NHL Rumor Mill – April 11, 2014

Latest on Eric Staal, Martin Brodeur, Dave Bolland, Olli Jokinen, Evgeni Nabokov and more.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports it could be weeks until the fate of beleaguered Leafs coach Randy Carlyle is decided. Simmons believes GM Dave Nonis is monitoring the coaching market for a possible replacement. He also touched on the decisions facing Nonis regarding pending UFAs Dave Bolland (believed seeking an eight-year, $40 million deal), Nikolai Kulemin (Simmons believes he still has value but for less than his current salary) and Jay McClement.  He also believes goalie James Reimer will ask to be traded, though his value isn’t as high as it was a year ago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Here’s how it goes: Carlyle must be replaced with a coach who can implement a system which works to the advantage of a Leafs team built for speed, not truculent physical play. The Leafs were a lousy puck possession team (among the worst in the league) and that must be addressed in part by replacing Bolland, Kulemin and McClement with best puck possession players. Reimer won’t attract as solid a return as he could’ve a year ago, but he has no future in Toronto. Get the best return you can and look to bolster your depth via other means. Don’t freak out if the best they can get is a draft pick or prospect, Leafs fans.

And please, don’t get into stupid, pointless trade suggestions which wouldn’t even fly on NHL ’14, okay? Except for Kadri and Gardiner, most of the Leafs trade bait simply isn’t that valuable. Those players who could fetch a decent return won’t land you a superstar. That’s dreaming in technicolor. And no, Kessel and Phaneuf won’t be moved. Get over that fever dream right now. Ain’t gonna happen. Kessel is their best player. You don’t move him, you build around him. Phaneuf’s struggles this season means the Leafs would have to take back a bad contract or absorb half his remaining contract in order to move him. That’s no solution. Try instead to find a better defensive partner for Phaneuf to offset his defensive miscues. 

Could this be Eric Staal's final season with the Hurricanes?

Could this be Eric Staal’s final season with the Hurricanes?

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock mused on the possible off-season moves of the Carolina Hurricanes, which includes Jim Rutherford stepping down as GM and the possibility head coach Kirk Muller is fired. DeCock also wondered if Cam Ward and Eric Staal could be moved this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford will step down and Muller will likely be fired. They’ll push hard to trade Ward, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they go the compliance buyout route if there’s no takers via trade. I don’t believe they’ll trade Staal.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Martin Brodeur gives another broad hint he won’t return with the Devils next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Brodeur should retire, but he’s obviously going to do what he believes is in his best interests. If he wants to keep playing, it won’t be with the Devils. The Brodeur era is over, it’s now Cory Schneider’s team. 

WINNIPEG SUN/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Ken Wiebe and Gary Lawless reports Jets center Olli Jokinen would like to return with the club. Both advocate re-signing him if he’ll accept an affordable one-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Agreed. At 35, Jokinen is a risky multi-year investment. 

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: David Hyde summarizes another lost season for the Florida Panthers. Despite having over $30 million to spend for next season and ownership’s willingness to spend toward the cap ceiling if required, Hyde wonders why a free agent would want to sign with the moribund Panthers. GM Dale Tallon points to their recent acquisition of Roberto Luongo as an indication they mean business with their rebuild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers will attract veterans seeking a fate contract and a quiet, warm place to play. Such players should be avoided at all costs. It’s not enough to simply invest in free agents, they must find ones who will help them become a playoff contender. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple recently reported sources for the Islanders and goalie Evgeni Nabokov claimed negotiations for a one-year contract won’t begin until the off-season. The Islanders would like to bring Nabokov back next season in a backup role.


  1. A man with who makes sense…that is why I come here great input Lyle Bravo.

    • Pete DeBoer possible coach contract is up on the Devils liked Clarkson coached Kadri (also traded him soon as he was worth something) Steve Spott uses the exact same system and was Deboers assistant….whole lot of dots thst connect not that thst meand much but could be some synergy.

