NHL Rumor Mill – August 2, 2014

The cost for the Edmonton Oilers if they were to pursue P.K. Subban, the latest on Michael Del Zotto and speculation over Justin Williams future with the Kings.

If the Oilers were to pursue P.K. Subban it could cost them Jordan Eberle in a package deal.

If the Oilers were to pursue P.K. Subban it could cost them Jordan Eberle in a package deal.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis examined what it could cost the Oilers to pursue P.K. Subban if the Montreal Canadiens shop the blueliner. “Something built around Jordan Eberle and Justin Schultz should be an easy decision for Edmonton; so too would a deal involving Schultz, Nail Yakupov and, say, the 2015 first round pick. Even a stellar prospect like Darnell Nurse would be a reasonable point of discussion – Subban is the mature version of a best-case evolution for Nurse.” Willis also speculates that “secondary assets – David Perron, Oscar Klefbom, Martin Marincin, etc. – should all be on the table, too.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind Willis is merely speculating at this point. The Oilers haven’t made a pitch for Subban and the Canadiens have given no indication they’re shopping him. If the Canadiens decide to trade Subban, the asking price will be expensive, but rival clubs will need assurances from the Subban camp he’s prepared to re-sign with them (assuming he’s not under a long-term contract) before agreeing to a trade. The perception around the league (and it’s not without merit) is this arbitration hearing could be Subban’s first step toward leaving Montreal – via trade or free agency – by July 2016. Expect his name to start popping up in trade rumors over the course of this season. 

NEWS 1130: reports via Twitter that Michael Del Zotto’s agent (Mark Guy) said there’s “no chance” his client signs with the Vancouver Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not sure why Del Zotto was linked to the Canucks in the first place. He wouldn’t add much to their blueline depth this season.

NBC SPORTS: Joe Yerdon wonders what the Los Angeles Kings will do with 2014 Conn Smythe trophy winner Justin Williams. The 32-year-old winger is eligible for UFA status next summer, and the club must re-sign young RFAs Tyler Toffoli, Tanner Pearson, Kyle Clifford, Jordan Nolan, Jake Muzzin and Martin Jones. While re-signing all their free agents by next summer shouldn’t hurt the Kings’ cap space, Yerdon feels retaining Williams could stunt the development of one of their young forwards.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a situation worth watching following next year’s playoffs. Williams could be willing to accept a lesser deal to remain with a perennial Cup contender, but will he accept a lesser role? 


  1. As a Leaf fan to all the Habs fans I must say I feel your pain for a bonehread mistake by management…Subban is not going to get any cheaper in his asking price and if he could have been locked up long term for around 8 mill this year it would have saved cap going down the road, instead of trying to save a mill or 2 in a year that you have tonnes of room anyway. I still think it could be resolved over next season as with a 1 year award with arbitration leaves it open to an extension but man what a mess MB created there with his best player, and PK has now all the leverage in his favor.

    • why would you think mb would let him go? just signed an 8 yr deal

      • Sure, well worth going thru all that to give a player more than what he was looking for in the first place…thats kind of the point. Why piss around with arbitration if its not going to save you anything? It was dumb. I think PK is probably going to be worth this deal down the road at somepoint so does MB obviously, so what would be the reason to go into an arbitration meeting offering 5.5? What if the worst happened and you judt pissed off your best player? No matter how this worked out imo MB lost a bit of his shne.

        • pk wanted 10 long term!! how is that more than 9??? geez 8.5 was 1 yr only quit being so dumb!! 8.5 was arbitration only get a clue

          • jello, you claim Subban wanted $10 million long term, but I’ve seen nothing in the media to substantiate that claim. If you could provide a link to substantiate this, I would appreciate it.


      • Read my take in the “News” and “Canadian Corner” sections.

        • I’m thinking after Montreal and PK presented their cases it was left in the moderators hands. Montreal realized that PK’s case looked better than theirs, and thwart they may have just lost their best player at the end of the reward. So they blinked, tucked tail and offered up big dollars to seal him up for 8 solid years. Both sides played this out PK won. But Montreal did not lose, in the end this will turn out to be a good deal.

