NHL Post-Draft Rumor Mill – July 1, 2013.

The latest on Vincent Lecavalier, Tyler Seguin, Daniel Briere, Braydon Coburn, Shawn Horcoff, Tim Thomas and more.

Fifteen teams believed interested in Daniel Briere.

Fifteen teams believed interested in Daniel Briere.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Oilers may have inquired into the availability of Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury but it’s believed he’s not available…The Penguins may have to let Pascal Dupuis go and “there’s plenty of talk” they could move James Neal as well. The Senators could have interest…Fifteen teams made inquires about Bruins forward Tyler Seguin but with Nathan Horton departing via free agency they’re unlikely to move Seguin now…The Chicago Blackhawks still hope to re-sign Ray Emery, who could attract the interest of his former club, the Philadelphia Flyers, if he hits the free agent market…An unnamed teams contacted the Senators about Erik Karlsson and Jared Cowen but were rebuffed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins claim Fleury won’t be dealt. Ditto Neal, though his name could pop up in next summer’s rumor mill depending upon what the salary cap could be for 2014-15. I don’t see how the Penguins can re-sign Dupuis when they’re about to sign Kris Letang to an expensive eight-year extension…The asking price for Seguin was rumored to be expensive (top ten pick, star roster player, prospect), but with Horton gone now, the Bruins must keep Seguin unless someone meets the rumored asking price. I don’t see that happening…The Flyers are believed seeking a veteran goalie with one or two years remaining on his contract. Failing that, they could pursue Emery…

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Oilers captain Shawn Horcoff has a list of teams he’d play for but his contract ($5.5 million per season with two years remaining) is problematic…There’s lots of interest around the league in Vincent Lecavalier and Daniel Briere. The Islanders could make sense for Briere as he could play alongside John Tavares…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Oilers are willing to pick up half of Horcoff’s salary, I don’t see them finding many takers in the trade market. Ditto for Ales Hemsky and his $5 million salary for next season…Briere’s preference could be remaining in the Eastern Conference playing for a club close to Philadelphia in order to be nearer his sons.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBruin reports the NY Rangers were shopping the negotiating rights of pending UFA winger Ryane Clowe…The LA Kings made some progress in contract talks with pending UFA blueliner Rob Scuderi but there’s still no deal…Fifteen teams have interest in Daniel Briere.

TSN: During a recent “Insider Trading” segment, Darren Dreger and Ryan Rishaug claimed it’s still possible Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn could end up in Edmonton. The two clubs spoke constantly during the draft but failed to reach agreement on a deal…Pierre LeBrun reports the Detroit Red Wings made an offer to the Vancouver Canucks for defenseman Alexander Edler, while the Anaheim Ducks and Montreal Canadiens also expressed interest…Bob McKenzie reports the Buffalo Sabres could retain Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller until next year’s trade deadline in order to maximize their value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers were rumored to have offered up Magnus Paajarvi as part of the return for Coburn, but the Flyers wanted a better young forward. And no, I don’t believe the Oilers would part with Nail Yakupov for Coburn. If Craig MacTavish dreams of making that deal, he should wake up and apologize…The Wings and Ducks interest in Edler is understandable as they could use a skilled veteran puck-moving blueliner, but the Canadiens already have P.K. Subban, and I believe they need a top-two shutdown defenseman…It’s understandable why the Sabres might consider retaining Vanek and Miller for next year’s trade deadline, but it could also prove an unnecessary distraction throughout next season.

NHL.COM: Dan Rosen reports Vincent Lecavalier met over the weekend with the Detroit Red Wings, Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadiens, Philadelphia Flyers, St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs, Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames. He’s also expected to meet with the Florida Panthers today.

SPORTSNET.CA: Patrick Hoffman recently speculated over potential destinations for former Bruins goalie Tim Thomas if he decides to return to the NHL next season. Hoffman suggests the Islanders, Blue Jackets, Flyers, Flames and Coyotes as possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Since Hoffman’s article appeared the Blue Jackets and Coyotes have re-signed Sergei Bobrovsky and Mike Smith respectively so scratch them off the list. The Islanders, Flyers and Flames, however, could be worthwhile options, especially if he’s willing to accept a reasonable short-term (two-year) contract.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited a tweet from RDS’s Renaud Lavoie reports the Washington Capitals have decided to let center Mike Ribeiro go to the free agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ribeiro reportedly sought a four-year deal worth $5 million per, too much for the Capitals, who have limited cap space and younger key players like Karl Alzner and Marcus Johansson to re-sign.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Rob Rossi reports the Penguins and Pascal Dupuis, despite their mutual desire to reach agreement on a new deal, haven’t moved closer toward one.  Talks with Matt Cooke haven’t broken off, but it’s believed the club can’t afford both.


