NHL Morning Rumor Update – February 24, 2012.

Updates on Ales Hemsky, James van Riemsdyk, Andrei Kostitsyn, and Steve Ott, plus the latest on the Senators, Flames and Bruins.

EDMONTON SUN’s Terry Jones reports via Twitter today could be decision day for Ales Hemsky if he’ll re-sign with the Oilers, claiming it’s up to Hemsky and not his agent to make that call.

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports via Twitter a two-year, $10 million offer might keep Hemsky in Edmonton, or not. Claims the Oilers are considering their options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg. Understandable that today could be “D-Day” for Hemsky. Oilers will want to know if he’s unwilling to re-sign in order to have sufficient time to weigh the best offers for him before Monday.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports Flyers forward James van Riemsdyk can’t help but hear his name in the trade rumors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Flyers are being offered a playoff proven starting goaltender, they shouldn’t even dream of trading van Riemsdyk.

CANOE.CA: Montreal Canadiens forward Andrei Kostitsyn continues to insist his preference is to remain a Hab. VAT Sports reported Wednesday Kostitsyn could be dealt to Nashville for the rights for Alexander Radulov, but Andrei doesn’t seemed thrilled by that prospect, despite the fact it would reunite him with brother Sergei.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if the Habs could pull that off – and I have my doubts – Radulov won’t help them make the playoffs this season. The Canadiens would also have to re-sign him to a long-term extension. Radulov would be an improvement over Kostitsyn, but again, I doubt this could happen. As a Habs fan, the player I’d love to see the Canadiens land is Kings captain Dustin Brown. TSN’s Darren Dreger believes a good secondary scorer and a promising young defenseman could land Brown.  I playfully suggested Kostitsyn and Yannick Weber for Brown, but of course, I’m merely dreaming. The only way Brown comes to Montreal is as a member of the visiting team.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports Stars forward Steve Ott considers the rumors claiming rival clubs have interest in him flattering, but also unnerving. GM Joe Nieuwendyk, meanwhile, said he’s listening to offers but that doesn’t mean he’s a seller.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Stars are now only two points out of a playoff berth. I don’t see them being sellers now.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators goalie Craig Anderson could be sidelined up to eight weeks after cutting his right hand preparing a meal yesterday. The club has called up Robin Lehner to back up Alex Auld, and this situation could force GM Bryan Murray into the trade market, though the market is very thin for goalies.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ottawa Citizen reported Anderson could be gone 10-14 days. Even if he’s out eight weeks, I’m guessing Murray will stick with Auld and Lehner. This could be the latter’s big opportunity to prove he’s NHL-ready.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis believes Flames GM Jay Feaster’s trade suggestions following his club’s shootout loss to Phoenix rang hollow.” The Flames have simply come too far and shown a tremendous resiliency against all odds for the GM to wrangle with a roster that just got significant help from returning players like Curtis Glencross and Derek Smith. David Moss will also be back soon”, writes Francis.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree. Feaster is undoubtedly frustrated over his team blowing a chance to tighten its grip on a playoff berth, but getting back those three players are as good as trading for similar players.

CSNNE.COM: Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli won’t rule out making a big deadline deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t rule it out, but I think if Chiarelli makes a move, it’ll be a minor one. He’s shown an unwillingness earlier this season to shake things up with a major deal when the club was struggling and everyone and their dog was screaming at him to make a big move. I doubt he’ll bend to such pressure now.


  1. Hey Lyle, what if the Habs offered AK-46, Darch, Weber and a 2nd rd pick for Brown? DO you think they’d bite? Also what or why do you think it is taking PG so long to make moves and clearly the team must make moves if only to get draft picks back? How about this option Darch, AK-46 and Campoli to Det for Justin Abdelkader and a 2nd round pick any chance Detroit looks at this? Any chance if the habs add a pick do you think they could move Kaberle?
    Should be an interesting final few days. I like you hope for D Brown or Ryan Clowe, Dreaming is a wonderful thing. Thanks

  2. Lyle I agree Brown would be a good fit in Montreal, but it will take more then Kostitsyn and Weber. Another potential target should be Malone. Habs need grit.
    How about JVR for Schneider? Seems to make sense. Maybe Bobrovski going to Vancouver (to replace Schneider) and a 1st going to Philly. Top it off with some spare parts to make it even, but I think that addresses both needs. I could be off with that proposal, but I’m sure Nucks/Philly fans will rip me a new one regardless.
    To Montreal: Brown
    To LA: Desharnais, Weber and a 1st

    To Philly: Schneider, 2012 1st, prospect
    To Nucks: JVR, Babrovski

    rip away lol!

  3. Why are we waiting soooo long to pull the trigger? We stock the shelves for a reason! To land that one big superstar that can do everything! With Nash, who gives a rat’s @ss if we make the playoffs, this is a one time opportunity. I’m sorry, I like Jake G.; however, I see a lack of urgency and a Defence liability (I know he is young)! But a Nash comes available as often as a Gretzky, if you think waiting for the draft to swing this deal….good luck, the teams will be lined up tripping over themselves to get Nash. Do you think that the NY Rangers would wait if they were in nineth spot? I don’t think so……Nash would be a Ranger before the ashes wouldn’t hit the floor off Sather’s stoggie! BURKIE……..DO SOMETHING, you have been waiting four years for NASH!!!!!

