NHL Morning Rumor Roundup – January 23, 2013.

The latest on Jamie Benn, P.K. Subban, Nino Niederreiter, Roberto Luongo and Scott Gomez.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports of the three unsigned RFAs (Dallas’ Jamie Benn, Montreal’s P.K. Subban and Colorado’s Ryan O’Reilly) it’s his gut feeling Benn may be the closest to re-signing. The Benn camp is apparently willing to accept a five-year deal, leading LeBrun to suggest perhaps he might get a deal “just north financially”  to Toronto’s Phil Kessel (five years, $27 million). As for Subban and O’Reilly, the stalemates continue…LeBrun claims the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t the mystery team Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis alluded to in a recent interview claiming he was close to a deal. The Philadelphia Flyers have been mentioned, but he feels that’ll happen in the summer and only if Ilya Bryzgalov has another brutal season…Senators GM Bryan Murray is still shopping for blueline depth but so far his call have produced very little…LeBrun has heard the San Jose Sharks have had preliminary contract talks with pending UFA forward Ryane Clowe…The New Jersey Devils have yet to open contract talks with pending UFA forward David Clarkson.

Nino Niederreiter requests a trade.

Nino Niederreiter requests a trade.

Katie Strang reported forward Nino Niederreiter’s camp last week requested a trade from the NY Islanders. Strang cited “multiple NHL scouts” claiming several NHL teams would have interest in the young forward if the Isles were willing to shop him.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports Islanders GM Garth Snow has no plans to move Niederreiter, who currently leads the club’s AHL affiliate in Bridgeport in scoring.

CANOE.CA: Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban told TVA analyst Mathieu Dandenault nobody likes his current situation, finding it difficult watching his teammates on TV and not being able to help. He said his agent, Don Meehan, would continue to speak for him about his contract talks.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski yesterday raised the possibility Canucks GM Mike Gillis may have been referring to the Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadiens or Colorado Avalanche with his cryptic comments about having to wait for the team he supposedly has a trade in place with to deal with a player on its roster. Wyshynski dismissed the possibility, however, noting the three clubs already have established starting goaltenders.

TSNRADIO: reported via Twitter Bob McKenzie claimed ” Oilers are interested in Luongo and Chicago has had long interest. Says list of teams he WON’T go to isn’t that long”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: See how almost everything ties into Roberto Luongo’s trade status somehow? OK, we can rule out the Stars, Habs and Avs as potential destinations, for the reasons Wyshynski pointed out. Benn could well be the first of the unsigned RFA trio to get signed, but one shouldn’t rule out a possible breakthrough quickly with Subban. O’Reilly, meanwhile, is playing in the KHL, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he spends the entire season there. Should that happen, I expect the Avs would shop him, but we’re not to that point yet…Snow claimed Niederreiter has never expressed any unhappiness about his situation. I think a trade request is pretty much that expression. Still, Snow might be able to smooth things over. He’s obviously in no rush, but if the Islanders flounder again, don’t be surprised if Niederreiter’s name resurfaces near the trade deadline…I concur with LeBrun’s assessment over the Flyers rumored interest in Luongo. If they decide to go after him, it could be this summer, depending of course on how Bryzgalov performs.

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  David Staples cited TSN’s Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger claiming the Edmonton Oilers might have interest in Ottawa Senators goalie Ben Bishop, who is currently backing up Craig Anderson in what is seen as a temporary role, since he could eventually make way for Robin Lehner, who was recently demoted by the Senators. Staples doesn’t see Bishop’s numbers as a significant improvement over current Oilers backup Yann Danis, but believes it doesn’t hurt to bring in another goalie to compete.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For those who are wondering, the Senators demoted Lehner because he wouldn’t have to pass through waivers, which Bishop would. Obviously, the Sens don’t want to risk losing Bishop for nothing via waivers. If they do shop him, it could be for a defenseman.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: The San Jose Sharks could wait another day to sign center Scott Gomez.


