NHL Morning Rumor Roundup – November 4, 2013.

The latest on Jonas Hiller,  David Desharnais, Jordin Tootoo, Nikita Nikitin, Joey MacDonald and more.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Oilers will “hotly pursue” Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller when he becomes a free agent next summer if Devan Dubnyk doesn’t work out this season. He also reports the Detroit Red Wings are shopping Jordin Tootoo in hopes of recalling Gustav Nyquist, while the Columbus Blue Jackets are trying to move Nikita Nikitin in order to promote Tim Erixon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Hiller hits next summer’s UFA market the Oilers better be prepared to open the vault for him. He’s making $4.5 million this season and could seek over $6 million per on the open market…Tootoo’s been available since the summer but so far no takers. Nikitin’s struggles and his $2.15 million contract makes him tough to move right now.

Could David Desharnais become trade bait?

Could David Desharnais become trade bait?

RDS.CA: Francois Gagnon reported on the struggles of Montreal Canadiens center David Desharnais, who has yet to score this season and has only one goal in his last 30 games. Gagnon suggests Desharnais’ poor offense combined with his expensive salary makes him tough to move via trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some critics are comparing Desharnais to Scott Gomez during his tenure with the Habs.   While Desharnais’ salary isn’t as expensive as Gomez’s was, an average cap hit of $3.5 million is still a big chunk to pay a center who has only one point in 15 games this season.  He’s also got three more years after this one on that contract. The Canadiens cannot get much cap relief by burying him in the minors, and they’ve used up their two compliance buyouts.  Even if they offered to pick up half Desharnais’ salary, I doubt they find any takers, certainly not while he’s mired in his slump. 

CALGARY SUN: Flames goalie Joey MacDonald cleared waivers and was demoted to their AHL affiliate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Reto Berra plays as well in his upcoming games as he did in his debut Sunday against the Blackhawks, we may have seen the last of MacDonald as a Flame.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff won’t be pressured into making a hasty trade to improve his club.


  1. Just a question ???
    Doesnt Hiller have to accept the deal to Edmonton ??? LOL
    He might be the kind of guy who signs for just a little less to play for a better team ….sems like the talk is that hes a lock on the Oilers …id say different !!! Oilers better look elsewhere via trade with a Golie who has a contract or looking to break into the NHL ….Peter Mrazik of the Red wings may be the better option long term, Yakupov would look good in Red and White and would be unreal with Zetterberg and Datsyuk he wouldnt have to back check that much either !!! LMAO

    Desharnais is going no where…. too small for any takers at that contract …teams want size on top 2 lines maybe a New Jersey Devils type player on 3rd line if anything at all but it might take an extra player to sweeten the deal to take on the cash !! Thats my call …IMO

    Oilerds need to make two power trades and part with some talent for multi player deals coming back or they will go no where this year or next year !

    • The post is about pursuing him as a free agent in the summer, not trading for him this season – thus avoiding having to give any of Edmonton’s young assets away.

      • Yes…… I see that …but what Iam saying is why if Hiller is a Free agent would he want to sign with the Oilers and not a team that has a legit shot as its his choice in the need where he wants to go …I really don’t see the Oilers being his choice !!
        The Oilers will need to make a trade if they want a good goalie who has a contract and has to report to the team.

        • He probably won’t have a lot of choices as in the end there aren’t that many teams that need a number 1 goalie.
          Plus he would be their starter with no one to challenge which he might enjoy after his time in anehime….

          • @ IceBear

            Lot of teams need #1 goalies. Just because they aren’t trading for goalie right now doesn’t mean they are set at goalie. Teams like Anaheim are always looking to upgrade goaltending. It’s not much looking for a #1 goalie, it’s looking for a better goalie.

  2. Meszaros for Alex Hemsky…

    • Right…

      Why would Edmonton pick up another goalie who has proven jack?

      • Another goalie who proven jack? You think Meszaros is a goalie?

      • Meszaros is not a goalie he is a Texas Ranger.

        • A lone ranger?

          • ha…

  3. Re: Hiller

    Look at the way Murray has handled potential Free Agents ( on the Ducks) the last couple of years,
    Hiller will either be traded by the early March deadline and Fasth / Anderson will handle goal, or
    more likely Fasth will be traded and Hiller resigned with Anderson as backup. All the while
    Gibson is getting better and better in the AHL.

