NHL Rumor Mill – April 14, 2014.

The latest on Evander Kane, Cam Ward and Ales Hemsky, plus the latest on the Panthers and Maple Leafs. 

Should the Jets shop Evander Kane to the Canucks?

Should the Jets shop Evander Kane to the Canucks?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes the Jets won’t get full value if they trade Evander Kane but believes they have little choice. He suggests shipping Kane to his hometown of Vancouver for Alex Edler and a prospect…the Oilers will try to bring back Matt Greene via free agency this summer…Matheson also wonders about the chances of George McPhee becoming the Flames GM if he’s fired by the Capitals…He believes the Islanders could be a destination for Hurricanes’ goalie Cam Ward, suggesting the Isles could offer up forward Josh Bailey and a young defenseman…Matheson expects the Coyotes to shop for a scoring winger for center Mike Ribeiro. He thinks Ales Hemsky could be a good fit if he doesn’t re-sign with the Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Jets shop Kane (and that’s a big “if”) they’ll probably try to ship him to an Eastern Conference club. If they were to deal him to a Western team, I have my doubts it would be Vancouver. I also doubt they would have interest in Edler, nor do I see him agreeing to be dealt to Winnipeg. He has a no-trade clause…The Kings could try to re-sign Greene…McPhee’s been linked to the Flames for some time, but we don’t know yet what the future holds for him…I also think the Islanders would be interested in Ward, but he has a no-trade clause and I can’t see him waiving it to join the Long Island circus…As Matheson noted, Hemsky’s future in Ottawa could be tied to what the Sens do with Jason Spezza, who has a year left on his contract and of late has become the subject of trade rumors. 

MIAMI HERALD/SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon is promising to bring in pieces to turn the Florida Panthers into a winner. He intends to sign five free agents this summer, including a sniper and two defensemen to bolster his team’s scoring and defensive play. Tallon believes his club’s reacquiring Roberto Luongo will serve as a selling point to free agents that his club is serious about rebuilding into a winner. He also intends to meet with veteran blueliner Ed Jovanovski, who returned from career-threatening hip surgery, to discuss his future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The addition of Luongo and the promise of youngsters Jonathan Huberdeau, Nick Bjugstad and Aleksander Barkov are decent selling points, as is the fine weather and relative anonymity for a hockey player living in Florida. Still, given the club’s long history of losing, the Panthers will be a difficult sell. Tallon must be careful not to add veterans who are solely interested in one last big payday with a Sunbelt team. They need more than names, they need leadership and skill.

TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran joins the growing list of pundits who believe goalie James Reimer will be dealt this summer. He also believes defenseman Jake Gardiner could be on the move for a top center, and lists Mike Keenan, John Hynes, Peter Laviolette and Kevin Dineen as possible replacements for coach Randy Carlyle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen, of course, who becomes the Leafs coach if Carlyle is fired.  Reimer is almost certainly gone, but it’ll take more than Gardiner to land a top center. He’ll have to be part of a package deal for that type of return.


  1. I sincerely hope that cooler heads prevail and young prospects aren’t dealt for anything other than young prospects. Now if you wanted to try to offload decent veterans in exchange for other teams passable veterans with shorter contracts, you’d have my attention.

    My favorite team overachieved in 2013 making the playoffs in the shortened year, and it made them look further along than they were. Last year, the combination of a struggling Clarkson and injured Bolland and the lack of a fair to good no. 2 center in Grabo, and checking maniac Komorov, they lost a bit of their character/identity.

    I’m absolutely fine with this team being young and steadily improving. I’m not fine with denial. I do hope they are able to retain Bolland and Kulemin. Other than that, only go after the youngest free agents out there worth merit.

    • Let Bolland go to Florida… gimpy 3 rd c, no thank you

      • Bolland does not fit in Tallon’s plans. He wants wingers as it’s expected to see Barkov, Bjugstad, and Pirri getting the top three spots.

      • My what a change of heart Shticky. Not 8 months ago you were touting Bolland as the be all and end all now he’s a gimp being thrown out with the trash

        • You think its a good idea to pay a guy who wasnt fast to begin with now half an achilies to go with the back issue and other injuries hes had who just missed 60 games 5 mill?
          I liked Bolland ( 2 or 3 C) for 3.75 didnt mind the trade because they needed some depth at center but want no part of Bolland long term now. If he stayed healthy and had a decent year and wasnt going to be another 5 million dollar 3rd liner maybe it would be different but my opinion has changed. I never “touted Bolland as the be all snd end all” give your head a shake.

          • I disagree. I wish I had the posts from you telling everyone how awesome Bolland is and worth every cent we paid to get him. Now you think he’s a gimp and useless. Talk about giving your head a shake. Buddy you can’t flip flop like that so easily. Does that mean you will be calling for Phaneufs head around Christmas time next year when he doesn’t live up to his new contract?

