NHL Morning Rumor Roundup – February 22, 2013.

The latest on Daniel Alfredsson, Tim Connolly and Shane O’Brien, plus an update on the Flyers and Bruins.

Daniel Alfredsson not interested in a trade.

Daniel Alfredsson not interested in a trade.

OTTAWA SUN/OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson admitted it was flattering some rival teams might be interested in acquiring him, but he has no desire to leave the Senators. Alfredsson said his focus was upon helping the club make the playoffs and admitted he’s thinking of returning for another NHL season. GM Bryan Murray said he’d never approached Alfredsson about a trade, leaving that up to his captain.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports while Murray looks into the possibility of trading for “high-priced replacements” like Colorado’s Ryan O’Reilly, Florida’s Stephen Weiss or Edmonton’s Ryan Whitney, there is always budgetary concerns to adding newcomers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s always been up to Alfredsson if he would request a trade. He didn’t two years ago when Murray blew up the roster mid-season, and he won’t now. As for Murray looking at O’Reilly, Weiss and Whitney, I don’t fault him for making inquiries, but the asking price for O’Reilly and Weiss could be steep, both in return and in re-signing them. Whitney could be a more affordable acquisition, but the decline in his speed is a concern.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli was in Pittsburgh on Wednesday watching the Penguins take on the Philadelphia Flyers, and spent the entire second intermission chatting with Flyers GM Paul Holmgren.  The Flyers are believed in the market for a defenseman, while the Bruins would like to add depth on the wing. Haggarty wondered if Chiarelli had Flyers winger Ruslan Fedotenko or Penguins forward Tyler Kennedy in mind, or if Holmgren might be considering a bigger deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins have the cap space (around $8 million) to add another player or two, but the Flyers (even with Chris Pronger on LTIR) are uncomfortably close to the cap ceiling, meaning Holmgren would have to either make a salary-for-salary deal, or shed more salary than he’s taking back. Should be worth keeping an eye on these two clubs in the coming weeks.

SPORTSNET.CA: Toronto Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis said there have been teams making inquires about center Tim Connolly, who’s currently with the Leafs AHL farm team. Nonis wouldn’t rule out Connolly returning to the NHL later this season, either with the Leafs or another team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Leafs can’t find any trade partners, they could place him on waivers, which he’d have to pass through if they were to recall him. However, the old re-entry waiver rule, in which a team could claim a player and only be on the hook for half his remaining contract, is no longer in effect.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater believes Colorado Avalanche defenseman Shane O’Brien is on the trade block. He seems to be out of favor with coach Joe Sacco.



  2. Bruins want Fedotenko for defenseman? Done and Done. Bigger deal?

    If Bruins want Briere? Done and Done. That is if Briere is willing to go to Boston he has full NTC/NMC.

    I hope Homer is smart enough not to trade B.Schenn or Couturier. I will flip the f**k out if he does.

    • Don’t know if it’s Fedotenko… or any of the names this guy suggests. Boston’s short of right wings and the Flyers are bursting with them.

      Yes, Briere could be the target. Going back the other way? Seidenberg and a spare part?

      • Boston has Horton, Seguin, and Peverly as Right Wingers. I think they are just fine there

        • Agree need help on the left side third line.
          Also have lucic and Marchand left side top two lines.

        • What d-men would you trade for Fedotenko?

          • No one on the top six current roster.
            Maybe ference.

  3. Shane O’Brien? Not Greg Pylon? I mean Greg Zanon? David Jones? If I was Sherman, Sacco would be in my doghouse.

    Run and gun/firewagon hockey only works for teams who have responsible stay at home defensemen, at least three or four of them, and one or two electrifying d-men. Well Colorado’s short an electrifying d-man. Ahem ahem, O’Reilly for Yandle… do it 😛

    • agreed. SOB must have come into camp out of shape, but he’s still twice the defender Zanon is. The beard is too strong to deny…

      • If colorado wants Yandle they would have to add something else because there is no way in hell Phoenix will do a one for one.

