NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Wednesday, March 13, 2013.

The latest on Ryan Miller, Tomas Fleischmann, Ryan Whitney, Jarome Iginla, Corey Perry, Ryane Clowe and more.

Could this be Ryan Miller's final season in Buffalo?

Could this be Ryan Miller’s final season in Buffalo?

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited a report by Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos speculating goaltender Ryan Miller’s days with the Buffalo Sabres “could be numbered”, though a weak trade market could force the Sabres to wait until this summer or next season to move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s not the first time Miller’s name has popped up in the rumor mill, but there could be more to it this time, though there’s been nothing out of Buffalo yet to substantiate this. As Kypreos pointed out, Miller’s got one season left on his contract, and it’s unlikely he’ll be re-signed by the Sabres. For that matter, I don’t believe he wants to re-sign. That’s not a knock against him, merely pointing out the Sabres are going nowhere fast, and it’s very apparent this season he’s frustrated over the club’s poor performance. I doubt he’s moved at the deadline, but I certainly expect they’ll field offers for him this summer.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen examined the trade buzz surrounding ten NHL teams. He doubts the Anaheim Ducks trade Corey Perry at the deadline, believes the Boston Bruins have the cap space to add a scorer, suggested Robyn Regehr, Jordan Leopold and Jochen Hecht of the Buffalo Sabres could be trade candidates, speculated over the Calgary Flames moving Jarome Iginla, reports the Carolina Hurricanes are in the market for a defenseman, believes Edmonton Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney will be moved, suggests Florida Panthers forwards Tomas Fleischmann and Kris Versteeg could become trade bait, believes the Nashville Predators could shop a defenseman for a scoring forward, thinks NY Islanders pending UFA blueliners Mark Streit and Lubomir Visnovsky could attract interest in the trade market, while the Philadelphia Flyers continue to seek a premium puck-moving defenseman.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports the pending UFA status of San Jose Sharks winger Ryane Clowe has made him the subject of trade speculation. The Sharks would like to re-sign him, but could be hampered by next season’s declining salary cap. Dreger claims they’re not shopping Clowe, but are listening to offers…The Edmonton Oilers want to trade Ryan Whitney, and are hoping his improved play of late will bolster his trade value….Pierre LeBrun reports the Florida Panthers could try to move players under contract beyond this season (Tomas Fleischmann, Kris Versteeg, Filip Kuba).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tough decision for the Sharks regarding Clowe. Much will depend on what he’s seeking for a new contract, and what offers the Sharks get for him in the trade market…  Whitney’s improved play will certainly improve his trade value, but it could take another two weeks before the Oilers start getting serious offers…I believe Fleischmann will attract lots of interest if the Panthers are willing to move him.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Joanne Ireland reports Oilers GM Steve Tambellini won’t sacrifice his young players for a quick-fix acquisition by the trade deadline. Jonathan Willis reports the Minnesota Wild may be close to signing defenseman Brett Clark, who’s currently playing for the Oilers AHL farm team in Oklahoma City on a minor league contract.


  1. Clowe is worth 4-4.5M on open market. This is fair price for incosistent power forward that he is. I do not see how Sharks can let Clowe walk and keep Havlat. Smart move would be buying out Havalt and keeping Clowe.

    • I’m not sure if he’s worth that, the cap will be going down a lot and I think we’ll see players either taking less money to play on a good team or take what they can get and play on bad teams.

      • Paul, I do not see him making less than 4M a year even if cap is going down. He is currently making 3.65M and this will be his last UFA pay day. So when I say 4M a year this is already a discount.

        • Clowe is having a horrible year – no goals, but 8 assists. Over the past 4 years we have gotten comfortable seeing Clowe generate at least 40+ points a season. This year it seems like something is lacking, perhaps he has slowed down a bit but it seems he is banging bodies more rather than fighting for the puck in front of the net. I don’t see Clowe making more than $3.5M because that is about what he is worth, although I think any team can use his leadership skills.

          • A guy that hasn’t scored a goal yet getting 5 million?

