NHL Morning Rumor Roundup (Part Deux) – June 29, 2013.

A collection of rumors from the Ottawa Sun, TSN and ESPN, plus several lists of players believed in play in the rumor mill. Enjoy!

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports as many as 15 teams have contacted Vincent Lecavalier…The negotiating rights of Boston’s Andrew Ference and Winnipeg’s Ron Hainsey could be shopped this weekend…The Rangers have been quietly shopping J.T. Miller…The NY Islanders could explore the option of signing Ilya Bryzgalov. The Florida Panthers could also be an option for Bryzgalov…The Oilers are shopping high-salaried veterans Ales Hemsky and Shawn Horcoff, but teams seem more interested in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Nail Yakupov…The Carolina Hurricanes are listening to offers for the fifth overall pick…The Florida Panthers are shopping Tomas Fleischmann…the Flyers are willing to move the 15th overall pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lecavalier could be the most-pursued player in this summer’s market…I could see the Islanders at least exploring the Bryzglaov option, but not the Panthers…I’ll be shocked if the Oilers moved either RNH or Yakupov. I doubt they find any takers for Hemsky or Horcoff unless they absorb part of their salaries.

Is Cory Schneider on the block?

Is Cory Schneider on the block?

TSN (Via George Malik on Kukla’s Korner): The Vancouver Canucks want Roberto Luongo off their roster after this weekend. They believe they have trade options (Philadelphia? Long Island? Edmonton?) and won’t have to buy him out…The Flyers could reluctantly shop Braydon Coburn for a young forward to replace the departed Daniel Briere, and could also seek a top prospect or draft pick in the return…Detroit’s Carlo Colaiacovo, Minnesota’s Tom Gilbert and Florida’s Scottie Upshall and Filip Kuba are being aggressively shopped but there’s not much of a market for them. They could be bought out before July 5th if not dealt by then.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited TSN’s Darren Dreger claiming Canucks backup Corey Schneider is “in play” for a possible trade, with part of the asking price being a first round pick and a prospect. Dreger also suggests that could be the Canucks “Plan B” if they cannot move Luongo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  They won’t find any takers for Luongo unless they pick up half his contract, and even then, I don’t believe they can move him now. If they trade Schneider, they’re setting up a potentially horrible situation for Luongo, who’s mentally prepared to move on, while Vancouver fans and pundits will be pissed over moving Schneider. Oh well, at least the Canucks are ensuring an interesting few days in the rumor mill.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Vincent Lecavalier’s agent acknowledged a number of teams have expressed early interest in his client…He’s hearing Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller could be available…LeBrun also cites the following scenario, as noted by an NHL agent:  “If talks break down between pending UFAs and their respective teams, the possibility exists of a sign-and-trade to take advantage of the CBA rule that allows teams to sign their free agents to eight-year deals, whereas players can get only seven years on the open market.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun also noted the lack of progress in the Letang talks, the Red Wings possible interest in Lecavalier, and the Sabres haven’t approached Thomas Vanek about a contract extension. Anyway, if Hiller’s in play, they obviously want to stick with Viktor Fasth, though he never got off the bench in their series against the Red Wings. It’ll be done more to free up cap space, which would bring a swift end to the Bobby Ryan trade rumors. Interesting scenario regarding possible “sign-and-trades”. Wonder if we could see that with Letang?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance lists Kris Letang, Roberto Luongo, Bobby Ryan, Michael Del Zotto, David Perron, David Bolland, Dion Phaneuf and Shawn Horcoff as his top trade candidates at this year’s draft.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: James Mirtle lists Letang, Luongo, Horcoff, Paul Stastny, Phaneuf, Mike Cammalleri, Bolland, Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller as his trade candidates.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson lists Letang, Phaneuf, Braydon Coburn, Rich Peverly, Bolland, Tom Gilbert, Drew Stafford, Vanek, Ales Hemsky and Valtteri Filppula as his top trade candidates.


  1. If we can land lecalvaier , (to Leafs) for around 4.5-5mil for 4-5 years. we would find our number one center. He is a huge upgrade over bozak and he could be had for the same price if you believe the rumours. I like bozak but at 3.5 not anything over that. Leafs should pass on weiss and his rights, to many injuries and questions marks with him. I think nonis is publicly stating that teams have no interest in phaneuf to sign him to a lower contract, could be a negotiating tactic. Hope the leafs can grab clarksons rights at draft. anyways its going to be an exciting week with draft and free agents. GO LEAFS GO!!

    • He would certainly look good setting up Kessel, who looked good playing with Marc Savard.