          • I just finnished saying I liked the trade at the time and if Bolland wasnt constsntly hurt he is worth 3.75, but thats not the case now is it ? Im not sure Ive ever called a player “awsome” on this blog simply not a word Id use particularly on a player like Bolland or any other role player for that matter. Ill ask you again, do you think its 5 mill well spent to sign Bolland long term now with the gimpy ankle back problems other injuries now that he just played 26 games and missed over half a season again? If not than lets move on…

  2. Keep Gardiner trade Lupul for a bag of pucks. Just clear cap space, sign a UFA center (stasny). Package the top 10 with Kadri and a prospect like Percy and for a decent stay at home top 4 D man. OR sign Fayne and use the package to pick up a center, either way trade Lupul, for a pick if you can just clear some cap. Franson and Reimer together for Calgary’s second.

    • Trade Lupul and Franson for E.Kane. Sign Stastny via free agency and let Bolland walk. Then trade Kadri and Bozak.

      • The only way Stasny comes to TO is if we overpay.
        Lupul + Franson is not what Winnipeg needs for Kane.
        Stay the course. Re-sign Franson and Gardiner and give Granberg and MacWilliam an opportunity to crack the line-up next year.
        Re-sign Bolland but only at the right price
        Use that #8 pick to draft a good prospect.
        Trade Reimer for a prospect or a 2nd round pick.
        Sign some veterans to play 3rd and 4th line minutes.

        • Bolland is going to command to much, unless he really wants to stay in Toronto. Franson is only going to stay, if we can re-sign him for like $3M per, but he to will command to much for his worth. Stastny won’t get that much, because he is in a situation where his current teammates are worth more than him and making less, that is how his situation will force him to take a tad less than what he is currently making. He’ll be lucky to get $5.75M per.

          • Stastny would be worth kicking tires on. I would rather give Stastny say 5-6 years at 6 million then give Bolland 7-8 years at 5. I think Stastny at that price is a good fit. Bozak is a good 2nd line value at 4.2, and even though I don’t see Stastny taking the #1 spot per say, he would be our best center, and with just over 10 million spent on the position, it would be pretty good bang for the buck, and is cheap enough that if the cap continues to rise, Bozak being a 3rd line center at that price in a couple years if something better turns up would be a good problem.

            Fayne would be an ideal signing, and while I would like to see Franson get another chance, I think he will want too much money on any deal with term, while giving him another 1 year deal means he just walks for nothing next year. I would be open to moving him in a package.

            I would like to see the Leafs try and move up a little. Right now they sit 8th, Nonis could look to Calgary or NYI. both teams could use a young goalie, Reimer may not have the value he did at the beginning of the year, but to those teams in paricular he could be enough for them to drop a few spots in the draft given it’s forward heavy in the top 7 (Ekblad will be gone before either team would have had a chance). Depending on where teams feel they are and the fact that this draft isn’t likely going to produce any generational talents, there could be some potential movement.

            I would kick tires on Kane if he was available. Package would have to be Kadri +. Might not be as massive a price as some would expect though. Realistically both have had 1 really strong season (albeit Kadri’s was in a shortened season and Kane has more games under his belt), they were only drafted top 10 in the same year, they are the same age, and both have high end talent and are coming off disappointing years (Kadr’s year was actually better). I think it will take more than just Kadri, but if Kane is traded it won’t be for a massive amount more than that, likely just a decent prospect, and a 2nd or something along those lines.

            Leafs need to just hope Clarkson and Lupul can play better next year. Not likely going to be any takers, and both are capable of being much better, so there is more value in sticking it out another year. In Clarkson’s case, he is unlikely to every justify the money, but if he can become a good puck possession 3rd liner flirting with 20+ goals and fill in adequately in a top 6 roll from time to time during injuries, he would be worth roughly 4 million, making his contract at least livable. The whole reason the Leafs wanted him is because his blend of goal scoring, puck possession, hitting, nastiness, toughness, and versatility is rare, and given that it’s unlikely that his last 2 seasons in Jersey are a complete fluke given he wasn’t exactly playing with a high flying offense with a great center, means that he is capable of being just that.

            Finally I think the leafs need to fire Carlyle and hire Trotz. Carlyle has not adapted to the game as it’s changed, his teams, even when stacked with talent typically play a style where they have trouble breaking the cycle and have a hard time dictating play. Even when Anaheim won the cup their possession stats weren’t great, they won it simply because their players were so much more talented they could generate more offense with less opportunity. Case in point look at how much Anaheim improved in a short time after his departure. The same players Carlyle had are going from being outshot by 4-5 shots a game to outshooting the opposition by the same margin. When you look at the Leafs this is likely what led to their issues. Their best players were keeping them afloat with extremely high end play. Kessel, Bozak and JVR were scoring at as good a pace as any top line, and did so against other teams toughest defenders and best forwards (they played the highest quality of competition of any Leafs forwards), those tough minutes would be bound to lead to getting worn down, and the Leafs did not have another option. Also, Phaneuf played a great first 60 games or so, playing harder minutes than any defender in the league. He isn’t the most polished shutdown D, so this was asking too much, when things went off the rails, his play dropped dramatically, and the system of spending 60% our their night in their own end just didn’t allow for any drop off. Trotz has typically managed to play in a tough division with a team of workers with a fraction of the skill of his competition had at their disposal, yet managed to get great results in terms of wins, possession, special teams, etc. Also his style could get the most of out of guys like Phaneuf, and be great of minimizing the downside of players like Rielly and Gardiner. Finally I think this is the easiest move to make. Players may avoid Toronto because of the media, and unfortunately with the cap, the Leafs can’t just up the price until they take the gamble. With Trotz the Leafs opening would easily be the most lucrative, and he is a proud guy so I would imagine he would love the challenge and opportunity presented in getting to coach a team that will be looking to change their identity, and spend to the cap every year.