  1. The luongo trade would likely involve 3 teams, Vancouver will need a backup goalie. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dallas’ nilstorp or Bachman end up in Vancouver

    • This luongo thing is going to get more annoying then the nash trade and probably have the same amount of disappointment at the end.
      If the benn comments are true I have no idea why he isn’t playing now then. For them to be so close on $ and one year apart on term why is he still unsigned. Lots of teams seem to have injuiries piling up now ie detriot. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some trades over the weekend and into next week after teams start to see what they have. Especially if philly continues to faulter.

  2. Considering the Niederreiter situation, maybe the potential Loungo deal is to the Isles…makes as much sense as anything else out there. Nabokov, Bailey, second rounder for Lou!

    • Luongo has a no-trade clause, and I am sure he’s not going back to the Island.

  3. Havent looked at the cap space they have or they’re goalies for that matter, but maybe San Jose and Luongo? Van is waiting on a player….. and for whatever reason the Gomez signing keeps getting delayed. Just wondering if a center is coming back to Van for Luo (plus whatever other parts) where then San Jose would only then sign Gomez.

  4. Are we sure it’s Luongo that’s being talked about, and not Schnieder?

    • see exactly what i was thinking

  5. The lou thing will be nothing compared to the duck duo if neither gets signed before the trade deadline.

    Gillis is in a very bad spot right now and the pressure will depend on the next couple of games.
    If Scheid stinks tonight he has to think about keeping lou.
    if lou stinks next time out he could really be screwed.
    but if the opposite happens he can wait and have little pressure awaiting other teams to get in trouble.

    i doubt total panic sets in for teams until about 10 games are played and then if some of the name teams still stink then there may be a lot of action in the trade front.
    right now tires are being kicked and decisions on who costs what are being looked over.
    if the name teams are still bad then from what i have seen it will be all about getting dmen over goalies because the goalies have been okay but left out in the cold by lousy defense.
    it could be rust but an awful lot of dmen look very slow and easy to knock off the puck and terrible at moving out traffic in front.

    we should have a much better idea in about 8 days which coincides with the end of free centre ice package so we cannot scout anymore,lol.

  6. All the top rated teams, especially the defending Stanley Cup champion, LA Kings seem to be struggling. Who would have thought that Quick would have let in so many? Rangers, Philadelphia, Canucks, Detroit all seem to have issues that most would not have predicted. Agreed that 2 or 3 games is too soon to panic but if this pattern continues for these and other teams I look for a number of moves to be made.
    I am guesstimating that by game 12 or so you will start to see movement

  7. What do you guys think of this deal:

    Sharks trade Marleau and a 5th round pick to Vancouver
    Vancouver trades Luongo to the Leafs
    Leafs trade Komisarek, Franson and blue chip prospect/2nd rounder to the Sharks

    Sharks then sign Gomez to fill a spot down the middle.

    • No thanks. Leafs don’t need luongo

    • “Leafs trade Komisarek, Franson and blue chip prospect/2nd rounder to the Sharks”


      “Sharks then sign Gomez to fill a spot down the middle.”

      Oh of course, because Mr. “scores goals once a year” can easily fill for a player who has 30 goals or more in 6 of the last 7 seasons- including a 44 goal season. But hey, they’re getting Komisarek, Franson, and a blue-chip prospect (whoop dee doo!), so that should alleviate the pain.

    • what a stupid deal scenario

    • If we’re playing fantasy trades that make no sense, heres one:

      To Toronto: Getzlaf, Perry

      To Anaheim: Komisarek, Connolly, some other unwanted Leafs spare part. 2nd round pick thrown in if Leafs resign the two of ’em.

      Sorry dude, but if you’re gonna make a trade suggestion like that, don’t throw in spare parts that your team wants to get rid of. Especially if you’re trading for an asset.

  8. Luongo’s contract is a killer to any deal. Any team would be nuts to take that contract on for another 10 years

    • Shh, that hurts Gillis’ rhetoric.

