NHL Postseason Canadian Corner – Monday, May 6, 2013.

Senators thump the Canadiens in an ugly game, the Sharks push the Canucks to the brink of elimination, and the latest on Phil Kessel.

Senators & Canadiens line brawl.

Senators & Canadiens line brawl.

OTTAWA CITIZEN/MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Ottawa Senators pounded the Montreal Canadiens on the ice and on the scoreboard, romping to a 6-1 fight-filled victory and a 2-1 lead in their best-of-seven series. Senators center Jean-Gabriel Pageau led the way with a hat trick.

The war of words between Senators coach Paul MacLean and Canadiens coach Michel Therrien continued after the game, with Therrien calling MacLean “classless” for calling a timeout with only 17 second remaining in the game. Canadiens forward Rene Bourque, meanwhile, could face suspension for an elbow to the head of Senators forward Cory Conacher.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was an embarrassing effort by the Canadiens. They blew their cool in the third period and deserved to lose, while the Senators maintained theirs and deserved to win. Therrien rallied his troops following their Game One loss and the shock of losing Lars Eller to injury, and he’ll have to do it again for Game Four if he hopes to avoid falling into a 3-1 series deficit. So far in the series, the Senators have been the better team. Neither club, however, has cornered the market on “class”.

MERCURYNEWS.COM/VANCOUVER SUN: Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski each scored twice as the San Jose Sharks defeated the Vancouver Canucks 5-2 to take a 3-0 series lead and push the Canucks to the brink of elimination.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once again, the Canucks lack of post-season offensive production (dating back to their series last spring against the LA Kings) is killing them. For the second straight season, they’re down 3-0 to a California-based team. Don’t expect this outcome to be any different than last year’s against the Kings. It’s safe to say the Canucks window of opportunity has finally closed.

TORONTO SUN: A huge weight is off Phil Kessel’s shoulders after scoring a rare even-strength game-winning goal against his former club, the Boston Bruins.


  1. >> Neither club, however, has cornered the market on “class”.

    Definitely not. Huge Habs fan here, but I have some serious issues cheering for a team that, in the last couple of minutes of the game: punched a guy who was lying on the ice (Subban on Turris); fired a slapshot at a player intentionally (Gorges on Turris); and cheap-shotted a player (Gallagher on Conacher).

    Not much to like about the Habs yesterday, in any respect.

    • What about Bourque’s blatant elbow to the head of Conacher or Prust’s blindside elbow to the back of the head of Conacher.

      Both were head shots.. both were elbows. Rule 48, Mr. Shanahan.

      So please tell me how they are any different than the elbow that Ferrence gave to, I think, was Grabovski of the Leafs.

      The inconsistency in the office of player safety is downright disgusting..

      Gryba gets suspended for a clean hit that resulted, in what appeared to be, an horrific injury.

      Ferrence gets suspended for an elbow to the head.. and Bourque and Brust get off free of anything?

      That is what classless is NHL.. your bias..

      • Not just the NHL. Sadly, the Habs were even more classless.

        Most of us have probably played some kind of organized sport, and almost as many will have played with a teammate who we knew was a little cheap, or kind of dirty, or maybe chirped way too much. Sporting code says you stand up for a teammate. But you can never feel good playing with a guy like that.

        That’s what my Habs felt like to me yesterday; a teammate of whom I was kind of ashamed, ultimately.

  2. Are the Habs self destructing? What’s become of the team that was so surprisingly composed during the regular season? Other than a little stumble down the stretch, this team didn’t allow bad efforts or bad blood to carry over to ensuing games. All the talk was centered on how Therrien had straightened out dressing room turmoil, turned the club’s fortunes around and made himself a leading candidate for coach of the year. Perhaps the pressures of play-off hockey are a wee bit too much for the Montreal coach, as evidenced by past appearances. If he and the Habs want to get back in this series they had better focus their effort and attention on what it takes to beat the Ottawa Senators on the ice. Enough of the name calling and fingerpointing, it’s time forTherrien to shut down this little pity party he’s been hosting!

  3. The Habs are missing Alexei Emelin, big time; Therrien has lost all control of his team.

  4. Lyle: I have to disagree with one thing. You said that the outcome will be the same as last year when the Canucks faced the Kings. Last year the Canucks won game 4. I don’t think that will happen again.

    • MAXIM LAPIERRE: Sharks #1 star from game 3

  5. The Canadiens’ conduct yesterday was horrific. I don’t blame Ottawa for calling a timeout. I don’t care if they found it humiliating, they deserved to be humiliated.

    I’m starting to wonder is Therrien should or will lose his job after this series. When you get throttled that bad, blaming the other team for some perceived slight is probably not the best solution. How exactly is that going to help bring the Canadiens back into focus and play a disciplined game on Tuesday?

    • McLean was doing what he thought he had to do to protect his players from injury. He had key players on for that last faceoff and seeing what the Habs had out there, he was rightfully concerned.

      The refs would not let McLean call his players to the bench to instruct them to back away after the faceoff, to avoid a cheapshot and a possible injury.. so he took a timeout.

      I think NHL coachs’ decisions are based on what they think is best for their teams.. .not concerning themselves if they are ‘humiliating’ the other coaches..

      Therrien should feel humiliated from the actions of his players after the game got to 4-1 unless he instructed that..

      It’s was okay for the Habs to run around and be physical on Friday night.. when the Sens did not respond to that… but last night the Sens were physical.. and the Habs didn’t like that very much.. too bad.

      If you want to cheapshot and play in the gutter.. the Sens have the players to do that…

  6. I attended last nights game in Ottawa and the atmosphere was electric. The playoff’s seem to be the only time conservative Ottawa fan’s stop being their usual reserved selves and completely engage.

    My feeling at the start of the series was that Montreal had to win the first two games at home or they would face the difficulties of attrition to a larger, potentially more physical Senator’s team. In the first two games they certainly held their own but last night was a very different story. If they are not more disciplined this series will not go more than six games. Last night Subban was Ottawa’s best asset with his selfish plays, constant mouthing off and hot dogging. He’s undoubtably a great talent but his acts of immaturity hurt his team. Jumping Kyle Turris of all players at the end of the game very well may earn him a date with either Matt Kassian or Chris Neil on Tuesday night (think Carkner vs. Boyle in last years playoff’s). I suspect there won’t be too many of his teammates quickly jumping to help him if/when this comes about…

    • Add Prust and Bourque to that for the elbows to Conacher’s head..

      I think the Habs players figured that SBP would be about half full of Habs fans.. were they a little disappointed with that?

      The first two playoff games in Ottawa were close to be sold out prior to knowing who the opponent was going to be.

      Pageau, you were awesome kid. What a game by a 5 ft 9 in player who lost a tooth from a high stick after his first of 3 goals.

  7. Note to Marc Bergeron: Don’t resign Subban. Although he has great skill, he is not a team player, and puts his own interests ahead of commitment to team goals. Up until Monday night, as did many others, I believed that Subban’s gaffs were reflections of a level of immaturity. On Monday night, while at the game, I realized that it is character flaw, not immaturity. Go Sens Go!