NHL Post-Deadline Rumor Roundup (Part Two) – March 6, 2014.

Find out why the Canucks didn’t move Ryan Kesler at the trade deadline, plus fallout from the Vanek and St.Louis-for-Callahan deals.

Ryan Kesler remains a Canuck...for now.

Ryan Kesler remains a Canuck…for now.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Vancouver Canucks decision to retain Ryan Kesler had a domino effect upon yesterday’s NHL trade deadline. The Anaheim Ducks were reportedly interested but didn’t find out the Kesler option was gone until 15-20 minutes before the deadline. The Ducks’ considered Matt Moulson a “Plan B”. Once they learned Kesler wouldn’t be moved,  Moulson was dealt to the Wild…The San Jose Sharks had interest in Ryan Callahan before the Rangers shipped him to Tampa Bay for Martin St. Louis.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher claims Kesler’s no-trade clause limited the options for Canucks GM Mike Gillis. Kesler was willing to waive his clause for six teams but three weren’t interested or were out of it. The Canucks weren’t interested in the offer from the Pittsburgh Penguins and had none in Philadelphia’s Brayden Schenn. Ed Willes reports of whispers Canucks ownership vetoed moving Kesler, which Gillis denied. It’s believed the Penguins offer never moved from Brandon Sutter and draft picks for Kesler.

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre reports Gillis wasn’t willing to accept what he consider inferior offers for Kesler.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Rob Rossi reports Penguins GM Ray Shero acknowledged inquiring about Kesler but claimed a deal wasn’t there. The Penguins were unwilling to part with promising prospect Derrick Pouliot.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lance Pugmire reports Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray was confused by the unwillingness of teams with which he wanted to deal. The Canucks didnt’ want to move Kesler to a Western Conference rival, believing they can get better offers for him at the NHL draft in June. It’s believed Murray also pursued David Legwand, who was dealt by the Nashville Predators to the Detroit Red Wings.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Mark Lazerus reports Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman denied he was involved in the bidding for Kesler.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t be surprised if the Penguins and Ducks revisit their interest in Kesler leading up to the NHL draft weekend in June. The Canucks could get better offer for him then, when the salary cap rises and teams are more willing to make moves. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports NY Islanders’ GM Garth Snow blames a lack of interest in Thomas Vanek for the poor return he ultimately accepted from the Montreal Canadiens. “This was the best deal that was tabled,” Snow said. “Getting a conditional second-round pick and Sebastian Collberg, a prospect who has top-six potential, was a pretty good return on a day like this.” Staple also reports the Islanders real focus is on the off-season. Snow could use his extra draft picks to acquire a goalie. Staples speculates Snow could target Carolina’s Cam Ward or Toronto’s James Reimer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: When I saw the LA Kings had acquired Marian Gaborik early yesterday afternoon, I knew Snow was screwed. No matter how he tries to explain this, he bungled this situation. Snow gambled and lost with Vanek twice this season. Once by giving up Matt Moulson and a first and second round pick to get him in hopes he could help them make the playoffs. The other by waiting until the last minute in hopes he could get a strong return.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: David Shoalts reports Martin St. Louis apparently made several trade requests of Lightning GM Steve Yzerman over the past four years. Yzerman dealt St. Louis to the NY Rangers because he didn’t want to risk having an unhappy player wouldn’t be a good situation over the long term for the Lightning.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard reports Ryan Callahan’s insistence for a no-trade clause was the final straw for GM Glen Sather, fueling his decision to move him to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Martin St. Louis. Sather admitted he was working on another deal for Callahan which would’ve benefited the Rangers “more in the future” with another club, which ESPN claims was the San Jose Sharks, but he saw no guarantees in this summer’s draft class.

MERCURY NEWS: David Pollak notes reports claiming the Sharks had interest in Ryan Callahan and considered a deal with Winnipeg which would’ve brought back winger Devin Setoguchi.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As the St. Louis story goes along we’re learning that there may have been a lot more going on behind the scenes with him than just being passed over for Team Canada. If the Sharks are interested in Callahan they could have a shot at signing him this summer as a UFA. Ditto Setoguchi.


  1. The double-ended Vanek debacle has finally exposed Garth Snow as an unfit GM for a professionally run franchise. Luckily for him, he works for Charles Wang, one of the worst owners in professional sports history. The only way that Islander fans can affect the situation is to boycott the team. Personally, I’ve got my San Jose Sharks jersey ready.

    • What do you mean by “finally”? 😉

      Snow has been a buffoon from Day 1.

      Otherwise, agree entirely.

