NHL Rumor Mill – April 15, 2014

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Will the Senators re-sign or trade Jason Spezza this summer?

Will the Senators re-sign or trade Jason Spezza this summer?

OTTAWA CITIZEN/OTTAWA SUN: Ken Warren reports Senators winger Ales Hemsky wants to play with a good center, which Warren interprets as Hemsky signalling he’ll sign elsewhere this summer if the Senators trade Jason Spezza. Don Brennan believes Hemsky is “mentally packed and ready to head off for free agency” with his comments of wanting to play for a good team. Bruce Garrioch reports Spezza isn’t naive about the trade talk swirling about him this season. Garrioch believes the Senators asking price for their captain would be a “No. 1 pick, a player who can help right now and a top prospect.” He also noted Spezza’s no-trade clause limits possible destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Spezza is willing to re-sign long term with the Senators this summer he won’t be dealt, which could go a long way toward keeping Hemsky with the Senators, though doing so could prove costly. I’m guessing a combined $12 million for both. If owner Eugene Melnyk isn’t willing to commit to that investment, both will be gone. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE/VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma reports the Canucks will have to decide if they’ll bring back David Booth for the final season of his contract ($4.25 million cap hit) or go the compliance buyout route. If they do that and  don’t trade Ryan Kesler, they must get him help on the wing, though the options via free agency will be expensive. Brad Ziemer reports defenseman Alex Edler could be asked to waive his no-trade clause if the club decides to shake up its core this summer, but Edler says he prefers to remain with the Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks must a general manager who can stage a significant rebuild of this club, which includes shipping out Ryan Kesler and Edler for the best possible returns and buying out Booth. No half measures here. The core is ageing and it’s time for a change. Otherwise, the Canucks could face a lengthy demise.

CALGARY HERALD: Kristen Odland reports pending UFA Mike Cammalleri hasn’t ruled out re-signing with the Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That will depend upon who club president Brian Burke hires as GM, provided he does that before July 1.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer has no idea what the future holds. It’s rumored he’ll be dealt this summer or he could request a trade. The “Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, New York Islanders or Edmonton Oilers” have been rumored as possible destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames appear content with Karri Ramo as their starter, while the Oilers have already addressed their goaltending needs by acquiring Ben Scrivens and Viktor Fasth this season. The Jets and Islanders, however, could be very interested in Reimer.

NORTHJERSEY/NJ.COM: Tom Gulitti reports the Devils face many questions this off-season, including speculation over the respective futures of Martin Brodeur and Jaromir Jagr, if goalie Cory Schneider will receive a contract extension and if they’ll add scoring depth. Rich Chere also wonders if Brodeur will be back and if they’ll bolster their offense, as well as pondering if Anton Volchenkov could receive a compliance buyout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Brodeur’s days as a Devils goalie are over. If he wants to remain with the Devils, it’ll be in a front office position. I believe GM Lou Lamoriello will re-sign Jagr, and I know he’ll make re-upping Schneider a priority. Dumping Volchenkov via compliance buyout also seems a likelihood to free up cash to add more scoring. 


  1. $12 million for Spezza and Hemsky? Can the Senators afford to commit over 1/6 of their cap to 2 guys who were a combined -41, on a team that gave up more goals than all but 3 teams. IMO they should be looking for UFA forwards who know how to play in both ends of the rink. This is the year to be a free agent because it looks like stupid money will be thrown at mediocre talent. Wow, $12 million for Spezza and Hemsky would almost make $14 million for the Sedins look like a good deal.

    • Not sureu why any one would tie up 12 mill in Spezza and Hemsky both…wouldnt blame Eugene if he didnt, surely there are better options. AGREED

      • Reimer Lupul Franson for Strome…it is Garth.

        • So Isles get a backup goalie, a bottom 4 defenseman (Bottom 2 on many teams) and an alright scorer with a lengthy injury history in exchange for one of the more highly touted prospects in the league?

        • Oh good lord Shticky. What have I ever done to you man, why the hate brother? It hurts because it’s Garth so it could be true.

          • New ownership coming soon will hopefully mean new Gm / management coming soon for you Styx. Fingers crossed for ya.

        • Seriously Shticky, put the booze down when you are typing.
          Why not insist on Tavares?
          Reimer, Lupul, Franson and Kadri for Strome or substitute the #8 pick for Kadri. A goalie no one wants; an overpaid, injury prone winger, a #4 d-man with a good shot on PP, and an young centerman for a speedy young stud???
          Perhaps we may need to take back salary.
          Remember Leaf fans, we need to overpay to get what the center we need.

          • Follow along Im just trying to get rid of Lupuls cap hit.
            You want to talk over rated? You think a guy who is still considered a prospect is worth 2 top 6 forwards that put up over 90 points combined a d man who would in the Islanders top 4 and lead them in points from the blue line and a better goalie than any on your current roster. Ya those Leaf fans and their crazy proposals… Hows Vanek for Moulson a first and a second working out?

