NHL Rumor Mill – April 7, 2014

The latest on Evander Kane, Derek Roy and Milan Michalek, plus potential compliance buyout candidates.

Evander Kane trade speculation brewing again.

Evander Kane trade speculation brewing again.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe speculates over the possibility of the Jets trading Evander Kane this summer after he was a healthy scratch on Saturday against the Maple Leafs.  Wiebe notes the Flyers made an offer for Kane during the 2011 NHL Draft. Though nothing has materialized since then, Wiebe doesn’t dismiss the possibility of rival clubs making offers for Kane, who hasn’t requested a trade. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson also wonders if the Jets recently making Evander Kane a healthy scratch could signal a change. If the Jets decide to shake up their core this summer, Matheson believes Kane or Dustin Byfuglien could be dealt…He doesn’t expect the Blues will re-sign pending UFA forward Derek Roy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  It will take a significant offer for the Jets to part with Kane. I believe they’ll try to move Byfuglien this summer. Kane is still young (22) and his best seasons lay ahead of him…Roy’s NHL career could be coming to an end. His value has significantly declined in recent years.

ESPN.COM: Neil Greenberg lists those NHL players he believes most likely to receive compliance buyouts this June. Buffalo’s Ville Leino, New Jersey’s Anton Volchenkov and Columbus’ R.J. Umberger top his list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That trio also made my list of potential buyout candidates, which I compiled for Bleacher Report

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes it’ll be interesting to follow contract talks between the Senators and winger Milan Michalek. He’s eligible for UFA status this summer and has picked up his scoring of late. Garrioch believes the Senators will try to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Garrioch notes Michalek has a cap hit of $6 million. Actually, it’s $4.3 million. The $6 million is actual salary. I don’t expect the Senators to overpay for Michalek. 


  1. Off topic but….

    If Carlyle gets fired, how about Marc Crawford, I haven’t heard about him since he left for overseas.

    • More like if Carlyle isn’t fired, why?

      • Sooo fired.

        • The GM may have to fire him in order to save his own skin.

  2. The Sens should let Michalek walk. I hate losing assets for nothing, he is injury prone and since 2010 he has had one decent season. He is not a top 6 winger for us, he no longer plays with the edge to be a checking winger who can help score. If the Sens are set on keeping Spezza then they need to get Hemsky under contract and move forward with Spezza, Hemsky, Ryan, Turris, MacArthur and let Puempel into the top 6 this year. Stone, Zibinejad, and Greening can play your 3rd line and do what you will on the 4th with Neil/Pageau/Smith/Condra/Hoffman.

    The long and the short is there is no place for Michalek moving forward. If the Sens want to improve then they need to create space for the wealth of talent they have to develop. The Sens should also explore moving Craig Anderson and allowing Lehner to have the starter reigns with a veteran back up and if they can use some of their assets to grab a top 4 shutdown defenseman. Karlsson, Cowan, & Ceci make a solid start to the top four … I’d probably use Phillips & Methot with Weirchoch as my space and move Grbya.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Moving Anderson now while he has good value is essential. Michalek is past his prime now and his knee injuries have specifically been bad on him. He’s lost that extra gear he once had and isn’t able to be effective with a speed game. Re-signing him would be a waste of time and his spot could be better filled with a quality FA or promoting from within.

  3. Just spitballin':

    How about Kane, Pavelec & moving parts for Ward, Semin & moving parts?

    Kane and Ward could likely both be on the move. Semin & Pavelec have been talked about as buyout options.

    CAR gets: a high potential scorer and way-too expensive backup
    WPG gets: a hopefully solid #1 goalie and a too-expensive scorer

    Strength for strength, and problem for problem.

    The numbers won’t work (WPG takes $13.3M, CAR takes $9.1M) but maybe a starting point?

    Flame away! :)

    • While your suggested trade is enticing, I do believe the money may be only one of the issues.
      The other being Semin is 30 with 4 more years at a big cap hit. His on again off again scoring prowess leaves much to be desired for a $7 million cap hit.
      Ward on the other hand has not had the consistency to say he should be a top tier goalie in this league. He is paid like one, but doesn’t play like one. Not to mention his NTC.

