NHL Post-Deadline Rumor Roundup (Part One) – March 6, 2014

A look at potential deals which didn’t fell through and plans for teams which didn’t make significant moves at the trade deadline.

Avalanche unwilling to move Paul Stastny.

Avalanche unwilling to move Paul Stastny.

DENVER POST: Terry Frei reports Colorado Avalanche executive VP of hockey operations Joe Sakic claims he received inquiries from “a couple of teams” for pending UFA center Paul Stastny. Nothing came of it. Stastny is willing to accept a discount to re-sign with the Avalanche.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: How much of a discount could determine Stastny’s future in Denver beyond this season.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray has stockpiled ” five first-round picks, plus a conditional first-rounder, along with a half-dozen second-round selections and a conditional choice in round two.” Murray intends to use some of them as ammunition to pursue players heading toward the NHL draft weekend in June.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports Flames GM Brian Burke said more than half-a-dozen potential suitors for Mike Cammalleri were also making pitches for Thomas Vanek, Marian Gaborik, Matt Moulson and Ryan Kesler. Burke explained he was willing to retain part of Cammalleri’s salary to move him. He also claims he didn’t get a return which would make a trade worthwhile. Cammalleri is a pending UFA this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unlike his NY Islanders’ counterpart, Burke wasn’t under pressure to move Cammalleri for any kind of face-saving return.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray had a couple of teams call about Jason Spezza after reading about the trade rumors about his captain. Garrioch claims there was talk the Anaheim Ducks were interested in Spezza. The Sens GM claimed he didn’t get much action on Spezza.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators’ GM strongly denied a recent rumor suggesting Spezza was available.

TORONTO SUN/TORONTO STAR: The Maple Leafs were in on the Thomas Vanek talks but the Islanders wouldn’t pick up part of his salary. Leafs GM Dave Nonis will turn his focus toward off-season moves.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs performance down the stretch and in the playoffs will determine what moves Nonis makes this summer. Don’t be surprised if James Reimer gets dealt during the NHL draft weekend in June.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Oilers forward Ryan Smyth seriously thought he would be dealt at the deadline. He didn’t ask for a trade but GM Craig MacTavish asked him for several destinations he would prefer being dealt to, but there was little interest. “I appreciated MacT (GM Craig MacTavish) trying to make it happen,” said Smyth.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If this were five or ten years ago, there would’ve been serious interest in Smyth.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/ WINNIPEG SUN: Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff was willing to make moves to bolster his roster (especially after learning Mark Scheifele suffered a season-ending knee injury), but was unwilling to part with his top prospects.


  1. I agree with Reimer being traded. Hence a James Reimer, Nazem Kadri, James Gardiner and a 2014 1st rd pick for Calgary’s Mark Giordano, Max Reinhart , Joni Ortio and Calgary’s 1st rd pick in 2014 and a 2nd in 2015…

    • This trade is terrible for the Flames…They are rebuilding remember? and are not giving up their second best prospect 2 high picks and their best player for those 3.

      • It’s a Brian Burke dynamics of a rebuild! Works for both teams..

        • Calgary gets 3 NHL players and a pick and Toronto gets a Giordano and 2 promising unproven prospects and a top 5/10 pick of which is always a crapshoot!

        • Grab a sense of reality.

    • Sorry bud but that package from TO would MAYBE land you Giordano, MAYBE, but definitely not the rest.

      • I agree with Shticky ?! Terrible trade for Calgary.

    • What are you smoking Antoni? That’s horrible trade for Calgary.

    • Interesting proposal but I dont’ see it happening.
      The 2015 First round pick will NEVER be traded by Calgary or most other teams because of McDavid.
      Burke didn’t get burned on the Kessel trade as we all first believed but he endured more stress because of it than he ever anticipated so he won’t risk losing out on McDavid for a Kadri (who he is not a huge fan of) and others.

  2. Another saga in Vancouver with Kesler. Probably rumours around the draft he will move and Gillis will do nothing yet again. Then 2015 deadline….be traded for a 3rd round pick and prospect that will not pan out. Got to love the new NHL.

  3. Shticky continued from yesterday: You are seriously comparing stats between Raymond a guy who’s played 64 games and Kulimen who has played 52 games to Gabokik who has played 22 games in an injury riddle season? That’s a stretch buddy. He may have added that much needed spark to Kadri and Lupul and all you had to give up was a 2nd rounder and a guy of Carter Ashtons pedigree. I think it was worth the risk IMO but as the Sun has reported here, Nonis is admitting he didn’t have the cap room to take much of anyone on which is why he needed someone to retain on salary. Water under the bridge.

    I will say that I think Reimer will be a Flame this summer.

