NHL Post-Trade Deadline Day News – Part Two.

Another roundup of moves made (and not made) by several NHL teams at yesterday deadline.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Blue Jackets wanted Logan Couture from the Sharks as part of their offer for Rick Nash, but the Sharks balked at that…The Vancouver Canucks offered up winger Mason Raymond to the Dallas Stars for gritty forward Steve Ott wasn’t good enough…Capitals GM George McPhee fielded calls for defenseman Roman Hamrlik but couldn’t find the right fit…The Red Wings had interest in Paul Gaustad and Samuel Pahlsson , but didn’t have the draft picks Buffalo and Columbus respectively wanted for those players.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke received calls about Jake Gardiner but refused to move him.

No interest in Khabibulin.

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones reports there was no interest in Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin or defenseman Cam Barker.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Had Khabibulin not been sidelined indefinitely with a groin injury, there might’ve been more interest in him.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: The Hurricanes received no offers yesterday for defenseman Bryan Allen, and it’s possible the club could re-sign blueliner Jaroslav Spacek, possibly to a one-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible the Hurricanes could end up re-signing all the players they were rumored shopping nearly two months ago.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk had offers for Steve Ott and Sheldon Souray but decided not to move them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I repeatedly said last week when Ott’s name popped up in the rumor mill, the Stars weren’t going to move him, or Souray, unless they could get a return which would help them clinch a playoff spot this season.

POST-GAZETTE: Dave Molinari reports Penguins GM Ray Shero did talk with some teams and made offers on some players, but it didn’t sound as though he was terribly close on getting any deals done yesterday.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports Blues GM Doug Armstrong had some trade talks yesterday but nothing came to fruition, due to his limited budget.


  1. I’m generally happy with what Burke did, I think Aulie for Ashton is a good trade that meet’s the need’s of both teams.

    I’m a bit shocked by the Hodgson deal, I’m suprised it didnt cost more to get him.

  2. Cotton, just shows maybe how good a GM Darcy is. I know Burke is continually whining how Darcy overvalues his players and asks too much – but Burke is the guy that paid Tiny Tim $4.75MM/year for a 2 year deal and traded Aulie for Ashton, while Darcy got a #1 for Gaustad (who the media said was only worth a 2nd or 3rd rounder) and he also got Hodgson, a solid 2 way Centerman with 33 points (playing 5-7 minutes a game) for an underachiever, Kassian, and MAG. While Vancouver might think they are getting a talented tough guy – Kassian hasn’t shown much of that this year – holding onto the puck too long and shying from any tough physical play. MAG for that matter is a 7th D-man and the Sabres need to make room for McNabb and some of the other guys down in Rochester. Burke did nothing to improve his team – Darcy made moves that will effect now and the future.

  3. Darcy’s moves at the deadline were good but they had better be since the big waste of money he spent on Ehrhoff and Leino!

  4. Steve
    Hodgson is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a 2 way player. He’s an ozone player and he plays 13 min a game (not 7) usually in the first of second period. And he doesn’t play when the game is on the line. That said he’ll be good for Buffalo. (who I have aways hated since they won the coin toss)

  5. Well – we’ll see what happens. I think we’ll start seeing Bflo gel and I do believe they will make the playoffs even while having a horrible first half. Hodgson has a lot of upside and based on his history – he is a leader and legit. Also, I still believe in the signing of Ehrhoff and Leino. The Sabres weren’t going to get Richards – so they went after the next best UFA at the time. Leino is a playmaker, not a true center and to me I believe the Sabres felt that with the addition of Ehrhoff that they could get the d involved with the offense – too much, too soon and we are now seeing how the D is gelling – especially since the all star break – the Sabres record from that point on speaks for itself. Let’s face it…..Darcy got the steal yesterday and I hope Kassian does step up his play for you because all the times he has been called upon to come to the “bigs” he has underachieved.

  6. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!

    Wheres my buddy FIRE WILSON…….

    I wont say I TOLD YOU SO …to all those Kessel Schenn and Riemer lovers ……..Burkes biggest problem is he is listening to TO MANY people……he could have done at least 1 thing and 1 thing only and thats bring in someone to change up the room ….Steve Ott could have at least brought something to the room to say hey listen get the F going here ….

    burke was brought in to make the changes to do the big trades and create a new team …the way he has done it all his life …and hes changed lost his way …and when that happens its over …to loyal …..this isnt a popularity contest here …the LEAFS STINK …and the trade of the century was on his desk and he blew it ……….absolutely blew it …..he should have trade half the team and started over because now its embarresing and WORSE!!!!!!!