  4. “Hey Lyle, what if the Habs offered AK-46, Darch, Weber and a 2nd rd pick for Brown? DO you think they’d bite? Also what or why do you think it is taking PG so long to make moves and clearly the team must make moves if only to get draft picks back? How about this option Darch, AK-46 and Campoli to Det for Justin Abdelkader and a 2nd round pick any chance Detroit looks at this? Any chance if the habs add a pick do you think they could move Kaberle?”

    I’m not Lyle, but let’s break this down:

    Kostitsyn, Darche and Weber (plus a 2nd round draft pick) for Dustin Brown – so two impending UFA players and a developing defenseman for a solid winger on a cap-friendly deal. Oh and the second. I think LA laughs quite hardily at that deal as they don’t need Weber and Kostitsyn is not that good, quite honestly. Darche is irrelevant.

    And now this:

    Darche, Kostitsyn and Campoli to Det for Justin Abdelkader and a 2nd round pick – this time three impending free agents for a young cost controlled bottom six forward and a high draft pick. I can’t see any way Detroit has interest in any of the players from Montreal. Really, what exactly attracts Detroit to this deal – Darche is useless and would be headed to Grand Rapids, Campoli would be a healthy scratch most nights (remember Detroit just traded for Quincey and already had seven healthy defenders) and Kostitryn might add value, but not for Abdelkader.

  5. Jay Feaster should be looking to move Boumeester ,,,he is only pawn right now that can give him multiple players back in a deal along with a decent defensemen to take his place……I could see maybe the BLUES being a good destination destination getting back Stewart ….Colaiocovo, Cheechoo and a prospect

  6. @DurtMCHurt – where does VanRiemsdyk play in Vancouver? Who is he supplanting? In any event, that deal kills Vancouver’s cap by quite a bit for this year – and that is with Ballard on IR.

    On the other hand, Schneider becomes the back up to Bryzgalov and there is little chance Philadelphia can move Bryzgalov on that contract (never say never, but)…so would Philadelphia tie up so much cap space in a backup and still have to resign Schneider to a new contract after this season?

    As far as the Montreal proposal – Desharnais probably has little value outside of Montreal and would not be attractive in any deal, but that is my opinion. If Brown moves, it’s a 1st and Pacioretty at least and probably then some. Brown has a better reputation and LA doesn’t have to move him, so teams should have to overpay.

  7. @Chris:

    Why would St. Louis gut their team for Bouwmeester? The Blues are not a cap team, they operate on a budget and are playing quite well. They have no incentive to take on a large contract like Bouwmeester and have no interest in a value trade. Factor in Bouwmeester’s no-trade/movement clause and it’s hard to see any deal going down.

    Maybe a deal like Scott Hannan for a spare part if the Blues think they need to add an extra body on the blueline.

  8. @Mike g clowe isn’t going anywhere hes too important to our team going into the playoffs unless its a huge overpayment it wont happen

  9. I was thinking more along the lines of; Voracek for Schneider .. both set to become RFA’s. However, the Canucks shouldn’t even be entertaining offers for Schneider until the summer. Voracek is big, strong on the puck, skates like the wind, and looks like he could really break out at any moment .. but on the Flyer’s roster that’s so deep in offensive talent .. he could be expendable .. for a goalie or top 2 dman.

  10. Bryzgalov is playing himself into a penalty free buyout.

  11. @ Durt … I think Greg is right insofar as Desharnais has no value in the greater part of the NHL. He is also slow. Not sure how that would play out in the West which is often described as a wider open game. Weber, on the other hand, I think would thrive in the West. I also think AK would thrive there too. But if Mtl. gives up their first round pick I will be very disappointed.

    @ Greg … there is some suggestion that they need to free up cap space and that Brown is the logical choice. And Pacioretty would be gross overpayment without the 1st.

  12. If the Flames are relying on Glencross, Smith and Moss coming back to make the playoffs…they are in big trouble!

  13. The Blues don’t need or want anymore dmen .. they don’t even have room for Ian Cole .. who should be a full time NHL player at this point.

  14. 1. To Montreal: Brown
    To LA: Desharnais, Weber and a 1st
    ^^^ This is all kinds of horrible. I wouldn’t even give them Desharnais. Desharnais is part of your core, you don’t want to trade him. Trust me. He’s your team’s best playmaker, why the hell would they deal him as “part” of a deal to get a second line right winger? He’s another Eric Cole, pretty much.

    2. Detroit’s not trading Abdelkader. He’s a role player happily fulfilling his role.

    3. Nobody wants Bouwmeester at that contract, trust me.

    4. I was talking last night with my brother about Anderson… i said “he didn’t break any bones or anything but he probably went and stabbed himself or sliced himself” and it was likely trying to pry two frozen burger patties apart. I know someone who did that lol. Sure enough, the TSN guy said he cut himself… well if he’s out 8 weeks, he probably ended up doing more than “cutting himself”… he jabbed himself somehow! Probably ended up doing nerve damage.

  15. @ Chris
    Blues are playing on all cylinders right now. They are not going to trade a Guy like Stewart for a bloated contract of a soft D man who has never seen a playoff game, and throw in Coliacovo and Cheechoo as well? Maybe on NHL12 that can happen, but I doubt that too.