      • Lupul and Franzen?


        • Danny Whalen – Reimer + the 8th overall isn’t even close enough to move up to 4th or 5th. Again you guys are over valuing your players. Is there not like a Leafs blog somewhere on the internet where you guys can go and discuss your guys’ unbelievably horrible trade ideas? Me and the rest of the people who visit this site are getting really frustrated. Sounds like the guy who owns the site is getting fed up with it to.

          Reimer isn’t getting you anything in the 1st round area. Maybe a late 2nd. Most likely a 3rd. So let’s just leave it at that. Your guys offers are getting absolutely ridiculous.

          Islanders won’t trade their pick. They need at least one first rounder in the next two drafts. If I was Calgary I’d try my hardest to land Andersen from Anaheim.

      • Lupul and Franson for Kane? Gotta be kidding. Maybe Kadri and Leafs top 10. Franson is useless IMO.

      • Schitky work out the goals scored per dollar of salary for Lupul and compare it to Kessel and a few others. Lupul and Kessel are almost the same. Now you want to just shed Lupul for nothing? What is wrong with you? There is a ton of other crap on this team I would shed before Lupul. It’s time you stop spouting nonsense.

        • Kessel and Lupul are almost the same? Kessel got 37 goals and 80 point makes 8 mill Lupul got 22 goals 44 points pretty much half of what Kessel and is a 5.25 cap hit, by your logic that make Kessel a 10 million dollar player…what are you talking about? Trade Lupul buy out Gleason put Orr on waivers, save 8 million bucks. Leaves 30 mill in cap room with half a roster to sign and all the bigger players ar locked up.

    • Does Statsny even want to move?

      They have a great thing going in Colorado right now, and I wonder if Statsny would even leave. I mean why would he? Great goaltending, great youth, probable Calder winner Mckinnon, Management and coiaching looks legit….I see no reason why he would want to leave that for a hard place to play like Toronto. They just won the division over the Blues for gods sake.

      I can see both Statsny and ROR being resigned by the Avs…it was the way the Avs where when Sakic and Roy where playing there. They kept there stars and had a great run.

      I think Colorado is on the verge on being a legit powerhouse for a long time.

      By hard I mean the microscope every player is under there, everything gets scrutinized, and the pressure is higher there than in other cities.

      • Could be right about Stasny, maybe Richards if bought out would be an option depending but Stasny would be my choice to go after. Really Im just stating kind of stating the obvious trim salary work on getting a top 2 type center and a dman TOto play in the top 4 that is more a stay at home type. The draft isnt that strong package the pick or try and move up a spot or 2 then package the pick Kadri and a good prospect go after one of the 2 sign tje other during ufa season. Imo the Leafs would still have lots of issues but it would be a good start, and if you first move Lupul it gives you some cap space to work with. Kadri or Gardiner will be used as the Leafs best tradeable assets 1 of the 2 my choice would be to keep Gardiner.

        • Any interest in Lecavalier?

          He has 4 years left at $5 per, but a hell of an upgrade from Bolland.

          I would take Franson back.

          Not over/ under valuing either side. I think it is fair.

          • You know if the leafs could trim salary that would almost work. Only just 1 problem is still paying a 2/3 c 5 mill, need a 1/2 that is not a complete defensive liability, if you deal Kadri and keep Bozak to play 1 c Im not sure Vinny is going to out produce Kadri, If you deal Bozak and keep Kadri and play him as a 1 that first line has a whole lot of defensive issues, but I agree Vinny is a whole lot better of an option than Bolland. It would be a big gamble but maybe it could work, all moot unless they get rid of some salary sounds dumb with the way his year went but Lupul has to go play Clarkson on the second line and second pp unit.

        • Stastny has already said he’d “absolutely” take a hometown discount to stay in CO. I think its unlikely the Leafs get him absent a lights out offer.


          Stastny did add that he “absolutely” would be willing to grant the Avalanche a discount. The trick there is how that’s defined, especially since it’s generally conceded that while he has played well as a two-way center doing a lot of the intangibles and is a major contributor to this team, his $6.6 million salary the past five seasons raised eyebrows.

