NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Wednesday, March 20, 2013.

With the NHL trade deadline now two weeks away, check out the latest on Dan Boyle, Martin Havlat, Jaromir Jagr, Niklas Backstrom, and more.


Could the Sharks shop Dan Boyle?

Could the Sharks shop Dan Boyle?

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports sources claiming San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson has been listening to trade offers for some of his players, with Dan Boyle and Martin Havlat among those being bandied about. LeBrun believes Boyle could be a good fit with the NY Rangers, who seek a right-handed, top-four blueliner.  The Sharks must also decide what to do with pending UFAs Ryane Clowe and Douglas Murray.

LeBrun still links the Boston Bruins with Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson and Calgary’s Jarome Iginla, depending upon the asking price for the latter. They’re also believed interested in Dallas Stars captain Brenden Morrow, while the Stars remain undecided over what to do with Jaromir Jagr. Derek Roy could be moved as his contract talks apparently haven’t gone anywhere…LeBrun cited one NHL executive wondering if the Philadelphia Flyers might make a pitch to bring back Jagr…the Anaheim Ducks have no intention of shopping Bobby Ryan and his $5.1 million per season salary, feeling they can carry his salary into next season…TSN’s Bob McKenzie believes the ball is now rolling between Iginla and the Flames over a possible trade, but Iginla controls the situation. LeBrun believes Boston, Pittsburgh, LA and Detroit make the most sense for the Flames captain…The Flames won’t move Jay Bouwmeester unless they’re blown away by an offer. St. Louis and Detroit are among the clubs who have interest in him…The Ottawa Senators had considered moving Sergei Gonchar by the trade deadline if they had fallen out of the playoff race by then, but their strong play and his improved performance may have changed their minds.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was a rumor last summer claiming the Sharks and Rangers nearly did a “Boyle-for-Marian Gaborik” swap. It could be revisited, but if the Sharks intend to shed salary, moving out Boyle’s $6.6 million for Gaborik’s $7.5 million doesn’t make sense. As for Havlat, his injury history is as much a deal-breaker as his no-movement clause and $5 million per season salary…Morrow seems most likely of the Stars pending UFAs to be dealt, but depending on where they are in the standings, they could hang onto Jagr and Roy…Sure, the Ducks can carry Ryan and his salary next season, provided they can re-sign or replace Teemu Selanne, Saku Koivu, Toni Lydman and Kyle Palmieri (among others) with the $10.8 million they have remaining to fill seven roster spots…The Flames won’t just give Iginla away, and he’ll have to agree to be moved…Interest in Bouwmeester, who has $6.8 million and one year left on his contract, could be affected by the decline in the salary cap next season…The Senators aren’t moving Gonchar, who has stepped up with Erik Karlsson out for the season.

TORONTO STAR: Bob Mitchell has a very lengthy list of players who might be available by the trade deadline. The usual suspects are there (Iginla, Ribeiro, Alfredsson, Clowe, Jagr, Morrow, etc), but Mitchell also includes Tampa Bay’s Martin St. Louis, Phoenix’s Mike Smith, New Jersey’s David Clarkson, NY Rangers Marian Gaborik, Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, and LA’s Dustin Penner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt the Lightning shop St. Louis, or that he wants to leave. The Coyotes aren’t trading Smith, as they need him to clinch a playoff berth, plus they still hope to re-sign him. Forget about the Canucks moving Luongo, that won’t happen until this summer…if at all. The Devils intend to re-sign Clarkson. Gaborik could be moved, but his $7.5 million salary and modified no-trade clause makes him tough to move. I don’t think there’s much interest in Penner.

SPORTSNET.CA: Jeff Simmons reports Toronto Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis believes there’s more value in retaining pending UFAs Clarke MacArthur and Tyler Bozak than in trading them. As for making acquisitions before the deadline, Nonis said that would depend on who’s available. One area Nonis is keeping an eye on is goaltending.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite their recent five-game losing skid, word around the league is Nonis remains committed to making the playoffs with his current roster.  Obviously, he’ll look for ways to improve it, but he’s not expected to become a seller by the deadline.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher has no intention of moving pending UFAs Niklas Backstrom and Matt Cullen by the trade deadline. Fletcher also sounds reluctant about adding experience to his lineup, preferring to allow his young players the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wild are first in the Northwest Division and have won seven of their last 10 games. No need for any major shakeups there.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis believes the Oilers should trade defenseman Ryan Whitney, even if they stay in the playoff race.

RDS.CA: Renaud Lavoie reports the Montreal Canadiens have been in contract talks with the agent for defenseman Francis Bouillon for a week now. Bouillon’s on a one-year contract and slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Bouillon will be re-signed to an affordable two-year extension.

**UPDATE** The Canadiens today announced the re-signing of Bouillon to a one-year deal worth $1.5 million. It’s similar to his current contract.


  1. Atta boy Dave leave good enough alone for now…..unless it’s part of the bigger picture

    • I think they are going to end up with a top 4 d before a top centre. Prices to high and really know one willing to move.