  16. Trust me trust me trust me! (and I compared Dustin Brown to Cole, not Desharnais)…

  17. Would Brown be upgrade over Dubinsky? not sure why that trade never talked about…or the Rangers have some decent D in Hartford to make up for Johnson for sure

  18. Meant to write more- Rangers could add Hemsky for pick+prospect and Brown for Dubinsky+ahl dman without messing with the core

  19. Lehner’s been recalled from Bingo, so, for the time being, the Sens aren’t looking for goalie help. We should know by Saturday night after the Bruins/Sens game if Murray will look for a goalie via trade or re-entry waivers (Niitymaki). I bet Brown ends up with the leafs (ugh) cause he fits Burke’s mold of type of player he likes… American lol (jk)…. I can’t see Hemsky staying with the Oilers. And Kostitsyn??? From all accounts, he’s a bit of a cancer in the dressing room and seems to take issue with everything! I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  20. Hey guys, get real. Habs will not be trading their first round pick this year because they actually have a shot at first overall, with top three almost a lock. And they will not get top players for their pending UFAs, the other GMs aren’t imbeciles. Kostitsyn, Campoli, Moen will only get you a 2nd or 3rd rounder. However, throw in Plekanec, Weber and a 2nd rounder (they 4 this year) and you’re looking at a 1st rounder or possibly even a previous first rounder who is in junior right now. Best case scenario: Jonathan Huberdeau could be had if Dale Tallon gets desperate.

  21. Lol! It’s funny how people rate Desharnais. Some people thinks he’s a blue chip, some think he’s a bust. I seem to be the only one who is in the middle of the two extremes with him. I don’t see him play very often, but from the scouting report I get from a few Habs fans I know, I see him being kind of Stalberg like…atleast in trade value.
    All I know for sure is that Brown > Cole, and the Habs need a guy like Brown…but he’ll cost.

    Poultsy, I like Voracek for Schneider, but what would Philly do with Babrovski? Seperate deal or rotate goalies? Bryz hasn’t looked like a starter all year. Holmgren needs to fix this regardless if his future tandem will be radiculously overpayed.

  22. Brown will only get moved if it’s an immediate improvement for the Kings, mostly likely meaning package with Bernier or other assets for a big time scorer. Which I just don’t see happening.

    The Kings are on the up-side of their rebuild not the downward. Lombardi is trying to trade future assets to put them over the brink (look at the Penner trade or the Richards trade). So picking up two lesser assets for Brown just doesn’t make sense.

    The Kings are deep, DEEP, with promising young defensemen (hence the Johnson trade). Voynov has already shown he can replace Johnson. Martinez has already shown he can play in the NHL, and then there’s still Muzzin, Hickey, and Forbert among others. A second-line winger and a redundant defensemen will not get the King’s captain.

  23. @ Durt…..I won’t rip you cause you’ve thought it out, but the cap is totally in the way of Vancouver doing anything. Personally I don’t see them subtracting anything. Gillis always talks about how long it takes to learn the ropes (that’s why he got Booth early).
    The trade I want to see, at the draft, is Schneider and Ballard for Yandle (sweeten that up and get Boedkker – I wish). Another top end Dman is far more the real need than the scoring winger everyone talks about.

    @ FireWilson “are you warming up to my name?” — well, believe it or not, I don’t care for Wilson, it is just unrealistic, and very bad form, to fire him while the team is overachieving. But I certainly can see what everyone is talking about. It’s not even the planning, so much as the in-game moves. But he has 600 more wins than me so I can’t pretend to know what exactly is going on.

  24. Greg Schuler, Look at TSN and P Lebrun suggested that luke Schenn straight up might get brown, so why not Ak 46, weber and a Pick? Trust me I would take Ak-46 and try to sign him, as Weber has one more year and they get a pick, now Brown has 31 pts in 61 games, AK-46 has 24 in 51 games, please explain to me how you think that Ak 46 is useless?? Darch is older and yes limited value but character cannot be undervalued. you wanna talk about value, the kings laugh at Burke for trying to fleece him and hang up, Gabs and Schenn and a pick for brown +b-Prospect maybe, we have the same situation. Luke Schenn is over rated ( with all due respect to P lebrun). Plus the Kings would get players that would make up for the loss of brown points and maybe free up cap space for next season, so it is not quite as you put it, sorry man, seriously disagree!

  25. Kings aren’t looking for a young D in return for Brown. They NEED offense!!! IF Brown gets moved, it will be part of a package for a better scorer.

  26. and another thing, I’m fairly certain all this Brown-is-available talk is just to drum up performance from the Kings core. If you actually listen or read Lombardi’s take on the Carter deal, how he’s not some savior and how the Kings top lines need to perform more, it’s clear Lombardi believes the players have more to give. Challenging a team by challenging/threatening their captain is an age old motivation technique.

    Brown isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

  27. At this juncture, Holmgren shouldn’t be entertaining the thought of moving JVR. Aside from the obvious PR disaster of trading yet another player that was recently signed to a long-term extension, there is no need to make such a move this season. The Flyers aren’t a true Cup contender yet and next season you could see either progression or regression from the team’s young core. I would think the Voracek has earned himself a new contract as a top 6-9 playmaking forward (something Philly desperately needed) and Holmgren would be wise to try and add some forward depth (Gaustad, Winnik, Dowell, etc) to replace Sestito and Rinaldo in the lineup. Philly’s only hope of solving the Bryzgalov problem is waiting to see what the new CBA brings or hoping to god that he turns it around and finds his game next year.