  1. You can take Toronto off Lecavalier’s list after picking up a very expensive Bolland for the 3rd line center.

    I don’t see why the Oilers don’t take a stab at Reimer. I would love to see Reim’s on that young team. He has just the right amount of experience to help guide the young team into the promise land.

    To Oilers: Reimer and either Gunnar or Phaneuf
    To Leafs: ???? (Don’t really care, I’d just like to see Reim’s help the Oil and retain a starters role on a team that will appreciate his skills)

    • I think Reimer got screwed by Toronto! I really do. He puts the team on his back and takes them to a game 7 to eventually lose, but the kid is coming into his own and you trade for Bernier?!?

      • Odd thing to hear coming from a Ducks fan where there has always kinda been a very strong 2 goalie system in play, I dont think its as much about Reimers abilities as it was about his durability to hold up over a full season which he hasnt done so far and the combination of him and Scrivens have now had 3 years of challenging one another for the job and neither one was clearly better then the other, Im not sure how anyone looks at the Leafs goaltending and says Reimer and Scrivens. Is better then Reimer and Bernier, Yes Reimer played well but could be very inconsistant has confidence issues at times and for the past 2 years had some health issues that lead to Scrivens having to be the guy for extended periods then Reimer coming back would take time to find his game. Bernier makes perfect sense.

      • Gibson in Anahiem

        In saying that if you did not see Brian Burke at the draft …he was talking like John Gibson could be on the roster next year and possibly a Goalie going to Socchi for team USA ….and that would mean that the Ducks would move a Goalie in the off season this summer …Hiller makes the most sense to be on the move!

    • @ Beergoggles

      Nonis went on record yesterday stating that Bolland will not be pigeon holed and that he will be a top 2 CENTER OR may help on a wing when in need …this leads me to believe that if the Leafs can not trade Grabo he will be bought out along with Komisarek .

      #1 targets for the Leafs should be :

      UFA Andrew Ference …adding another Stanley cup ring in the room is huge !
      UFA Mark Fistric…….good size and plays rough
      RFA Blake Wheeler …….great speed good hands would be great opposite Kadri and Lupul

      Trade Phanuef for a big (size ) defensive D man prospect and Big prospect winger

      Not sure Gauthier was the right pick….. time will tell !

      As a side note :
      Glad you didn’t ever post to trade Schneider for only a first round draft pick on this site ….PEOPLE would tell you to ” F ” off and get off the site for being stupid …..
      DEAF & DUMB people ….apparently everyone hear knows everything better than everyone else! !!

      • 100% Grabo will NOT be bought out.

        I heard the Nonis comment. Lest we forget McClement got pigeon holed on the forth line for the entire Boston series even after the great year he had. Bolland will be no different come playoff time.

        • I am not so sure !!!
          Leafs still have no size up the middle and that’s the NEW NHL ….I think it is almost a forgone conclusion if they can not trade him as they would do so and entertain another sizeable option via trade even if its for a second liner who has the potential to be upgraded …..Charlie Coyle for example !

          • I cant believe Im going to say this but I agree with Back checking Im not so sure Grabo dosent get bought out, all depends what Dave has up his sleeve this week if it turns out that it looks like they may need an extra 3-4 mill in cap space from the 23 available after Komi is bought out and they cant move Dion or Grabo, Grabo goes if it looks like they might be close or not much is going to be done it will be just Komi and Lyles I really doubt they save a buy out for next year as they are only at about 20 mill against the cap after this season which is a pretty good amount of room depending on what the RFAs get this year.

        • McClement is a great faceoff guy who can defend very well, he is pretty slow tho and has almost 0 scoring touch been in the league almost 10 years and has not yet got to 80 goals I love this guys Game (I actually played on the same junior B team he did about 10 years prior to him) every team needs a guy like this but he was hardly “pigeon holed” as a 4th line center that is simply what he is it would make no sense to play him anywhere else…its like saying Reimer got pigeon holed as the goalie

        • Bolland is NO 2nd line centre on any team – Leafs are dreaming!!

