NHL Postseason Canadian Corner – Friday, May 17, 2013.

Guillaume Latendresse to play for Senators in Game Two, Jarome Iginla embracing life with the Penguins, Tyler Bozak suffered a torn triceps, Alex Edler’s cheapshot on Eric Staal at the Worlds, plus the latest on the Oilers and Jets.

Guillaume Latendresse will be in the Senators lineup for Game 2 against the Penguins.

Guillaume Latendresse will be in the Senators lineup for Game 2 against the Penguins.

OTTAWA SUN: Guillaume Latendresse will replace Matt Kassian in the Senators lineup for Game Two against the Pittsburgh Penguins in their conference semifinal series.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators need less toughness against the Penguins and more offense.

CALGARY HERALD: Former Flames captain Jarome Iginla is adjusting to life with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Iginla also spoke about his future plans, indicating he has no plans to retire following this season.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Toronto Maple Leafs center Tyler Bozak was sidelined by a 70 percent tear of his right triceps in Game Five of the Leafs-Bruins conference quarter final.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher suggests Alex Edler’s knee-on-knee hit of Eric Staal in the World Championships should have Canucks fans wondering where his career is going.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That cheapshot was the exclamation point on a disappointing season for Edler, whose performance this season has some Vancouver pundits suggesting he could become trade bait by the June Entry Draft weekend.

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones has some of the details of what will be contained in the planned new arena for the Oilers.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets have cut ties with their ECHL affiliate.


  1. The Edler hit makes me sad. I hate the Canucks, but I love Edler, ever since I saw his first game I knew he was going to be something great. This season and that hit really sucks for him, I hope that Staal is going to be okay and that Edler can bounce back from all of this.

    Two great players.

  2. Edler’s been described as a player with incredible potential since he came into the league and i believe it will be there until he retires and it’s time the Canucks cashed in on that potential to get what they need going forward. if the Canucks were to resign Tanev & Alberts and Corrado is able play at the level he did during his brief tryout at the end of the season (his entry level salary would help with the Cap as well). then the Canucks already have their top 6 and all they need is a couple of veteran depth guys (one of whom they could perhaps get in a trade for Ballard where they agree to take on part of his salary). if Vancouver then bought out Booth and moved Luongo it would give them the Cap room to go after the dominant power forward they need, they’ve got their eyes on Clarkson but Iginla would also fit (Pittsburgh can’t currently afford him after the playoffs and he’s a Western Canadian guy who already has an offseason home in BC) and he’d be in heaven with the Sedins giving him the setup men he hasn’t had til this year’s playoffs.