  28. Moving on to a different subject, anyone else notice how 3 point games mask the number of “Bad” teams ?
    Looking at the Western Conference there are two teams under .500 winning percentage but 8 teams that have let in more goals than scored. In the East it’s 4 under .500 but 9 who have let in more goals than scored. Also, it would not be a huge stretch if the 4 teams that are currently under .500 went on a mini win streak and the season ended with just 2 teams ( Oilers & Blue Jackets) as only two teams sub .500
    I find this weird, next up getting a 1/2 point for a loss just so everyone can be a winner ?

  29. This: “Best case scenario: Jonathan Huberdeau could be had if Dale Tallon gets desperate.”

    Prove it. How desperate would Florida be to trade their top forward prospect for anything at this point. Unless Huberdeau specifically told Florida he will never sign with them, I can’t even fathom how Tallon gets desperate enough to trade a top 3 pick.

  30. I hope Murray does not go shopping for a goalie. Ride Lehner & Auld until Anderson comes back.

    This is yr 1 of the re-build (or re-tool as some of you call it) so to give up their 1st round pick or any of their good young forward prospects for a goalie is not in the best interest of the future of this team.

    The Sens were never supposed to be where they are at anyway….. This will give them a chance to play Lehner in a few games to determine if he is nearing NHL readiness… or do they have to go and get another backup goalie for next season… as Auld only signed for one season.

    It’s up to the rest of the players in front of either goalie to play the best they can…. the big issue is over the next couple of weeks.. Sens play Boston (2x), Chicago, Rangers — and Isles, Tampa, Florida —

    Latest update this morning is that he cut a tendon in his finger (on his stick hand). He will be back on the ice next week… but no time table for his return…

  31. @mike g – if I compare Brown and Kostitsyn, I see a two-way forward who is his team’s captain and reliable for at least 20 goals and 40 points a year signed to a reasonable deal for the next few years versus a one-way player who is a free agent and isn’t going to make a team better (I see Kostitsyn as strictly a complimentary piece).

    LA does seem to need another young defenseman (they have quite a few and most seem talented) and Darche is roster filler, character or not. I simply don’t see how that deal works for LA unless they think Weber is the next big thing.

  32. @DurtMCHurt – I don’t have a size prejudice in regards to Desharnais, but he’s not someone I would consider as a centerpiece of a trade. He’s perfectly fine in his role and on the Canadiens team which has numerous smaller players. I just think his value around the league is not great enough to be featured in a deal. Nothing more.

  33. @Sandy – sure, but why give up on a season? Lehner has struggled in the AHL and Auld is, well, Auld – not someone I would want to have tending net for any length of time. If Murray can find a cheap enough replacement and improve upon Auld, I say do it. Niittymaki makes sense if he goes on recall waivers. Perhaps going after Sanford for a mid-round pick helps out. But I would hate to see the Senators lose out on position or the playoffs entirely by relying on goalies who are unprepared or unreliable if a better solution to Auld is out there.

  34. Desharnais isn’t going anywhere. The fact ppl have said “I don’t see him play, but I hear yada yada yada” shows you something. This guy is a Marty st louis style guy minus the shooting. Great hockey iq and vision, and can squirm away from the best of them behind the net. The guy has taken over the first line role from Pleks for a reason fellas. So to suggest him, and a top 3 pick for Brown?!?! Seriously?!? Really?!?! Well, I’ll just have to bite my tongue today. Oh, how’s that Komi, kadri, kulimin and a second for everyone’s first line star trade working out? Mon dieu….
    Lyle has a solid offer, potential 5-4 d man with a cannon, playoff rental scorer, and add a second rounder or two and you’ve more than compensated for a 45-50 pt player. If LA were looking to move him that would be a solid deal. I suggested yesterday having Kaberle, AK, and Nasvilles second for brown and Mitchell(cap reasons, but u could substitute penner in there if they are running out of pancakes in LA) and then LA can trade Bernier for a 2nd line scorer. Then they add offense at forward and D, are cap compliant, and got some draft picks back.
    Oh and Darche wouldn’t be sent to the minors, he would be using his league leading PK skills for whatever team would be bright enough to steal him for nothing.

  35. Who knows maybe brown is being talked about in a deal for Nash, think about it the kings still have Bernier and add brown and another prospect, deal could get done, not sure on cap,space though

  36. @Tux

    Ok buddy at least we agree on something. lol

    Although I’m still not sure if your Leaf suggestions are because you want to see us continue to dwell in the cellar or if you really mean what you say as a hockey enthusiast.

    Hey Lyle Can you add the texting emotions to the site? I would love to use the scarcastic emotion behind half of my posts.

  37. Huberdeau isn’t being traded. I can 100% guarnantee that as if Dale Talon was my twin brother.

    I am not sure why Brown is suddenly on the block. Maybe there is some truth to the friction between him and Sutter.
    The current lineup of the Kings top-2 lines is pretty lethal, so i dont know why you would want to move him. He creates a lot of space for Kopitar to work.
    I understand the argument that maybe they need a guy with more finish, so show me a guy with more finish and maybe a deal is possible.