        • No…

          I have both rated at 74 and O’Reilly has a higher ceiling while with Yandle you’re getting more a sure thing. They’re worth almost exactly the same, while O’Reilly will possibly (and probably) be worth more, especially if he starts playing with Vrbata.

  4. From the sounds of the comments about Connolly, it would seem like the Leafs might have to take a bad contract back in return for him.

    If a team could just have him for nothing via waivers, but there are hints they wouldn’t, then they must presumably wanting to offload something crappy of their own, in order to take him?

    • The leafs won’t take a bad contract back, but will pay half of whats left on his contract though.

      • TC is a UFA at the end of the season. The leafs likely won’t eat anything for him. He is either a trade for a small gain or a waiver pick up.

  5. Hmmmm, I’m surprised that there isn’t much on the rumor mills about the Wings….

    • I wouldn’t expect much to happen. Kenny Holland seems to think the Wings struggles are solely due to injuries, so I expect he’s just going to wait for the injured players to come back.

  6. Looks like Leafs are near ready to call Gardiner back up, that’s gonna mean decision time concerning Liles and Komisarek. Do they join Connolly via waivers, or is a trade in order. Their large contracts come in to play, bigtime.

    • Liles can still be traded as he still has some offensive value as a second pairing, but Komisarek’s going to be far more difficult to move.

      • Hmmm, how long shot do you think it would be that Leafs/Sens actually made the deal? Sens need a puck moving D, Liles fits that bill and is a veteran presence to a young blueline. Not a high cost, likely a 2nd round pick at most and replaces Gonchar when he leaves at the end of the season?

        • I actually think that the Leafs and Sens are ideal trade partners for each other right now. I was puzzled by the signing of Liles for the duration that he was in the off season. It made me scratch my head more than any other signing the Leafs made in the past 3 seasons. With Gardiner filling an offensive puck moving role and having great upside, having a much older Liles in the fold is odd. Komi won’t be traded. Not because the Leafs don’t want to but because nobody wants a 5-6 dman (at best) on the salary he is on. Leafs do need to sign Franson to a 3 year deal worth about 2.5 per season. The guy can play, log solid minutes and put in some good PP time. Kostka seemed to come out of nowhere and is actually looking like a pretty solid shutdown guy. Frasier is your typical 5-6 dman who will always have to play his way onto a team rather than off of it. He’s solid and always plays it simple.
          The Leafs are really a good spot here. They are dealing from a position of strength when it comes to the back end. They have a plethora of capable NHL defenseman in their depth chart. They really need to make a deal or two soon before they start to lose them to FA signings.
          Connolly’s name crossed my mind when I saw the injury to Spezza come up. He’s a short term replacement that can play 2nd line center role for a team and 3rd when Spezza returns. Lets not forget; Conolly isn’t a horrible player, he’s underperformed to his contract, that’s all. For a team that has a lot of room on the cap (due to the injuries) they could bring him into the fold.

          • The Senator’s are committed to building and developing their own players from within so unless a player is in the final year of their contract I can’t see this happening because there won’t be room for them next season.

          • Perhaps the Leafs can pick up DiPietro as he comes back through re-entry waivers. As closet Isles fan as well, I wouldn’t wish him on even the Leafs. Jeeze he looked awful the other night in Ottawa. He can’t go down, because he can’t get back up. It’s over. retire.

  7. Half to agree about the Connolly situation the only way he gets moved is if we would take salary back. Komi is a buyout and liles could be moved for a pick. Need to sign franson and frazer To longer deals like holzer but he seems to still need some time seems a bit shaky at times. Kostka is good but if he is responsible for holding up Gardner from coming back then half to send him down

  8. LeBrun should be castrated for “creating” this Alfredsson story. 100% manufactured from nothing. And the Ottawa media, with nothing to talk about, have bit on it.(also disgraceful) Im a huge Sens fan, a huge Alfie fan – but lets be honest. His speed isn’t what it used to be. His one timers from the left aren’t going in like they used to. His true and only massive value is to continue to be the Sens captain. To suggest that he might go, or that Murray would even consider it is INSULTING. Because when you strip it right down to value – who is going to give up a first or even a second round pick for him at the deadline? Nobody. Put this one to rest PLEASE.