          “Everybody knows how the business works,” Stastny said. “You can obviously go somewhere and get more money somewhere else. But if you have something good and you want to stick with it, that hometown discount is obviously something that everyone’s aware of and is important to do. You want both sides to be happy. You don’t want to (mistreat) the team and you want the team to be put in a good situation where they can kind of compete down the road as well.”

        • Gardiner or Kadri or both can be packaged for a O’Reilly or Kane or Ekblad.
          Lupul has little value given his contract.
          Carlyle is a good coach but not for this bunch.
          Shanahan being hired is a slap in the face of Leaf fans. Leiweke’s arrogance is beyond belief and the notion that a recently retired hockey player is the guy to be the President of the Toronto Maple Leafs and solve all of our problems is just plain ignorant……….unless that player comes out of retirement and laces up the blades at the age of 45???
          Seriously, this man does not have the pedigree needed for an organization like this. He is a terrific individual and competitor but some day we will look back on this as just another phase the team and the league went through (re: premature hiring of hall of famers as upper management).
          Any thoughts who the Leafs should grab at #8??

      • Stastny may not want to move, but given the team’s structure, I don’t know that they will offer him enough for him to want to stay.

        Statsny will likely get 5.5-6 million on the open market, without too much effor. Could even be more. Stastny’s bad years are as good as guys like Filpulla, Weiss, and Bozak’s good years, and these guys all got between 4.2 -5 million. He is also coming off a very solid season, plays tough defensive match ups, and doesn’t get the benefit of playing on the #1 PP unit or with the best wingers available since Duchene gets that most of the time. Throw in some all round ability, great NHL bloodlines, the fact that he is only 28, and teams will definitely make intriguing offers.

        Colorado is a budget team that can’t spend to the cap, and given they already have Duchene at 6 million, Landeskog at a similar price, and will have to fork out $5.5 plus for O’reilly, and Mackinnon looking like a superstar in the making who is not going to be getting any cheap bridge deal in 2 years, they may be priced out unless he wants to take a pretty sizable hometown discount.

    • If Weaver is a free agent in Montreal then sign him. Underrated stay at home D-Man.
      Love to keep Bolland for the right price. Otherwise, see ya. I would use that money for a shot at Stastny also at the right price.
      As for Bolland, can we dismiss the Mimico connection with the Prez?
      I would offer Gardner, #8 pick for a shot at Ecblad or Bennett. Yes I know it may take more (Percy/Leivo?)but Ecblad is a guy who could step in next year and replace Gardner for years to come.
      To get Evander Kane would take the #8 pick and perhaps Kadri or Gardner plus….

      • Eckblad will not be ready next year…not even close neither will Bennet.

  3. Seriously? Tallon is considering adding FIVE free agents this off-season? I think he’b been baking in the Florida sun too long. It’s been proven over and over that free agency is not the route to go in building a winner. He’s done a good job adding young pieces to a burgeoning prospect pool, through trades to acquire the likes of Pirri and Hayes, but bringing in five free agents will only stall the development of younger players in need of ice time and opportunity. Florida should add another future building block in this year’s entry draft, and could benefit from another season of futility if they were rewarded with Connor McDavid a year down the road.
    As for future Leaf bench bosses, I think this could be Shanny’s first imprint on the team. Quite possibly something from out of left field. Possibly a highly thought of assistant or minor league coach like Jeff Blashill, who lead Grand Rapids to the AHL’s Calder Cup championship last year, after serving as an assistant in Detroit. Factor in the key contributions from players promoted from the Griffins to the parent club this year, and I’m surprised this guy’s name hasn’t surfaced in other cities.

    • He never precisely said via free agency. I think he’ll go via trade route.

  4. Shea Webber will be a Leaf before July 1. Probably will take Kadri plus to get it done but he WILL be a Leaf. Also the Leafs will get their number one center from a team starting with the letter “C”. Not sure about the head coach but assistants will not be back for sure!

    • Edmonton’s saying the 3rd overall, Eberle, and Klefbaum wouldn’t be enough to get Webber so Khadri and some spare parts certainly wouldn’t win you any prizes.

    • Not even close. Not only does this trade make about zero sense. The whole cap thing may be problematic without sending some serious $$$$’s the other way. I don’t think Nashville will be eager to take back bad salary for their franchise player. Teams would be lining up offering much more than Kadri + to land Weber.

    • I’ll have what Rcook is having. Get real man.

      • Like I mentioned earlier, Weber will be traded. Need to look at his contract, especially his bonuses. Everyone will NOT be lining up to get him as only a few teams can afford him. Looking at the teams in the Western Conference, I believe Nashville will want to rebuild as it will be several years before ever catching teams like Colorado, LA, Anaheim. Toronto will take a good run at Weber. Nashville will want a young forward and defence and Toronto has the money and players to make this happen. watch!

        • Toronto does have the assets if they want to spend them, but considering how long it took the Leafs to finally put pieces like JVR and Rielly in place, I am not sure they will want to throw in all their best assets like that.