    • Are you guys retarded hes 33 years old no wonder toronto never goes any where 4 year 5 million for a guy that is in decline do you guys know anything about hockey … pls mtl stay away from him pick up horton a rw throw money his way not vincents way …. sure lecav is still decent but he aint getting any younger if you sign him then to a one or two year deal but we need a rw not more centers in montreal

  2. Re: Flyers
    Yesterday I said that Holmgren has to win next year or I thought he would be toast.
    I listed a possible trade of
    To Flyers Ryan, Hiller, Allen
    To: Ducks Read, Couturier and the #11 pick

    If Flyers are looking for a young winger along with a goalie then yes I think this will happen.
    Holmgren appears desperate if he is willing to deal Coburn. If Holmgren is truly desperate then maybe he will way over pay like he did for Pronger. So lets find out how desperate he is

    To: Flyers
    Ryan, Hiller, Allen (replaces Coburn), Cogliano

    To: Ducks
    Read, Couturier, Coburn, Flyers #1 Pick ( #11 overall) Flyers #2 pick ( 41 overall) Flyers # 1 pick in 2014
    ( next year).

    Read replaces Ryan ( upgrade Flyers)
    Couturier replaces Cogliano ( upgrade Flyers next season but Ducks get the long term potential upgrade)
    Coburn replaces Allen ( upgrade Ducks but Flyers get usable body banger)
    Flyers get Hiller and solves their goal tending problem, Ducks get nothing

    For getting nothing back for Hiller and taking a set back on Ryan and a short term set back on
    Cogs Ducks get those nice draft picks to stock up prospects for future.

    Now if I am the Flyers, I say NO WAY but those picks do nothing for Holmgren if he has a bad year next year and is fired.

    If I was a flyers fan, I’d be scared as Holmgren sounds desperate and impulsive to me.

    • The first deal is average for the Flyers but at least believable. The second dealis jusjust stupid. You’re basically proposing that adding Coburn a 1st & a 2nd gets us Cogliano to that deal. Not one of those pieces would probably interest the Flyers in Cogliano. At best maybe the 2nd round pick. I know you’re just throwing out a scenario but there is a difference between being a tad desperatenand being just plain stupid. That deal would almost assuredly mean the end of Holmgren in Philly. Besides the 2014 draft isin Philly. No way in hell they don’t pick in the 1st round.

    • So Cogliano is worth Coburn, the Flyers second this year and their 1st next year? Seems pretty steep to me.

    • I know you want to get the best for your team but are you for real on that 2nd proposal?

      • No, I also said that if I was Philly I would not make the deal.
        What I also said was that I think Holmgren is desperate, I want to find out (1) if he is or is the media blowing smoke and (2) if he is desperate, just HOW DESPERATE is he. I’m sure lots of trade proposals are lopsided at the beginning just to see if the other GM listens or hangs up the phone. Also whenever a GM calls and wants something from you, he is at an immediate disadvantage, he wants or needs something you have. You may not need anything he has.
        Holmgren needs a goalie and he blew 10’s of millions on Bryzgalov and don’t think he is stupid enough to take on another big contract either by trade or UFA and I don’t think he wants to roll the dice on Steve Mason alone. Now lets cover want he wants, Bobby Ryan – beats me why he wants him with bigger problems to solve, but that rumor has been kicked around for at least a year true or not. Now look on the Anaheim side, they don’t have to trade Hiller, had a good year, one year left on his contract at 4.5 million, no hurry, but at some point either he or Fasth will be traded. Now Bobby Ryan, once again no hurry here as he has two years left at just over 5 million a year on his contract so Anaheim does not have to move him, plenty of time, so what I am saying is don’t come to me and ask for two or three of my regulars that I DON’T HAVE TO TRADE NOW and think that I am not going to over charge you. It is Holmgren who has the problem not Bob Murray

    • Just how do you figure either of those trades would fit under the cap for Philly? They do not have any other buy outs…i realize it may be close but not that close. They can not put Pronger on LTIR till the start of the season and that does not leave much room to do much

  3. Vancouver – Edmonton and Buffalo

    With past trade history with Vancouver and Buffalo there may be a good deal here to swap goalies if Vancouver moves Schneider to Edmonton and takes back Dubnyk in that deal …Pegula can afford Luongo long term ( no shortage of cash ) and Vancouver is a western team which Miller might like to join!

    Luongo to Buffalo
    Schneider to Edmonton
    Miller & Dubnyk to Vancouver

    • Why would Buffalo want Lu? They are trying to get rid of their vet Miller now why take on someone else’s vet and brutal contract?

