NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Tuesday, May 7, 2013.

Latest on Shea Weber, Loui Eriksson, Sean Couturier, Dustin Byfuglien, David Clarkson and more.

Could the Stars trade Loui Eriksson?

Could the Stars trade Loui Eriksson?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson isn’t saying Nashville Predators GM David Poile will try to trade defenseman Shea Weber this summer, but if he did, there would be plenty of interest. Weber cannot be traded until July 24, the date the Predators matched his offer sheet from the Flyers…He’s heard the Oilers offered Mark Fistric a three-year, $1.5 million per season contract but Fistric seeks $2 million. Talks have stopped for now…If the Oilers seek role players for next season, Matheson suggests former Oiler Raffi Torres as one option…The Blues might not have enough cap space to re-sign pending UFA center Andy McDonald…Matheson expects Ray Emery to re-sign with the Blackhawks this summer.

Matheson also believes Flyers forwards Sean Couturier and Matt Read are available. The Flyers are seeking a two-top defenseman and believes Winnipeg’s Dustin Byfuglien could be had…”The feeling is” the Dallas Stars might be willing to part with either Alex Goligoski or Trevor Daley.

Finally, Matheson noted the Dallas Stars need a first line center, suggesting new GM Jim Nill shop winger Loui Eriksson, noting the Stars already have a bevy of young wingers in their pipeline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: When it comes to Shea Weber’s trade status, Matheson’s like a pit bull on a steak. Sure, he’s not saying the Predators will trade Weber, but he loves suggesting the possibility. Meanwhile, Poile has stated he intends to rebuild around Weber and goalie Pekka Rinne…Maybe the Oilers and Fistric agree to $1.75 million per?…Not sure what Torres’ plans are for next season, but if the Oilers made a pitch, he might listen…I also doubt the Blues can afford to keep McDonald…Matheson makes a good point about Emery and questions if he could handle 55-60 games per season…The Flyers have repeatedly denied Couturier or Read are available, but it could take one of them to land a top-two defenseman via trade. I have my doubts the Jets move Byfuglien this summer. If the Jets fail to make the playoffs next season, however, he could be available next summer…Goligoski or Daley could be shopped for more physical blueline depth or as part of a deal for a first line center.  I don’t believe Nill will shop Eriksson, who’s been consistently among the Stars best forwards for several seasons.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio wondered if the Flyers might pursue David Clarkson this summer as a replacement for Ruslan Fedotenko.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Clarkson would fit in well with the Flyers and his style of play would quickly make him a fan favorite in Philadelphia. That being said, however, I doubt Holmgren pursues him, as the pressing need is for blueline depth, especially a skilled puck-moving defenseman with a right hand shot.


  1. Is Matheson becoming like Garrioch? He is shooting way too many rumors out there.

    All of these ideas are too premature to discuss. I think that after the draft there will be more reasons to discuss speculations.

  2. A writer who covers a non-playoff team definitely has their work cut out for them finding material after April. I don’t believe Matheson is proclaiming these future events as fact, rather he’s making some suggestions about what MAY happen over the summer.
    With so many moving parts (including potential amnesty buyouts creating a flooded UFA market in an off-season where the cap is dropping), it will be difficult at the best of times to try and figure out where players are going to end up, if anywhere, for the 2013-14 season. My prediction (for as little as it’s worth) is that we’ll see a number of professional NHLers filling a season in Europe until the salary cap goes up after 2014, due to a lack of demand for their services in North America.

    • Maybe the league plans to add a couple a teams via expension so the flooded UFA market will find room in those new markets. A natural way to have expension clubs with some talented players while building through the draft?

      • I bet you if the leauge does expand I really do not see it being in destinations that UFA will go instantly.City like QC and Markhem are like Edmonton and Winnipeg,small cities and not much things to do.Both the expansion teams and the other two as mention need to be more competitive to get the big time UFA to go there.

        • You are right, the expansions won’t be a first choice and maybe those teams will only be able to hire semi-has-been overpaid players. It takes time to build a desired destination.
          Robin, by reading your comment, a question came to my mind. ”Small cities and not much things to do”. I know this is a big factor in attracting a star player, being in a glamorous city can help, cold winters doesn’t. I live in a small city and I really don’t see what I am missing that a hockey player would want…
          Wake me up right now, I don’t want to open my eyes at 60 years old and realize that I missed everything a big city can offer… ;D

  3. If the Canucks bow out in four to the Sharks, I’m willing to bet Edler gets shipped somewhere for better secondary scoring than they have now. His NTC doesn’t kick in until after the draft and I’m willing to bet Holmgren would love to have him. With Tanev, and now Corrado ready to step in and play a full time
    role, the defense would have a mix of youth and experience.

    • If it was me I would just start rebuilding process right now and trade all the old players the canucks have .This teams needs to get better in the AHL department.Also might I add both Canucks and Flames and Oilers need to speak with the sens and red wings are doing because they are taking has beens and work in project players and boom they become good.

  4. Clarkson could happen if the Homer does move Couts. Good replacement and Coururier will land you a top 2 D with puck moving skills the Flyers don’t have now.

  5. Flyers need to draft d-men and plug their holes with UFA players like Streit, Lydman, Leopold or Ference etc etc for now.

    There is no quick fix or silver bullet.