          Also, they don’t have the cap space to make this kind of deal. Phaneuf won’t be going the other way unless Nashville for all the reasons people mentioned above. Phaneuf is the poor man’s Weber, except not much cheaper. The Leafs certainly couldn’t afford to have both. If they did their D core would be at around $22 million without even having a 3rd pairing in place. Seeing as that third pairing would likely be Gardiner and Franson (assuming the deal was JVR, Rielly+) the Leafs D would likely clock in at around $26-$27 million. That’s a lot tied up in D considering the big hole to fill on the front end, and the fact that there is very little cap room left to do anything about it.

        • Why will Weber be traded? Because you say it? More importantly….why will Weber be traded for less than the value he / Nashville will command? Because you would like it?

          • From a NYR’s perspective Weber / Nashville would command A Girardi or McDonagh + A Kreider or Brassard or a Stepan +Picks /prospects. No way does a deal for him entail less. Kadri+ to start a deal is dreaming. I admit, that price would make me jump off a bridge as a fan. But it would be more in line than a 2nd/3rd line center as the center piece bargaining chip. Seriously Toronto fans (not all, but most), you are way off the chain today. I honestly believe that a deal for Weber may be too costly to most clubs.

  5. I love the way Leaf fans place such high value on their players. Lupul and Franson for Evander Kane – seriously? Sticky hit the nail on the head with the idea of trading Lupul for whatever just to free the Leafs of yet another rediculous contract and free up some cap space. There’s no way Kane is going to the Canucks for Edler even without the NTC. It would probably cost Vancouver their 1st (6th overall) and someone on the roster like Hansen or Stanton.

    Is there a market for Cam Ward? He ranks 41 of 45 goalies in GAA and 42 of 45 in save percentage, and he has 2 years left at $6.3 million per year. I’m afraid the only way he will be leaving Carolina is through a buyout.

    • Why would anyone trade for Cam Ward’s contract when they can take a shot at signing Hiller for about the same money July 1 and not have to trade anyone for him.

      • Guys the new Rick DiPietro. NHL GM’s would be wise to stay away. One good season in his career IMO.

  6. I agree that the Jets will be shopping E. Kane – hoping Bflo gives him a good look – maybe offer something like Meyers or Ehrhoff along with either Larsson, Foglino or Flynn. Bflo could even offer Enroth and Meyers. Kane would be a good fit in Bflo – has skill, attitude and is a Nolan type of player. I’m sure Leino will be bought out and that would leave a void on the wing. I agree with Bowman, we have seen teams try to get to the SC by relying on signing UFAs. IMO, winning a cup involves a combination of both young players, some vets and most importantly chemistry. In looking at the Sabres, I really don’t think we are that far away from being a playoff team – we are young and our D prospects need to mature. Ristolainen, Meyers, Zadarov, McCabe and Pysyk have improved throughout the season and some have improved faster than others. I also think the addition of Conacher, Mitchell and Stewart are positives – there seems to be an attitude change – Stafford is working his butt off and he is playing the way we all knew he could play – add to that his desire to be a leader on the team – we can all agree it is a new Stafford we have seen since Nolan’s arrival. Ennis has stepped up into a more prominent role and also seems to have thrived. We have prospects in the pipeline that are ready to move up and I think we just need 1-2 UFA’s to help mentor our youth – maybe someone like Jagr, Statsny, Callahan, Moulson or Ott – even Cammerelli. I mention Moulson and Ott because I think both enjoyed playing for Nolan and the fans. Ott because I think his role with St. Louis has been marginalized and in Bflo he was a mentor and leader.

    In looking at TO and Buffalo – I think TO has a lot more work to do and it will be interesting what transpires during the offseason. TO has 6 players with NTC and I kind of found it interesting that they are talking of improving the Leafs through UFAs.

    • I agree with most of your post Steve. Leino is history, and IMO Foligno, Ehrhoff, McBain, Stewart, and Conacher should be as well.

      I’m not convinced Kane is the right fit in Buffalo. Right now his maturity issues outweigh his hockey ability. Of course that may be just a matter of time, but certainly the Sabres have a lot to offer Winnipeg for him.

      I look for Ott to return. We could use him much more than St. Louis can and I think he likes being a big fish in a small pond. I know he was astounded and flattered at all the email he received when he was traded here. That wouldn’t happen to him in most NHL cities.

      There is no doubt that the Sabres are prepping to become a powerhouse in the league, but I estimate the time factor to be five years. We won’t have the real core of the team together until after the 2015 draft. Then we should rise like the phoenix!

    • Myers isn’t going anywhere Steve. Guys an awesome talent. We need him to help the youngsters and be the staple on the back end for us for many years to come.

      Ehrhoff, Ennis, Stewart, Foligno, Weber, McBain, Ruhwedel and Kaleta are the guys on the block.

      • While Myers is not going anywhere, he is one of only a couple of guys that aren’t.