  2. Well after lastnights injury to Versteeg, I doubt teams will be as inclined to inquire about him. As Versteeg does have an injury history. As for San Jose, trading Clowe would be their best option, because he would bring the most return for their team without giving up their star players (Thornton, Marleau, Pavelski & Couture). I think Clowe’s success with the Sharks has burned out and merely needs a change in scenery.

    Because Toronto is in the downfall (3 straight losses), Nonis now has to make a move or two to try and keep them in the playoffs spot. He should be making serious inquiries on; Clowe, Bernier, Smyth. Philly is seeking a puck moving dman, and by the looks of it, Gardiner is not a Carlyle type dman. What about?

    To Toronto: B.Schenn
    To Philly: Gardiner

    Both are former 1st round draft picks, B.Schenn will be a very good centerman and Gardiner will be a very good dman (puck moving dman). With this trade, Philly will also shed off salary, as they currently have $0 in cap space. It is also the type deal that Nonis said he would make (youth for youth).

    • Its amazing how 1 game can change the outlook of a team. TO wins last night they are 7 points up on winnipeg and no problems. But they lost and now the world is falling. I too agree gardiner is wasting away in ahl. If your not going to use him move him for something you can use. I don’t understand this he was their best d man last year.
      Florida has no luck at all. They could have got a decent return for versteeg.
      Wonder if miller could end up in san jose? Doubt sabres would let him play in the east.

      • Why would SJ want Miller? they have Niemi who is their only consistent player right now and is getting Vezina consideration while making half the monye as Miller.

    • Leafs are in a downfall?
      geez hope you don’t break an ankle or tear an acl jumping on and off the bandwagon buddy.
      boston/pitt the 2 of the best teams in the east and at home the jets are always super tough.
      this is their toughest stretch including next week so some losses are expected.

      no chance leafs move gardiner or philly schenn.

      clowe is a good rugged player but if he is looking at 4-4.5 not sure he is worth that plus players in trade.

      miller has been griping for quite some time now and i think wants out and will be gone over the summer.

      • Total agreement

      • Yes, a downfall…are you not paying attention? Now they are 2 losses of being out of a playoffs spot.

    • Can’t see B Schenn coming to Toronto after shipping L Schenn out the door to Philly last year.Neither team would be interested. I think Gardiner is also to unproven for a team in need of imediate help on the D.

    • LeafsAdvocate – You must be crazy to think the Flyers will trade Schenn to the Leafs. They just traded to get his brother, why in the world they suddenly trade him to the Leafs?

    • Jeez lose to Pits in a shootout and in a very tough building to play in and suddenly they are in free fall?… Trade Gardner, get Clowe we need another inexperienced. Goalie grab Bernier! Most people didn’t even think they would make the playoffs and they are in the hunt….relax they are a young team going to be some ebs and flow to the season….

      • And for the most part the problem look like it’s with some of the experienced guys Grabovski looked horrible neon dion with another underwhelming night so you want to trade Gardner?
        It will never happen but here’s an idea sit the captain for a night or 2 put Gardner in

    • Schenn for Gardiner???? makes zero sense on so many fronts, but the most obvious is that Gardiner alone doesn’t land Schenn. No way in hell that trade happens.

      • just another ridiculous proposal from a guy who watches Glee instead of nhl hockey …

        • HAhahaha, good one. It could happen if the leafs added something else but leafs are not going to trade Gardiner.

    • And have you watched an Oiller really game this year? What the hell you want Smyth for? Maybe him and Komisarek could have a race to the best seats in the press box it would be a close one cause neither one can skate anymore…

    • while i somewhat agree with you, i think it would be more like cutourier maybe a bit more for gardiner. im not advocating trading him, i like him, but he is a big chip to use

  3. Maybe Liles to Philly for a 3rd rounder but Toronto retains some of Liles salary?

    • beer,why would leafs help a team that is trying to catch them for a lousy 3rd rd pick?
      you don’t help a team now unless you get help now too.
      nonis would get crucified if liles stepped up and helped philly knock out leafs for a playoff spot.