  2. Dion Phanuef to the Rangers

    • For who. A lot of people would say a bag of pucks, but the guy logs a lot of ice time and is better than he gets credit for. Sure he screws up some but who wouldn’t playing as much as nhe does. The guy I would like to see the leafs get would be Miller but that won’t happen.

  3. There are rumors going around that the Jets have interest and Marian Gaborik and they will have room next year for his salary a couple names the Rangers had interest in were Hainsey and Burmistrov. Hainsey is a UFA at seasons end so that would give the Rangers some cap relief and Burmistrov has been in the Jets dog house

  4. Looks like Frankie the Bull got his extension. One-year deal.

    As for that Star article, they seem intent on pushing the “he’s from Toronto so he’ll be a Leaf someday” theme. Or that Miller has would be a good fit for the Leafs? Objectivity at its finest.

  5. Iginla, Ribeiro, Alfredsson, Clowe, Jagr, Morrow, Martin St. Louis, Mike Smith, David Clarkson, Marian Gaborik, Roberto Luongo, and Dustin Penner.

    I doubt any one of those guys gets traded.

    • You could be right as all of these guys have fairly substantial contracts. Ribiero Clowe and Morrow are probably most likely IMO. The rest are major cogs on their team with the exception of floater whom nobody wants.

      • Unless you’re planning a Pancake breakfast in the off-season

    • Morrow will be dealt by the deadline, the stars are going to fall out of the playoff picture fast.
      I agree with what Drew said :)

    • Naaaa. Some of them will get traded. The question is which and where

  6. I think bozak should be retained and either kulemin or/mac got to go. Need to make a hard pitch to get a clarkson/clowe and if bozak wants more the 3.25 let him walk. Id rather have 1 stastny at 6 mil then a kulemin and bozak at 6mil. I do not want to hear the crying about he had 1 more point then bozak, he does not have wingers, if he had jvr and kessel on his wings we would finally have a legit number#1 line. bozak gets the points he does because he plays with good wingers most of his points are on secondary assists, I like him as a 2nd or third but not a first and anything over 3.23 he can walk

    • Why does everyone want to get rid of Kulemin. He is one of if not the best defensive forward other than Mcclement on the team. Everyone expects him to be that 30 goal guy he was a couple of years ago, but that was an aberration because of Wilsons high flying style. Stastny may be the guy they are looking for but I seriously doubt it. Kessel does not have a centreman but still manages 30+ goals a campaign, so what is Stastny’s real excuse other than not having wingers. Not only that, 6.6 per in waaaaayyy to much. Your right on Bozak however, I do like the guy as he does some good stuff but paying him any more than 3 mil per would be too much.

      • @drew, I do like kulemin but the top 9 forwards need a shake-up. the only way i was talking about getting rid of him is if we brought in a player like him who can score. say a chris stewart kinda guy not saying it will be him. I think we lose Kuli after next year he was lighting up the khl with malking and they are friends. I know anybody would light it up with malking, but i honestly think there is no reason why kuli cant pot 20 plus goals a season, he just not having chemistry with our forwards as much and yes i know hes more of a defensive style forward. I also said either him or Mac but with mac getting playing time with kadri was thinking they would keep him more, personally i think they should trade both. And everybody who is on the trade grabo for a bag of pucks, this guy has by far the most heart on the team. when he was making 3-4 mil everyone loved him now that he makes 5 everyone hates him. he brings it every night contracts aside he is one of the guys you want on your team, and who are they going to get thats better and for less?????

    • Stastny has plenty off talent to play with- He’s just never been quite the same since his leg injury.

      • @TJ Honestly I am willing to take that chance, what does col need? a defencman and a 3rd/4th center-man which statsny is not. I know he makes 6 plus so they must be willing to take some contract back. Col is a cash strapped team from the west who does deal with Toronto in the east. I am probably going to get the gears on this but what about a gunnarson/franson. with say like colborne/bozak( if he doesnt want to resign with us for under 3.5. and maybe a 2-3 rd round pick for statsny???

  7. I don’t think there’s much interest in Penner??? GOOD!
    Thats great, Penner does all the hard dirty work plays the boards defends his teammates great friend in the locker room this guy is a beast in the playoffs hope the kings dont trade him ! ….U need players like this

  8. The leafs just put Komisarek on waivers. About time.

    • Will the Sens be that desperate and pick him up?

      They are already down by Karlsson & Cowen both out for the season — and now Methot out for how long? These injuries are incredible unlucky. 3 of your top 4 D out of the lineup… add to that your #1 goalie, #1 centre, top winger…

      There are already 3 rookie D playing right now.. and the only other callup from Bingo would be Borowiecki — but he is injured as well..

      Their options are running out…. Komisarek for the short term might do. Haven’t seen him play lately.. but he is better than another rookie.

      Binghamton has only rookies or ECHL callups in their lineup on D + Brett Lebda…

    • I could see someone picking him up on re entry waivers tho, half the salary for one year?….someone may bite

      • Either way I smell a trade in the works…….

      • Re-entry doesn’t exist anymore. They take the whole contract or nothing.

      • I believe they nixed re-entry waivers and/or it is now a the full salary still. Don’t quote me on that.