      • Starting to like that idea of trying or kicking tires on Staal if they could get salaries to work. Wouldnt totally discount the idea of maybe moving this years first (now a lottery pick) to upgrade center position .

        • What about Laviolette? He works a fast paced system and had bruisers like Clarkson on his team.

          • I like the idea of Lavi but hes not really a defensive guy, not sure thats the way they would go after this year…maybe tho.

        • More then likely you’ll select where you are. Draft isn’t deep so I wouldn’t expect much in return for that pick. What about a deal with Van for Kesler, Kadri goes the other way?

          • T.O. Isn’t on Kesler’s list. Besides the Leafs don’t have what the Canucks need for Kesler. Anaheim a good fit with their young prospects, but a division rival. Could be an interesting summer for new GM!

        • What would you give up for Staal? It’d cost an awful lot probably Kadri and maybe even Reilly depending on the price tag. He would probably kick butt in TO. On an offensive and speedy team like the Leafs I think Staal would be in heaven. Especially with a player like Kessell to dish the puck too.

          • Money has to work somewhere no matter if its Staal or anyone else, Leaf or any other team , if the Caines are dealing an 8 million dollar guy I doubt they are going to be able to move him for 2 good young pieces like that with out taking some salary back in the deal. I doubt Rielly will be moved for anything, and Im thinking the same maybe said gor Gardiner with how good he has looked forbthe past 20 games or so. I dont much like the idea but the only thing I could see moving is Kadri. Kadri packaged with a pick and some other pieces may be enough to bring in a top 4 D or a pretty decent center. Kadri, a top 10 pick and prospect (Percy) or Franson maybe Reimer…something along those lines if the Leafs went down that road and could shed salary somewhere else.

          • Shticky….I could see that about the salary if Staal wasn’t still a top line player, leader and captain of his team, and face of the franchise.

            If they were to get Kadri and Rielly today, yes..less than $4 million for both of them. However, if Rielly continues..his salary will be at least 3 – 4 time higher than currently on his next contract, and if Kadri stayed the same, they would come in around the $8 million mark.

            If your talking money, I think the Leafs would be willing to bite before Carolina would need to pick up money.

            Now if we are talking Phaneuf….lol just razzing you.

            I think Toronto would probably have to throw in a pick still. Kadri is a player, Rielly is the prospect, and a pick needs to be added.

            I agree with Lyle’s view of things on the Leafs. I have been saying the same thing for months.

          • Agreed Staal is a real player thats why he makes 8 million bucks doesnt matter Leafs or not when 8 million dollars goes one way in the nhl more often thsn not more than just over 3 million bucks is going to go back the other way is all Im saying so the idea of Kadri Rielly and a first and prospects or something along those lines wouldnt work even if they did want to move Rielly which I doubt they do.

          • Wow I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I think Shticky is finally getting this cap thing. He is 100% right salary has to be even. Leafs cannot afford to take on another $8M man without dumping salary ala Clarkson.
            Clarkson, Reilly and ??? for Staal

    • I would fire Carlyle even though I don’t blame him. It is merely a style that does not mesh with this collection of players.
      DeBoer or Laviollete would be valid choices.
      I don’t agree with trading Dion but I also feel there is a market for him if they so choose. Lets not ignore his play in the first 2/3 of the year and his minutes.
      The hiring of Shanahan is a joke. Lieweke trying for headlines again. Unless Shanny is prepared to lace up the blades then I don’t see the point.
      A John Davidson type would have been preferred. I really respect Shanahan but don’t see his appointment as anything other than window dressing by that Schmuck Lieweke.
      Not as obvious as Trevor Linden but close.
      What is wrong with paying your dues? NHL disciplinarian does not equate to President of the Maple Leafs. If so then why not Colin Campbell who has far more experience?
      Lieweke went after Gretzky and then Shanahan. That tells me he is more interested in selling us the sizzle, than delivering the steak.

      • Couldn’t agree more!!!