          • No but a pretty decent 3 c that could be played on the wing or elsewhere if there were injuries…you know similar to what he has done for pretty much his whole career dont think anyone thinks he is taking Kadris spot

          • he could not score as a second line center in chicago , playing with hossa and sharp two 40 goal snipers . how are the leafs going to make him better , playing with inferior players

        • Just cant see us going in to the year with Grabo as our 1 C lol

      • Kudo’s to Backchecking for the Schneider call. Yes I remember buddy.

        • One last comment on Bolland. If he gets 20 goals and 50 points and can bring his 46% faceoff record up to a respectable 50% I eat my words and he was worth his salary. Only problem is if that happens he will most likely head to the UFA market to get even bigger bucks and we end up having him as a one year rental for 3 picks.

          Time will tell.

          • @ Beergoggles he will get $5 million eventually he has won the Cup twice now !! That’s fine !! In saying that the leafs Cap Hit drops very well thanks to Burkie next year and he would be just fine as they would have paid Bozak that anyways !! Bozak has no cups LOL ….and Bolland has balls to fill those cups too!

          • BC
            We have to see how Nonis handles these RFA’s first. It’s really hard to get a gauge on the cap with only 12 players under contract right now totalling $45M (including the Komi buyout). Our 5 main RFA’s (Kadri, Fraser, Franson, Gunnar, Bernier) could cost the team as much as $15M if Nonis doesn’t play hardball with them leaving us with a cap hit of $60M for 17 players. That only leaves $4M to sign the other 6 players required.

            Looks like Phaneuf needs to be moved no matter what. They can try and move Grabo but it will be very difficult with the only other option of buying out Liles or Grabo. Can’t see Grabo being bought out but they may have no choice with Liles. Leafs are very tight as they sit now. Things have to be moved around and changed for sure a trade is in the works to move some salary out.

      • Ference would be a good addition.

        • So would Fistric either of those 2 guys playing in the top 2 d pairings would help Dion tones would allow him to take up less minutes and would result in much fewer mental lapses or if you picked up 2 guys like that or Scuderri it would make moving Dion a much smaller risk with something like Franson and Ferrence, Scuderri/fistric and Gardner, Holzer/Blacker with even Gunnarson, we have great puck movers if we could get a couple big physical D (which actually come fairly cheap compared to the rest of our holes) we are in good shape.

          • Love the fistric idea. I live the guys game. And yes…trade phaneuf

      • agreed on most. I think we should try to move phaneuf to dallas for thzt olekciak. I love that guys size, toughness and skating

    • When the Leafs picked up Bernie, two teams came to mind – the Oilers and the Flyers. I still think it’s a distinct possibility.

      • Make that Bernier – Bernie owns the bagel shop down the street.

        • No Bernie is the dead guy that sits in a lawn chair with a hat and sun glasses on while to wild and wacky guys party at his house for the weekend.

    • The Oilers won’t take a stab at Reimer because nobody outside of Toronto thinks he’s an upgrade from Dubnyk. Even the Leafs don’t think he’s a bonafied # 1. Sorry man, but the only place Reimer is going to be this year is riding the pine in Toronto.

      • Dude, at least Riemer showed up in playoffs. He was there for game 6 and he should not be blamed for game 7… wth about Dubnyk, who outside of Edm thinks that Dubnyk is bonafied # 1? please…

        • Oilers are still trying to figure out if Dubnyk is a true #1 but he has steadily improved every year. The coming year will tell the tale. If Dubnyk fails then they will look for a true #1. It is not obvious that Reimer is better then Dubnyk so why give up assets for him. The Oilers need a back-up goalie for the coming year – nothing more. They have other more pressing needs to address right now.

        • Nobody in Edmonton is convinced Dubnyk is a number one either. But bringing in Reimer gives you 2 question marks in net. I never said Reimer was bad or worse than Dubnyk but he certainly hasn’t shown he’s better. Bernier was acquired why? The same reason Edmonton tried getting Schneider. I like Reimer but Toronto fans way overvalue him in trade proposals.