    • Injury riddled makes him better? Gaborik has and always be fast scores off the rush and terrible defensively, now Raymond is fast not terrible defensively and has more points. A bargain at a mill. Why trade away him or Kuli to make a spot for an injury riddled player having a bad year? Vanek I could almost see if the Islanders would have held some salary (even thenIm not sure it makes a difference the Leafs score enough goals stopping them is the problem) maybe you could do a deal like moving Kuli or Raymond or send a guy like Bodie down to open a spot for him but Gaborik? No thanks I really have no problem not wasting assets on rentals (yes a top 4 type dman would have been nice but it didnt work out so move on) when really the Leafs are aways away from being legit cup contenders. Make some moves around the draft and july 1st open some space and continue building.

      • I really like Raymond but he doesn’t seem to have a lot going with Lupul and Kadri (not that it is his fault). I would have taken a flyer out on Gaborik for a 2nd rounder given the fact only roughly 17% of second rounders play more then 600 games in the NHL and I would have to assume Leaf 2nd rounder percentages are much lower then the average.
        Vanek also would have been nice but you are 100% not re-signing him. You never know with Gaborik.
        Anyways doesn’t matter. We move on.

        • Can’t change what has happened because well you can’t make trades anymore lol but why trade for more offense in either gaborik or vanek when the obvious giant hole in the leafs is playing defense. Not another scoring forward that will be further behind kardi and lupul on the backcheck.

          • You missed the original conversation which all started with MacDonald on D.

      • Agreed.

  4. I guess with the goaltending the Marlies have in the AHL, reported as being responsible for being in first place with all those youngsters on the team, can make Reimer expendable but I still don’t know what GM except the armchair variety, would trade away a 23yr old center on pace to score 60pts in his second year. Go to behindthenet.com and see how many players that age can do that and see if you would trade those guys as easily as you say trade Kadri. Even a young defenseman like Gardiner. You will see errors and gaffs because we are still talking about young inexperienced players… Young good players isn’t something teams trade away, it’s what you trade for.

    • Gotta love the Toronto media…
      While I agree it might be time to move on from Reimer and Lupul lets look at how the eastern confrence “bolstered” their line ups.

      Vanek to the habs decent move, Hemsky to the Sens, yet another cheap attempt to find a winger to play with Spezza, St Louis whined to get traded and did to the only team he. Would allow himself to be traded to therfore Tampa gets the ufa the Rangers wont sign Goc dosent really make the Pens any better than they were really doubt thats the difference in a cup, Caps finnally get a goalie, maybe he can make the team compete, Legwand to the Wings gives them 1 healthy nhl center to try and make the playoffs….This whole analysis of the eastern conference is gearing up is a ridiculous article by a Toronto news paper that one way or another is going to complain about Leaf management to sell its news paper.

      • Funny you should mention the slant of the Toronto media. In Ottawa, Sens fans appear to be PO’ed that Murray not only traded for Hemsky, but recieved calls on Spezza and couldn’t move him. Everyone I’ve talked to in the last day around here feels this is another despirate attempt to find someone for him to play with that will ultimately fail. The end result being more wasted time and another winger who gets blamed for Spezza’s laziness.

        • Agreed If thats the Sens idea of “buying” I hope there is a good refund policy.

        • yes right on all smoke in ottawa not even embers

      • Forgot about Stempniak for the Pens.

        • Lol ya you get the point tho right? In the east there were some moves made of course but it wasnt an arms race (the way the article implies) it was more to try and get to the playoffs or plug some minor holes, (St Louis to the Rangers wasnt any thing but a forced trade) They were not huge deals that are going to make cup contenders of most of them. Not like St.Louis with Miller and Ott The Ducks getting a little deeper on D The Kings trying to find some scoring taking Gaborik The moves in the East were mostly complimentary type moves nothing big and far from loading up to make a run for the cup with some of these moves. Like the Bruins, Pens and others have done in the past.

          • I agree with your points.
            There was no move made that really, really altered anything in the East with the possible exception of Montreal with Vanek.
            Toronto laid the ground work for a Bernier deal last year at the deadline and probably laid similar type of ground work for a deal this summer regarding Gardner/Reimer etc.
            I have confidence in Nonis to take a steady approach to building this team. Least we forget the job he did in Vancouver is only now falling apart because of his successor all these years later.

    • Totally agree. People always complain about rushing players to the nhl when they aren’t ready and then when they get there they complain of the mistakes or holes in their games. It takes time and I’ll admit I was ready to trade both of Kadri and Gardiner at certain points, but only for the true needs of the team big scoring centre or top pairing d man. Other then that let them play let them grow. I’d rather trade franson or gunnerson then Gardiner fwiw…

  5. I really am curious to know what the Ducks would have offered for Spezza. The reason I say that is he was very adament that he wasnt offering ANY roster player. But some prospects and EVERY pick we have for the next 2 years was in play.