  2. Honestly anything short of Hall and multiple pieces would be in the conversation for the Oilers. Subban is the type of player you build a team around entering the prime of his career. If there is a chance to get a player get a player like him there should be 20 teams all scrambling to do whatever they can do to land him. If he isnt (he is close) already the guy will be a top 10 D man in the league for years.

    • Hall + multiple pieces for Subban? Schticky your crazier then I first thought. Hall is also a guy you build your team around. A guy who could take over a game on his own any given night. Unless it’s a deal of Subban for Hall straight up it wouldn’t be fair at all if any of the teams involved added more pieces for one or the other.

      Subban for Eberle/Yakupov, Schultz and Nurse/Klefbom is more then a fair deal.

      • Read it a bit closer or my post below. I said short of Hall meaning anything but Hall from the Oilers should or would have to be considered. Not that it matters now.

  3. Just what are the Canadiens thinking, particularily when they themselves give Subban credit as there best player. Don’t you generally try to make your best player somewhat happy. Of course we don’t know the whole story as PK could be some of the problem, but as a team offering him just over 5 mil I would be very insulted if I were PK Subban. Personally, I don’t get what all the fuss is about. He is dynamic offensively but defensively he certainly has some holes but he definitely is worth way more than 5 million per. Maybe Subban doesn’t really want to play his entire career in Montreal.
    As for del Zotto agent saying there’s no chance heplays for the canucks, is he saying his player won’t play there or the canucks are not interested. At this point you would think del Zotto would be willing to play anywhere. Me thinks the canucks are not interested.
    Considering what Williams has done for the Kings you would think they could squeeze him in some how. Of course hockey is a business so if he doesn’t perform this year it will be a case of thanks for the memories and maybe we will retire your jersey.

  4. Have to think a deal gets done to stay. Even if it is a two year deal for 8 million. That gives them the time to work on a long term deal. If it isn’t looking good, they can move him. I wouldn’t trade hall for him shticky…I think hall is destine for greatness. I don’t mean to sound like I’m taking anything away from pk, I like him, I think he can have suspect defence sometimes but he has all world skill. I think an eberle, klefbom,a first maybe a second will get a deal done. I’d be far more interested in a deal around yaks, nurse plus but lord knows what Montreal thinks sometimes….just like Toronto! Watch out fir Dallas in this situation…they have the need and assets to jump all over this situation

  5. Subban and Plekanec or Desharnais
    to Edmonton for
    Eberle and Schultz. ????


  6. I agree thats kind of what I was getting at just about anything the Oilers have accept Hall would have to be in the conversation, and it would be multiple pieces. The same would go for 20 teams atleast. Besides maybe the Kings Hawks Bruins Preds Blues and a few teams with great young affordable blueliners. Not every day a player like PK becomes available and if he does , most teams should be looking at doing whatever they can to get him, within reason of course.

    • Am I missing something here? SO, If Montreal were to trade Subban, it would be very expensive, they would want a Saturn AND a Titan…..BUT, when it comes to resigning him, they offer WAY lower then what he is worth. Hypocritical much?

  7. pk is signed for 8 mb wasn’t gonna let him go he just wanted to see what an arbitration hearing was like lol

  8. Well is it vacation time now Lyle? Seems like thats about the extent of that exciting (not) offseason still lots of August to enjoy some down time, before camps. Great job as always.

    • I’ve just completed a vacation, actually. I kept the site updated (easy peasy) and just took a week-long break from my free lance work. I’ll keep updating the site with whatever NHL news and rumors float around, though the end of the Subban saga means things could be slow for this month.

  9. Now if they trade him to Edmonton I’d laugh a hearty laugh

  10. Lyle, the important pieces for LA are Toffoli and Pearson, who I think will still be RFAs next year. Not sure about Muzz, who will be important to re-sign. No disrespect to Nolan, Jones and Clifford, but they fall into the nice but not necessary camp. What will dictate LA’s approach is Williams’ performance next year.

  11. Welcome back Lyle,
    Never mentioned it before (because it should be the norm — for other websites)
    but Great job, love that your site:
    1. has no forms that users MUST fillout to register / post;
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    I’m sure all the above is a reflection of you and your work…well done

    • Thanks, I appreciate the support.