    Here is what we know:
    1) The Kings now have to replae an NHL defenseman. They are not going to get a guy to directly replace Johnson, but you need someone to fill a hole that whomever is Johnson’s replacement (say Voynov) will leave.
    2) The Kings will want to upgrade the scoring at Brown’s position. you wont find a guy with more leadership or grit, but they are not looking for a soft guy either. So take Hemsky’s name out of the mix.
    3) They are not going to take on a player that has a long term contract, as they have just saddled themselves with another one.
    4) Brown will not be traded to a Western Conference contender, like the Canucks. That makes no sense for the Kings.
    5) Brown is their captain, so they will not just give him away
    6) They are not looking to get a centre… they already have 3 in Kopitar, Richards, and Carter, so you are already displacing one of them to the wing.

    Who does that leave as potential options (? denotes guys maybe completely unavailable)
    Pominville, Moulson, Versteeg, Selanne, Iginla (?), St. Louis (?), Vanek (?), Ovechkin (?), Ryder

    I dont think any of the realsiticaly acquirable guys peak my interest enough to trade Brown.

    Therefore: unlikely he gets dealt.

  38. @mike g “Schenn is overrated”

    plus-8 (2nd on team) 89 blocked shots, 194 hits (7th in NHL – 1st amongst defensment). He is a stay-at-home type defensemen, Think Brooks Orpik., But he has much more potential then Orpik. The kind of player most team’s would love to have, Including LA. I could see them taking Schenn and Kulemin for Brown and one of LA’s other defensmen not named Doughty (I would never do this but i could see this being seen as fair). I dont think Schenn is overrated, I think he’s just a fan favorite who is constantly delt in imaginary trade’s by blogger’s, Him being the piece delt because he has alot of value. I do think Brown is being overhyped though, He might be worth a trade like i used for an example but i sure would put together a package of picks and prospects for him.

  39. The only way Schenn is included in any deal for Brown is if Bernier is coming back as well. I do think that the Leafs should trade Schenn for a top-six forward at some point because I don’t think he skates or moves well enough to be an elite defenseman. That being said, they aren’t going to trade him and Kulemin for a guy who has been playing with Kopitar for almost his whole career and yet has never had more than 60 points in a season. He would definitely be a great long-term piece, but I can see Matt Frattin basically reproducing his numbers in one or two years at a fraction of the cost. I would wager something like Franson and Kulemin or MacArthur plus a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick, but again, if the Kings want to include Bernier, Forbort, Toffoll or Deslaurier they could discuss adding Schenn into the mix.

  40. About the AK46 vs the rights on Radulov rumors. Maybe, just maybe, the Habs are thinking of offering a job to Patrick Roy (would make a lot of sense) and they tought that he could manage him, since he already did it with the Remparts. Gauthier and Cunneyworth are very not sure to have their job back next year.

  41. @ FireWilson

    That’s because I am ambivalent. I was raised to hate the East, politically and sports-wise. The fact that TOR is the home of the electoral reform movement (aka – the “we should pick” movement), has exacerbated it. I have enjoyed watching the fire-wagon style of TOR, but I have been anti-Phaneuf since ’06, so there are mixed feelings. I love how much you guys love hockey. It is obviously a special vibe out there. It seems there are way more casuals there. Here it’s mostly way in or way out on hockey. That said, I have read some irking stuff. I realize the timezone makes it tough, but when people who don’t know the West talk about it, it can be frustrating (every fan has experienced this). The statement, “This Bobby Ryan guy is basically equivalent to Kulemin”, has not gotten out of my head. Also, I am kind of an asshole and can’t help poking fun…..you guys are so passionate (which I love), that it makes it even harder to resist teasing. Truthfully, I do cheer TOR over most teams. I never understood the Kessel-hate and I am thrilled he is juicing. I also totally called Lupul being good (ask Durt – another sweet dude I may have teased too much). As a Nuck fan, I am getting used to being mocked, and admittedly, it sucks. Sometimes you guys are way out to lunch on how good your guys are, and its funny. Toronto sees itself as the center of the world, not just in hockey, and so there is an honest gut-level animosity (I’m practically a separtist). But honestly, I do read your posts and try to keep on the Leafs and their fans. Several of you have a lot of insight. Meh. My internet style is half-troll. What can I say.

  42. @ Fire, TopRight, and Durt

    Also, my impulse insult-posting has gotten a couple IPs blocked, so I only post from one of my jobs. Hence the inconsistency in responding. I remember someone talking about how I never answer…..I was there, cursing the keyboard.

    What do you say Lyle, suspension served? I’m loyal. And you need someone to consistantly attack all your Bruin-fan posters.

  43. DS you honestly think that Schenn will get you Brown and Bernier…your crazy. If anything the Leafs would have to give up something else with Schenn to just get Brown.

  44. @ Greg Schuler, great (rational) posts.

    Schnider is not going anywhere until after the playoffs and depending on the outcome, may be re-signed. But I like Purcell in TBay, and I just saw Vorachek (sp?) play in Winnipeg and was impressed by his presence on the ice. JVR would be an upgrade on Raymond (as much as I like the guy).
    Agree with Tux though, a top Right-shot d-man would be a good thing for Van. to get in the off-season.