  9. My interpretation of Gillis statement was different. He did not necessarily say it was a team no one expected, but a player no one expected. If his story is legitimate, perhaps the player or one of the players in question is Clarke McArthur? Maybe they need to get him resigned before the Canucks are willing to take him as they do not want a potential “rental” as part of the return for Luongo .

    The Panthers might be able to take Luongo if they move out some additional players and are willing to go closer to the cap ceiling. The Campbell contract is a heavy burden. Theodore has a no trade but he is a UFA next year which allows them to bring up Markstrom. Clemmenson is the odd man out but would be a great backup for Schneider.

    None of the other scenarios make sense to me for financial or Lou’s potential personal reasons, especially Philadelphia, but when has that stopped them before?

    I agree with Micah, I think this trade could involve a few teams and players, so that each participant can get a piece they really want and need.

  10. LUONGO ….

    Gillis blew this up and is ruining his reputation at this point…..WHY…. would you say you have a trade in place …who does that benefit absolutely no one it actually cretaes more problems …if he really wanted to make a stir he should be more out in the open saying that he has no problem keeping Luongo….and this would cause teams to inquire more …he has created more uncertainty than calm for his team…this sould have been done prior to the season starting !!!

    What now if Luongo plays well and he has to keep him …he will be shutting out his fan base if he trades him when things are going well …he has to think about the fans at this point or they will start asking for his head ….they are more powerful in numbers and what keeps the organization going …not a # 2 Centerman !!!

    What Gillis should do is just come straight out and say that this is the end unless we get blown away with a trade we can not refuse. he should state the he is keeping both his Goalies they will split time this year and Iam not trading Roberto until the end of the season and try and move other players in deals instead to help make an impact ….the problem is there is little impact trade bait after the second line !!!

    Gillis will get more offers this summer after teams use there buy out clause and open up more cap space to acquire Luongo …teams are not giving guys away right now as they need a full strong roster due to the short season and injuries so teams need players they aren’t looking to get rid of them !!

  11. Teams that need a Luongo type starter are the following:
    NY Islanders, Toronto, Chicago, Flyers, Senators, Jets, Oilers, and Blue Jackets.

    If those teams could not make a direct deal for a piece that Van would want, which is second line offense, yeah I could see a three-way deal being struck. If O’Reilly is going to be a pain with the Avs, he could be gotten for pieces and shipped over to Vancouver.

    Islanders have Strome to offer. Toronto have Grabovski, McArthur, and possibly Kadri (Gillis probably wants more than a one-for-one swap). Flyers have Read and Couturier. Senators have Turris. Oilers have Sam Gagner. Blue Jackets have Brassard and Nick Foligno.

    However the Gillis comments were something I saw as posturing: he’s trying to make Toronto up their ante. However, the Maple Leafs have offensive issues in the first two games, not goaltending ones.

    Niederreiter is praying if he wants a trade after the horrid season he had last year. NY Islanders would be moving him at a bargain and that’s the last thing they should do with him. I fully agree with Snow’s decision to say “No, play in the AHL and make up for what you did to us last year.”

    Subban is losing his case because Montreal’s d is fine without him now that they have a real number one d-man in Markov (who might be finding chemistry with Raphael Diaz). Subban might win his case if Markov suddenly breaks his knee again.

    What would be hilarious: If he ended up in Edmonton because of a three way swap that wasn’t expected, like what happened with Jeff Hackett when the Sharks acquired him and then moved him to Boston. If Chicago makes the play for him, then they’ll likely win the Cup, because I have their team d ranked first in the league. They are a perfect marriage right now.

    • Senator’s don’t need goaltending so you can stroke them off your list.

      • Chicago isn’t going to screw with there line up after starting the season 3 and 0. Flyers can’t afford him right now with Bryz on the books, Oilers are a division rival, Blue Jackets are rebuilding so I doubt Lu waives his no trade, so that leaves the Isl’s and Leafs. We have beat the Leaf thing to death so maybe the Islanders???