      I see Gillis shopping Schnieder to see what the value is while at the same time trying to say to teams you have to take Lu and his entire contract because I have options by keeping Lu and trading Schnid’s. Purely head games at this point.

      • The only Buffalo takes Lu is if they are also getting something more in the deal like a young player (Jensen) or a 1st.

        Buffalo has other goalies in their system if Miller is traded.

        Likely Enroth and Hackett share starting duties unless Miller is traded for another goalie(Halak, Hiller) then Hackett stays in AHL till next year.

        They also have a UFA in Leggio who could get a shot. He is a good goalie inthe AHL who was trapped behind Miller.

        They have 2 youngsters who are 20/2—one being Makarov who was the best goalie in the WHL this past year.

        There is also talk that if they get a 3rd 1st round pick on Fucale….or they take him if he is there at 38.

        • “There is also talk that if they get a 3rd 1st round pick on Fucale….or they take him if he is there at 38″.

          I think the Islanders are going to select Fucale with their #15 as Snow was quoted as saying they need to draft a goalie this year as their priority since it’s been awhile.

      • Exactly, i could see buffalo take lou and buy him out IF they got a top prospect or first round pick. Im a sabres fan and I honestly dont care where miller or vanek go as long as we get a good package.

        • They could do that with NYI -DP- also but no one seems to be biting on buying out a contract for a propect or pick. The only teams doing that could be van and nyi together. swap goalies, luo plays, Dp gets bought out and van gets a pick (but that’s very unlikely)

          • “They could do that with NYI -DP- also but no one seems to be biting on buying out a contract for a propect or pick. The only teams doing that could be van and nyi together. swap goalies, luo plays, Dp gets bought out and van gets a pick (but that’s very unlikely)”

            As an Islanders fan I haven’t ruled this out actually.

    • This very well could get some kind of demented deal of the year award..

      • Which? Lu to Buffalo or Gillis head games? LOL

        • He will be lucky to deal a goalie let alone both…Who would do that?

    • That deal makes absolutely no sense for Buffalo…

      We are in rebuilding mode and trying to get rid of a goalie with 1 year left on his contract. And in return what get a goalie that has like what 15 years left on his contract lol?

      • Exactly and who ever said you would just by Lu out I don’t believe knows how tough it has been in Buffalo financially. I don’t see Buffalo buying anyone out unless its a small contract.

        • Buffalo’s new owner is a billionaire. He’ s publicly stated he is letting Regier whatever he wants to make this team, whether that means buyouts, ufa signings, and or trades… Buffalo is no longer in financial hardship as previous owners had Regier handcuffed…

          • Still don’t see them throwing away many millions on a Lu buyout

  4. If Lecav can be had for $5M @ 3 years then the Leafs should give it a shot BUT if it’s more then they should just stick with the status quo and hire a faceoff consultant to train Grab’s Kadri and Colborne for the rest of the summer on how to win (cheat) in the face off dot. It’s not rocket science. Give these three guys a goal to achieve and stop searching for answers on the over priced, under talented UFA market. Grab’s and Kadri have tons of skill and Weiss or Bozak will not be an upgrade over Grabs or Kadri especially at $5M.

    Buyout Lyles to free up some extra cap space for Clarkson (if you can get him for $5M) and try to see if the Ducks will move Bobby Ryan for Rielly, TO’s first or second this year and Kuli.

    • I like ryan but always thought he would end up a flyer.
      I think a deal with anaheim could be had for less with more pieces.

      to anaheim
      Grabo-1 mil retained.
      and a quality pick/prospect 2014 first

      to toronto


      but leaves a whole down the middle for us but we could replace grabo through free agency. gives anaheim there d man they are looking for , and a second line center they need

      • God if that’s all it would take I would jump on that for sure. Let’s get Alforducks opinion before consummating this deal. lol

      • Never in even in your wildest dreams.

        • Even mine? Ryan for Reilly (5th pick over all last year), Kuli and our first (21st) or second this year?

        • Sorry, hit post button before I finished.
          Ducks do not really neeed a forward in return They are loaded with young ptospects coming up. Palmieri, Etem, Rakell, Holland, Karlsson, Holland, Smith Pelly, also Steven Whitney who had some good scoring years at Boston U or BC, Kerdills ( don’t remember spelling) had a good second half as a freshman at Wisconsin. Kevin Roy had 17 goals as a freshman at Northestern. Signed Charles Sarault as a OHL overage junior, had a big scoring year. So don’t need any Leaf forwards. O’Rielly yep, that a start. O’rielly + Leafs #1 this year and perhaps a 2nd next year. None of this will help the ducks this year, so gotta give up more if ducks have to wait a few years for results. I also figured that the longer I have to wait for my cake, the bigger the piece has to be.