      • I agree but do you really think Liles can help Philly to the point he will make that big of an impact on the Leafs getting bumped from the playoffs by Philly. lol I doubt it. lol

        If it was a decent D man I would say you are spot on but Liles is terrible in his own end and wasn’t much of a threat on the pp either. I say dump him on anyone that will take that salary.

        • Liles is underated,just overpaid.
          he could make a difference to philly.
          remember the leafs never looked better this year then when he was playing over holzer/gunner.
          his defensive game was okay but he moved the puck fast and was good on the 2nd pp unit,far better on that then gunnerson.
          also interesting that once gunner returned and took his spot the leafs returned to giving up 35 shots a game and the offence slipped back.

          • Ya, I noticed the Gunnar thing you mentioned. I think he could be on the block. Someone has to get moved, demoted or waived on the D and the forward group to make room for Gardiner and Lupul barring any injuries in the next week or so.

  4. I think Ryan Miller has had enough of Buffalo and would welcome a trade and I agree he likely won’t resign if they don’t trade him, but I don’t expect the Sabres would move him to any eastern conference team.

    • I wonder what the asking price would be for Miller?

      • Good question. Knowing the Sabres, expect a first rounder in there somewhere and depending on the team, they might just get it too

        • How about the Oilers hire Ruff, then Darcy ships off Miller to the Oilers to reunite with coach Ruff and the Sabres get the Oilers first rounder this year which could be in the top 5 along with a very good prospect.

          I would love to see Miller in TO but it will never happen since he would come back to bite Buffalo many times over

          • Interesting trade scenario but not likely to happen. Miller in Toronto would only take place if he was to become a UFA and then CHOOSE the Leafs over all the other suitors. Boy that’s a Santa stocking stuffer for sure my friend but no, I don’t think Miller would choose the Leafs no matter what buy hey, anything is possible :)

      • Any team interested in Ryan Miller via trade would be sending several players back in return.

      • i would say quite a bit. at least one first rounder, a top prospect and a roster player. give or take

    • Wouldn’t trust dealing for him… he hasn’t been the same goaltender since he sustained the concussion.

      • True, but he is better than what a lot of teams presently have. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Lightning make a pitch

  5. Miller will probably see a lot of action during the summer as the only UFA goalies of value this year that are possible are Smith, Backstrom, Emery, and Howard. I would expect Howard & Smith to get resigned and Backstrom & Emery to receive limited interest.

    But the goalie trade market seems to be looking deep, Miller, Bishop, Bernier, Luongo … it will be very interesting to see how the goalie tandems end up looking at the start of the 13/14 season.

    • My guesses would also be

      Luongo – Florida/Islanders (though Isles is a long shot)
      Miller – San Jose/Edmonton (I really believe in Edmonton on this one)
      Bishop/Bernier – New Jersey/Calgary/Buffalo (pure conjuncture)

      • Conjecture is about right…

        Luongo should get interest in both Florida teams, not just the Panthers. Lindback is a bust so far.

        Miller is a quick fix rather than a longterm solution. His contract status and his play lately might not suit Edmonton’s desire. I really don’t know who would deal for Miller because I have a feeling the asking price might overvalue him.

        Calgary has a guy playing in Russia they might pull into north america in the summer. I could see Bernier in Buffalo. NJ has goaltending depth that they’re more likely to try out before dealing for a goaltender. They could be six weeks for a move or two years…

      • Edmonton will have to shed a lot of salary with the new contracts to Hall and Eberle starting next season and that does not include re-signing their RFA’s. I believe the Sabres would be looking for a #1 plus one of the Oilers young guns.

    • Miller to Detroit would look nice but the re-alignment will stop that from happening too.

      • With Darcy’s history, I would gamble on Miller going south to LA or San Jose. If the right pieces are coming back Miller will be gone in a flash.
        Miller has been so pissed at the Sabres organization that I feel it will either take a miracle or a lot of Zeros to keep him in Buffalo.
        As a Sabres fan, I say trade him and get some goal scoring.

        • ya it’s time to trade miller asap. and maybe deal couple of future picks and a player like ennis for bernier. i as a sabres fan am not a miller homer and honestly he talks a lot smack and doesnt back it up himself and honestly we do not need that no more.