        • while i agree for the most part, i think it is win or bust (soon to be) for chicago. i think they have the prospects that vancouver needs to make a deal. i think chicago gives no one off their line up (yes, not even bolland). vancouver wants bolland, but even with them they are not even close to good enough to win the cup. two games in or not they have 1 good line (respectfully acknowledging injuries). they have less than 4 million bucks next year and have 10 players to resign…doesn’t sound like they can add big name players. add morin – beach – a first or claddening or whatever his name is. thats more than enough for him

      • Where there is smoke….

    • It doesn’t matter what the Islanders offer because Luongo has a no-trade clause, and he is not going back to the Island. We had him once — before Mike (Effing) Milbury traded him and Olli Jokinen for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha. Arrgghh!

  12. Benn’s untradeable (too much value)… so he’s getting signed, probably 25-27M over 5 years.

  13. If i have read correctly unless a lot of signings happen there are going to be quite a few starting goaltenders on the free agent market this summer.
    that would put lou on the back burner once again with that contract and another year older as well.

    Quick had off season surgery so he may need more time than most to get into gear.

    One thing i do find kind of funny is that Gillis has heard that he inherited the best players,resigned them which all GMs can do,made a couple iffy deals and free agent signings and now may be blowing his best trade chances.
    sounds a lot like a recently let go certain someone on a certain well known team.
    if they lose tonight Gillis may need ear plugs.

    if the rangers lose tonight,and really they should,then whoever loses the ranger/philly game should be the first team to start the trade ball rolling.
    and the fans of the losing team will screaming for heads to roll.

    • I respectfully disagree with you regarding any GM being able to sign the teams best players. Along with getting them not to test their value on the free agent market, which in itself is quite a feat, he got all of them to take what is now referred to as a “home town discount” and leave millions on the table. Name me three other GM’s who have been able to do that.
      Actually Vancouver fans have been very satisfied with Gillis as their GM, other than when Hodgson requested a trade and became a clubhouse problem, and the reviews were mixed regarding what the Canucks got back from the Sabres. Now that Kassian looks to have found a defined role with the team, played on the first line for a number of shifts, scored a goal and put Eager down and out of the lineup in a fight so far this year, he seems on his way to becoming a fan favourite. Time will tell on that one.
      If the Canucks 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines continue struggling when it comes to putting pucks in the net as well as giving up so many good scoring chances the noise from the fans may be directed at the coach rather than the GM.
      I also believe that by waiting to trade Luongo now he is actually increasing his worth. I say this because Roberto is a great teammate and is causing no disruption to his team, maybe to the Vancouver media, but not his team. He is also a fantastic backup for Cory Schneider as well as a steadying influence for the young goaltender. As the season progresses if certain teams continue to struggle they will need steady and solid goaltending and the offers that come the Canucks way might be better than the ones so far. Finally, even if they can’t come up with a trading partner by seasons end they can still afford to have him on the payroll until the summer.
      I do disagree with Gillis’s statement to the media about potential trading partners lined up for Luongo. If it were me, and we all like to pretend we are GM’s, I would play it very close to the vest and keep quiet about what is or isn’t happening. On the other hand it must be difficult to be hounded by the media day in and day out and asked the same questions over and over again. I can almost see why that certain GM from that certain well known team bristled at and feuded with the media.

  14. Big C,
    You are dumb!! And obviously a Toronto fan. Lou would help TO and his cap hit is reasonable.. Who cares how long it is!! Your argument makes no sense

    It helps to tell people you have a deal in place.. Because a GM might jump the gun in fear of losing an Allstar goaltender.. And as for fans calling for GIllies’ head who cares!! He is here to win not please the fans!! You guys need to think before speaking

    • Thanks you Leafs Hater

      Agree, Agree, Agree

    • i agree lou would help toronto, the thing for me is does toronto need him? with lou they may very well be a playoff team, but they are not near good enough to win the cup so why bother? if the point (i hope) is to win the cup, build your team to do so. but if your team, like tornto is not ggood enough then why not take a pass on lou

  15. woah woah woah, Montreal and Luongo? Might as well start listing all teams that have a number 1 goalie already…ridiculous

    • Gillis is posturing anyway. He knows only Toronto and Chicago are calling.