          • I really think the conversation about Vanek went something like this.
            Snow: Hey Darcy, Quick question. What do you want for Vanek?
            Darcy:(thinks to himself, don’t really want to get rid of him so I’ll ask for a crap load) I want Johnny T, 2 firsts and a second.(expects Snow to hang up)
            Snow: That’s a little too rich for us, how about Moulson, one 1st… ?
            Darcy: Silently thinking….
            Snow: I’ll throw in a second in 2015 too.
            Darcy : Umm ok, done.

    • There is no UFA out there as good as Spezza for cheaper. Good talent costs money. Sens finally gave him someone to work with in the Hemsky deal and they lit it up. Melnyk needs to pay up if he wants to compete in the NHL. Maybe should take into consideration his own advice in that we need leadership and accountability from the top down to the bottom. That includes spending the money to put a competitive team on the ice.

    • Spezza has to be traded this year. Guy has talent, but is lazy, not a leader and won’t play a two way game.
      This is going to sound crazy, but perhaps they should look at a deal of Anderson and Spezza for Tavares. Lehner is the goalie of the future anyway, Anderson has a few years left and won’t have a higher value. Tavares sets the Sens up for long term depth down the middle between Turris and himself.
      The Isles replace Tavares with Spezza on the first line. Maybe a change of scenery shakes him up enough to get him back on track. Anderson gives them excellent goaltending depth.

  2. Leaf fans have expectations for change now that Shanny is the President but I’m not sure how much they can do since Noonis has tied up half their cap ($35 million) on 6 players (Kessel, Lupul, Clarkson, JVR, Bozak and Phaneuf), and $50 million on 12 players. They have only $20 million to sign 11 players so I doubt that they can afford Bolland. Of the 6 big contracts, IMO only Kessel’s and JVR’s contracts make sense and the others make the players almost impossible to trade.

    • I would move Dion for anything…..ANYTHING!

    • Buy out Gleason saves 3 demote Orr trade Lupul for a pick if they can and there is another 9 which gives them 30 in space ad 4-5 guys from the Marlies to fill in spots all around a mill leaves 25 mill to sign 6 or 7 guys including the famous million dollar back up means 5 or 6 guys for 24 mill. Not great but not horrible either if you can bring in younger more affordable tallent and quit giving 3rd liners 5 mill for their identity.

      • Doesn’t Brodeur want to get good playing time? He’d be in a not so different situation in Toronto. He wants to be a starter. I’m guessing you are talking about Brodeur when you say famous backup only other one I can think of is Tim Thomas.

      • Move Lupul or Phaneuf. (No I am not a Phaneuf hater).
        Want to see some young legs in the line up next year. Move out some salary and leave some cap space on the table when it is needed later in the season.

  3. “if goalie Cory Schneider will receive a contract extension” What’s the if ? What in the hell did they trade the #9 pick in the draft for, a one year part time goalie ?

    • Holland 3 c Levio top 9 winger Devaine Damigo 4th line wingers Granberg replaces Ranger or Gleason Theres 5 guys for 5 mill add in a Bodie who is UFA that csn probably locked up for 2 there is 6 guys to add to the roster for under 8 mill Back up say 2 mill is 10 which would leave 20 mill for 5-6guys if you move Lupul and buy out Gleason. Problem isnt next year its the year after when Gardiner Kadri and Bernier are among the guys needing contracts.

      • Sorry Al my my phone is kinda wonky on this site for some reason and picks where my replies go randomly it seems, could be the same issue NYR4life has. That reply was meant to be for the post above.

    • There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. He will easily be resigned.

    • No doubt he will receive an offer, but whether he receives an extension depends on whether he accepts that offer.

  4. Reimer will fetch the Leafs absolutely nothing. I’d look to a backup like Nabokov if was possible.

  5. Bottom line is that it appears Noonis saddled the Leafs with some big contracts until the end of the 2017-18 year. Some of these contracts may pay far too much for what the respective player brings ie. Phaneuf, Clarkson, Bozak and Lupul. It appears Shanny will make all the decisions so Noonis has been reduced to an AGM. If Noonis was doing a good job they wouldn’t have hired Shanahan.

    • I’m sure Nonis doesn’t mind. He’s done great as an assistant.

  6. Islanders should be in the market for a winger for JT this summer. Vanek, Molson, Cammaleri, or Hemsky would all seem like reasonable fits if any of them wants to come to the Island. Of coure they also need a real goalie and a top 4 d man so I’m expecting Garth to pick up a 7 or 8 d man and a new Zamboni.

    • Vanek isn’t going back.

      Moulson I doubt goes back after Snow just shunned him away…

      I can see Hemsky in a Isles jersey.

      Cammalleri as well. I for one think he is going to Florida.

    • ^ HA! Ain’t that the truth!

