the lineup could be as follows:

    JVR / Grabovski / Lupul (in a few weeks)
    Mac / Kadri / Frattin
    Kulemin / Shutdown C / McClement-Komarov
    McLaren / McClement-? / Orr

    Phaneuf – Shutdown Righty
    Frasor – Franson
    Gardner – Holzer

    I obviously believe Kadri is a truer 2nd line Center, and Bozak is not a shutdown 3rd C despite his F/O success,… Think Vermette would be perfect, and his f/o % is over 60%… Discuss.