NHL Rumor Mill – August 1, 2014

The latest on the Senators, Devils, Jets and more. 

Senators hope to re-sign Bobby Ryan.

Senators hope to re-sign Bobby Ryan.

OTTAWA SUN/OTTAWA CITIZEN: Having re-signed backup goalie Robin Lehner, the Senators have had preliminary contract talks with forwards Bobby Ryan, Clarke MacArthur, defenseman Marc Methot and starting goalie Craig Anderson, who are eligible for UFA status next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the four, Ryan and Anderson could prove the most difficult to re-sign. Ryan stands to be the biggest name available in next summer’s UFA market, while Anderson could be the best available goalie. They could command significant dollars as UFAs next summer. With Lehner re-signed for three years, losing Anderson wouldn’t be as serious a loss for the Senators as Ryan’s. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports there’s still time for Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff to do some tinkering with his roster before training camp opens next month, but it appears he’s banking on his current roster to improve without much outside help. It was believed Cheveldayoff would like to add a top-nine forward, though the UFA market is rather thin on talent. One option is Winkler, Manitoba native Dustin Penner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Penner is a big-body forward but he’s been inconsistent in recent years, bouncing from the LA Kings to the Anaheim Ducks to the Washington Capitals since last year. His best season (63 points) was back in 2009-10 when he was with the Edmonton Oilers. 

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said he and Martin Brodeur had a mutual understanding it would be best for Brodeur and the club if he pursued his playing career elsewhere. He could return to the club one day in a front-office role. Lamoriello would also like to re-sign forward Ryan Carter but so far there’s nothing new. Defenseman Eric Gelinas remains unsigned, but as he’s an RFA without arbitration rights there’s no pressure to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was reported last month Carter could be waiting for the Devils to shed a forward before re-signing. I expect he and Gelinas could be under contract when the Devils open training camp next month. 

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Former Coyotes Derek Morris, Jeff Halpern and Paul Bissonnette are among players who either fill a specialized role or are in the twilight of their carers finding it difficult to land new NHL contracts via unrestricted free agency. Halpern offered an interesting take on his situation. “I basically wait for a phone call and then if somebody says we have a contract, I say, ‘Whatever your offer is, I’ll take less.’ ”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Halpern sounds desperate, but at this stage of his career, that might not be enough to net him a new NHL contract. He’s at the point where he wants to keep the NHL dream alive just one more year. 


  1. Brodeur

    Can’t believe Marty is continuing this process. He’s achieved everything possible. Time to hang them up Marty.


    Absolutely no reason for the Senators and penny pinching Melnyk to offer this guy a contract. Especially when goaltending isn’t really a huge concern for them. Lehner is a good goalie. Plus he’s not hurt all the time like Anderson. Save the money and invest it elsewhere.


    Can’t believe Morris is still on the market. Isn’t he a pretty good defensive defenseman?

    Halpern seems like one of those older NHL players that will be lost in the AHL.

    • There is no Goalie Market. Ottawa needs to handle this delicately. It was no secret that Lehner is Anderson’s heir. The writing is on the wall. As such you would think Anderson would have one of his best years in an attempt to hang on to the #1 position and hold of Lehner. Lehner can taste it. I would think he would have a great year in the attempt of grasping the #1. As far as I can tell this is great for the Sens. Odds are one of these two if not both will have a great year. Then as both their stats go up a team may get a bit more desperate come trade deadline time.

      • My thoughts exactly. That said, the mindset has to be moving Anderson at the deadline and getting as much as possible for him unless the Sens are doing so well, they fully intend on making a cup run and need the depth (which I don’t expect will happen).

    • Morris is a 35 year old D man who maybe on a 1 or 2 year deal could be ok as a 5 or 6 depth type but was never a top pairing type guy, he hasnt played a full season in years. Takes alot of penalties by the look of his adv stats, (maybe slowing down?) penalty differential of -13, he is a minus player playing not very good lines (mostly 3rd line types and starts in the offensive zone lots) for the past couple few years on a very good defensive team with good goaltending, decent corsi numbers….Some teams short on D like the Avs could be a fit but like I said short cheap deal for depth.

      • Ya but have you seen him play?

        • Its the freaking Coyotes…who has seen them play? :-p

          • the coach, other coyotes, staff, owner and about 9 people in the stands.

          • Ya I suppose some people on vacation from Alberta.

  2. Off topic, but what is Montreal doing with Subban? Arbitration? Seriously what is wrong with teams in Canada? You think he would get to arbitration playing on Chicago, Boston, Detroit, or anywhere? Best player on team and treat him like this? Disgrace. He will be on an american team 2015-2016.

    • Watch this….

      No he wont because the Leafs will offersheet him next summer.

      Let the games begin!

      • Pretty sure the Leafs won’t need an offer sheet since PK will be a UFA.
        I don’t see the Leafs affording Subban while carrying Phaneuf’s contract.