  2. I dont see why the ducks would want Edler when in reality it would have costed the Ducks Bobby Ryan. Then they would have to turn around and try and trade a D-Man or buy one out (Allen or Souray). They have 6 signed D-Men already and 2 that could play up with puck moving abilities. Dont get me wrong here, Edler is a fine D-Man. I would love to see him in a Ducks Uni, but not at the cost of Bobby Ryan.

    Bob Murray met with Lecavalier over the weekend and said he is looking for a 5 year deal at $5 Mil per. That is crazy! But someone will pay him that.

    • Could maybe talk him out of some term but it will cost more in dollars but I think someone will jump at him and there will be a line up if he would go 3 years at 5.5, a 5 year deal gets in to paying a guy whos body is starting to show some ware and tare tii he is 39 some might back off because of the term.

      • Agreed. Not worth it especially if he doesn’t want the limelight. What type of player wants to play in obscurity? Not a player I want on my team.

    • @ Ducks fan 93

      I think that the Ducks are very worried they will be starting to loose some point production with the possible Loss of Selanne and Koivu getting older and Perry and Getzlaf sputtering at times …Edler would bring some secondary scoring and is also a very good puck rusher so he is a triple threat that they don’t really have …Souray is a great pick up by you guys and has really been a saving grace back there especially on the PP ……You are right its not a good trade as Bobby Ryan may fetch you more at least a prospect and player would be better ……but there is a deep pool to draw from right now and that is bringing down the price ….the Ducks best offer may have been last year !

    • Edler and Hansen for Ryan and Allen. Gives the Ducks a little more space under the cap and gives the Canucks a legit winger for Kesler.

    • @ Ducksfan93

      It’s going to be very interesting to watch how the Penguins and Ducks handled their lop-sided payroll. The Ducks paid way too much for Getzlaf and Perry relative to their production. They may end up finding themselves unable to re-sign key players like Bobby Ryan. This could be why he’s rumored to be available. With Getzlaf and Perry making over $8M, I can’t see Ryan (who makes $5M now staying for less than $7M). I can’t see the Ducks wanting to put $24M+ into three forwards. Maybe Ryan for Edler isn’t so bad.

  3. all this talk of Montreal trying to land another offensive d man ( Letang , Edler ) may lead to speculation that Markov’s knees are acting up again.

    Horcoff should agree to go to whoever will take him

    • Lol Horcoff goes nowhere unless the Oilers eat salary or get another bad contract coming back…a list of teams from that guy is hilarious, I wonder if he dosent give them a list that has no interest in him at all, just to force the Oilers to either play him or buy him out so he can go renegotiate a deal somewhere where he has some stability no more screwing around for the next 2 years that he has left on the deal.

      • Horcoff might get moved in a package deal where Edmonton takes back a bad contract. If a team needs a decent veteran face off guy and are looking to shake an overpaid veteran defenseman you could see a swap. Coburn and Meszaros from Philly for Horcoff, Petry & Paajarvi out of Edmonton.

        • That’s just insulting.. salary dump Horcrof, bust Paajarvi and Petry is not that young he is 2-3 years younger then both Meszaros or Coburn. wth kind of offer is that..

          no thank you, we keep Coburn and Meszaros.

    • I think the idea is that Markov will not be re signed after this contract. Thought is to try and move him while he has value. Someone would be needed to replace his minutes. That said, Edler’s contract is a little bothersome especially if you are looking to Beaulieu to have that spot eventually.

      • I was going to say if Markov can even play a lesser role and be used for less minutes and on the pp would it really matter to much if he didnt stay? this year or next the Habs have some good ones coming with Tinordi and Beaulieu really they could let Markov walk or just trade him for picks a prospect or something cheap they really dont need a guy like Edler. IMO

  4. to Flyers : Hiller ; Ryan
    to Ducks : Coburn ; Couturier ; Read : + ? ( pick / prospect )

    risky move putting the goaltending load on Fasth & Gibson , Hiller has 1 year left so the Flyers would not be stuck if he does not pan out. Ducks need some forward depth and youth. Flyers get Ryan who they have coveted for years. Ducks could move someone like Bryan Allen for forward depth.

    • Too much going Anaheim’s way. I like Ryan, don’t trust Hiller.

    • Way too much heading to Anaheim. Coburn, Read and a pick maybe. Not Couturier too.

      • How about Ryan for Coburn and Read? Keep Hiller.