    • This makes the most sense to me too, but I think it might come down to what goalie gets the best return. Hiller has more playoff exp. and as a rental with very little salary come deadline time may be more of interest to some teams. Either way I cant see Miller as any kind of interest or upgrade to the Ducks.

  4. I feel like Gibson’s going to want to be jumping to the nhl like next year.

  5. Ducks need to move on from Hiller and make it Miller time out west. Don’t know how to make it work though.

    Maybe a three team deal?
    Hiller to Winnipeg
    Miller to Aneheim
    Brenden Kitchon to Aneheim
    Cam Fowler to Buffalo

    Winnpieg gives up very little to rent Hiller for the rest of this year (maybe the competition for Pavelec helps too).
    Buffalo gets a good, young defenseman.
    Ducks gets a yound D prospect and a top goalie who will be more than willing to extend with Aneheim for roughly the same money it would cost to retain Hiller.

    There might need to be a bit more in the deal for Buffalo but not much.

    • Maybe if Aneheim added Fasth and Kyle Palmieri they could get Erhoff back too. Really position themselves for a deep playoff run.

      That would be good for Buffalo in that Fowler and Fasth and cap freindly salaries with talent to at worst give the Sabres good depth and Palmieri is a New Yorker to give Buffalo that quality 3rd line center all good teams need.

      Ducks have Vatanen and Lindholm to be the future of their D and plenty of yound forwards.

      • EH

        KEEP MILLER. Erhoff is useless. Soft Skater and Passes PRETTY.
        Fowler Stays, gets better and better each year.
        My only complaint about Palmeiri is that they keep jacking him around like they
        did Bobby Ryan. Play him and he will score.
        Don’t want Miller, expensive

        Why would Anaheim give anything for Miller ? They could take the risk and
        just let Hiller walk at end of year and then sign Miller. Both are UFA’s.

        Murray is not interested in EXPENSIVE Goalies.

        • @alforducks

          Ehrhoff useless? Clearly you do not watch hockey.


          Sabres got no use for Fasth. They already have Enroth and Hackett for next year. Fowler would be nice. I’d throw Ehrhoff and Ott your guys’ way also if you guys through in a 1st rounder and a top flight prospect.

          To Anaheim
          Miller (Take on some of his salary, like 30%)

          To Buffalo
          1st rounder

        • I agree that Hiller and Miller are in a similar situation. The main reason for adding Miller is that he is capable of standing on his head and carrying a team that wants to win a stanley cup. Hiller is not. Moving Fowler for Miller is a small price to pay for a legitimate cup run and neither Hiller nor Fasth are capable of doing that. If Aneheim moves both Hiller and Fasth (whether it is to Buffalo, Edmo or elsewhere) then Aneheim still needs a vet goalie and Miller will take a competitive discount to resign with a winning team on thw west coast so he would be no more expensive than retaining Hiller.

          But again, the main reason for my trade scenario is to win now, which the Ducks really need to consider, and still beign in a solid postion for the future. Losing Hiller, Fasth and Fowler in exchange for adding Miller and other parts makes Aneheim no worse off for the future.

    • But that’s just the thing, Anaheim has too many goalies.
      The don’t need more.

      They would be best off just keeping Hiller, and letting Gibson be groomed for the job by the long time starter.

      I am sure they could get a great return for Fasth. See Bernier.

      I just don’t see why they would trade a guy like Fowler for a piece that is not needed.

      • Exactly

    • You think Buffalo needs another young d-men? Ristolainen, Zadorov, Pysyk, McCabe, Myers, Myers the oldest out of this group 23 years old.

      • That is my thought too. If you add Fowler, that makes 3,576th young defensemen in the Sabres organization.

  6. Could the Leafs not sign someone from outside the nhl to temporarily fill the void at center? Could someone like Antropov or Wellwood be signed to a low end contract and then when the Leafs are healthy again maybe they could be waived.

    • Prospal would probably be the first FA that might get a look I would think, before Wellfed.

      • Im not sure thats the way to go tho just signing guys and cutting them like that. Not really solving the issue of center depth. If you get in to the playoffs and run in to injuries what then?

  7. Bolland (indefinitely) and Bozak (7-10 days) are out on IR for a while start up the CENTRE to Leafs rumours.

    I hope JVR gets a try at centre.