    • since when do we listen to steve simmons or any other reporter from tor they are the ones that did all this havoc on this team

  2. So I guess we won’t be seeing Clarkson, Reimer and Gardiner for Stamkos today? LOL. Good job Spector! I think you need that disclaimer when talking about all teams / trade rumors and free agents.

    • No, it will be Franson, Kulemin, and a 2nd for Stamkos. 😉

      The Leafs biggest problems are that they don’t have a no 1 centre, but Bozak was playing the position, and they paid him as one, and moreover, they don’t have a no 1 Dman, but Phaneuf is playing the position, and they paid him as one.

      Two very overpaid players, and then they have a third one in Clarkson. Horrible cap management.

      Unlike Florida, good UFAs will come to the Leafs, but they have to manage their money better.

      Lyle is spot on about the lack of trade returns for the Leaf players.

      • Lol! show me a number 1 center in the league that makes 4.2 million bucks. They dont “pay Bozak like a number 1 center”…

        • Giroux’s cap hit is $3.75.

          • Using Giroux is a little unfair considering he is already under contract with a cap hit for 8.25 next year- 2022

          • I know, but that is his current cap hit..lol

            Next year is next year..and Bozak could get a raise on his next contract.

            Blah, ha, ha, ha, ha…I can’t believe I just said that.

          • I am going to go out on a limb here, but when Giroux signed his current expiring deal was he still behind Carter and Richards?

          • WAS Giroux an rfa when he signed that deal or was he going in to UFA? Come on man youre smarter than that…lol

        • Ok, Giroux was a rfa. He signed in Dec 1010 for 3 years at an average hit of $3.75.

          Richhards was traded in June 2011.

          Giroux’s play made Richards expendable, as he had 35 points in 38 games at the end of December.

          If your excuse for Bozak is that he was UFA…you should have looked elsewhere.

          The question was simple: name one 1st line center making less than $4.2 million.

          Giroux. No but he is rfa, no but he has signed an extension for 8 years, no but there was other players.

          The question was : name one other first line center making under $4.2.

          There is your answer.

          • Dec 2010*

          • Not arguing whos better or that Bozak is a great first line center just that in reality for close to 20 goals and 50 points short season not bad for 4.2 and when you look around the league at what the majority of first line centers make that are not on RFA deals Bozak does not get paid like a first line center who generally make in the neighborhood of 6 mill plus. Over paid for a second 2nd center perhaps a little but if you look at comparables he is pretty close question becomes how many points would he get on a second line cant really say because he never plays there, on one hand you move him away from Kessel who is a point machine, on the other he would play lesser competition and away from checking lines more. Eitherway Bozak is not paid like a no. 1 center.

          • He’s not paid like one because he is not one.

            He plays on the top line for Toronto, but would not on pretty much any other team.

    • Yeah but Spector would have you believe that Phaneuf has no market?? Yeah sure so I don’t imagine teams would have lined up for him if he went to free agency?
      Should we look at the price structure of compariable D-man at his age or even older??
      I don’t see a Staal or star coming back but lets not pretend he has no value.
      I wonder if Rutherford is stepping down because financial restraints are forthcoming. If that is the case, I can see a Staal being moved but not Eric.

      • Never said there was “no market” for Phaneuf. What I’m saying is that it’s going to be difficult to move him since his late-season meltdown. Combine that with his rich new contract and suddenly you’re looking at a player who can be difficult for the Leafs to move, not without taking back a toxic contract in return.

        • Not like anyone saw that coming. Is that sarcasm? lol

          • I would call it the truth.

            Trading Dion would be very hard to do.

            You are trying to convince teams to take a guy who is paid like a legit #1, who has skills more in line of a 3-4 dman, and was just signed to a ridiculous contract.

            How can you try and get anything but a crappy contract back when trading Dion? How do you convince a team he is a good deal for the money, but that you don’t want him on your team.

            Dion is a #1 dman for the Leafs. Their fans think that means he is a legit #1.