    I cant stand all you guys who said …..are you crazy TRADE WHO !!! NO way hes too good trade him …no way he great and our youth …trade him no way ….cant empty the cupboards ……guess what you guys no SHIT!!!!………..next time when you guys buy a lfs Jersey …dont put a players name on the back ….and you will see what I mean ……BURKE MISSED THE BOAT ………and now Wilson is his anchor dragging him down !!!!
    Should have made the trade ……Fire Wilson …..move on before you get the axe too Burke …You blew It !!!!

  7. Hey Chris! I didn’t understand half of what you wrote, but the half I understood, I agree with completely.

  8. What has Steve Ott ever done that he would be able to walk into a locker room in Toronto and immediately take over? He doesn’t have any rings on his fingers, very little career playoff success that he directly contributed and while perhaps a quality individual, wouldn’t have any cache to intimidate his teammates. Simply befuddled that people suggest one player would make such a difference, especially a third liner.

  9. “Burke did nothing to improve his team – Darcy made moves that will effect now and the future”

    Just to clarify, Future watch rates Carter Ashton as a cant miss prospect. He’s a power forward with good size, speed and scoring ability. This is exactly what Tor need’s and makesthem a better team for the future. Much like the Hodson for Kassian deal the only reason TBL parted with him is because they are in need of defensive depth, And Aulie has alot of potential, But hands down Tor got the better of that trade. He is another top prospect added to Tor’s growing list, And by not getting Nash Tor still has it’s 1st pick which may be a top-10.

    I think its obvious Van did the calling on the Hodgson deal, They need grit and took a gamble. I dont think this is a show of Darcy’s savy, But rather he jumped at an opportunity offered him. Truth is Kassian and Gragnani COULD turn out to be the better end of that deal, Time will tell.

  10. Hi Greg its is very aparent that a new voice is needed in the room and a spark or inspiration via a player being brought in …someone who hits ..scuffles …plays every shift as its his last AN INSPIRATION to rally around and learn from ..an INSPIRATION to say HEY I need to raise my level of play …an inspiration to say I can play that hard or hes embaressing us with his play ….JUST A CHANGE in the room could have helped from a player like that ….thats all Iam saying …not a superstar ..not a cup ring ….just an inspiration.
    If you had the chance to see any post game interviews ….its plain and simple that THE REGULAR players in TML are very depressed and disappointed …..we needed a simple mix up of toughness gret and deire to play hard to win ……..thats what a guy like OTT copuld have brought ….does …no one in thsi chat room understand the DOWNFALL that has occureed and the Tampa Bay is now at the heels of the Leafs …..are you guys BLIND how big this slide has been from a playoff spot ..to possibley being in last place in the leagues in 2 months HEEELLLLOOOOO!!!!!!
    Iam not buyiong everyones crap ….that the asking price was to high for certain players ….the price is now too high not to have swung a deal of any kind …….you guys are Burkes zombie followers ……..WOW !!!!!
    How can you guys even defend NO MOVEMENT this trade deadline ……this was it the big stage for Burke to pull pff what he needed to do to finaly get over the hump ….and he failed ….as said you guys dfend players that will NEVER become superstars in the league that Burke could have traded to build a real team around a real FRANCHISE player and make a huge push when he was in 8th place not 12 th …….wow ! you guys are out of it!……YEAH……whoppeee …..lets see how long it takes for Gardner and Colborne and Kadr to do ANYTHING in this league …BURKE MESSED UP ……..it was right there for him and he BLEW IT

  11. So you suggest trade all your assets and your first rounder to pick up Rick Nash and start the rebuild over? With who? Start from scratch with nothing? What I hate more then anything is ‘fans’ who sit on the side line and pretend they know what is going on in the locker room. According to all media outlets prices for everyone was high, a 1st + 4th for Gaustad for example.

    We may not be a playoff contender this year and I am fine with that. We may feel that Wilson needs to go and if he does I am totally fine with that, but to suggest we should give up anyone we have with talent for one player or for a player … who wasn’t even available is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Burke has made mistakes a few of them, he also made a lot of great moves.

    Further more barely ANYBODY made deals at this years deadline. Why? Availability of players and prices were crap, this UFA season is supposed to be crap, and the draft is not overly deep either. This is just a bad year for improvement all the way around and I am completely happy with standing pat and getting a prospect in Ashton.