        Murray isn’t done tinkering with this team. The guys we have that don’t fit his vision are toast. I agree with the list for the most part, but I think there are a few more guys to add.

        Weber, D’agostini, Konopka, Ellis, McBain and possibly Sulzer.

        Not to mention the short leash for several other players.

      • I didn’t mention Konopka, D’Agostini, Scott, Tallinder and Sulzer because they are all UFA’s and should be gone. Ellis would go back to Rochester. I liked what I saw with Conacher and Mitchell and thought they had some chemistry with whomever they played. Stewart – for $4.1M he is the power forward we all want Foligno to be – so I think he is reasonably priced, only 26 is a veteran with 6 years NHL experience. As I said, he is a Nolan type of player.

        With regard to Meyers, I know Jes you are a big fan of Meyers, but I just don’t see it. As written on Die by the Blade – “We saw flashes of the Myers we fell in love that earned him the Calder Trophy his rookie year. But these flashes were sandwiched between injuries and inconsistent play.” I say lets trade him while his value is somewhat high because I just don’t see him regaining his form and play like he did his Freshmen year. I don’t see him as a Mainstay – I see Ristolainen , Pysyk, McCabe, Ruhwedel, Ehrhoff, Zadorov and Weber. Only reason why I say Weber is because we’re locked into him for a couple more years and he really doesn’t have much, if any, trade value. And McBain – I just didn’t like what I saw from him this year.

        My thinking is – you have to give to get – offering up Meyers and Enroth might get us Kane. Kane wants out of Winnipeg and the Jets need a Goalie and a young Dman. Hell we probably could throw in Luke Adam and get Kane and a pick or prospect.

    • I agree with your assessment regarding Buffalo.
      I think Murray will use his available resources very well.
      Myers won’t be going anywhere unless it was a deal for someone like Kane.
      Kane needs to grow up somewhat but so did the other Kane in Chicago and he was far worse off. Nolan would work wonders with him if given the chance.
      Couple of years and Buffalo will be another Colorado.

  7. Lupul, Gardiner, Reimer & prospect for Giordano?

  8. Trade Question: Trying to avoid fanboy bias, and I`m honestly not sure how great/healthy Shea Weber is, but if Nashville is looking to reduce their salary budget, is a trade like this reasonably plausible?

    NSH receives
    2014 2nd Round selection

    TOR receives
    salary dump veteran

    • I cannot imagine that Nashville will trade the face of their franchise for an overpaid Phaenuf and a 2nd line center. The cap difference between Dion and Weber is nothing (800k). And the skill set is miles apart. So why bother? How does this make Nashville better? As I said above in another post above, Teams will be lining up if Weber becomes available. And it will take a much better return than what you are suggesting. Also, Nashville does not have any salary dump type players.

      • NYR4Life thanks for the salary heads up.

        I thought Weber was way more costly in dollars and term than Phaenuf. If they’re only 800k apart, my concept is wayyy off. I was wondering if there was a scenario where Poile looks at a costly Weber (thx to PHI offer sheet) on a team that might decide to go for a big retool themselves, and wants to make a swap for a serviceable and more affordable D man. I’m keenly aware that Phaenuf is not a Number 1. more reasonably a 2/3, not ‘the franchise’ guy.

    • No. It is not.

      Way too little going back to Nashville for what they have invested in Weber.

      Too much salary for Phaneuf…..why trade a true #1 for a wannabe? Not worth the $8 million price tag.

      I think after Weber just scored 23 goals and 56 points on a defensive first club as a dman…he would be untouchable. No way you trade that for what would be a 2nd class offer.

      If Weber where to be traded…expect big names both way…from the Leafs it would look like:

      JVR, Rielly, 1st this year, plus a prospect.

      Weber is, if not the best then one of the top 3 dmen in the league. His numbers are huge, just like his hits, and leadership.
      Absolutely no way you get Weber for a grotesquely overpaid #4 dman, and a third line, border line 2nd line small center.

      • Gary,
        I think this trade is much more in line, However I would not be surprised if a team was even more aggressive to land Weber and offer up MUCH more. I think teams in the east would put together monster packages to land Weber. Philly, Boston (with Chara aging) NJ, and maybe even Pittsburgh, Detroit putting up monster deals to land Weber.

        • I think you might be either underestimating that package or overestimating what teams would give up for Weber. It could very well be the case that Nashville wouldn’t move Weber for the price, but if they wouldn’t it would either be because someone had a similar offer where they liked the pieces in terms of fit just a bit more, or if they simply wouldn’t move Weber at all.

          As an example, Say Edmonton wanted Weber, for them to be giving up much more, they would have to start with Hall, Yakupov and their 3rd overall pick this year. They have no other player on their roster that is worth much more than JVR, and they don’t have much that’s worth significantly more than Rielly. JVR has a lot of value right now. He has a very affordable contract for 4 more years, has back to back seasons where he was on place for 30 goals, has a rare combination of size and speed, and he is starting to hit more, and is actually reasonably good in his own end and on the PK. I am not saying Hall isn’t worth more, or that guys like Eberle and RNH aren’t just as or even possibly a little more valuable, but Hall is the only guy they have that’s clearly worth more. I don’t think very many teams would be willing to give up any players worth considerably more than JVR in a package where you still need to add your top prospect, and a top 10 pick to get the deal done.