    • I agree. I thought it was ridiculous when Lebrun brought it up without actually talking to Alfie. We know that star Swedish players tend to be very loyal to their organizations and I fully expect Alfie to retire a Senator. And let’s not forget that the Sens are still competing very strongly for a playoff spot.

      I think Lebrun has to manufacture rumours because he’s become completely redundant.

    • Before you rip Lebrun, all he was reporting what Bruce Garroch “ottawa sun” and some others were spinning. No different than any other website for hockey talk was saying. He even said it was the Chara/Alfi friendship why this came up and he thought this trade would be very highly unlikely ever to happen.

  9. If a team wants connolly why take a contract back he’s gone after this year. I don’t know if leafs want something for him but I’d just put him back on waivers.
    Flyers do have a lot of forward talent and if they are willing to move 1 or 2 they could get a good d man. In the next couple weeks teams are going to fall out of playoffs already and see some moves.

  10. Not sure i would be interested in Fedotenko 1 goal.
    Not much of a upgrade over Bourque.
    Rather have briere but has a high salary for three more years.
    Much rather go after Hartnal or Simmonds both fit the Bruins toughness and have reasonable salaries. Not sure about giving up Siedenberg maybe Ference,Maquaid or Boychuk.
    Hamilton untouchable.

  11. If Philly needs to shed some salary.
    Hartnall to Boston for Boychuk,prov dman,Kelly or Pev and pick or prospect.not first rounder.

    • Philly gets fleeced on that deal big time. Hartnell is a beast and is a good team mate. I dont think boston needs to do anything right now. Philly on the other hand, big trouble. No goalie at all, injury plagued, no cap space. Maybe give Roman Cechmanek a call or see what bobby esche is doing. I thought bryz was their answer and im assuming Holmgren did too, that guy has no luck at all.

      • Boychuk and peverley are both good quality players.
        To add another defenseman and prospect or pick is pretty fair.
        Also would give them some salary relief.
        I wouldn’t do it being a bruins fan Boychuk is needed on defense as we don’t have much beyond the top six.

      • Not saying that it is going to happen or even that it should but Scott Hartnell is the type of forward that the Canucks need. He brings with him a certain belligerence and is able to back it up if someone happens to think that he is all talk. He plays with an edge and would be able to show Vancouver forwards, other than Burrows, that they need to go to the front of the net to be successful. If Vancouver had a player like him when they played for the cup the outcome might have been different or at the very least he would not have stood there and did nothing as the team got pushed around.
        After watching the Canucks so far this year I am, as a Vancover fan, of the opinion that they are not built to seriously contend for the cup. Make the playoffs? Yes. Win the cup? Not with the group they have at this moment.

    • Bruins wont trade German born defenseman. boychuk they will do… they wont trade kelly hes too valuable at center… but pevs they good. id take hartnell or Biere

  12. Ducks will be happy to take on Shane O’Brien for defensive depth

  13. No chance Philly trades Hartnell.
    When a guy coming off a 40 goal season takes a hometown discount, you don’t ship him out.
    Great teammate, great player. Annnnd no trade clause.

    Don’t really see a trade partner in Boston. Perhaps a mid level pick for Fedetenko (NTC) if we fall out of the race. I doubt we’d get Boychuk/McQuaid let alone Seidenberg for him.

    I’d be all for trading Briere his contract (6.5 cap hit) may be enticing for playoff teams around the cap floor as his actually salary reduces significantly within the next two years. That being said he also has a no movement clause.

  14. Spector, I don’t believe the Flyers have placed Pronger on LTIR yet. I’m pretty sure they haven’t used his money yet or the room they will get once the move Matt Walker to LTIR.

  15. Pronger is not on LTIR same goes for Matt Walker.

  16. If the Bruins or Pittsburgh make any moves it will be for a player like Iginla. Not saying it will be him, he is in the same boat as Alfredson…career Flame who may not want to move.