            I can tell you that there is way more than 30 other dmen in the league I would take over Dion and his contract:

            Weber, Suter, Chara, Pietrangelo, Keith, Seabrook, Jones, Doughty, Letang, Hedman, Yandle, Enstrom, Martin, Ekman-Larson, Karlson, Wisniewski, Voynov, Campbell, Carle, Hamhuis, Johnson, Bieksa, Subban, Markov, Giordano, Carlson, Niskanen, Hamilton, Shattenkirk, Vatanen, Bouwmeester, Josi, Jones, Mcdonagh, Timonen, Fowler, Vlassic, Coburn, Staal, Giradi, Ehrhoff, Meyers….

            The list just goes on and on of dmen I would take over Dion and his contract.

            Good luck getting rid of that mess.

  3. A little ornery..haha…would this fly? Sign Paul Stastny to play the 1st line. Play Bozak as the 3rd. Keep Kadri. Let Bolland walk. Sign Mcclemt. Sign Raymond. Would Franson/Reimer land you an Edler OR Bieksa . Just to mix it up?
    bottom six of Bozak. McClement Bodie Clarkson Ashton and Leivo?

    • Did u read Spector’s note?

      • Yes I did..? was there something out of the realm there?

        • Ya ofcourse there was. Take a look at your offer from Vancouver’s perspective and tell me why they would do that?

          Reimer’s no better then Lack. Both IMO right now are backup goalies. Franson has been overrated a lot. But no way in hell that package can land you either Edler or Bieksa IMO. I agree Van needs some changes but not badly enough to give their prime assets away.

          • You will see Reimer shine next year as a number one with another team. Just watch

          • Ya Leafs 24/7 just like Reimer can get you Tavares hey? Lol!!!!

          • The worst part is with Garth Snow in NY you may be able to get JT out of there. lol

    • “Would Franson/Reimer land you and Edler OR Bieksa”? Short anwser “No”, Long answer : “Why would the Canucks downgrade their defense for a marginal back up goalie?”

      • Would Garrison and Lack get you Morgan Reilly?

        • Wait, Gardiner 23 year old – 31pts finished “-3″ if you put stock in the stat, on a team without the sedins vs edler(the guy to replace erhoff) 21pts with “-36″ would be a down grade? Cheaper Contract…younger player…i’m confused…are you?

          • wow i feel stupid…i read the wrong name HAHA!! yes Franson Def down grade….Sorry i even typed that!!!!!

  4. The Panther should offer Dave Bolland alot of money to mentor all those young centers.
    The caines wont buy out Ward. Not a bunch of money to throw around and if they wouldnt buy out Gleason, and could find a team to take him I think they may be able to stomach holding a bit of salary and will find a taker for Ward.

    • Panthers will be smart. Their new owner can’t afford to mess up this rebuild with overpaying players IMO.

      • I just want Bolland to goaway Jess , not really a serious remark.

  5. Leafs will use Reimer to move up the draft from 8th to 5th and Burke gets his new starter

    • Never Happen. Gotta give a lot more than Reimer to move from 8th to 5th.
      Also Burke is waiting until July 1 when Hiller becomes available. The more I
      watch what Bob Murray is doing the more I see Hiller will be let go and Ducks will
      sign Ryan Miller July 1 or go with Andersen & Gibson next year. Here is a trade option for you, Leafs do not have a #2 pick this year or next year. How about Ducks #1 this year about 25-29 range, Leafs #2 pick (Ducks own) which will be around 38-40 pick and the Ducks #2 pick which should be around #55-60 for the Leafs first this year and a 3rd or 4th round Leafs pick next year ? Leafs would then have 3 picks in top 60 instead of one and Ducks could take Leafs #1 and Ottawa #1 (Ducks own) which could be about the 10th pick and use those to go after a top #5 selection.

    • Depends on how the lottery shakes out but what about Leafs first plus Riemer and Franson for Calgary first. Burkie dosent like long rebuilds.

      • That one might work as Burke plugs two holes and maybe only has to move 5 or less slots down in the draft.