        In dream land – the Leafs get rid of Clarkson and Phaneuif and get Stammer and PK.
        Don’t get me wrong, I like Phaneuf, always have but I’d lose him any day for PK

      • The Leafs already have $53million tied up in salary next season and will need to resign both Bernier and Kadri who could command north of $4million each. Based on this years cap, that would leave them with $8million to sign 7 players fill out their remaining roster. Even if the cap went up to say $72million, they would still only have $11million for 7 guys. There is no way the Leafs put out an offer sheet to Subban. Once again wishful thinking by Leafs fans.

    • Subban is two years away from UFA so the Canadiens could take him to arbitration again next year should they so choose.

      • Haha another player to add to the list of players going to Leaf land. lol I love Leaf Nation.

        • You realize it was a sarcastic remark to rattle the cages of the Leaf hating monkies like yourself right?….hence the “watch this” and the “let the games begin…” remarks . It was not a serious comment. Worked like a charm I must say.

        • But don’t you know that EVERY player in the NHL wants to play for the Leafs? I mean, who wouldn’t want to play for a team that hasn’t won anything in 50 years?

          • Well, to be fair Troy, St. Louis hasn’t won a thing over the same stretch of years and that doesn’t stop top players from signing there. To me, it has far less to do with how long TO has gone without a cup and much more to do with the intense, unrelenting focus on the team by media hordes and fans alike. Make a glaring error on Hockey Night in Canada that costs a game and, starting with Cherry that night and then in every newspaper the next day and on panel shows on TV AND radio for the next 3 days, that mistake is being analysed to death. Not to mention in forums such as this. THAT’S the prime reason they have trouble attracting top UFAs, and have to overpay for the Clarksons of the world. They took a chance last year on Mason Raymond for a “cheap” $1 mil – he winds up having a decent season, and couldn’t wait to get outta town when he became a UFA. Josh Gorges let it be known in no uncertain terms that he had NO interest in playing there and vetoed a trade and, instead, accepted a deal to BUFFALO! Others just say the right, polite things for the camera about “always cheering for the blue & white growing up” but quietly re-sign with their old teams (like Perry in Anaheim) or go anywhere else but TO. Even the most thicked-skin among them would prefer not to put girlfriends or wives and families through that grinder. Hell, I was surprised Phaneuf even re-signed that long-term deal. But then again, I doubt anyone else would have evaluated him on that scale.

          • Top FAs in STL? Who? The last high profile signing before Stasny was getting an over the hump Paul Kariya during their rebuilding years. Blues simply do not spend big money in FA, that is not how they choose to operate. But yes you are correct, pressure is low in a city where half its fans think TJ Oshie is a top NHL player.

          • Truth be told, I would take TJ Oshie over ANY forward on the Leafs, including Kessel. He plays in all situations, power play, penalty kill, and isn’t afraid to throw his body around. He’s listed as an inch smaller than Kessel but he plays much larger…plus his salary is almost half what Kessel makes. Leafs fans will undoubtedly tear me apart and claim the Kessel is a superstar, blah blah blah, but given a choice I’d take Oshie at $4.175million over Kessel at $8million anyday…and every other Leafs forward.

          • Maybe Kessel gets paid 2 × more because he is a year younger, in the top 10 in scoring over the past 5 years and has nearly 2 times the points Oshie has, or it could be becsuse he has nearly 200 games more than Oshie and over 200 more points., but hey if you would rather have the inferior player…no one said you were smart I guess.

    • He will want out after this treatment from Montreal.
      Will play two more years for them and be gone as a highly paid UFA.

  3. All of this PK stuff just makes Bryan Murray look like more the genius for Eric Karlsson’s contract.
    6.3 or something next season. Good grief what a steal. Essentially a fourth forward on 25 minutes a night. Some defensive liabilities, he can’t turn to the right. But that will sort itself.

    My priority is Methot. Then Anderson. Then McArthur. Then Ryan.
    I bet we end up keeping them all.

    • Methot and MacArthru I am very sure we will keep. Anderson I am confident will start the year with the Sens. Depending on how things go and how the market evolves will decide if he is traded or not. Ottawa’s been burned with goalie injuries before and I’m thinking they will want to keep both as insurance against injuries. However if a promising team performs poorly and makes an offer the Sens can’t refuse…blah blah blah…you know the obvious out come. As for Ryan. I’m 80% positive a deal can be made. I’m not sure however what is the Senator Management vision. Do they believe they will be competitive? Are they planning on bringing more talent through trade? Are they starry eyed over the thought of a top 5 pick. I’m confident Ryan will stay, he left a contender to come to a team that will give him a shot at being a number 1 guy. So I’m not to afraid he will leave to go to a contender just yet. However what is the game plan in Sen Land?