        • @ Nitro thats not too bad a deal there, maybe throw in a second as it seems almost like its protocall in any deal by anyone any more and that would probably do it, imo

          • I do not know.. too much depth going to the Ducks for my liking. I like Ryan and Hiller is decent but I would hate igivng up Couturier. Rather wait for Ryan to become UFA. Something tells me that he will end up in Philly one way or the other.

            I would step up and add a 2nd round pick or a prospect like McGinn but we need Couturier.

            Overall, not a horrible offer..

          • Hiller Ryan second for Coturier Read and Coburn…seems ok Hiller may not work out but Read is UFA next year so basically thats a wash, Ryan and a second for Couturier and Coburn is what it comes down to which helps meet both teams needs

            Philly gets its prodigal son and a pick too keep some youth for a change,

            Ana gets a center to replace Koivu and a D to play help take up some minutes on their aging blue line

            Im not a huge fan of either but that may work for both

    • How is Read a wash? lol.. Read is an excellent player that plays in all 3 zones and will score 20-25 goals. He is top 6 forward and will make 1M a year. He would score a lot more this season but he torned ribcage muscle and came back early playing through a lot of pain. Personally, I am very high on Read because he is very good at almost every aspect of the game.

      Flyers could use Hiller but not at the price of Couturier. Maybe Flyers should look into Theodore, Nabokov, Thomas instead of Hiller.

      • Not washed up lol just with Read being UFA The Ducks might not have the money to resign him depending on what kind of year he has, the same could be said about Hiller if he dosent work out Philly could just let him walk at the end of next year so it might be a case where both teams get players that are on those teams for a year and walk away thus its a wash…

        • I did not say washed up.. You said not a wash.. If Read will have good year and I think he will, Ducks will have cash to resign him. Why wouldn’t they? Why even make a trade if they cannot afford him.

          • Im not saying they wouldnt resign him just like Im not saying the Flyers might love Hiller once he is there but sometimes what a GM thinks a player is going to cots to keep, and what a players agent think he is going to cost are 2 completely different things….

            See Letang ROR Subban etc etc etc

            This works both ways in this deal Philly might not want to keep Hiller for what ever reason maybe they like Mason better Hiller wants too much money or what ever, Maybe the Ducks dont want to give Read what he wants or they dont really think he is a fit for their top 9 maybe both teams love what they got and both sign extensions really it dosent matter its a wash the main part of the deal was the other part to adress some needs these guys were thrown in to see if it could adress more needs for both teams. To make the deal a little better for both Its a wash no one is screwing the other guy with extra parts lol

    • pretty close

      to ducks
      2nd rounder

      to philly

      • Ana is getting screwed there badly Read is a UFA afert next year so is Hiller so basically a second and Coburn for Ryan? no thank you said the duck…

  5. Jersey snaked Schneider, but they could get snaked if Schneider ditches them in two years for free. Hopefully Lou signs him to an extension next season and doesn’t Parise him.

    Next up, NJ needs to get an offensive defenseman. Think they’re going to scavenge the market for forward talent. I’d pay Ribeiro 5M a year for four years! But reality of the situation is that NJ doesn’t normally pick up the best FAs :( hope that changes this year

  6. If the Penguins had a chance to move Fleury for a nice return and didn’t, that was a mistake. I question whether he’s an elite goalie. I also don’t think you can get pulled for the remainder of the playoffs and recover from that. A change of scenery would probably do him some good.

    He’s also only has two years left on his contract at $5M per season. I somehow doubt that he’ll want to take less, and with the Penguins cap crunch, you can’t afford to pay him more.

  7. notice nothing about ottawa but then who cares

    • i think the Sens may try to land Douglas Murray via FA. He would be a good stay at home D to play with Kharlson

      • DM is too slow

      • Murray could just kinda hang out and chill with Anderson until the play comes back to the Sens end because he is not keepin up with pretty much anyone especially Karlson

  8. Ryan… in 2 yrs when he is a UFA will end up in Philly anyway. He has made it known that’s where he wants to play…

    I can’t believe there were teams out there that thought Ottawa would trade either Karlsson or Cowen. They may be young but those 2 young D will be the cornerstone of the defense in the future. Besides there is no one in the Sens organization in way of prospects to step in. The Sens are short one veteran D anyway… but I don’t cheapskate Melnyk puts up the $$$ to get one.