      He probably started the Philly rumours himself to generate interest. Wouldn’t surprise me if GMs purposely generated rumours to gather rhetoric.

      Here, let me try: Tallinder is awesome but his awesomeness exceeds what fits NJ’s system and so they need to trade him at the “bargain” of a 2nd round draft pick.

    • Sorry meant a general reply, not to this thread.

    • Not necessarily, if the trade involved another team, Gillis does covet Tinordi

      • In response to Geoffs comment


    Wow !!! I guess that means no one has known Gillis has been looking at trading Luongo for almost a year now …LMAO …..and every GM in the NHL is sooooo stupid that Gillis needs to start his own rumours so he hopes someone calls him with a trade THAT HE LIKES instead of telling all the other teams there trade sucks…

    Give me a break DUDE …this is grade 3 General Managing …..HEY EVERYBODY…..OVER HEAR….. OVER HEAR ……LAST CALL ON LUONGO …..Give me a break man ….do you know how bad that or THIS looks in a professional aura …in a Professional business world with this much media …….

    By the way ….here is here to please the fans with the product and how he conducts the team and business he is tearing his fan base apart right now ……TRUST ME ….I hope you never own a business because its always about your fans or customers …sorry man …you need to watch what you say!!

    If it wasn’t such a problem to trade Loungo man .,…then why hasnt it happend the day he was put up for sale???? Give me a break man …get real!!



    Just a …by the way ?????
    What has Gillis done for Vancouver ….all the players that are there are either Nonis or Burkes players draft picks or trades …there is nothing and I mean nothing there that Gillis is responsible for as a high end quality well to do GM ….
    NOTHING !!!!!…

    The hardest thing he has done is what he is doing right now ….and he aint doing that right!
    After this trade he has nothing to fall back on …this team is one to 2 years away from a complete breakdown and a rebuild! If Schneider wets the bed this season bot Gillis and Vignault are GONE !!
    Come talk to me when that happens in a few weeks !!! LOL then we will see who should watch what they say !!!

    Then you will know what the fans really thing …If Gillis doesnt trade Luongo and Schneider is terrible this year this is total mismanagement again!!

    Sorry dude!

  18. Hey Lyle …just wandering where my posts went ?????
    Have I done soemthing wrong????


    Wow !!! I guess that means no one has known Gillis has been looking at trading Luongo for almost a year now …LMAO …..and every GM in the NHL is sooooo stupid that Gillis needs to start his own rumours so he hopes someone calls him with a trade THAT HE LIKES instead of telling all the other teams there trade sucks…

    Give me a break DUDE …this is grade 3 General Managing …..HEY EVERYBODY…..OVER HEAR….. OVER HEAR ……LAST CALL ON LUONGO …..Give me a break man ….do you know how bad that or THIS looks in a professional aura …in a Professional business world with this much media …….

    By the way ….here is here to please the fans with the product and how he conducts the team and business he is tearing his fan base apart right now ……TRUST ME ….I hope you never own a business because its always about your fans or customers …sorry man …you need to watch what you say!!

    If it wasn’t such a problem to trade Loungo man .,…then why hasnt it happend the day he was put up for sale???? Give me a break man …get real!!


    • “he is tearing his fan base apart right now ”

      I don’t know about tearing the fan base apart. If you watched the Van-Edm game on Sunday it was entertaining to hear the “LLLLUUUUUUUUUU” chants every time Luongo touched the puck. The media is freaking out all over Toronto and Vancouver maybe, but I think the Canuck fanbase is okay for now.