  6. Versteeg had his knee torn last night so you can scratch him off the list of Panthers on the trading block.

    As a Panthers fan, I’d love to see them ship Kuba out.

    • Cool a southern state hockey fan, one of many… So much for many traditional hockey market fans saying there are no hockey fans in the sunbelt. FYI there are many and very are passionate.

      • Yoda would agree

  7. I doubt very much Tallon trades away Tomas Fleischmann. He signed him as an UFA, he has played well and will need Tomas Fleischmann next year. There is no reason to trade him unless Tallon suddenly became insane.

  8. Is this site hosted in Greenland that the time is four hours earlier than Eastern time?

  9. Later than Eastern time

    • On the east coast? I believe.

  10. Florida’s in a big jam with their first line decimated. Hard to tell what Tallon’s next move is. I’m guessing “tank” is going to be part of their vocabulary for the next month.

  11. Leafs looked sick last night. But it is only one game and lessons should be noted. They need a veteran Goalie not two rookies. The ahl experiment on defense needs to be addressed. Holtzer to the farm (or trade) and bring up Gardiner (carlye might not like him but his is a hard asset) Bench Toskla and put in Illes and that might not be enough. You can not win playing in your own end all night and for the last three games the defense has not been able to get it over the blue line. It is a short season, and to make the playoffs would be nice. The Leaf have made good strides this year with a team that has about half that has not played together before this year. McClement, McKaren,Kadri,Fratin,JVR,Orr are all improvements. As was the goodbyes to Connelly and Lambardi and Brown. Some players have not been able to perform to their best but injuries have played a part in this. McCarther is under estimated. If a first line (and I mean a first line) center comes up then you get him and say goodbye to Bozak….like the guy but he is not getting it done nor is Leo. Get Clarkson off ufa.(can play/forward/100+pim) You are not going to get Perry or Ryan. Draft well and let the team jell…one thing for sure the Leafs appear to be moving in the correct direction. They are becoming a hard team to play and it is nice to see that Boston can not shove them around any more nor can others.

  12. Does anyone think the Pred’s will move Weber this summer and his massive salary? Just a thought since they were restricted from moving him for a full year after they signed him away from Philly’s offer sheet. I can’t see them keeping that salary on the books for the next 15 years.

    • You may be right. Back to Philly in the summer??

      • no way, besides the bulk of the hit was in guaranteed money up front. Preds are on hook for that. They aren’t going to pay that and then ship him out. makes no sense. Preds need to give the Suter money that they were ready to pay to Perry.

    • I doubt it. This ship has sailed.

    • i have a feeling they will. it’ll be a boon for both teams. phili will ahve to ay out the arse for him of coarse. but by moving couturier/laughton and at least one first rounder they will get him

  13. At this point if you are Tallon you can’t save the season or even improve the team with these injuries. Versteeg looked good last night and of course he had to get an accidental knee-on-knee hit.

    Fleischmann is not going anywhere. He has a NTC.

    Tallon doesn’t need to blow up this team. It’s a team moving in the right direction and goaltending is the main issue to address, more so than replacing Weiss if Weiss signs elsewhere. I don’t understand why the media thinks that Tallon will just scratch what he just built after a successful season last year.

    He needs to do three things to get this team back on track.

    1) Goalie
    2) Replace Weiss’s production
    3) Add one depth d-man

    It just would not make sense to start over again this off-season by looking for good free agents to sign and trading for good players, which means trading valuable assets.

    I don’t see Tallon doing that.

    He has a good core to improve and build around with. Apparently the Canadian media thinks it is a likely plan for teams to do fire sales for every bad season they have. This is why they remain journalists and don’t become managers in the NHL.

    • I agree about Tallon and the Panthers, they have worked hard to improve and get assets and have had a very injury filled season. It would be the wrong move to blow up the roster, shed some of the fat around the edges sure, free up some cap space. If you don’t want to make a deal for Luongo, then maybe wait and see if Emery or Backstrom are available via free agency and pair them with Markstrom.