        • Then the Leafs would also have a nice piece to add say a Gardiner or Kadri in a trade to go back to what I was saying earlier to upgrade at D or center, top 5 pick Kadri Percy for…. seend Lupul away for what ever you can get to shed salary.

          • Agreed 100%
            Lupul is what he always was whenever he gets comfortable.
            I think Kadri and Gardner may enable you to flip picks in to the lottery. Perhaps that is the only way to draft that franchise centerman or a minute eater like Ecblad on the D.
            You need to overpay in these cases and it won’t make the team better right away. Not every trade can be grand larceny like Schenn for JVR.
            Bolland is friends with Shanny so we will see if he lowers his demands. Otherwise, see ya and we are stuck with zippo centers (assuming we trade Kadri)
            I think next season will see young Marlies move up to the parent Leafs on the third and fourth lines. It won’t make us better but hell it can’t make us worse and gives us cap space.

      • Seems a little high price to move up 3 spots in a very very weak draft. I’d say either Franson or Reimer but not both.

        • It could be 4 or 5 spots and when it comes to top 10 picks even up 3 spots is 30% higher pick…at any rate dealing Franson and Reimer 2 guys with out contracts that you are not going to sign anyway isnt going to get you much.

          • My scenario was after the lottery draw if Calgary still was in 5th. If they move up in the draw then all bets are off. No team will deal their pick until after they know where they stand after the balls fall.

            If that is the case then you might as well move Kadri right now because any time after opening day next season he is heading for RFA with rights.

    • Seriously? Do you think Burke is stupid?
      8th to 5th means a the difference between quality and maybe pick.
      Reimer is fringe. Nice guy but fringe. He has proven NOTHING in this league.
      Perhaps if a young serviceable, controllable player were included with Reimer, Burke would consider flipping picks but right now he is in a good drafting position with a young rebuilding team and he knows the draft is the ONLY place these days to secure franchise centermen whereas backup goalies are a dime a dozen.

      • This is a very very soft draft year. That’s a big point you have forgotten. There might not be a big difference between the 5th and 8th pick this year.

        • Top 5 – Draisatl, Reinhart, Bennett, Ekblad and Dal Colle

          6-8 – Ritchie, Perlini, and Fleury

          After the top 5 the pool slips off in a big way IMO. No way your moving up to top 5 for a 8th overall and a backup goalie.

          • If Bennet is the best amongst (central scouting has him as no.1) them. Top 5 to top 10 doesnt reall matter they are taking some time to develop, maybe a few could play in Calgary pretty thin lineup there but most of them, (all the ohl guys at anyrate) are not strong enough by quite a bit for the NHL full time. Bennet looked pretty tierd by the end of the Fronts first round collapse to the Petes, no way does he go thru a rookie camp training camp and an 82 game scheduled.

    • Leafs 24/7 – Man just stop posting. You have no business posting on these boards. Absolutely ridiculous trade scenarios that wouldn’t even go through on NHL 2014. Seriously take my advice.

      Reimer isn’t a starter guy. Overrated backup goalie. Soon you will figure that out around draft day when Reimer goes for a 4th and a 5th round draft choice.

      • A little bitter you have all these picks this year in a crappy draft year Jes? Your team will suck for a long time.

        • Hey no need to get nasty.

          Yes the Sabres suck this year, but its a work in progress.

          No need to go a start quoting the histories.

          • Considering thats the “model” you want the Leafs to use seems kind of an odd thing to say or is that a compliment?

  6. Toronto should look to Laviolette. He is not necessarily a long-term coach, but quite a solid one for the time being.

    DeBoer? He is a very good coach, but he appears to get one great season and then becomes ineffective. He had 93 points with the Panthers and lost to a tiebreaker. Made the Finals with the Devils. Yet, then it’s consecutive seasons without the playoffs.

    I am not sure about Muller being fired. Owner Karmanos said he likes the coaching staff a few nights ago. Also, Eric Staal is not going anywhere.

    I think the Panthers will try to throw a lot of money at Vanek, possibly Moulson as well, and a d-man or two. But, i think Tallon will do better in acquiring players via trade.