      Sit back and enjoy the ride. Reminds me of when the Leafs were looking to trade Kaberle and Burke was always trying to drum up interest. Correct me if I am wrong.

      Go Nucks, Go Leafs, Go Flames, Go Jets..etc… I am just happy watching hockey and not chick shows with the wifey.

      • Is very similiar to the kaberle diaries with the only difference being he was not trying to be moved because another was waiting to step in.

        no matter what the team or players say it is a distraction,they get fed up and pissed at the constant media circus too.
        and even if they are good friends it has to bug schneid when he hears those loud loooooooooooooooooo chants.

        i agree Gillis should keep quiet and just keep saying nothing new folks every day and things will settle down.
        but since he has already spoken out the nucks better win a couple or the media will become unbearable and it will just keep getting worse.
        i loved it when burkie ripped into the media,they are the worst and little more than gossip columnists now.

        • Funny how fickle fans can be. If Schneider puts in a good sixty minutes (hopefully not more) tonight he will be back to being the media darling he was when he took over the number one spot.
          The media has been sniffing around trying to uncover or possibly even create a Schneider/Luongo feud or unearth or again possibly plant some dressing room dissention but the guys in that room genuinely like each other, hence the home town discounts, and are friends off the ice as well.
          I agree most whole-heartedly about the media becoming little more than gossip columnists. It seems as though if they can’t unearth some dirt they will do their best to manufacture it.

          I also agree with hillbilly: Go Nucks, Go Leafs, Go Flames, Go Jets etc.

  19. Lets start a new rumour.

    Luongo to NJ for Brodeur

  20. Why would a team give anything to Vancouver for Luongo? If they are stuck with him, they will need to trade another player to fit under the cap in July in order to resign all their 2nd and 3rd line players.

    I would ask to Vancouver a 1rst round draft pick just to take Luongo’s contract.

  21. @backchecking

    Gillies is not making up a Rumor.. He has something on the table and he’s letting people know. So that’s that. From what I have seen he has been nothing but a classy GM and his management has been good!! As for the fans and the product I see your point but # 1 goal is always to WIN.. He is not tearing up the fan base so I won’t ‘Trust You’. And last but not least there is not a huge market for goaltenders and gillies wants a good return!! That’s what’s been holding the trade back

  22. I’m telling you it’s the Bruins and here’s why. Boston has serious cap issues next year. Horton is an UFA, Lucic is an UFA. Rask is a RFA. I think Ferrence and Khubodin too. Big problems signing all of them and keeping Rask is going to cost big if he has a full season as good as his partial seasons to date. So, the deal is Boston trades away Rask to the Islanders for Nabokov, Visnovsky and Niederater. Then sends Kreji, Nabokov and Ference to Vancouver who gives Boston Luongo and NY Bieska.

    Why does this help Boston?
    1) They have been trying to move Kreji since the new deal has been in place because his number is way to high for a 3rd center so swapping him for Luongo is almost a wash financially but gives Boston better ability to manage the cap with a fixed number for the goalie as opposed to the variable, and larger, number Rask would command.
    2) They can resign Khubodin, who has a high long term ceiling as insurance/successor to Luongo.
    3) They get a premier D player, whcih they are looking for.
    4) They have wiggle room to re-sign Lucic or Horton next year.
    5) They get a very good power forward prospect to replce either Lucic or Horton who will be 1/4 the price and much younger.

    Why does it work for the Islanders?

    1) They get a young, premier goalie to try and sign and answer G questions long term and giving a solid core of young stars with Tavares and Moulson.
    2) Bieska will play for them and give them grit, toughness ans some offense istead of Lubo who wants out.

    Why this works for Vancouver?

    1) Kreji is that other C they really need.
    2) Ferrence is a suitable replacement for Bieska because Vancouver does not need Bieska to be an offensive player with Garrison and Eleder.

    • So Boston trades away a #1 goaltender for not-a-#1 goaltender? Causes more problems than it solves.

      Rask is there to stay.