      The Panthers are close to becoming a force in the East IMO they just need to get healthy and let some of their young players develop (and in my personal opinion, get a new coach). But to resort to a fire sale would be the wrong call. Dumping Kuba and maybe Campbell via trade or buyout to free some space up on the payroll.

      • i think the panthers are only a few years away from being a legit team too. i think they will try and dumpt some salary. and they will bring back weiss. they want him, he wants to be there. he will play his whle career with them. he’s had his chamce to leave before and didnt. they need players like him to legitimize the team more. all they need is time. they should stick with markstrom and focus on drafting some more Dmen this year.

  14. Just one thing about the Miller trade – who would be their goalie? Certainly not Enroth. And while we’re on the subject of Sabre trades, I wouldn’t mind if they included Stafford, Pomminville and Vanek too.

    The Sabres need more of the Callahan-type players to add both grit and scoring in one package.

    • I think they would have to trade for a goalie or look via UFA in order to address that issue.

    • i think if they are keen on moving miller, EVERYONE over the age of 25 will be on the market. you dont trade a franchise goalie and expect to come out of it smelling like roses. i’d be game running with enroth if they end up with a bunch of top prospects out of this years draft. i could be in nets and it wouldnt matter. i am a leafs fan and it hurts to say, if buffalo jumos the cue and starts moving vets for picks sooner than the other teams, they will be that much further ahead. they have some serious talent in the minors, they just need to keep adding to it

  15. Van and Pit should dance.
    to pit- Malholtra, Edler, Raymond, Luongo
    to van- Letang, Sutter, Vokoun

    Pit can take a chance on Malholtra centering the 3rd so Van is off the hook, Raymond could score 35 with Crosby, Edler is a tough dman that is very offensive and suits the East, Luongo could backstop the Pens to the cup and would probably agree to go to a winner. Fleury could be traded at deadline for 3rd line center or in the summer.

    Van gets the offensive dman to spark the pp that been missing since Erhoff departure. Sutter is the 3rd line center we need and could move up to 1 or 2 in event of injury. Vokoun, well we need a backup.

    It’s ballsy but I think it helps both. Meeting in the final would be epic!

    • Malholtra’s career is in jeopardy with his eye injury.

    • epic fail.

    • Why would Pittsburgh want to sink $10.33 million in Luongo/Fleury for the next couple of years? Why would they want to pick up Edler and Raymond, both UFAs, and dump Letang, who has one year left on his contract at 3.5M? Malholtra may be finished, and is UFA to boot, while Sutter has a year left at just over 2 M. Pits would be nuts to trade Letang and Sutter for two guys that are potentially going to test the market, an injured forward and a goalie with a hefty contract.

      • My bad, I keep forgetting Edlerresigned. Regardless, I can’tsee PIT wanting to eat his salary.

    • no offense, but thats not worth crap. i do beleive van needs a move or two to chance the culture a bit. i think there are lots of moves they could make. simple ones too. how about a second rounder for kulimen from toronto. adds size to their third line, and hes young. they will very soon hammer into buffalo’s roster i think though. they will go after some of their guys for their second line. would be good for both teams

    • thats the worst trade suggestion I have ever read! why would Pitt make a deal like that? let me guess, your a canucks fan……

  16. Any thoughts on where Miller could possibly end up? Hate to focus all of my posts on the leafs (only my 2nd) but Miller plays consistently at the ACC. Again…similar to last post (so calm down people, i’m not trading garbage for all stars) I have yet to look into anything.

    Just curious if you believe it would be an option the Leafs would be willing to consider or are they now comfortable in net?


    • Well I will propose a trade to make TopRight happy then.

      Kessel for Miller. lol

    • I think the Leafs would pass on trading for Miller. With him becoming a UFA soon it’s possible he could be signed, though. I’d be curious to see what Buffalo would do for a goalie if they trade him or he walks.

      As a Leafs hater I have to admit they’re surpassing expectations. As hard as it is for me to admit, they dont really need to shake things up at this point. Buying out two of Liles, Komisarek and Connolly this off-season will help them immensely in salary cap terms. Considering how Millers been playing I’m not sure

      • If he’d help them*

      • connolly is off the books this year, they have to buy out komi, he is just terrible in toronto. liles i think there willbe somewhat of a market for him. maybe a 3rd rounder this year etc for him. someone will bit when there is an injury or something

  17. The speculation with trading Miller is that it will probably be to a team out west since his wife lives and works in California.