    I could see Tallon aiming for players that are on the trade block due to teams needing to clear up some space. Parenteau, Stoll, Martin, Havlat, and others…

    As for Bolland, he is a waste of time. He can’t mentor anyone since he is always injured.

  7. Thanks for the reality check on the value of some players. To get value you have to give value (maybe different positions or skill sets) so you can’t get a top 6 forward or a top pairing D-man by offering under performing players.

    WRT Ward, Reimer and Brodeur, I’m not sure there will be much interest in them. Of the 46 goalies TSN provides stats for, Reimer and Ward are in the bottom 4 in GAA and all three are in the bottom 11 in save percentage. There’s 35 better goalies in the league, an average of 30 starters and 5 backups. Brodeur and Reimer are free agents with contracts ending this year so they may get offers to be back-ups but for 2nd or 3rd round picks. Ward has 2 years left at $6.3 million per year which makes him virtually un-tradeable so let’s add his name to the list of players we stop mentioning in trades (with Kessel and Phaneuf).

    • Thank you Gored!!!

      Leafs fans just don’t want to face facts.

  8. Bolland isn’t worth what he is asking, hasn’t played all year and still not healthy. Give him a short term contract (1-2 year at $3 million) to prove himself or let him walk.

    Coaching possibilities:
    Marc Crawford
    Torts (hahahaa, just kidding!)
    and list will grow with a few being fired and maybe a couple minor league coaches available

  9. Good morning Lyle! A sense a sense of frustration with your Leaf posters but glad you addressed it up front. I agree 100% with your second paragraph. The disconnect I have is regarding the style of team the Leafs should be and who the coach should be. The teams to beat in the NHL are Boston, Chicago, Anaheim, San Jose, LA. What do they have in common? Defense first hockey, and the scoring comes from transition, capitalizing on turnovers, puck possession and cycle. So to address the system first, Carlyle is on the same coaching page as all of these teams mentioned. The main system disconnect is the 2 D men in the corner when defending, leaving a hapless forward (and the slot, where 70% of all NHL goals are scored) out front and open. Even going back to a minor hockey standard of 1 D always in front of the net would improve the results immensely. This counted for at least 2 of their goals against last night versus Florida. If the D coach (Farrish) insists on using this, fire his ass today. Duck fans correct me if I am wrong but Anaheim did not win the cup with that strategy. Don’t get me wrong. Anaheim had much better players, and thats why I think the coach should stay. The players on those teams I mentioned, the teams to beat, have big, strong, hard to play against, skilled players with an edge of nasty. The Leafs do not. Keep Kessel, Phaneuf, Clarkson,Bozak, JVR, Bernier, Gardiner,Reilly, Gleason (some only because contracts are immovable) and Ranger (affordable and toughest D after Gleason and a decent 6/7th). Use all the rest to trade for the kind of players needed to win in the new NHL, or for picks and prospects. Come on Shanahan, lead the way!

    • Several keys for Ducks winning cups was
      1) Giguere & Bryzgalov gave them great goaltending
      2) Having Pronger and Niedermayer on the “D” allowed them to have at least
      one of them on the ice in just about every key time and sometimes both at
      the same time.
      3) They weren’t called the dirty Ducks for nothing, they were rough and tough and
      played with an edge which brings us to #4
      4) Great at killing penalties and they had a lot to kill because of their style which
      brings you back to great goaltending and two world class D-men

      • alforducks you make great points.

        • Thank You, it’s called OLD AGE

  10. @ Alforducks. I knew you would have the best perspective, and agree with everything you said. After laying out those facts, Carlyle looks even more qualified to have gotten the results he got this year. I rest my case.

    • In fairness to Carlyle he had
      (a) Gardner is BRUTAL with giving away puck possession
      (b) Reilly is a kid, learning on the job
      (c) Ranger was a huge disappointment
      (d) Fraser did not return to form and was traded
      (e) Franson was not the same player
      (f) Phaneuf could not carry the load he was given
      (g) Gunnerson flew under the radar
      (h) Gleason is slow but played Carlyle’s system so he got more ice time that his ability called for.