      As good as it would be to dump these two guys on Winnipeg, I can’t see any real value for the team going forward.

      From a Sabres point of view: I would like to see Buffalo grab Kane, but would be willing to see a couple fairly good assets going the other way.
      Enroth is a proven goalie who is looking for a place to shine. Buffalo GM, Murray has indicated he wants physically bigger goalies, so Enroth may be moved. To go with him, Cody Hodgson or Tyler Ennis along with the first round pick from the St Louis Blues in 2014 .
      This gives the Jets a good goalie, short term contract with a reasonable price and at least one hard working NHL ready winger to replace Kane’s goal production and a pick for the future.

      Please feel free to retort.

      • I am not so sure you can put Enroth in the “proven” category. He has never started 30 games in a season. I get that he played behind Miller. But a guy with 71 career starts over a 4 year span, cannot be considered a legitimate starter in the NHL, and nowhere near proven. His career stats are similar to the stats of Reimer (Reimer has 130 career starts over the same span of 4 years) who is always being questioned by some as a legitimate starter in the NHL.

        • Love the Sabres fans saying Enroth is proven 1 month after trading Ryan Miller, and yes most these same people are the ones saying Reimer is a backup.

          • I also love the fact when Laughs fans think Reimer is a legitimate starter and could command a top 5 pick. When he is just a glorified backup.

          • Enroth > Reimer

            Not by much but is better then Reimer.

          • Honestly, I think it’s a close call between the 2 when you look at the numbers. A slight edge to Enroth in GAA. However Reimer has started nearly twice the amount of games in the same 4 year time frame. Enroth has averaged less than 18 games per season. Which is a far cry from the workload a starter is going to see (50-60+ per season). After watching the horrible return back ups and other goalies Fasth, Brysgalov, etc. got this year, No way do either land you a top 5 pick or a Kane. Unless you are sweetening the pot tremendously with something else. But if it does happen, I’ll sell you a Cam Talbot for either straight up. lol

          • Where is the post that said Reimer was worth a top 5 pick? Pretty sure it never happened, tho I do recall some one mentioned packaging Reimer with the Leafs first ( which could be as high as top 8 pick the way things are falling apart) and move up in the draft which wouldnt be out of the realm of possibilities.

          • Shticky That would have been me that suggested dangling Reimer to Calgary or Winnipeg to move up in the draft by roughly 4 or 5 positions once the lottery is figured out. Now that you know it was me you can change what you just said and disagree calling it a stupid idea that will never happen.

        • The_man,
          The 2013 worlds were a little watered down as far as the talent pool goes. If it were not, No way does Enroth come close to starting over Lundqvist. And as far as shots against, Toronto has more shots against than any team in the NHL by far (2,837 over 79 games, 35.9 per game, Buffalo ranks 3rd 2,694 over 78 games, 34.5 per game.) I am not defending Reimer, I am just saying that Enroth is not tested enough to be anywhere near proven as a starter in the NHL. But to play devils advocate fore a moment, if he were a legitimate starter why would Murray be using the excuse of wanting bigger more physical goaltenders? Does he want them out there checking next year? Al Montoya has played as many games as Enroth this year, with a defense that is not very good either and has better results. When you have a 25 year old proven starter, you certainly don’t trade him away as an “extra piece” of a trade, he would be the center piece of a trade.

          • @NYR
            I see your point regarding calling him proven.

            The record does show that earlier in the year Buffalo was number one in shots faced and it was only after Nolan taught the team this thing called defence that their shot totals have fallen to third. Not that it matters or makes any difference in the discussion of his ability.

            When Murray took over and again at the trade deadline he expressed his desire to have physically bigger goalies. Neurvirth is the guy he came right out and said he feels he is the right guy in net for the Sabres, so I don’t know about that. Enroth is anything but “big”.