          • I think we would have to give you Kuli for the year to shed a little salary to make room for Ryan. Kuli is a UFA next summer. You can flip him for someone’s 2nd rounder after you get him for sure.

            That gets you Rielly (Burke loves this guy), this years 21st over all, next years second rounder (to make good on getting Gardiner for nothing) and someone’s early round 2nd this year for flipping Kuli. Not a bad return and might help take away some of that burning feeling about loosing Gardiner and Shultz.

  5. If teams want Nugent-Hopkins I would offer him up to any of the top 5 teams for their 1st pick. Add in a player or two on each side to balance things for each team.

    • OUT TO LUNCH. Nugent-Hopkins is a centre which is what the Oilers cannot afford to lose. Never gonna see him moved for a draft pick unless the additional player coming back is a proven star. He’s got superstar potential, going nowhere.

  6. How about this:

    Luongo, Ballard and Booth


    Hemsky, Horcoff and a 2nd

    • LOL!

    • Oilers would do it. Vancouver wouldn’t. Unless Grampa Simpson is running the ship in Canucks-land.

      • My thinking was the Canucks would get the Luongo situation sorted without having to buy him out, net +3.25million in cap space which they desperately need, and trade 2 players that have been the talk of buyouts in Booth and Ballard. Meanwhile Hemsky could easily break out playing with the Sedins, and they get a decent draft pick.

        Oilers get a good goalie, though veteran and not the best contract, some potential D depth with Ballard, and they swap in a player with lower contract and more dimension than Hemsky on a team with too many purely offensive players.

        What am I missing that makes this so crazy?

        • 2 buyout candidates plus Lous ridiculous Contract going one way for 1 guy who is a relatively cheap buy out (compared to the three going back to the Oilers) Hemsky who believe it or not would interest some clubs and a second round pick? If I’m the oilers there isn’t a chance that I’d do that deal. Basically we will swap you three buyouts for 1 then on top of that we will take your second round pick and a guy who might be useful to us…

          • Fair enough, I was likely overvaluing Booth when I included the 2nd rounder. Draft picks could be adjusted as necessary to make it work for both teams. The deal would obviously only work if Edmonton was looking at Luongo as a viable #1 goalie and not one they’d be buying out. Ballard and Booth could return to form and Edmonton doesn’t have Vancouver’s cap issues to necessitate buying them out.

            Alternatively you could work in Edler somehow as there’s been talk of trading him. The idea is to find Vancouver a trade partner for Luongo and cap relief, while giving Edmonton the benefit of improved defense and stronger goaltending, if they felt Luongo gave them that over Dubnyk for, say, the next 5 years. Which I assumed they might, as there was previous talk they were interested in Luongo. Otherwise never mind.

            Meanwhile Probert seems to think it’s one-sided the other way.

            I guess we’ll see how much better the eventual results are for each team with these players they are trying to move. Hemsky should’ve been moved at the trade deadline before signing his extension, as his redundancy was pretty glaring and his injury history not optimal, but maybe they weren’t offered enough.

        • it’s not as bad as it looks.

          oilers would probably have to throw in a prospect….

          • Yes it is Ballard is for all practice purposes a bottom pairing D Booth hasn’t played a full season in forever Lous contract is hideous in every way but the cap hit Horcoff is no prize but better the leafs he other 2 besides Lou so basically would you trade a top 9 possibly top 6 guy plus a second round pick for Lou and that contract? Hemsky would get you something maybe not but deffenately. More then Lous bad contract then throw a second on top of that…. No thank you

          • Bbqing stupid auto spelling BlackBerry piece of……lol

  7. Brad May said yesterday as per a few of Lecavaliers teammates he doesn’t want to come play in Canada!…So therefore Leaf fans…please…be quiet.

    • I have no issues with that. Leaf’s don’t really need him but will kick the tires.

  8. On the terms of his contract…..


    • No, he can discuss whenever they want and they havent yet as he will be traded. They just cant sign an extension till july 1

  9. While I would love the Sabres to sign either Lecavalier or Briere – I could see something like Vanek and Bflo’s #8 for Calgary’s Cammalleri and #6. I like Cammi’s style of play and while he is only 5’9″, he plays larger, physical and can score. I think with the way Vanek and Miller have vocalized their desire to not be part of a rebuild or retool – they are on the block.. So Bflo fans have to envision a team with out them. I look for Bflo to maybe do a deal with Nashville, Carolina or Calgary to move up

    • Vanek could get 5th by himself, and id rather have 8 then cammalleri and take a guy similar to him like shinkaruk.