  45. I didn’t say Schenn would get both Brown and Bernier. I just said that I can’t see Burke trading Schenn and Kulemin for only Brown. I don’t think Bernier has as much value as people here think he does. He has never been a starter before on any level and has struggled at times when given a chance. Not surprising, he is still young. St. Louis got Halak for two good prospects but not very elite. I can’t see anyone willing to give up anymore than that for a guy who hasn’t really proven himself yet. It’s also “you’re” and not your. Incidentally, I don’t really think LA will trade Brown anyway. It makes no sense for them to trade assets for Carter and then trade away one of your best forwards and team captain, unless Lombardi just wants to shake the team up.

  46. @Clarke – Wha reason’s do you have to base that on? Let’s completely forget about Schenn and Brown’s respective leadership, Hell let’s even forget about what Schenn MAY look like in a couple year’s. Strictly statstical i see Brown as what Schenn would be as a forward, Maybe i’m nuts. Brown has about 20 more hits having played 11 more games. He is underachieving despite playing with world class talent. On the other hand Schenn who is also underachieving is partially responsible for what little success Toronto has seen this year. If toronto only had reliable goaltending then he’d be viewed as a top shut-down defensmen rather then decent with alot of potential. It’s alot like how Luca Sbisa isnt valued much to fan’s not in Anaheim and most of the 30 GM’s in he NHL, When in reality most teams would love to have several just like him. If i’m building a team i want Schenn, Put him infront of a solid goaltender (Quick) and give him an offensive minded partner (Daughty) and real soon nobody in LA is going to remember Brown. But i wouldnt do it if i were GM and i sur hope Burke dosnt either.

    @DS – Totally agree

  47. Hi Lyle, want your point of view ’bout that:

    Tell me if I’m wrong, but the only way the Canadiens would do a Kostitsyn for Radulov deal, is because Patrick Roy (who coached radulov previously with Quebec) will be the next coach of thh Habs

  48. @ Cotton

    Totally agree RE; Schenn. Your comparison to Sbisa is accurate for a “how we view potential” standpoint. Sbisa may not look like much, but to someone who watches most of their games he is a steady, confident defenseman.

    Schenn is the same way. You put him infront of Carey Price and he looks like the next Scott Stevens.
    I’d be very leary to trade a player like that. They are very, very hard to find. Adam Foote-type players are hard to find. I doubt burke trades him unless he is part of a package to acquire a young, true #1 centre.

    On another note:
    I can’t beleive Leaf fans are not running Cody Franson out of town. Everytime I watch a game, he is NEVER able to get the puck out of his own end. Ever. I heard that the Leafs shot down an offer for a 1st rd pick for him earlier in the year.. goodluck getting that now.

  49. @ Cotton —- I totally agree. I think Schenn will be a pretty rare type of player, while I think Brown is a pretty common type of player. Brown + Bernier is obviously way too much to spend……but regardless, Burke would be insane to move the guy that will likely be their 28 minute rock, especially at the low-water mark of his trade value.

  50. I’m going to make a very outside prediction and say Brown to Nashville.

    To Nashville: F Dustin Brown, F Dustin Penner
    To Los Angeles: F Sergei Kostitsyn, 2nd Round Pick, Rights to Alexander Radulov


    To Edmonton: G Jonathan Bernier, 2nd Round Pick
    To Los Angeles: F Alex Hemsky, G Devan Dubnyk

    How does this help? Nashville gets a big two way guy who can score but is having an off season in Brown and take on the remaining Penner contract, while putting no pressure on him to score but keeping his big body presence. Maybe Penner even bounces back in Nashville and they sign him to a longer term cheap contract. Adding two forwards with size and scoring potential shows the Preds are willing to compete and gets Suter and Weber to stay!

    Edmonton ditches some contract issues in Hemsky and adds the starting goalie they are looking for. They keep Khabby locked up and use him as a back up mentor to Bernier for the next year.

    LA has the most to gain from it. They gain two pieces of immediate offensive help in SK and Hemsky. Now looking at forward lines like this

    Hemsky – Kopitar – Williams
    Kostitsyn – Richards – Carter

    They retain a solid young back up getting Dubynk and hopefull can pursuade Radulov to come to the NHL and play for them and if they do they can let Hemsky walk for a bigger boost to their forward core and saving some major salary cap over the course of all the deals. I personally think this makes all three teams better this year and i the future.

  51. @JJB abd Oiler fans
    I see you guys are still mad we took THE GREAT ONE AWAY but u guys got us back with the PENNER trade so leave it alone you guys are not going to get Bernier for lame overrated injured Hemsky the only way Bernier is going to edmonton is for Jordan Eberle

  52. I think Brown would be a great pickup for any team. He’s a leader and does a little bit of everything. You can find guys who try to play the same game, but very few are as good as he is at it….especially at just over a 3 mil cap hit. Definitely a bargain when you see guys like Ruutu, Cole, and Leino who play similar games though not as well, getting around 5 mil.