      No one could win with this defence. NO ONE.

      • I think it’s really important that when a team hires a coach his style fits the talent on ice. We all just saw what happened when the skating style clashed with the checking style out in Vancouver when they hired Torts. Both Leafs and Vancouver have some big decisions coming up,

        1) Do they change coaches ?
        2) Do a MINI rebuild, or scrap the system and start over ?
        3) Just what style of hockey do you plan to play ?
        4) Have you been drafting right and if not is it time to find scouts that can
        find the gems in the later rounds,

        ETC ETC ETC – this opinion and a dollar will buy you a small coffee

        • You guys are just going overboard. Leafs do not need a rebuild. They just finished rebuilding what last year and they have an off year and now it’s rebuild time? I’m sure the fans or Shanahan won’t stand for another rebuild whether it be a mini one or a full rebuild. No need for a full rebuild or mini-rebuild. It’s time for a coaching change and a couple of smart moves. That is all.

          Sabres will need to get to the cap floor so try and trade Clarkson to them. Clarkson seems like a Nolan player through and through so it would be a good match. Get rid of a couple of your offensive defenders and replace them with defensive defensemen like MacDonald or even Orpik. Bring in a couple two way forwards and you got yourself a playoff team. I’d target Legwand if I was the Leafs. Let Bolland walk.

          • I have to agree with Jes, except on the Clarkson part.
            The Leafs can tweak the back end and make a huge difference in their production.
            The biggest issue appears to be coaching. Right after the coach called out Reimer and put him on the spot the attitude of the team changed. They appear to be the team vs the coach. A change behind the bench could be in order, but I think the GM is walking on egg shells right now too.

  11. Leafs should rebuild or do the best they can to get draft picks or prospects. evryone on this team should be available except Rielly & Bernier. everyone else is fair game. They need fresh blood, some true hockey players who take losing personal. All the RFA’s they have, bye bye to them all. AHL players could do just as good as these guys at 1/4 the cost. Take the C off Phaneuf and leave it open till they get a true leader internally, could be years but #3 is a bust in that area, always hiding behind a ref when he gets hit, coward. Sign Bernier now to a 5 mil deal if they can get him for that. Too many passengers, Carlyle shoudl stay but the other 3 assistants should be let go. Lets hope some team is dumb enough to offer something for Frnason, Gardiner, Reimer etc. Gardiner is a very good offensive player but is lost in his own zone. Don’t go after any big names. Maybe trading Phaneuf for the rights to Stastny or to Devils for Zajac may work but I’m sure no team with half a clue will trade for this idiot. Stuck with him for 7 more long years watching him hold his stick wit one hand. Fill your 3rd and 4th lines with Steve Ott, Daniel Winnik, for leadership roles. all for now, praying for something big to happen but don’t fire Carlyle to cover up all that has gone on for years

  12. The Leafs biggest problem isn’t that they don’t have a 1st line center. While Bozak may not strike fear into opponents, how much more production can you get out of a first line? I think they’re main problems are not playing defense as a team, defenseman that handle the puck like it’s a grenade, and not having a true second line center for Lupul and whoever they lineup on the other side.

  13. If the canes move e.staal it only helps to make the j.staal trade even worse..Jordan should of just stayed in Pitt.

  14. its not that difficult as some of you are making it out to be (in my opinion.), Re: the Leafs.
    Carlyle system does not work!! the players obviously quit this year during that stretch and he could not motivate or get them out of that losing streak. he has had problems with players (kadri, reimer..etc) and they obviously did not respond to him. I agree with many of you who said Lavi, or Daboer. sad part is we should have kept Eakins, He knew 70 percent of those players from his Marlies days. If the leafs can get say a guy like statnsy or a trade for a guy like stall, and move a piece for a top 4 d, but remembering to get quality you must give quality. I think they would be in a good position come next year. but that my 2 cents not yours.!!