        I wouldn’t mind if the Sens picked up Komisarek as they don’t really have a lot of candidates for their buy-outs so they could buy-out the final year of Komi with no issue and maybe under McClean he can get some sort of career back.

      • The half salary via re-entry waivers doesn’t exist in the new CBA. Anyone who picks him up off waivers would be responsible for the full contract.

        Of course, now up to half of salary can be part of a trade, so you might get a trade where TOR still pays some of his money.

      • Finally giving Komi the Finger hey – I’m sure the Marlies can’t wait to have that in the fold.

      • No such thing in the new cba.

        • this was to BenS comment on re entry waivers/ half salary

  9. Also question, why are people even mentioning Alfie still? The Sens are 6 points (I believe) into a playoff spot right now and are finding ways to win even with all of the injuries. The Sens will certainly make the playoffs this year and Alfie, plus hopefully Anderson, Spezza, Michalek, and Methot being back from injury will be key to them having any shot at going deep. Seriously though, Karlsson, Cowan, Methot, Anderson, Spezza, Michalek … being injured and the Sens still winning! Just hand McClean the Jack Adams now.

  10. This has become a Leaf Forum…………Brutal

    • Then say some interesting stuff about other teams, people will respond. I guess it must be true then that leafs fans are the most loyal, dedicated, and passionate.

    • Bruinny– I’m with you- perhaps Spector can start a Leafs only thread so they can give each other the reach around with-out any regard for reality.

      • Been asking for a Leafs only daily post for years… not gonna happen. Too bad though, ever comment on here seems to concern the Leafs in some way, even if there’s no mention of TO in the post.

    • Past few weeks its been a Perry Iginla and Alfie forum…the beginning of the year it was a Luongo forum I think all bases get covered eventually but just like every arena in the league there is always going to be Leaf fans….

      • Like drew said, I’m a leafs fan who likes to talk about leafs. But if you post a comment or question on another team or player I’d love to talk about that as well. No one seems to do so they just complain about “ohh all these leaf fans talking hockey”

      • Yeah and most of the talk around Perry and Luongo is how they’ll look in a leaf uniform, like surreal78 said all roads seem to lead back to Leaf lane

  11. I dont think anyone is going to even take a sniff on komisarek’s contract ( i hope i’m wrong)
    but it basically would be just for the rest of this year. Because hes not worth the 4.5 hes due next year.
    so if a team wants to waste one of their buyouts this summer then yeah sure pick him up on waivers.

    I hope the flames lose the next 5 games in a row so they realize they need to start over and not just try to re-tool on the fly.
    either way i think feaster is done at the end of the season. New GM usually means new coach too! so its time for the flames to poop the bed and try to land some top young talent like the Oilers did

    • Even if the flames loose the next 5 games its all in Jerome’s hands. If he doesn’t want to leave I doubt they really do anything of significance. Bouwmester contract is pretty high probably scare teams off or Calgary will have to eat some money. I don’t know if they’d move kipper until ramo is available.

  12. Michael Ryder could be traded again. If one team is willing to give a 1st round choice and a prspect for Iginla, Habs could get a good young player for Ryder. He shows better stats, won a cup and played during playoffs recently. You can’t say that from Iginla who’s 3 years older than Ryder.

  13. Toronto needs to get rid of GUNNERSON he is the cancer in the team. he reminds me of Aki Berg.
    PHANEUPH, GUNNERSON, MCARTHUR, KULEMIN, BOZAK, needs to go. thats about 18 mil you can use it to land MALKIN or and GABORIK. GOAL and DEFENCE is good enough. without GUNNER and DION




    This lineup is no more expensive than the current roster. NONIS do your job and land MALKIN and GABORIK. With these two guys you will have puck in the offensive zone more often than not. IF you have money left over to spend bring in VANEK. if you can sign these three players you will be called GOD in TORONTO. Must get rid of : GUNNER, PHANEUF, McARTHUR, BOZAK, LILES, KOMI, 23MILL out GABORIK, MALKIN, VANEK $23 MILL IN DO IT NONIS!!!

    • Phaneuf for Malkin? Not fair. Pittsburgh should give more. Add prospect Scott Harrington. And a 2nd round draft choice.

    • But how do you really feel?…..

      • Hahahaha Malkin to the Leafs?

    • lmao, and I get blown up on my ridiculous trade posts…but this is just plain STUPID! Why in the HELL would Pittsburgh get rid of their closest thing to a mirror of Lemieux? Malkin lifts the team and controls the game. Even if you add: Kessel, Gardiner, Kadri, JvR and Lupul, they might consider…might.

    • lol…and I get crapped upon for my horrible trade posts. but i always highlight that my trade postings are arm-chair GM’ing that’ll never happen. but this is just BRUTAL! no way in HELL will Pittsburgh trade their Lemieux-like/Lemieux-carbon copy. even if Toronto added: Kessel, JvR, Lupul, Kadri, Gardiner and a 1st rounder, Pittsburgh wouldn’t trade Malkin. he is a game changer, carries the team and is a force to be reckoned with

      • Thanks LeafsAdvocate- We’re all homers to some extent, but that was just hilarious