  53. @Tux

    Well we now agree on Wilson, Phaneuf and Lupul so this is getting weird. Next thing you will tell me that you also think Gardiner is going to be a very special defencman in this league. To early to tell for sure but think Norris trophy one day if they don’t screw him up.

  54. I SO think Gardiner will be great.
    I think that the only thing we disagree on is Bozak. And the fact that I don’t think you are really qualified to criticize the coach. But clearly you are watching pretty closely, so fair enough. We got off on the wrong foot cause I used my bombastic tone to flame you, because your post seemed to be saying “we would be in first with the right coach”, while I thought you were over-acheiving……I realize now that you have a pretty fair assessment of the team’s power ranking.
    (But the success in TOR was not exactly anticipated by experts, so I wanted to stick up for Bozak, because I see him as a big part of their success – and there is no one else available anyway. I’ve been sticking up for him for years now).
    That’s me – flame first, apologize later.
    You guys are good dudes.

  55. This is becomming too much of a love fest!
    Look at what this deadline stress is doing to us!!!!

  56. Well if I never kiss up, then my ruthless flaming makes me hated……I want to be an annoying thorn, not an outright dickbag.

  57. @NikK
    F$#%ing funny. You gave me a good laugh.

    I haven’t turned the corner on Bozak yet but I think he’s been reading my posts here because I’ve actually seen him hit a guy or two and watched him cycle in the corner the other night so thumbs up on that part of his game continuing to grow. Still a long way to go on the grit side of his game but if he can prove to me he is willing to do anything that his size and strength will allow instead of floating to the outside and shying away from any physical play then I will do a 360 turn on him. He’s not a big guy but neither were guys like Gilmore or Stevie Y (not that I’m comparing in anyway) and they didn’t shy away from getting involved from the physical side of the game and doing what needs to be done.

    Anyways back to trade talk….

  58. Pretty tall order, to play like the best that ever played. Those two had a lot more help as well, and a lot more big guys on the team.

  59. I believe that all of this experience on the top line will serve Bozak well when he is oved to the 3rd line if hte Leafs can acquire that centre they are looking for. He plays a very responsible game and you have to give him credit for that. I would compare his likeness to a Kris Draper kind of player (although I’m not sure he will ever hit 30 goals).

    I am really starting to think that Ovechkin may be nearing his end in Washinton. What else has to go wrong and what else do the Caps change before they completely makeover the complexion of that team. i don’t think he gets dealt until the summer, but I am starting to doubt he is on their opening night roster next season….

    If the Kings want a scorer… that’s a scorer…

  60. Martin: I don’t even see the Canadiens doing that move, but if they did, it might have something to do with Roy joining the club at some point. That’s only speculation, of course.

  61. 1. Roy is happy with the ramparts. If a job waits for him in the NHL, it waits for him in Colorado more likely than it does in Montreal. (ie, he’d choose a team that was far more loyal to him)

    2. Finally see some love for Schenn. He is one of those guys who’s really hard to appreciate until you don’t have them. Imagine how much a team like Edmonton would like a guy like that; they’d be doing cartwheels. People talk about Jersey giving up Salvador and I’m like what the hell for? He’s again one of those unsung heroes in your line-up you absolutely can’t let go. Defense like that are an integral part of a championship team. Toronto shouldn’t be eager to trade out Luke Schenn and I hope Burkie comes to his senses on it.

    3. Brown is off the table for now, apparently. I doubt it’ll remain that way, now that it’s gotten out. This media stuff tends to pressure GMs and the offers that Lombardi are gonna get for Brown are going to say, “Okay, maybe trading this guy is a good idea?”

  62. St. Louis is a cup contender the way they sit and are not going to make a big shake-up to get anyone available at this time.
    Rangers could go for Nash but they are strong right now and how would he fit in with the other Ranger’s egos?
    I don’t know if another offensive player is what Toronto needs. Burke pulled off one really big move and it took years before it even started paying dividends. Kessel can score for sure but he needs a guide dog to show him where the defensive zone is and he will not engage in anything resembling fighting for the puck. Oh, he may push his stick into a scrum but that is the most he’ll do. Phaneuf has not been the answer. At times he looks lost out there and terribly slow. Yes, he can wire the puck and if he manages to hit the net he can score at times. Yes, he can deliver the big hit, but if he misses he puts himself out of the play and lets 2 on 1’s develop.
    I would hate to see Schenn gone as he is just starting to come into his own after being stuck with suck high expectations.
    Stick a fork in Montreal for the rest of this year, they’re done.
    Vancouver could really have used a player like Downie from Tampa but if the rumour about Ott is anything other than another media conjuring he would be a good fit. Cory Schneider is not going anywhere unless a deal comes along that blows Gillis’s Argyles off.
    Most of the teams that win the cup do it with scoring and strong goaltending of course, but also they have every man buying into team defense and along with finishing their checks each player also back checks, which is one of the reasons the Leafs are in trouble.
    While sitting 8th overall in goals for the Leafs are 28th in goals against and that cannot all be laid at the feet of their net minders. I know it can be a bit of a misnomer but a teams plus/minus can tell you a lot about their commitment to team defense. The Leafs are 14th out of 30 teams in that department with a combined home and away record of +1. If you look at a few teams who are considered cup contenders you will see that Boston is a combined +49, Detroit +42, Rangers and St. Louis at +41 and Vancouver at +30. These same five teams are in the top six in goals allowed per game and are justifiably proud of their team defense.
    No matter if the Leafs bring in the best goalie that money can buy, they will not win until they have a strong team defense to go along with their team scoring.