  2. With the Isles at the bottom of the standings and Tavares out, and the club needing help at absolutely every position, I think all the other GM’s just decided individually, that Garth needed them more than they needed him. He was completely vulnerable, and I am sure if the best offer left at 2:55 p.m. was a 7th rounder in the 2018 draft and a bag of pucks, he would have had to take it. The mistake was aquiring Vanek in the first place. Isles needed a lot more (including Moulson) at every position before adding a one dimensional sniper like Vanek, and I feel the same way about Montreal. Adding Vanek to a team that is almost 100% set in every position makes sense, especially with him becoming a UFA at seasons end. I do not think he resigns with Montreal either, even if he helps them get to a first or second round playoff round. Snow showed study Tim Murray in Buffalo. It looks like he knows how to take a tanking team and start building for the future, and I bet he finds a way to keep Moulson too.

    • Snow took a gamble with Vanek, but most Buffalonians knew or know what Vaneks about. He can score, but Vanek is all about Vanek – he’s not a leader nor is he a “team” type of guy. We know he wants to go to MN, the interesting thing is I believe he damaged his trade value through two actions – turning down the Islander contract and saying he wanted to test free agency and his chance at being a Captain and leader for his team in Sochi.

      What I find interesting is Moulson being traded to Minny – no Vanek. A part of me wants to believe the deal was a burn for Vanek because in the end Vanek became the “fire sale”. Good for Montreal and it will be interesting to see how Vanek deals with the Canadian Press magnifying glass.

      I like the deal that Bflo did with Moulson – getting Mitchell back along with the two draft picks. With 8+ goalie moves in the past two days – why didn’t LI get what they needed most? A goalie for the future.

      Anyway, IMO – T. Murray did a credible job and between the trades, draft picks and prospects that he and Darcy have garnered – I think Buffalo is well positioned.

    • Snow should be fired:
      “Turd”arella should be fired: Not sure if he doesn’t go down as the bigest AH coach of all time, he’s worse than Keenan which I didn’t know could be possible.

  3. Just wait……….Tavares will want out very soon if he doesn’t already. Nonis could send Snow a pretty nice package in the off-season to bring JT back home before he gets the axe!

    TOR: Tavares
    NYI: Kadri, Gardiner, Reimer+

    • Depending on the direction they want to move, throw in a 1st/2nd rounder 2015 and if I was Snow, I would really consider that package. Hard to move a talent like Tavares, but it would be too tough to pass on that kind of depth and build a solid team than sit/waste on a superstar hitting thier prime.

    • Not going to rip you Josh…but c’mon…..absolutely no chance in hell.

      • Gahh not again, its not going to happen. Tavares Stamkos guys like that dont get traded very often and if they do 29 other teams will be throwing themselves in front of trains to get them. Reimer wont be a Leaf in 3 months and 2nd liners and draft picks are not going to get them in most cases if they do there is a whole league full of them to choose from.

        • Agreed .

          • Two words Rick Nash

          • Anisimov was on pace for 20 goals 40 points last year more than that this year Dubinsky will get close to 50 points this year so 90 points combined A first round pick and a young D man….yep a deal thats more Rick Nash like, (this deal is way worse) not a gamble of a goalie a 50-60 point center and a gamble of a D man….also I would suggest that Tavares is worth quite a bit more than Nash mostly due to age and contract.

          • Imo, The Rangers gave up way too much to acquire Nash. But unfortunately, that is the price tag for a guy like Nash or Tavares .It was this deal that seemingly turn CBJ’s completely around.

      • MLSE just offer Wang some money and Tavares will be on the plane to Toronto. The reason Vanek was sold low is that Wang didn’t want to retain any part of his salary. He is worried more about money than winning.

        • Kurt,
          I don’t believe that to be the case at all. The Islanders offered a lucrative contract to Vanek and he turned it down (7 years $50 million). The Islanders are all but dead in the standings. They had to sell off Vanek and get whatever they could in return, a deal that literally happened in the 11th hour. It was not a matter of not willing to spend on the Islanders part at all. Unfortunately, The Islanders have become a place that free agents don’t want to go to (Nabokov, Visnovsky fought to not go) . It will take some time for them to straighten out. A jump to Brooklyn will help this organization grow.

    • OMG

  4. I think we have seen the last of teams throwing first round picks and hot prospects on rentals.
    2nd and 3rd’s seem to be the currency now.
    Also, why does Snow still have a job ?

    What in the hell is going on in Calgary ?
    Why not just name Burke as GM.
    This is the most important time of year for a GM
    1) Trade Deadline
    2) Signing undrafted USA College players in March
    3) Getting with scouts to get ready for draft in June
    4) Looking at players in your system
    5) Getting ready for July 1 UFA

    It’s way too late to hire a GM, Calgary is SCREWED

    • He is the GM, don’t kid yourself, If he hires someone, it will be a puppet

      • Not many teams are going to let there assistants interview for jobs this time of year with the deadline and draft coming. Look to after the draft for the gm to be hired.