      • My reply was in regards to the 8th D-Man and a Zamboni. We did have a game this year that went into a shootout and the zamboni did break down! A new zamboni will go against the team’s operating cap, so there goes a 1st line FWD!

    • LUPUL! Comes with a goalie but wait, there’s more…. If you order in the days leading up to the draft we will throw in a pmd who is going to be ridiculouly over paid in arbitration now that Holmgren has lost his mind (again) all for the low low price of Strome! Hurry now quantities limited!

      • If I was Snow first I would laugh hystorically and then proceed to throw burning cup of hot chocolate in your face.

        But if Snow was well Snow he’d probably do it.

        • I’d rather pay MacDonald $5 mill a year then Phaneuf $7 mill a year. Guy had what 3 less points then Phaneuf and is vastly superior on the defensive side of the game. When I say vastly I mean by a country mile or two.

          Remember some guy yesterday saying Phaneuf is a poor man’s Shea Weber… More like a rich man’s Mike Weber. Forget who said that but whoever it was should be ashamed of himself.

      • really didnt think it was that bad of an offer……prospects…are prospects…Franson (although I dont share this) is held in high regard as is Lupul – as per Dreger…how can one team have so many “terrible” players….come on give Nonis some credit…EVERYONE played well prior to the swoon..now everyone is overpaid overrated…..come on

  7. MacDonald just signed with Flyers 6 years $30 million.

    • 5 million for Andrew Mcdonald?? Someone tell me again how badly they think Phaneuf is overpaid?….right

      • I would say they both are by about a million bucks (and some term)…the extra money on Dion is his youre the best D we got right now please stay here is some extra cash money.
        I’m not sure why MacDonald got over paid. I honestly dont think many would give him 5 mill for 6 years. I think in reality 6 mill for 5 years for Dion is about right and I could almost see 4 mill for 5 years for MacDonald but someone would have paid them both I guess, just the cost of doing business in the new nhl.

  8. @NYR4 Thanks for the support :) I’m really hoping the Isles are sold to someone with a little more passion and knowledge of the game.

    Snow did alright stockpiling assets but seems completely out of his depth when it comes to the next step. I’m hoping we see some transition soon.

  9. Clark Mcarthur was a waiver claim then he goes to the Leafs – he does well everyone calls him garbage when mentioned in offers- yet someone sees fit to give him a raise…..anti Leaf
    Kyle Turris…was the centre the Leafs needed soooo badly …but Ottawa got him- yet numbers show he and Kadri are quite similar…and the list goes on and on…

    You always sell high never low..(insert punchline here) bottom line Leafs lacked structure- these are all NHL calibre players that other teams do covet..

  10. Ok ok fine you drive a hard bargsin so for today only ….Lupul Franson Reimer plus the Leaf first for the Islsnders first pick, much better deal than, say giving up your first for a guy who had no intention of signing an extension with your team anyway. Operators are on duty call now!

    • Didn’t you want to throw in Clarkson? Or somehow have the Isles pay Clarkson and take the cap hit while he still plays for the leafs?

      • Ok, I’m lost.

        Isn’t the Leafs top line Kessel, Bozak and Lupul ?
        Why on earth would you break up that group? To slide in JVR??
        Not sure that is a good ideas.

        What am I missing?

        • Lupul plays on the second line JVR Bozak and Kessel has been their top line for pretty much 2 years. JVR got 30 Kessel 37. Lupul is a good player just an idea to cut down some salary. Of the guys with bigger contracts he may be the best one to move, little older only a few years left on the deal pretty much always 20+ gosls 40+ points.

  11. Alforducks….the “if” with Cory Schneider relates to the fact that he will be an ufa after next season. He controls his own destiny. If he doesn’t want to sign an extension he doesn’t have to and has his choice of teams to sign with. Guess that’s partly why they only had to give up a first rounder for him. Canucks should have got a lot more for him.

  12. Honestly id almost take the hit if you guys wanna let him play for you, thats how bad its been.

  13. I don’t know if any of my fellow Sens fans listened to the press conferences by Melnyk and Murray today but it was interesting. Especially when Melnyk was asked about Spezza. He said that Spezza knows that no job is safe, that he understood his role this year and that they have players that they’ve traded and some that have stayed for a long time. When asked about McLean he said he was staying. Spezza was more vague. It might mean nothing but the Spezza rumours will be whirling.
    I’d want a good roster player, touted prospect and 1st round pick. Spezza is worth a lot so I wouldn’t give him away. I know a lot of people criticize him but the truth is he’s a point a game player on his career and has amazing vision and good leadership. Every team in the NHL would want a guy like that.
    I hope he doesn’t go because they have a lethal offense but it seems like something is going to change

  14. Some one explain it to me: Just who is Ales Hemsky?
    He wants to play with a good centre?

    The guy scored 20 goals twice in his career, so I guess I UNDERSTAND what he wants, but real players make their chances, and play three zones and don’t see the game as ego centric.

    Enjoy the KHL Alice!