    Stastny rumours should become fierce I imagine.

    • They’d better not. We wasted enough money on bozak so unless he is involved in the trade for stasney…hell no

  8. Its funny this injury likely greatly lowers Bolland’s UFA asking price and now presents the possibility that the Leafs could resign him at a 3rd line rate lol. He would of been asking for Bozak money otherwise.

  9. Montreal should trade Desharnais to that teams that always signs small forwards… Oh no wait I guess that is them. Edmonton should wait till the off season to address their weaknesses by offering to pay more to UFA’s only to have them accept deals for less from other teams this year… No wait that’s what happens every year. Bottom line if Edmonton continues to stay on this we are not trading away potential future stars they will NOT improve. They can’t trade trash for depth and the young players careers are going to suffer from their stupid management. Toronto just needs to suck it up and continue to play better defensively. The Leafs were expected to be fighting for a playoffs spot and the good start to the season with hot goaltending had many including myself thinking they are contenders this year. If you watched them play the Blackhawks and Canucks you seen they aren’t there this year. I would look to find a defensive d-man who is a shut down guy. I would be willing to trade Phaneuf for that shut down guy who is much cheaper. I don’t think Toronto would trade him yet but if I was Edmonton I would be targeting Reimer. and Phaneuf in a blockbuster.

  10. If Edmonton does not do anything to improve their team, then they should be called out on tanking yet another season and picking top overall.

    Stop this from happening.

    • Look at all the good its done them so far….

    • It may just look like that from the outside.. As much as I really want a trade to be facilitated somewhere.. hell I’d even take a couple one legged leafs players at this point… I am SURE that MacT isn’t getting any decent offers from other GM’s. With the amount of suck they are displaying and all the talent they have in the cupboards how many GM’s are going to want to offer decent players and maybe wake the giant..
      Not saying they are an instant playoff threat but why would any team tempt fate ya know?

  11. With the Leafs exploring the market for a Centerman, which teams do you all think they’ll get a Centerman from, and what would be the deal/price? Maybe:

    To Toronto: Cammalleri + Berra
    To Calgary: Phaneuf + Reimer + 2014 2nd Rounder

    To Toronto: Gagne
    To Edmonton: Clarkson

    • At risk of hijacking a thread Ill leave it at those are bad deals… no thank you from the Oilers and hell no to the Flames.

      • Way easier to sign Prospal, or deal for a center possibly a young one that will be around for a bit, Phaneuf isnt going anywhere, Ill just about guarantee it. Again he is plus 10, most minutes against top lines would be dumb to trade your top d-man on a team of shaky young d. Gardiner or Franson would be the ones to go if and that is a pretty big if (like if they packaged them with some other pieces to get a top type guy) there are other pieces that could be moved easier to get a short term fix like picks Ashton Kulimen Brennan, it dosent necessarily need to be a top #1 center just a center to fill a 2-3 role for a couple weeks till Bozak gets back. Younger bigger guy would be good. That could go down to the Marlies would be nice.

      • Please no more Toronto/Edmonton trades and no thanks to Cammi. The trade that makes sense: Gardiner for B. Schenn. Maybe unpopular but works for both teams. Philly desperately needs speed and puck moving from the back end and the Leafs badly need center depth. What happens if Kadri/McClement get hurt? Schenn fits the bill. If Bolland walks next year, we have Schenn. If Raymond and Kulemin walk and Bolland stays we have Schenn. A center/winger is huge. I’d also look at Peverley out of Dallas. Center/right wing big on faceoffs. Depth and multi positions is key.

      • Actually, I like the Gagner-Clarkson trade from an Oiler perspective. Oilers biggest problem is size on the first two lines. Guys like that are hard to find though. Not sure what the Leafs would do with Gagner when their injuries are cleared up though.

        • Clarkson won’t be traded. You don’t sign UFA’s that want to come here and trade them 15 games later. Bad for business. Besides we will need Clarkson more than Gagner later on. That’s why we got him.

  12. How about a Liles for Desharnais deal? I know that the Leafs and Habs are rivals, but this would help both out of a tight spot.

    • Desharnais is the poster child of smurf like center no thank you not even for Liles…solves nothing he has maybe a worse contract than Liles