  63. Ahab,
    Mosty agree with what you say, but in regards to the leaf’s +/-, keep in mind that when they lose, it tends to be by a bigtime blowout. So their goals against are inflated from that perspective.
    You are right though.. it they dont get buy in on team defense like they did early in the year, they will be on the outside looking in.

  64. hey lyle do you think the leafs need a player like downie? the last agitator the leafs had was domi and he’s been gone for years and so have the playoff games!

  65. I might be consideed crazy but i’d take a shot at aquiring Jordin Tootoo if he can be had. He has a bad reputation on account of some poor choices of when exactly he throw’s his checks but their is no denying the guy is fast, has an offensive upside, fights and throws huge hits. Toronto might be just the market for someone like Tootoo. He wouldnt be a priority obviously but he’s someone i’d like the Leafs to get, I think he would bea fan favorite, And with the right ice time would be a 15 goal 30 – 35 point player.

  66. Hi Cotton:
    I agree with you about Tootoo and the player he has become but he has just got his life straightened out in what is really a non-hockey crazy city, can you imagine the temptations he would have to overcome in TO. I would like to see him in Vancouver as well, but he will not be available and that is probably a good thing for him.
    Hey NikK:
    I hear you loud and clear about the big blow-outs and skewing the stats and while not a big Leafs fan I am a fan of a few of their players and I think Reimer is a good goalie and with a little time he could be great. Here in Canucks land we have had our ups and downs with Luongo but the defense works to keep most shots coming from the outside as much as possible and the forwards (most of them) back check like crazy. I have seen too many Leafs failing to back check after coming close to scoring and that really comes down to laziness and also what the coach demands and will allow.
    I will not get into my feelings on Wilson or even on Burke but I would not be happy with a lousy powerplay with the talent the Leafs have nor would I be happy with sloppy defensive play.
    With three days to go until the trade insanity stops the Leafs like the Canucks could use one or two players who could really help them.
    Keep the faith.

  67. @LAKINGS88

    I am not an Oilers fan and have no care to either the Penner nor the Gretzky trades. I think a team paying for Bernier is paying for hype and potential, when Hemsky has had proven seasons. A bigger strong team with a lot more depth and experienced talent would be a good fit for Hemsky. There is a reason I ensure that I was including a decent goalie coming back the other way as well. I don’t see the deal as a terrible one for either club and think that sometimes you need to look at the fit with the team rather then the player himself.

    Hemsky is an excellent playmaker and setting up players like Kopitar, Williams, Richards, or Carter would be great. Plus he could play on a team with size and nose for the net. I think it would be a great fit that along with Carter would certainly bring the Kings into the playoffs.

  68. Now I’m not a lawyer or an NHLPA type but it seems to me AK46 for Radulov would mean that if Radulov came over, plyed the rest of the season, he will have fulfilled his final year of his rookie contract an be free to sign anywhere, which would not be Montreal. Maybe Raduloveis the sweetner in some trade but Montreal would need more in that trade.

  69. One thing I can say in defence of Ron Wilson is that the general direction of a teams play (ie defence first, puck control, ect) usually comes from the GM as shown by Detroit and the Devils. Those two teams are a prime example that who ever they decide to use as a coach they still stick to the same system that was installed by Devellano 30 yrs ago and by Lamoriello 25 yrs ago. If the Leafs have a run and gun style then it’s Burke that’s decided to play it that way by keeping a coach that will go with the system he desires. I think Wilson is to blame for their poor play but Burke is to blame for their poor record if that make any sence…

  70. @FireWilson that’s an interesting argument but not sure I agree. Ultimately the coach is responsible for the system. The only part I agree with is that the GM hires the coach, so of course he won’t hire a coach whose system he doesn’t believe in. And based on your argument I’m not sure Burke has had enough time to take the blame, especially for an original 6 franchise. Also, New Jersey does not play a defensive system the way they used to. No more trap. They are defensively responsible, but it’s very different from the days of Scott Stevens.

    But again, I will say that I agree Burke is responsible for Wilson just because he has the power to fire him at any point. By not firing him, he is saying that he believes in Wilson and the system he has in place.

  71. If the Leafs trade Gardner They are dumber than a bag of hammers . He,s young got a terrific Point shot And a great passer and defense player .

  72. I agree that anyone who thinks Hemsky SHOULD return something high in value should tighten the screws however there may be a GM outthere who pays alot for a guy like hemsky to aquire him hoping the offensive prowness comes to fruition…but hemsky is trulely overrated by oiler fans. If there is another player in the league that is a “twin” of hemsky (oilers fans say great offensive creativity and unattained potential, I say ya right, hurt way to often and soft)….so anyway, if that “twin” does exsist in this league, I always ask oiler fans just what would they be willing to give up off THEIR roster for that player….I’ve asked it a few times in the last two months on this site and its funny, I never get an answer…they wouldn’t give up much to get him, neither would the rest of us…And do you really see Lombardi doing a deal for hemsky????really??? REALLY, REALLY???

  73. hmm maybe the leafs lombardi or connoly for hemsky