  5. @ Josh,

    I would love to see that, but not sure if it will ever happen. Tavares has to seriously think about himself and really decide if Laurel and Hardy have the brain power to assemble a remotely decent team before he is in his twighlight years. If not, he should ask to get out just like Nash did in Columbus. If he wants out they will have no choice but to facilitate it. The problem with most low cap teams is they land a big fish and never surround them with enough talent to make it work. Then eventually no one wants to go there, or wants to leave.They need to do what Buffalo is doing. Amass a ton of first and second round picks and start building. Pick up a really good goalie who can support the team until they get good (opposite of Edmonton model). I see Reimer and Gardner moving before next season, but not Kadri unless there is a definite upgrade. Reimer KAdri and Gardner would be a good start to a team rebuilding, as long as the return was good.

    • Reimer..please remember what goalies moved for in the last 3 days. If Luongo gets you a 3rd line center and a young goalie who is failing to live up to expectations, and Edmonton was able to get Frasth for a 5th and a 3rd….both goalies in my mind are better in all aspects of the game than Reimer.

      Realistically, Reimer is similar to Bryzgalov….who netted the Oilers a fourth round pick.

      Reimer = 3rd rounder at best. His stats since the first month of the season are horrid, and he has what? 10 wins in 23 games..below 500. He has 3 wins since the middle of December……that’s almost 3 months now.

      Kadri is a good second liner, and I have gone round and round about him. He is worth more to the leafs as a player than a trade chip.

      Gardiner is a young dman, who is struggling. He has only 17 points in 62 games. He is a -4..which isn’t bad for the Leafs team as a whole..He is pointless in the last 10 games, and is a -3 over that time. He has potential…..but is getting to that show me age. He is not big, and doesn’t stand out at all.

      Those three players will not net you Tavares.

      Think more along the lines of JVR and Rielly plus picks.

      • Agree with Gary JVR Rielly and a first kinda action to get the conversation started, possibly JVR, Kadri and a first (The Islanders have some good D prospects) I would say (again) you are probably looking at giving up around 90-100 points worth of production at least and a very high pick, or else from the perspective of a team with a guy who is in the top 5 of scoring why do it? No one is trading a guy like that for a deal involving a goalie period never mind Reimer.

  6. @ Alforducks,

    I think Burke has an eye on one of his Leaf proteges, (Loiselle or Poulin) and I am guessing nobody wants to talk about that until after the Draft, to avoid the situation he had with Rick Dudley going to Montreal. That would be the case with anyone who is currently employed with a team. Therefore Burkie will move and let walk the players he wants, and draft who he wants, and the new GM will only be required to manage going forward.Burkie cannot help himself. He loves the spotlight. He is who he is.

    • Thank you. If all they want is a Burke “yes” man, I’ll take the job at 1/2 the price
      and a pair of good seats at the home games. Opps need a warm weather coat thrown In.

  7. Re: Kings / Buffalo trade
    There is one trade that puzzles me ( besides the crazy snow & Sather trades).
    Buffalo traded McNabb, a 2014 2nd round pick and a 2015 2nd round pick to Kings
    for Hudson Faching and Nicolas DesLauriers. Who are these guys ? Kings got more for
    these guys than Islanders got for Vanek. 2 #2’s and a possible 3 pairing D-man for two
    prospects ? What’s up, anybody tell me about these guys ?

    • The too kids are high rated prospects.
      One was a D and was moved to a forward and is scoring at a point per game pace.
      The other is 6 ft plus 220 pound power forward who is ripping up the AHL. They are both a year or two away. The one is even longer 3 or 4. But huge upside on both. It appears Murray personally scouted these two.

      McNabb is a career AHL’er. With how bad Buffalo has been he couldn’t crack the line up.

      Operation Tank is in full effect.

      • Two, oops

      • McNabb is NOT a career AHLer. He is not only a future NHL top 4 defenseman IMO, but a Blue Chipper to boot.

        The Kings are not fools. They would not have made this trade if they didn’t know that McNabb was the Real Deal.

  8. I am really surprised Anaheim didn’t get a top 6 forward to at least replace Penner’s role. Alford Ducks was this a mistake?

    • Not Sure. I was hoping they would go after Gabrick. They cleared away cap space the day before by trading Penner & Fasth. Also Murray said a few weeks ago he was willing to trade both #1’s picks they have to get the guy they want. Got a feeling that they wanted a long term addition not rental like Vanek or Moulson. I think it was Kessler they wanted so that they had two rough / tough centers in Getzlaf and Kessler.
      That is all water under the bridge now. One thing for sure the Ducks are in a good position for 2014 with two #1’s and two #2’s in 2014 draft. Would not be surprised if they use those to go after established players rather than draft prospects. We will know soon.

