NHL Rumor and Waiver News – September 26, 2011.

More commentary on Drew Doughty’s contract saga…Ryan Suter’s agent recently met with Predators management…Several notable players were released or demoted to the minors.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons recently chided LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi for his recent claim he cannot afford to overpaid holdout defenseman Drew Doughty, pointing out he has $8 million tied up in Dustin Penner and Simon Gagne. Simmons also claimed some Kings people believe negotiations between Lombardi and Doughty’s agent, Don Meehan, may have gotten personal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay it has, but I still feel the main sticking point remains the contract term, as the Doughty camp are reportedly seeking only a five year deal, while the Kings want to lock him up for at least seven years.

EXAMINER.COM: Jim Diamond reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile recently met with the agent for Predators blueliner Ryan Suter, who’s eligible for UFA status next summer. Poile considered the talks “productive”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Diamond suggests these early talks are a positive sign, and while Predators fans perhaps shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet that Suter could be re-signed soon, I agree that Poile calling those recent talks productive is certainly encouraging.

TSN.CA: reports the Vancouver Canucks have released veteran forward Owen Nolan.

PHILLY.COM: reports the Flyers have released forwards Michael Nylander and Adam Mair.

NBCSPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: reports the St. Louis Blues have placed forward Jonathan Cheechoo on waivers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those were the most notable names to be released or placed on waivers over the weekend. For Nolan and Nylander, they might have to either consider returning to Europe or retirement. Mair might be able to land with another NHL team, but Cheechoo appears destined to finish his career either in the minors or in Europe. He hasn’t been the same since his sports hernia surgery several years ago.


  1. Anyone else think Steve Simmons may actually be Eklund?

  2. It’s funny how many people are crying that Doughty is being too greedy and asking for so much money and stuff, when it always seems to be reported that the issue is term and that DL wants to take some UFA years away.

  3. I always felt bad for Cheechoo. I wonder if he took an off year and focused on his physical development and conditioning, if he could come back and replicate his past successes. He’s got the scoring knack, but simply is too slow.

  4. Is DL nuts? Whats wrong with a five year contract? A lot can happen in 5 years. Ask Wade Redden, Scott Gomez, and Kovalchuck. Doughty is an elite Dman no question. Currently he is getting paid like an elite defensmen. By going five years you are paying close to top dollar but are saving yourself a little you are also leaving a window for a reasonable buy out should things go south. If things do go great and and you want to resign him after the terms he will still be getting paid like an elite defensmen in line with every other elite Dman in the league. Why handcuff yourself to save 1 mill in cap hit for an extra 2 seasons? Why take the chance when you don’t have to?

  5. I think this whole nastyness in the Doughty situation was not helped by Weber’s 7.5 mill arbitration reward. Meehan is one of those ppl who have killed the salary scales and why the new CBA will be tough to re-negotiate now that the cap is higher thanthan the average payroll before the lockout.

    Doughty and Meehan are only doing harm. If Doughty gets what he wants he will face scrutiny in the locked room, then he will have to do better than his meager point totals from last year.

    I always found it funny how players hold out for top dollar, siting they are the best players etc etc , but when they fail to live up to expectation they say they are only human.

    Hope that someday the NHL could mimic the NFL and eliminate guaranteed contracts (ok,ok,, I am dreaming in technicolor. )

  6. Seems to me that if Doughty wants the big money, then he also needs to make some concessions. He wants 5 years and DL wants 7 years – it appears to me that Dl is offering Doughty the $ he wants – so Doughty should concede the time – that is what is called compromise and negotiation. You know – it’s not always about a players getting what he wants – is about also wanting to play for a team and make it better. In my mind, Doughty is just looking out for himself – the NHL is a small workplace and his selfishness may tarnish his reputation.

  7. I don’t know if Steve Simmons is Eklund, but I do know that their IQs are equivalent. 😉

  8. And idiots keep claiming Europeans only play for money, thank you Doughty.

  9. Lombardi was claiming years ago that he wasn’t going to sign any big contracts because his priority was signing Doughty and yet he’s still unsigned. if there’s a smart GM out there he’ll break the stalemate by offering Doughty a contract with the term he wants (which of course LA will have to match) with an unwritten agreement that when he’s a UFA they get first chance to sign him.

  10. @gameon….

    That would be interesting but the other GM’s don’t want this resolved. Doughty not being with the team will weaken them. What DD could do is go to the GM of the team he really does want to play for and get them to give him an offer sheet with the terms he wants (the Kings will match), with the understanding he will sign with them as UFA (for fair market value). I think DD would have to initiate things.

    @ Pixie
    Agree about the compromise. Give 2 options: 1) 5 years @ 6.5 per or 2) 7 years @ 7.5 per. Pick one or don’t play

  11. This is so stupid…..why should a player be required to sign at the GM’s desired length of the contract?? Isn’t it enough that the RATE is already at the root of most sticking points for every contract stalemate? This needs to be ironed out in the next CBA, cause what will happen when a GM takes one of his RFA’s and says, he’s gonna sign him to some ridiculously long contract that covers the life of the players career and will sit him out unless he agrees… all the while the player’s rights to UFA status are all gone if he does sign. Lombardi is a tool.

  12. @ farley

    It’s part of the compromise. player gets his asking price OR his contract length and the team gets the other. Problem with this situation is BOTH sides are trying to get BOTH terms…neither will give to get.

    That’s why I made the suggestion I did…Kings give DD his length at teams price or DD his price at teams length.
    How about a “buyout” option for both sides after 5 years. DD doesn’t like direction of team or feels he is underpaid and wants out, he pays $X to become UFA. Kings feel DD hasn’t developed or isn’t worth the price, they pay DD $Y to make him UFA (not sure it works with the CBA or not)