    • I agree with Sandy & I have to smirk when the article mentions GM’s contacting Murray to check on Karlsson and Cowan. Those guys are as close to untouchable as it gets. Methot is an anchor on the back end, way better than I ever gave him credit for. Phillips will play in Ottawa until he retires, actualy had a good year last year. Gryba came out of nowhere and played well, Wiercoch played better than anyone expected and Benoit finally got a shot and fit in well in the 5/6/7 slot ( although I believe he will leave as a UFA ) . Borowiecki could make the jump next year if Benoit is cut loose, steady , stay at home , likes to mix it up. I see the Sens play lots living in the Ottawa area , unbiased opnion coming from a Wings fan. I could see them maybe trading Wiercoch and another prospect if the return is a sold vet d-man.

      • hands down the Senators biggest needs is a couple of wingers who can put the puck in the net

        • Good posts and fair evaluations. They definitely need a scoring winger that can play off of Spezza. Defence might also need another vet, Keith Ballard perhaps?

        • Especially if Alfredsson retires…

    • Regarding Karlsson – if you’re a GM looking for a big name player, it never hurts to ask, even the dumb questions.

      LA pestered Edmonton for years with a dumb question – “What would it take to get Gretzky?” Guess how that story ends.

      • Karlsson won’t be moving any time soon.

  9. Im still kinda floored about the Schneider to nj thing..lol am I the only one thinking maybe they should fire Gillis and bring back Burke…He pretty much built that team and may have an idea or 2 on how to fix it before Gillis screws anything else up and its not like he was fired fired he just wasnt renewed, If the owner can go say sorry to Lou whats not to say he cant go say the same thing to Brian? Lol

    • You just made my day with the thought of Torts and Burke and the media all in the same room.

      • lol ya it would be awsome

  10. LEAFS – should buy-out Grabo and let Bozak walk … Riberio is asking the same money, same deal and way better. Riberio-Kadri-Bolland-McClement and with the savings they get from Grabo they can still sign Clarkson if they want and all of their important UFA’s RFA’s (Bernier, Kadri, Colbourne, Franson). Riberio centering Kessel & Lupul as well as Kadri centering JVR & Clarkson … the Leafs would look pretty good.

    SENS – If they can’t find a trade partner then they need to look hard at getting either Dupuis, Iginla, or Horton and hoping that they can help some of their offensive woes from the wing. Ideally I’d like to see them pitch hard to grab up Bobby Ryan but I don’t think it is going to happen. But some more leadership in the dressing room with scoring touch to develop those young guys could go along way.

    DUCKS – The time to trade Hiller should be now, is it risky going with a Fasth/Gibson combo next year? Sure … but Hiller could get you interest from the Islanders, Flyers, and Oilers right now all looking to get a goalie and it is better to strike before they decide to take some chances via UFA. The Oilers could get them a decent offensive prospect back which wouldn’t hurt.

    LECAVALLIER – I think he is going to land in either Dallas or Montreal and while it may not be the best move, I do think he will land in Montreal and the Canadians will move one of their centers (maybe Gionta) for some help on the wing or for a shutdown style defenseman.

    • Leafs have no choice but to let Bozak walk. They can’t afford Clarkson or Ribero even if they buyout Grabo (see earlier post) UNLESS they buyout Grabo and trade Phaneuf for draft picks to dump his salary. Leafs are very tight.

    • No to Ribero at this point with the centers we have now Id try to send Dion to Col for Stasny make a pitch to Clarkson for no more then 5.5 remind him we just got Bolland who is from the same home town, buy out komi and sign 2 rugged defence first type defence men with the money saved from Komis buy out try and trade Grabo or Lyles for a bag of pucks and which ever one you cant get rid of you buy out if you cant get rid of either buy out Grabo, again I’m not sure they want to buy out Grabo but if they have to I think they will. It just depends on where the chips fall this week he is the last option but an option none the less.

      • Colorado doesn’t want Phaneuf, nor does anyone else apparently (see Nonis’ comments at the draft). Plus, Stastny is staying in Colorado for the time being. Patrick Roy has already stated his top 3 lines for next season. With Stastny centering Landeskog on LW and Tangauy on RW.

