NHL Post-Draft Canadian Corner – Canada Day, 2013.

Reaction to the Cory Schneider trade, Canadiens interested in Vincent Lecavalier, Senators talk contract with Daniel Alfredsson, and much more. Happy Canada Day!

Roberto Luongo remains the Canucks starting goalie.

Roberto Luongo remains the Canucks starting goalie.

VANCOUVER SUN/VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Iain MacIntyre reports the Canucks had no choice but to trade Cory Schneider after failing to move Roberto Luongo’s big contract, while Jason Botchford criticizes the embarrassing way management handled this situation.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reaction from most Vancouver fans and pundits were a mix of shock and frustration. Shock over the trading of Schneider. Frustration over GM Mike Gillis’ inability to move Luongo last year when he seemingly had a better chance to do so. Two years after coming within a game of winning the Stanley Cup, the Canucks appear to be falling apart.

LA PRESSE: Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin confirmed he met with pending UFA center Vincent Lecavalier, acknowledging his interest in the former Lightning captain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t blame Bergevin for his interest, but I doubt Lecavalier signs with the Habs. Rumor has it the Lecavalier camp is seeking a four-or five-year deal worth up to $5 million per season. The Canadiens can afford it, but I think that’s too long to invest in a center  in his mid-thirties whose best years are behind him. In the short term, it could be a good addition, but one which becomes a hindrance over the long run.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators have started contract negotiations with Daniel Alfredsson’s agent. The Senators hope to re-sign him to between $4-$4.5 million per season, though he could command $6 million on the open market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Relax, this will get done. Alfredsson doesn’t want to play with anyone else, and the Senators want to bring him back. 

TORONTO SUN: Having acquired Dave Bolland from Chicago yesterday, Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis feels he’s not done dealing yet. He could use both compliance buyouts by the July 4th deadline, and Mike Komisarek is expected to be one of them. Nonis’ goal remains to re-sign Tyler Bozak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The addition of Bolland has some Leafs fans believing this means Bozak won’t be re-signed. Bozak could indeed hit the market but I don’t believe Bolland is his replacement. Bolland is not a first or second line center. He does his best work on the checking lines. Bozak, though not a true first line center, at least has good chemistry with Phil Kessel, though he would be a better fit as a second line center. 

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers GM Craig MacTavish was unsuccessful in his efforts to land Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: MacTavish was also interested in Cory Schneider before the Canucks dealt him to the Devils. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff did little to dispel rumors Alexander Burmistrov could sign with a KHL team. Cheveldayoff said he’ll continue contract talks with Burmistov in hopes of reaching an agreement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Burmistrov camp could also be using the threat of the KHL to force the Jets into trading him.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames GM Jay Feaster believes he had a good day at the 2013 NHL draft.


  1. If anyone posted on this site that Schnieder would go for what he did…………….. you would get roasted and treated like a lepper ….most posters hear need to relax and hear another guy out for his thoughts and reasoning as once again I point out most trade discussions are worse than what is posted here in the real world …..so let people offer there reasoning and trade proposals ( within reason ) without ridiculous ridicule as once again teams can make a poor decision just like anyone else even if they make millions of dollars doing so !!

    In saying that I posted on the hiring of Tortorella that Gillis should have been fired then ….and maybe he should have been it would have saved Schnieders job in Vancouver ……HOWEVER from the way it seems its the owners that are calling these shots or they would not have travelled to meet Roberto in Florida to beg for his return ……this organization is in absolute turmoil , especially when the leadership groups at the very top have no idea what they are doing in the decision making process !!

  2. i wouldn’t call myself a Gillis fan but he made the best of a bad situation and on the bright side they got a promising young center and a little bit of breathing room Cap wise, who knows maybe Eddie Lack will be even better than Schneider.
    it’ll be interesting to see what the Canucks do UFA wise, i’d feel better if they were to add another scoring forward (Jarome Iginla alongside the Sedins could be dynamite!) but please no more retreads like Marco Sturm. their defense is in decent shape but they need to sign Tanev asap and i’d feel better if they signed Alberts to a 2 year deal (he’s a great 7th dman that can move in and out of the lineup as situations dictate).
    it’s looking like Booth will get yet Another chance (when it’s clear to everyone that he’s a Cap sucking waste of time) but Ballard will probably be bought out (he’s not a bad dman but AV didn’t like him for whatever reason and his contract is too high for what he brings).
    on the positive side they should start the year completely healthy and motivated with a full summer of training behind them. the center position should be solidified with the Malhotra drama over (we wish you well Manny but you’re not the player you were before your eye injury) and healthy competition between Schroeder, Gaunce, Lain, and maybe Horvat for the available center positions (assuming they don’t sign a UFA). on the wings it looks to be status quo aside from letting Raymond go (Booth’s injury saves him for now … if they have an opportunity to dump him they should jump on it like a fat kid on a twix bar) and it’s widely assumed that Jensen will take his spot.
    on the surface it looks like they just underachieved in the playoffs but they’re a team built to score and their wingers on the second line just haven’t (partly because their center Kesler is more of a winger himself). the 3rd line with Schroeder between Higgins and Hansen showed promise at times and Weise & Sestito certainly aren’t expected to score much so if they don’t re-sign LaPierre then maybe they’ll put a rookie like Gaunce between them.
    it’s anybody’s guess what Tortorella does with the lineup he’s given but at this point it if there are no UFA additions then it’ll probably be the Sedins with Burrows, Kesler between Jensen & Kassian, Schroeder between Higgins and Hansen and Gaunce between Sestito & Weise and i’m not sure that’s good enough.

    • if you take it at that moment then yes he made the best of a bad situation… But he is the one that dug that massive massive hole in the first place to put himself in that bad situation. And the move he made doesnt make up for the last year and a half of completely abusing the situation. He should be fired

      • and even when he made that move he still couldnt admit he fudged up… instead he threw schnieder under the bus saying “well we only drafted him to develop and trade him anyway soooo…” Please tell me what player is going to consider joining his club after how he just treated both those players for a year and half of broken promises and lies?

    • “…but Ballard will probably be bought out (he’s not a bad dman but AV didn’t like him for whatever reason and his contract is too high for what he brings).”

      I was really hopeful that Edler was going to be traded for some combination of picks and blue chip prospects. I don’t think Ballard was given a proper chance to show what he could bring and with the possibility of a fresh start under Torts and to just lose or drop him for nothing… cutting their losses when they had paid so much to acquire him. Just seems like more of a royal screw-up than the whole goalie mess.

      The goalie mess is a bit laughable. I remember moments this past season and previously when Schneider stumbled a bit and the mood in the building almost seemed like _ here we go again. I think it was a mistake signing Lou to such a long contract but it still may yet work out, there are windows in the contract and the needs of other teams change (so does the cap) and he still may get dealt in the future or he may retire a Canuck. If Luongo was traded, I wouldn’t have expected the honeymoon to last more than a half season between Schneider and the fans… losing streak or letting in a few stinkers before the fans turn a bit and start whispering about Lack’s abilities..

  3. For the Leafs I wonder if they do try and buy out Grabovski now and end up going with Bozak – Kadri – Bolland – McClement down the middle? Personally I would like to see them buy-out Grabo and let Bozak walk and try and lure in Lecaviller or Riberio and go Lecavieller/Ribero – Kadri – Bolland – McClement down center ice.