      • I agree the cap space was probably cleared for Kessler not Vanek who everyone figured it to be for, it makes more sense as you said as as a long term addition. When that didnt work out yesterday for what ever reason (Gillis shooting for the moon and stars again) The Ducks decided its probably more prudent to hold on to the assets they have (the team is so strong already) and make a deal in the summer with them rather than give anything up for a rental, that in all honesty I. Doubt improves their chances any more than the line up thats already present, in fact with taking a liked guy out of the dfessing room and replacing him short term with someone else say a Vanek or Gaborik it could send the wrong message to the team and upset some chemistry. Just my 2 cemts.

  9. Is Collberg and a 2nd round pick really that far off from what the isles should have received ?

    snows asking price was supposedly a 1st rounder , and a b level prospect.

    Collberg went 33rd ov in 2012 but from what I’ve dug up he was ranked
    12th mckeens
    14th hockey news
    27th TSN
    13th ISS

    so the isles technically get 1st round quality prospect and a second rounder
    not too shabby for a rental .

    then he gets a 2nd and 3rd for andrew macdonald

    • But you could argue that they would have got about the same value for Moulson if they packaged him with just about anything…Moulson and McCormick got Mitchell and 2 2nds so call Mc Cormick for Mitchell pretty much a wash. That leaves Moulsons value pretty close to 2 2nds without giving up a top 10 pick and a 5th (face it no mstter this year or next the Islanders will be little if any better) therefore the only way to look at it is that Garth in all his glory traded a top 10 pick and a fith round pick for a guy who went 33 over all and a second (conditional) so if he did nothing Garth would have his top 10 pick 2. 2nds and a 5th. He trades for Vanek and ends up with 2 2nds. Its maybe the worst trade Ive ever seen.

      • Snow is the Wylie E Coyote of NHL GMs, its like a game of hot potato and the road runner had a bottle of Acme super glue.

      • I’m seeing too many armchair gm’s put the entire cost of Moulson/Vanek trade into the Vanek to Montreal trade .Its two seperate deals 6 months apart .

        at the end of they day I think the islanders fared well considering montreal has Vanek for 20 games and a playoff run then he’s off to wait until F/A day to sign with MIN.

        I hope Vanek doesnt mind the RDS media truck parked in front of his house in Minney from end of habs playoff run til free agent opening day .

        • Not so sure Vanek is a shoo-in to Minny anymore…Moulson is a cheaper sign who is a team player and doesn’t mind playing in his own end. If Moulson shows well in his 20 games plus with the Wild I could see them signing him instead especially if the cap drops the 3 mil or more that is now expected. Going to be a fun time come the draft and UFA signings this summer.

        • It was a terrible deal to begin with 6 months ago, which looking back on it just makes this one even worse because a second round pick next year goes to the Sabres too. There is no defending this deal. A Top 10 (very possibly a top 3 pick) a second round and a fifth round pick for 2 seconds. Even most arm chair GMs wouldnt make that bad a mess of that deal.

          • the isles can defer the 1st round pick owed to buffalo to 2015 if it falls into the top 10 in 2014 .

            snow will make his top 3-5 pick in 2014 and hope for a better showing in 2014/15 resulting in buffalo picking someone not named mcdavid

          • Ehh unless Snow and Cap get fired (they wont be) I think you take your medicine and give up this yearspick. Next years draft is way better and Im not sure the Islanders make that big of an improvement. Imagine if that deal ends up costing them McDavid Eichel or another kid Ive seen alot of is Konecy from Ottawa is going to be very very good. This years draft beside the top 3 guys (who Im doubting make the nhl next year) is pretty thin. There are almost as many guys Ive seen in the OHL that are not draft eligible till next year that look just as ready as this years draft class. The 2015 draft will be a very good one like 2003 or 2005 kind of good.

          • Im not much of a fan of “tanking” but you watch teams that dont have a good start of a year next year strip down their roster. Sam Bennet (Kingston Frontenacs) this year is a top 5 type pick and I can think of atleast 5 guys Id take before him that Ive seen in just the OHL that are not eligible to be drafted till 2015 with a year more to develop and get better.I imagine if you looked at the US development Europe and the Western hockey league as well as Quebec for next year a guy like Bennet is maybe some where around a 10-12 pick but this year he may even go 3rd over all.

  10. Guys are we really talking about Leafs landing Tavares again?

  11. are you kidding? every leaf player is always tradeable for every other player out there. until the traded for player doesn’t live up to some unknown Toronto vision of that player, then they want to trade him for some crazy package. I don’t know who really wants to play there or any other Canadian team when you get bashed all the time by your fans and media. maybe if the Canadian fans and media would support their teams and players, instead of wanting to trade everybody or beating down your players you might actually some day win a Stanley cup.so SHUT THE F*** UP, LOVE YOUR TEAM,LOVE AND ENJOY YOUR PLAYERS WHILE YOU HAVE THEM AND GOOD LUCK. OH YA “GOT CUP?”