    • I wonder if Edmonton would look at him/be a welcomed destination by him. If the new alignment goes through they’d be in the same “conference” as all three Cali teams.

      • he would look great in edmonton, and they ahve the picks/prospects to make the deal. but i dont think they are int he right position for that type of a move yet. seems to me they are maybe 2 years away from that type of thing. personally i think they should draft fucale this year with their first rounder and mold him. dybnek is playign well enough. they need time for some of their DFmen to come over and start playing

  18. I would certainly say the West is a more likely destination, more teams that way that would take a longer look at him and not have to pay same conference premium. Det, SJ, Min, Edm, Phx. Though in the East teams like Nyi, TB, Fla, Phi might very well take a look at him. It will be interesting to see Miller & Luongo on the block at the same time, as well as a handful of younger promising goalies like Bishop & Bernier … and add to the intrigue if the Wings can’t sign Howard. I can’t help but think this is going to be an interesting goalie summer.

  19. Jakes agent should learn to count (teams have 23 man rosters) should know JL is coming back and only one player can be shipped back without waiver wire access. Also its been only 30 days since the blow to the head, maybe find an agent that is not a dummy

    • Ya his agent whether he ment to or not just screwed the team, gm and coach. They’ve said all along he is going to come up. By doing this nonis may have lost any leverage he has in a trade to open up a spot for him. The coach is now being watched to see when he brings him up and it will be a oh he only did it cuz the agent made a stink. And how does this go over with jake and his teammates. I do think he should be up and doesn’t belong in the ahl but this wasn’t the way to do it.

  20. Now the van fans are lossing their minds. That has to be one of the worst trades I’ve seen thought out senseanything toronto fans dream up. The Pens / Van trade is massively one sided to Van. Pitt gets nothing in the deal. Maybe Raymond would be the only good one in return but no way in hell would I give Sutter for him. All I see is Raymond and a bunch of waste to pitt for Sutter and Vokoun and a Letang give away.

    If Letang ever gets moved it would be next year or off season and right now he is worth a top six starting winger, vet d-man, and pick/prospect alone by himself.

    Sutter is becoming a fixture in Pittsburgh and fastly becoming untradable.

    Vokoun could be had for a decent trade back but one that has a backup in it that isn’t grossly overpaid.

    LoWrongO is wrong for pittsburgh in so many ways. One being sucking up to much of that cap space that can be used for a scoring forward they need more.

    Raymond is the only one that has hope but not worth the asking price.

    The other two are bookmarks at best with a sign on them that says “insert real nhl player here”.

    Try again.

    • While I agree that the trade heavily favours Vancouver, I disagree that Raymond is the only thing of value on Vans side. I think Edler is a good dman, but losing Letang to add him is not in Pits best interest. If we break this trade down, I’d rather have Vokoun over Luongo given his cap hit alone, and Letang over Edler for his offensive ability. I wouldn’t touch Malhortra with a ten foot pole and I’d take Sutter over Raymond for his grittiness and because he’s signed next season. That trade is heavily slanted towards Vancouver.

  21. Ryan Miller leaving the Sabres concerns me. Unless Darcy Regier would like to lose his job quicker by getting a huge gash and not healing the wound, I would improve the blueline with better capable defensemen to protect Miller or I would swing two deals, one sending Miller somewhere, and the other with Vancouver bringing Roberto Luongo to wear a Sabres sweater.

    Goaltending is the least of the Sabres’ problems. That playmaking, point producing first line center continues to elude Regier and the Sabres.

  22. I really can’t see the Sharks keeping Clowe and staying under the cap for next year which is going down to around $64 million. He would have to take a pay cut, and they can’t expect him to do that.

    Of course they could keep him and let him walk in the offseason, but the Sharks need to make some moves, they got off to an incredible start, hard to believe they have just 7 wins in OT/regulation this season.