      • Yeah, I’d agree with you, TheMan – it probably doesn’t work. 4 years x $7M is an issue. And, if you’d read my mid-season posts, you’d know I am not a believer in Cam Ward as an above-average goalie; his numbers for the past 4 years, have been pretty terrible. I just know he’s still regarded highly by some.

        Kane for a Hodgson and Enroth is a fair return, I just image the Jets, after years of being burned by subpar goaltending, would hold off for a more established starter.

        • Winnipeg may want to add a draft pick or a top prospect in addition to Kane if they want Hodgson and Enroth from Buffalo. Kane is a good player He is not that good for Buffalo to lose more assets than they receive in return.

          • et al. I was referring to Enroth’s recent Gold Medal he won for team Sweden in 2013 World’s. As proven he can play with the leagues better/best players.

            He is different than Reimer because Buffalo has crappy defense and have allowed the most shots per game (pre Nolan) and he still held his own. Yes, he has been in Miller’s shadow for a long time, but Reimer has had the spot light and not performed this year.

            The trade included him as an additional piece not the main one by any stretch. Look at it again. 3 pieces for one.

        • In reality, we would all like our team to get a guy like Kane, but the truth is if he does move it would be to a team like Pittsburgh or Philly just because they already have so much depth that other teams have difficulty competing regarding trades. That said. i have a counter offer. lol

          Grigorenko or Armia, Enroth and the first from St Louis 2014 (assuming all conditions are met) for Evander Kane.

          Better?? Worse??

          • Worse, at least Hodgson is some what proven maybe Hodgson one of the stud type D prospects and a first, depending on what one the Sabres end up with I think it would need to be higher than the Blues tho in this years draft. If the Jets deal Kane I am sure there would be some very good offers to pick from. Just 22 as Lyle states slready has scored 30 in a season, having a bit of a rough year granted but he is going to be a great player.

          • I would call that no deal. The Sabres need more than Kane coming back to Buffalo. If you added a choice of another player, a prospect or a draft pick alongside Kane, I would call it a deal. I do not see the logic in thinking inside the overpayment box.

  4. Heres my spitball:
    To Minnesota: Evander Kane
    To Winnipeg: Mikko Koivu

    Fire the torches!

    • Why would Minny do that? They’re going to land the best player in free agency in Vanek anyway why trade away a guy like Koivu who is also there captain?

    • What else would Winnipeg get? or why else would they do that?

      • Think Kane is worth way more , good young player good prospect and a first….Coyle Olofsson and a first kinda thing

  5. vanek staying in montreal is an almost 90% certainty everyone just wait and see

  6. bernier isn’t really considered a starter yet remember jim carey? bernier had decent numbers this yr but showed fatigue

    • Fatigue I think he showed a pulled groin knee, sprain from his d man piling a guy on top of him and rubber burn from the team who have allowed the most shots against in about the past 15-20 years…Im pretty sure the Leafs consider Bernier their starter.

  7. E Kane was a 4 or 5th over all draft. Never think that does not carry a lot of value and for quite a few years. M.Koivu was also a high draft pick. However, you would not be adding any material pieces or team need. A winger for a center maybe at best. Kane would command a solid younger roster player , goal tending , and draft picks

  8. Kane seems like the type of player holmgren panics over and makes a deal to get. He can replace Hartnell on the top line.

    To Philly: Kane
    To Jets: B Shenn plus.. maybe both Shenns…

    Jets organizationally are weak at C and Philly are fairly strong, especially with Laughton coming up soonish..

    • no way. L Schenn is the Flyers best D man. last year and now this year after an inconsistent 1st half but in all fairness the whole team was inconsistent the 1st half

      B Schenn is getting better every year, 20 goals this year. the only way i see him going is if they put together a package for Weber

      Laughton didn’t make the team is in his 2nd training camp and from everything i read, his 2nd camp was less impressive than his 1st

      i think the Flyers will be reluctant to disrupt the chemistry of their young players. Voracek could be traded though