    I don’t hear anyone complaining about Burke getting Lupul about Burke getting Gardiner, Franson, or Aulie (when we had him). Didn’t hear anything about ditching the contracts that he did … every GM makes good and bad moves. Some people need to calm down, stop pretending they know how to be a GM and take the back seat and realize this team is headed in the right direction. We kept the assets to go after a #1 center, a huge need.

    We can hope we are right and that Wilson and hopefully the goalie coach go in the off-season and that maybe Burke tries to dump some contracts when more teams have the cap space to do so. But everyone constantly forgets that this deadline had few sellers, that this year a new and unknown CBA and cap hit comes into place. You can’t just give up everything and hope … and you also can’t just look at every deal from the side of the Leafs.

    Do giving up player x, x, x, and a pick make sense for us (more specifically you) sure it does, but what does the other team think about that? I personally hope we keep falling in the standings, draft high, get a great prospect in, clear a couple contracts at draft and off season and then pitch in for a UFA like possibly Parise. Then I will watch certain people eat their words for pretending they know hockey better then most people on the site and also then the guy who is PAID to do this professionally!

  12. JJB,

    Well said, understanding that those in charge don’t always make the right moves, it is after all dealing with human beings, outcomes can be unpredictable. It is fascinating to watch the “internet GM” shoot off trades and “should haves,could haves” no doubt TML is in a tail spin, but to suggest emptying the cupboard for a player, whose currrent team is in last place in the NHL, with the guarantee, he can win every game by himself, along with playing net, and defense???? Not a big fan of the orginizations leadership, however letting players develope is in the best interest of any orginization, look at the Sedins, Kesler, Im not saying its a sure thing, nothing is, the NHL is littered with sure things, however only a fool chases his tail. Its a coin toss no doubt, but that is why they are hired and fired. I dont know the answer, however my Oilers are in second last place, and the basically do a swap for look alike defencemen. Serious this is the answer to get better today, no, but I do agree with keep your strongest assets and let them develope. Long term plan, its every businesses stratgey, even if its a 45 yr plan and counting…

  13. @ JJB,

    Well said.

    The Leafs have to win 13 of their next 19 games, to statistically have a 50/50 chance of making the playoffs. While I would love to see them in the playoffs, I would need to be comfortable that they would play more than four games, and to be perfectly honest, I am not confident they could do that. Trying to finish as low as possible to garner a better draft pick only sets higher expectations for failure next year, and if they are doing well, and then do not make it, here we go again.

    Burke is building well, but the players he drafted last summer are still 2 years away from being nearly ready. Some he drafted in 2010 might be ready this season, maybe not, but I sure like what he has been drafting. He will drop the Armstrongs and the Komisareks and the Connollys as soon as he can find someone to take them, or their contracts expire.

    Leaf fans need to stand back and be objective. This is the first season Wilson has had any decent players to work with. Burke keeps bragging about how young they are. Well youth is usually a sign of inexperience. There is not one veteran who can stand up in the room with any credibility or a Stanley Cup ring and calm the group down, and get them focused from a player point of view. The last one was Giguere. Nobody wanted to fire Wilson when we were on a winning streak at the start of the season. Same Coach. Same players. But who wears the skates? It took Pittsburgh over 3 years to get from playoffs to the cup, and they had Crosby, Malkin, Fleury and Staal. But our Leaf brethren expect us to go from zero to 50 ( not 100) in 4 years with……….only Phil Kessel? Sorry that is not a realistic expectation.

  14. @ Todd,


    One need look no further than the Detroit RedWings.

  15. Steve

    Kassian underachieved?

    I dunno which Kassian u were watchin Matt or Zack? Zack has made tremendous strides in his rookie season. He’s not gonna gel right off the bat with his linemates especially how lindy juggles his lines like theres no tomorrow. He’s gonna be an amazing player and IMO Canucks won that trade. Kassian will be the NHL’s next answer to Milan Lucic.

  16. @Steve If you think Hodgson is a 2-way centre in any shape or form, you’re going to be very disappointed. He’s pretty much pure offense at this point, smallish and not physical, and not particularly defensively responsible. He played very protected minutes in Vancouver, mostly offensive zone starts, and was rarely on the ice in critical situations.

    I’m also not sure where all of this “leadership material” stuff came from, since he really had no opportunity to show any leadership in Van. He’ll be a solid point producer in a year or two and has a knack for clutch goals, but that’s about as far as can be projected based on his current progress.

    He’s also got an extra year of development over Kassian, FWIW.