    • Steve my man Vanek and the 8th for the 6th and Cammalleri is a total fleece by feester…

      Vanek paired with the 16th for the 6th makes a bit more sense….

      • I think you maybe over paying for the 6 Vanek and a second or.some other prospect.is all I’d do for the 6th Vanek I think he would fetch more around the league if you went after a roster player and a good young prospect or 2. I imagine there will be alot of interest in him.

      • Perhaps your right Cammalleri and the 6th for Vanek and the16th. Although I would love to see us get something for Stafford – anyway, tomorrow should have some surprises.

  10. Van – Foligno, Grigorenko, 8th overall pick
    Buf – Schnieder
    Van – Stafford, Armia, 16th overall
    Buf – Schneider

    • Vancouver’s pick at 24 going to Buf also, always for get that part.

    • why would buffalo want schnieder? we have how many good young goalies in the system? Makarov, Enroth, Ullmark, and Hackett. We are giving up 2 of our very best young players in Foligno and Grigorenko and the 8th overall in a draft like this years for a goalie and a draft pick in the 20’s where the talent level really starts to drop?

      Umm No!!! To both…

      • Enroth is a back-up and nothing more. Hackett is a really good prospect but not ready yet. And it seems like Miller is all but done there.

        • you haven’t seen enroth play the final 6 games of the season and did you see him perform in the worlds? he’s turned a major corner, you’ll be eating your words sooon.

          ya miller is done, so what? hackett, ullmark, and leggio are all in the system… makes no sense on a sabres stand point to get rid of there best young players and there 8th overall for a goalie that has never played a full season and a pick in the 20’s to create even a bigger log jam there.

          Again we are in rebuild mode why give all those young good prospects up for one goalie? we are already not so rich on the forward front in prospects and you want two of our very best… I don’t think so…

      • Exactly

  11. I’d like to have the Sens check to see what it would take to get Perron. He definately won’t be as pricy as Ryan, still young at 25 and plenty of upside. It would be a good under the radar move that I don’t think would cost a lot in terms of prospects. With Michalek’s knee problems he could be the replacement if they decided to move him.

    I don’t see why some Leaf fans wouldn’t want Lecavalier. He a proven leader, scorer, and won the cup. All this past his prime is BS. He had a good season this year and this buyout might light a fire. Then trade Phaneuf. Kadri would learn under Lecavalier which would benefit him greatly.
    kessel – lecavalier – lupul,
    Van Reimsdyk – Kadri – Kulemin
    That’s a damn good top 6. I’d actually be looking forward to the Sens/Leafs rivalry lol.
    Anyway, Should be an exciting draft day!!

    • as a sabres yes thats pretty scary top 6…. how many times we facing within the division next year lol?

      heres to hoping that doesn’t happen…

    • Except for the Kulimen part it’s scary. Sub Clarkson, Horton or Ryan in for Kulimen and Bob’s ur uncle. Kuli’s considered a third liner now. He was given umpteen chances to proven his goal scoring prowess in the last two years and couldn’t do it. Good third liner though.

      • ya that’s true… you guys def would make it out of the 1st round if you guys landed clarkson and lecalvier and maybe a defensive defenseman…

        if leafs started rolling three lines i think kulemin would look good on it… i never really payed any attention to kulemin, any good defensively?

        • That’s pretty much his whole game now. Defensively responsible and pk guy although he did chip in with a couple big goals in the Boston series and proved his playoff worthiness. He’s just not a game in and game out offensive threat over 82 games.

          • ya if you say kulemin is that way then he’d def be one of those hidden gems on the 3rd line….

      • BeerGoggles:
        Not sure why the Leaf fans and Pilly fans are so interested in Bobby Ryan ?
        Leafs have really good wings but except for Kardi really need a center, why not
        trade the assets for a center ? I know that it is more of a problem to get a center but from what I see that is what they need ? Am I missing something ?

        • Give me a center available and we make that deal. Nothing out there from what I’m aware.

  12. Hey Lyle,

    Great site and great chatter. Hope you are getting lots of hits. I am pi$$ing off the wife having to keep checking to see what is happening.

    Happy Canada Day weekend!


    • ya this site is easily the best for trade rumors.

      • Thanks for the support! It’s always great to hear positive feedback. Enjoy the weekend!