NHL Rumor Mill – August 16, 2014

Latest on now-former Blackhawks prospect Kevin Hayes, and a round-up of trade and free agent rumors from the blogosphere. 

Former Blackhawks prospect Kevin Hayes could have plenty of suitors as a free agent.

Former Blackhawks prospect Kevin Hayes could have plenty of suitors as a free agent.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE:  Chris Kuc reports the Blackhawks have parted ways with prospect Kevin Hayes after failing to reach an agreement on a contract. The Blackhawks will receive a compensatory pick (54th overall) in the 2015 NHL Draft. Hayes agent, Robert Murray, told Kuc on Thursday it’s possible Hayes could still sign with the ‘Hawks but Kuc expects he’ll sign with a team that can offer him a regular roster spot and playing time.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Mark Lazerus suggests the Calgary Flames (Hayes’ former Boston College linemate Johnny Gaudreau and Bill Arnold belong to the Flames) or the Florida Panthers (Hayes’ older brother Jimmy plays for them) could be options for the 22-year-old right wing.

SI.COM: Allan Muir also lists the Flames, Panthers and San Jose Sharks as possible destination for Hayes. Muir also cites a report in the Providence Journal listing the Colorado Avalanche, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins and Arizona Coyotes as other potential suitors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears Hayes will sign with the club that will give him the fastest track to the NHL. The Flames, Avalanche, Coyotes and Panthers could be his best bets.


Apart from the Hayes speculation, there’s little else kicking around ye olde NHL mainstream media rumor mill. So, here’s a look at what’s bouncing around the blogosphere. Enjoy!

The Philadelphia Flyers expressed interest in Ottawa Senators winger Bobby Ryan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Waaaaay too early to start up the Ryan trade rumors. Besides, everyone knows the Flyers’ real need is for a top-two defenseman, not another scoring winger. They’re already very deep up front and have no reason to add another high-salaried forward. 

The Calgary Flames and Pittsburgh Penguins have interest in Ryan Malone.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Why? Malone’s current legal issues aside, it’s painfully obvious over the past couple of season his performance has declined. Age (he turns 35 in December) and injuries have caught up with him. 

The Washington Capitals could have interest in Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp, but have to clear cap space first.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals biggest need is a proven second-line center. Sharp can play center but he’s far more effective on left wing. Don’t see how he’s a fit with the Caps.


  1. DUH. Every Team will be interested in Kevin Hayes. Entry Level salary and a 24 th overall pick.

  2. Realistically, the Flyers can’t make any major player deals with Lecavalier on the books this year. Especially when you consider Ryan is most likely to hit 8mill per next season.

    Maybe they will trade away more good young players this year

    • If the Flyers really want Ryan, they will find a way.

      I think they find a way…they have too many dmen, and could flip Coburn for picks ( rumored Edmonton interest) and free up 4.5….they could get to where they would need to be.

      And the Flyers depth up front is not what some think..thy have glaring holes, and I would like to see either Ryan or E. Kane on the top line.

      They are loaded with defensemen prospects, and quite frankly, I expect more of what we saw last year..an up and down club….so if they can get a bona fide top line winger…they do it.

      Next summer they can buy out Vinnie, and save $2million a year….there are ways to accomplish this.

      • K so what do they give up to get him? Ryan wont come cheap and the Sens are not going to take on a bunch of salary. Easier to wait it out, he will be UFA, than to try and some how give up Cobourn (if possible) plus giving up players like Couturier plus to get a guy that costs nothing but money next year. I doubt Hextall shakes up the roster to the extent it would need to be to aquire a guy that doesnt really fill a need, as Lyle said they have loads of scoring depth. If they make a big move Id suspect it would be to get a D man, rather than giving at least one up for nothing and possibly having to give one up that they are developing along with someone like Couturier to get the deal done. Nevermind the contract, the price the Sens would want to move him would be huge right now.

        • I fully expect Ryan to hit UFA. I think it will be dragged through the press all year, and might even be traded at the deadline.

          I can see him going UFA and the Flyers locking him up long term.

          The Coburn comment is to free up cap space to afford Ryan. Same with buying out Vinnie.

          If we trade Coburn and but out Vinnie, we would be saving $6.5 a year…that would be enough to be in the ballpark for Ryan.

    • Ryan $8 mill? Wow that’d be one horrible contract. $6 is as high as I would go.

      • Then there’s no chance you’d be able to sign Ryan….

        Paul Stastny just got 7, what makes you think Ryan would sign for 6?

  3. I always love how people have to actually mention that the New York Rangers are suitors. Really, the Rangers are pursuing a free agent. Shocking!

    The Rangers are ALWAYS suitors for ANY free agent. If Gordie Howe came out of retirement, the Rangers would be interested.

    And by the way, Hayes not re-siging is part may be tied directly back Kane and Toews getting contracts that were too big. I don’t know that for sure, but it seems odd that you can’t get an entry-level guy under contract. People never remember the small little bleed-offs that happen like this.

    • It had a whole lot more to do with the depth the Hawks have than the dollars on an entry level contract lol…Sharp Sadd Bickell Teravainen Morin on the left side Kane Hossa Smith Versteeg on the right…good luck making the team as a winger.

  4. No team can offer Hayes a faster track to the NHL than the Sabres. They are rebuilding from the ground up – what greater opportunity could he have?

    • Flames ….with guys he played college hockey with?

      • Yeah the flames…..or perhaps the Sens who watched 2/3rds of a top line walk away this summer…..ummm…maybe Arizona who could use help replacing Vrbata, Winnipeg? Toronto during the last 14 games of a season.?

  5. For Hayes Calgary and Florida have to be very intriguing for him. If an interested team could get Malone on a 1 year 2-way deal that could be doable

  6. Hayes would go to Florida first with his bro.
    Calgary second with his college buds
    Or Boston third with his home town team.
    I would go to Boston more fans packed arena every night .
    Better chance for a cup.

    • Does Boston pack more fans than Calgary?

  7. Hey JDSMALLc.. Jealous much? Why wouldn’t the rangers be in on hayes. I’m sure your team is trying to get him too. Moron

  8. Predators would be interested in Hayes too.

    Briane Burke would have interest in Malone. Oh, but he is not the GM right?

    • Preds seem like a logical choice to me too.

  9. Flyers need to concentrate on getting some top defenseman before they add more forwards. Vinny deal is like an anchor to Hextall until he can find somebody to take the aging former star.

    Can’t imagine why Sabres are not in on Hayes, no mention of them so far. Unless Murray has determined Hayes will be no more than a 3rd liner, which may be the possibility here. He’s was a 22-year old playing against younger players this year. Not sure how much upside Hayes really has – thoughts?