          About the only team that I could see this type of move being feasible for is Tampa. They are in that right spot of nearly being a challenger but still having enough depth in assets to make this move viable. A package of Hedman and Drouin and a first would be a great haul for Nashville, but Tampa could actually afford it their current team on the ice would improve and they have the firsts from the St. Louis deal that they could survive the loss of the first and depth in the prospect pool. This deal would be better than the Leafs offer, but only marginally, and I still think Tampa may not be willing to part with those assets given how much of a step forward Hedman has made this year.

          Tampa may be willing to do this type of deal simply because they may be able to afford it, and they could quickly replace some of the assets simply by being an extremely attractive destination for a lot of players down the road. Sunbelt team with a superstar centre, hall of fame GM, likely to be a contender for many years to come, and some very promising young talent and a good number of picks in the system.

    • Just to put things in perspective for you. IF the Oilers trade for Weber it will most likely be Eberle or Yak + Klefbaum or Nurse + 2014 or 2015 first round pick. This turns out to be the Oilers taking ALL of Webers salary and giving at most Eberle’s seven year 6 mill cap hit. So if TO has a chance at getting Weber they will have to do way better then the extremely over paid Phaenuf + Kadri + a second round pick.


      And the dumbest trade idea goes to? 3 finalists all of who are? Surprise, Surprise Leafs fans. Lol

      • see my comment on the next thread Jes.

    • I will save my typing muscles and simply say……..NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.

  9. How about this.
    Phaneuf and gardiner to Florida for barkov and a salary dump.
    Lupal to Dallas for oleciack.
    Gunnerson for a third rounder.
    Rights to reimer, franson to calgary for the Swiss kid and a third or fourth rounder.
    Let every other player who can go, walk.
    Kadri to buffalo for zadorov and a pick. (Grasping at straws on this one I think)
    This team has to be gutted. We have decent kids who can come up and play. The kessels/jvrs etc should stay.
    If this type of a rebuild is on, hire a junior coach. The guy from the moose heads etc. let the team grow together and for the love of god, fire nonis and Carlyle and bloody we’ll draft better!

    • Florida took Barkov over Jones…he is untouchable this early into his career.

      He is considered a cog of the future, and one of the guys the team is building around.

      So, no..this won’t work.

      • Does my Carcillo+Talbot+ a 4th rounder for Stamkos not get an honorable mention? Thanks Jes!

        • ooops wrong spot!

    • Barkov will be a STAR in this league for years to come. Your proposal would not even get a call back from Tallon.
      Reimer will only get a 3rd or 4th round pick tops.
      Lupul will not draw that much attention. Certainly not the 2nd coming of Chara in Oleciack after Dallas has invested so much training time in him.
      I can see a Kadri and Percy and draft pick for O’Reilly. Even that would not get it done but it is a starting point. Overpaying for a Center is the only way to get it done. Either that or you draft one.

  10. I see a lot of Toronto trades today as “Player we don’t want+ over paid player we don’t want” = Weber or Kane……..Cmon man!!!!! I tried to make these trades in NHL 14 and not only did I lose all my phones for life, but the other Gm’s put a hit out on me!

    • But if Poile is willing to listen to trades like this. NY sends Richards + Mcillrath+Talbot for Weber. Now all things are equal. Overpaid player + career Ahl d-man + unproven goalie for superstar d-man! LOL

    • Now that’s funny!! LOL!!!!!

    • I meant about the other GMs taking a contract outing you.

      • LOL Gored. I am in the NHL 14 witness protection program!

        • They have shipped me off to South Florida where I will never be spotted by an NHL Gm or fan!

          • Not the worst place in the world to be shipped off to.
            I have been to Fort Lauderdale in December, hard to beat in December

          • I live in Florida….now. If you are a hockey fan it is hell here, and I ain’t talking about the heat. LOL Hockey is about as relevant as midget tossing or monster truck shows, actually monster truck shows probably have a bigger fan base. Horrible!

  11. I don’t see the Coyotes going after Hemsky because he’s the same type of player as Ribeiro. They are both playmakers. If you ‘re going to have a winger with Ribeiro to maximize him you need a scorer.

  12. I actually think being a GM in Florida would be an exciting and challenging situation now that there is stable ownership. I think Tallon is a good GM and the Luongo even though he might not be elite anymore he is solid and has good qualities about him.

    They will need to build through draft primarily until they begin to show a winning tradition. Either way a young growing team this early on wouldn’t necessarily develop as well bringing in a Vanek to make a jump.