        OReilly – Duschene- Parenteau
        Landeskog -Stastny – Tangauy
        McGinn -McKinnon – Downey

        I don’t get the feeling that the Avs are looking to rid themselves of any of their top 9 guys. I get the feeling that the top 9 are pretty much set to go next season. And if ROR works at wing and will accept a decent contract this spring, This could be the Avs go-to top 9 for awhile. I don’t think Colorado wants to part with any of these young talented players, and in my opinion that’s a good attitude. I am an Avs fan, but I think this line-up is gonna amaze.

        I don’t think the Avs are compatible with anything the leafs are disposing. Again, again, again… Nobody wants Leaf garbage! I am glad you see your players with such esteem and feel that you all are doing the rest of the league favors by offering up you prized hand me downs. Like a big brother reluctantly relinquishes his old broken once prized toys to an indifferent younger brother. You can’t trade an empty ice cream cone back to the Malt Shoppe for one with a double scoop! Remember, Leaf fans, if you give away an empty glass it doesn’t magically refill itself with what someone else is thirsty for! Write that down.

        • You Keep refering to anything anybody offers as garbage, and not just with Leaf proposals but anyone. Dion while being a tad overpaid is a top D in the league top 15 at least and if you looked at his numbers you would see that instead of spouting off anytime anyone proposes a trade with the avs as garbage… Stasny is not a number 1 center on his own team let alone thru the rest of the league but gets paid similar to Dion. This is a deal I could see not because I so badly want to screw the avs or because i got some kind of illusion that Stasny is going to come in and put up 100points, but because he is the best suited to the role we have available and the salaries balance out wont cost either teams 2or 3 players dosent really adversly effect each others cap situation etc. the avs are very weak on D and need a no. 1 or 2 type guy and we need a center that can skate win some draws and is not a smurf, it would improve both teams believe it or not, Open your eyes a bit and you may see this aswell. A team can not wait to draft 21players to become a better team if thats how you see the Avs developing you will be waiting for a playoff team for some time.

        • I really think you need to look in the mirror. What has statsny done? Nothing of great concern….. O’reilly… Not worth the money that’s for sure. Yes landeskog is good and duchene will be a good player as well. But as much as I get annoyed at leafs fans over valuing their own players I get more annoyed at others who under value them. Jvr, kessel, lupul and Kadri are all good players especially the first 3 ….. Followed by Gardiner, Reilly and phaneuf ( salary noted)… Think before you speak.

        • But, but, … in Leafs Nation it does, it does….. it does dammit…..

    • Ribero is not Randy Carlyle type of player.

      • Either is Jake Gardiner but ya go with what yiu can get

  11. Bolland will probably get Toronto just under 20 goals next year. Last year he was injured. He’s a good pick up. He hits, competes, has good leadership skills and can chip in offensively. And I’m a canucks fan so I should hate him.

    • plus he plays a very pesty type role and will draw penaties which is something that we would be missing with Komarov going to the KHL he is a great pickup. I get what BG is saying about the cap but I dont think its as bad as he thinks it is and just because the Leafs arent tipping their hand at how they are going to adress some bad contracts I dont think that means they dont have plans on how to move some money out.

      • actually everything you have pretty much posted I agree with, I think the leafs land clarkson get 1 or 2 stay at home d and the pick up of bolland replace komarov, plus bolland can put up big points. Everyone complaining about his cap hit and comparing him to bozak, will soon see he is a pest of a hockey player and his cap hit is not even that bad. We could have paid bozak 1 mil on top of what bolland is making just to keep him. To me Clarkson is the key. people can say what you want, but i would sign him to a 5 year deal at 5 mil, and have a smile on my face. I think ference will cost the leafs to much, even though id like to have him on the leafs. Hope the leafs stay away from Horton, he’s a good player but to injury proned like mr weiss.

    • you have not watched hawks games that is for sure . he is not the same player he was before cronic back problems and two major concussions , dsisapears for very long stretches of time . on a hawks team deep with talent 35 year old handzus was brought in and played second line center because bolland could not do anything with hossa and sharp , both of whom are better and more complete players than any leafs forward.

  12. a center who could make sense for the Leafs is Patrick Marleau.
    Thornton , Marleau and Pavelski are UFA’s in 2014/15. Sharks won’t be able to afford all 3.Couture is heir to the thrown and needs to be #1 or 2 center soon. All 4 guys are natural centers and 2 are playing out of position or worse Pavelski centers the 3rd line and he is better than that.
    Not going to hazard to guess what it would take , just stirring the pot

  13. Do we see Thomas in a Pen’s uniform fighting it out with Vokoun allowing the Pens to trade Fleury for a bag of pucks?

