NHL Postseason Canadian Corner – Monday, May 13, 2013.

Dion Phaneuf makes up for his gaffe in Game Four, Jason Spezza returns to practice, Carey Price muses on his present and future, and Alex Burrows laments his club’s inability to close games out.

Dion Phaneuf celebrates his goal against the Bruins.

Dion Phaneuf celebrates his goal against the Bruins.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf, the goat of Game Four for an ill-timed pinch leading to the Bruins overtime winner, was among the heroes in the Leafs 2-1 victory over the Bruins, deflecting Nazem Kadri’s shot for the game-opening goal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some pundits and Leafs fans screaming for Phaneuf’s head after Game Four have been very quiet since Game Six. Wonder why?

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators center Jason Spezza has returned to practice with his teammates, but continues to proceed with caution as he works himself back into game shape.  Spezza’s been sidelined since early February recovering from back surgery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite the caution, this bodes well for a possible return to the lineup at some point in their upcoming series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens goaltender Carey Price recently met with the Montreal media to reflect on the past season and his hopes for the future. Despite his inconsistencies and acknowledging the difficulty of a fishbowl existence in Montreal, Price believes he can help the Canadiens win a Stanley Cup, accepting the pressure which comes with his job.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some Habs fans want Price dealt this summer, but that’s not gonna happen. The Habs have invested long-term in Price and will stick with him going forward. He must, however, work harder to overcome the inconsistency which has dogged him in his previous six seasons. At 25, Price still has time to develop into a reliable, proven playoff performer.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Alex Burrows lamented his team’s inability to close games out, calling it “frustrating, disappointing and embarrassing”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canucks critics are suggesting Burrows was part of the problem and wonder if he’s still a good fit on the first line with the Sedins. I doubt he gets moved as his new four-year contract begins next season, but it’ll be interesting to see what his role will be next season, especially if Alain Vigneault is replaced as head coach.


  1. Very proud of how the Leafs have played this series, as all Leaf Nation is.
    As a fan for years, I can’t help noticing that ALL their televised games (that I remember, anyways) show them starting the game on the RIGHT side of the screen. Whether home or away, seems they always get the bench on the right side of any arena they play at.
    Wondered if anyone else has noticed this?
    Think I asked this before, but never noticed an answer.
    Maybe Lyle could shed some light on this.
    Thanks everyone (in advance), and…
    GO LEAFS GO!!!

  2. Dear Maple Leafs: Congrats on getting to Game 7 and Congrats on leading the Bruins up until 2:50 left in the game. Then, for some unknown reason, you neglected to cover the points and they score 2 goals in a short span and now you are facing the next goal wins scenario.

    While I”m very proud of you for getting this far, I have to ask..What were you thinking?Why did you roll over like a dog and expose your belly hoping they would tickle it knowing they would slice it open and force overtime? Did you not listen to your coach? Did you think you were in therapy and all everybody needed was a group hug?

    Next goal wins boys. Your whole season comes down to lack of killer instinct as you sat back and marveled at yourselves. They were champions two years ago for a reason..grow some balls and finish them off if you can; cuz is you cant, you have the entire summer plus 82 games plus 7 games in a playoff round to return to the same point in time..learned anything yet?

    • Well it would seem that the comeback on Boston’s part is now complete. You have rolled over like dogs and allowed the undeserving Bruins to advance because you lacked the will to finish them off and that comes with experience. Very well..You now have an entire summer, 82 more regular season games, 7 potential playoff games to arrive at the same point in time to think about what could have been had you only listened to your coach this year instead of marveling at your work.