    They have some good young pieces and likely a few of them will develop into solid NHLers as base. In free agency since they do need to hit the minimum salary cap they can afford to overpay for character guys like Bolland to play a top 9 role. Even a Moulson might not be bad idea because you know he has character based on the way he made it to the NHL.

  13. Lupul and Kadri for Roman Josi. Nashville gets some offense and leafs get a very steady two way defender who played with Weber before Jones arrived


    • My gut says the trade the leafs will make will be for Spezza and Kadri and/or Gardiner will be involved depending what the Leafs get in return besides Spezza.

  15. Use Granberg or get a guy like Smid to play with Phaneuf then cut his minutes Reilly needs a steady partner like Gunnarson then you have Franson or Gardner playing with Gleason. One of Franson or Gardner are going. Then either use a young guy or Ranger as a 7th guy. Granberg and maybe MacWilliams look ready.

    Create three scoring lines and a good checking/energy line like Boston has. Bring back Komarov and put him with D’Amigo and Bodie with MacLaren and Orr or Brool as extra pieces. Right now Leafs have three guys that will be the centers (Bozak, Holland, Kadri) but one goes in a deal to get a legit #1 or if they can move up to draft the big German from PA. Kessell and JVR are going nowhere. Send Clarkson back to NJD if they want him. Lupul is a good leader even if he is hurt a lot. Kulimen and Raymond are good third line guys if they sign for around 2 million. You have Leivo, Ashton pushing for a spot. Use a combination of Reimer, Kadri or Holland, draft choices and prospects to try to get a Traveres, E Staal or one of the top centers in the draft. Stay away from Spezza. That center could be very effective on the PP with Kessell, Lupul, and JVR and create a second line leaving the first line alone. Let Bolland go. He is always hurt. McClement is ok but Komarov supplies what he has. Sign a veteran backup for Bernier. MacIntyre will probably do. There are a lot of good pieces here but they need to play the proper minutes and role. Now the coaches need a system that is better defensively by using the fourth line for 8-12 minutes while the other lines play more. They also need to be hard to play against like last year.

    • Gary Crawford, You are not getting Taveras for that package. Right now the Leafs have nothing the Islanders would want for Taveras. He is an emerging Superstar franchise player. Spezza would be perfect for Toronto. He would not cost as much as people think it would cost. Ottawa has peddled him and he is a UFA at the end of next season. I see Kadri going there in a deal or Gardiner since other than Karlsson, Ottawa is hurting on D.

  16. so tallon wants to build his team around a 35 year old goalie who is past his prime????as for the youngsters, barkov started training camp with a shoulder issue, and his season ended in mid feb with a knee injury. huberdeau was spotty, as he was banged up throughout the season. bjugstad is a stud when he shows up.jovo is finished.as as far as hockey in south florida?????on most nites, the arena is quieter than the public library, and only fans from opposing teams help bolster the attendance.luongo could walk the entire length of broward blvd and go unrecognized.

  17. I can’t believe the lack of hockey knowledge on this site today. Give Lupul away to shed his contract? Thinking E Kane is in anyway better then Lupul and that some how Lupul’s contract is in some way terrible compared to E Kane.
    Do these jokers even know he makes the exact same money as Kane $5.25M for 4 more years. Do these same jokers realize Lupul had 22 goals and 44 points and Kane had 19 goals and 41 points. How about the fact Kane played on the top line with ATOI of 20 min which includes top line pp minutes and Lupul had ATOI of 18 min and second unit pp time. Then there is the fact Lupul played with different line mates every second game all year long. If you take all these stats into account along with salary you will realize Lupul is the better player.
    To those who say give Lupul away for nothing to shed his contract just prove their ignorance as hockey people (you know who you are). Lupul was banished to the second line to supposedly provide a more balanced scoring (although I think Carlyle carried his hate for him from Anaheim). He was given a rookie in Kadri to center his line and a different winger every game sticking stone hands Kulemin or Clarkson on his line night after night. Imagine sticking Kessel on the second line with Kadri and Kulemin with second line pp minutes, what would Kessels stats look like right now? Probably similar to Lupuls except the Leafs would be paying him $8M. This trash talking of Lupul is such a joke it’s not even worth going into any deeper stats such as $/goals, $/pts, blah blah blah. Waste of time pointing out how stupid some people are.

    • Do you realize Lupul is older than Kane and has injury issues? lol silly joker Lupul has a few good years left, Kane is still young. (Not that I really would want him on the Leafs but…) I have never seen a guy with so many ridculious conspiracy theories, Carlyle brought his hate for Lupul from Anaheim? Thats why he put Lupl on the second line over Kessel or JVR? Jeez man seek help.

      • Yes Carlyle brought his distaste for Lupul with him from the Ducks where it was well known he did not like Lupul. Read up on it.

        Give your head a shake. Your ridiculous statement about giving Lupul away for nothing to shed his salary is so stupid it’s not worth talking about. Your about as desperate to find a solution to the Leafs problems as MLSE with some of your thoughts.