    • Nope Thomas to Philly makes some sense tho I think…

  14. Hi, Murray, I’d like to ask about Erik…


    No, Karlsson…

    *click* *dial tone*

    • good one

  15. The Sabres are going to balance rebuilding with winning later and winning now. With the draft over, the Sabres have addressed winning later. Being in the offseason, the Sabres will address winning now.

    The futures of goaltender Ryan Miller and forward Thomas Vanek are uncertain. Both players can bring in good return for the Sabres. The concerns are do the Sabres have the players in place to fill in the voids and play better than Miller and Vanek should they leave? Maybe, but not anytime soon. Keeping Vanek and Miller for a few more years may help keep the Sabres competitive.

    With Daniel Briére bought out from Philadelphia, one wonders where he will play next. There is one team he would fit perfectly in and inspire younger players. That team is Buffalo.

    Lecavalier would fit nicely in Buffalo also.

    • “With Daniel Briére bought out from Philadelphia, one wonders where he will play next. There is one team he would fit perfectly in and inspire younger players. That team is Buffalo.”

      Islanders would be a better destination for Briere – it’s closer to his family as well as a better 1st line in Moulson and Taveras vs Buffalos.

      • Im going to go with an obvious choice what about NJ?

        the Devils could let Elias walk Briere would probably sign for a considerable amount less and play very close to home

  16. If Lecavalier does not sign with the Bruins Clarkson will. Thomas signs with the Flyers. Horton to Tampa because Tammy loves the sun. Peverly is out of here at 3.25 million next year please anybody take this guy maybe Edmonton because he has a ring.

    • Salary cap says hi! you have 5 mill in room with no goalies signed. Im sure Rask is getting a big big raise you may want to sign a back up, poof there goes that 5mill plus even if you get rid of Peverly you are still aways of Clarkson or Vinny, sweet dream tho

      • Im wondering tho if there isnt a leaf bruins deal here that may work for both Bruins need some cap room and leafs need a center what about Reimer to back up Rask Colborne and a pick possibly even a 1st for Krejci or Seguin saves the Bruins nearly 4 mill in cap space they get 2 guys to fill voids and Toronto gets a 1 c normally I hate sending first round picks away but desperation is setting in for a true 1 c Both those guys age fits in with our core and again you gotta give to get. Good working relations between Boston and Toronto…ya never know before everyone starts spouting off Im just pointing out there could be a deal here somewhere with the positions both teams find themselves in. Boston loaded with good centers Toronto with some parts that could be of interest and cap space needing a center to play a top 2 role….

  17. Avs – they will eventually trade one of their center men, probably statsny as he will be the lowest quality at the highest money. Don’t see him as a top # 1 in the league but some teams, toronto, Calgary, Montreal, even buffalo may be interested because of lack of talent at that position
    Anahiem – they will dump salary somehow, hillier would be the smart choice with the goalie depth but philly will probably over pay for Ryan
    Edmonton – mact looked frustrated at draft I can see him doing something rash just to do something. He clearly wants to put his own stamp on the team

  18. @Ice Dragon…..If Buffalo brings back Briere maybe they should see if Perreault & Robert would be willing to come back & we can say its the 2nd coming of “The French Connection” Seriously, stop with the Briere to Buffalo comments…..5yrs have past..he’s not even close to being the same player.

    All Toronto fans who keep saying trade Dion Phanuef for this guy or that guy……there is no interest in him from any team!!

    Finally, the salary cap has dropped for the upcoming season but I’m hearing crazy rumors of teams willing to pay 4-5m to players who average 40-50pts/season. This is insane!!!!!!!

    • Hey Bob, I woud like to also see the Sabre get in on Danny Briere – reason being he has skill, leadership, grit and would be a good mentor for our youth. He had a crappy season last year due to injuries and different line combinations – hell Hartnell had a bad season. I don’t expect Briere to be the same player, but I think he would be a good addition and still bring speed and skill the table. Danny’s boys know the area and its only an hour flight to NJ. Lecavalier would be a good addition, but he’s looking a litte pricy to me right now.