NHL Rumor Mill – August 22, 2014

The Bruins must make a trade to free up cap space for Torey Krug and Reilly Smith, Alex Burmistrov hopes to return to the NHL next season, plus an update on Ilya Bryzgalov. 

Could the Bruins trade Johnny Boychuk to free up cap space for other signings?

Could the Bruins trade Johnny Boychuk to free up cap space for other signings?

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Bruins must make a trade to free up sufficient cap space to re-sign Torey Krug and Reilly Smith and still leave enough wiggle room under the cap ceiling. While the Bruins could re-sign the pair to one-year deals, they would have to re-sign them again next summer, when they’ll have arbitration rights, plus they’ll also have to re-sign David Krejci and Dougie Hamilton next summer.

The Bruins have a surplus of defenseman and could move one of them via trade.  He notes David Warsofsky can be demoted as he’s exempt from waivers, and lists Johnny Boychuk, Matt Bartkowski, Adam McQuaid and Kevan Miller as possible trade candidates.  Of these, Shinzawa believes Boychuk and Bartkowski could fetch the best return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shinzawa is taking into account Marc Savard ($4.027 million) going on LTIR this season. The Bruins have nine NHL-ready defenseman and GM Peter Chiarelli acknowledged he’ll have to address the situation. It’s also believed Chiarelli prefers to retain Boychuk, though he could prove expensive to retain beyond this season, as he’ll be eligible for UFA status next summer. It’ll be interesting to see what Chiarelli does to address this situation.

NBC SPORTS: Joe Yerdon cited a report from Slava Malumud of sportsexpress.ru claiming Winnipeg Jets forward Alex Burmistrov, who bolted for the KHL last season, could be willing to return to the NHL after his KHL contract expires at the end of this season. While the Jets hold Burmistrov’s rights, he might prefer to return with a different team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That could take the Jets trading his rights to another NHL club. If they decline, Burmistrov will have no choice but to return with the Jets if he wants to continue his NHL career. 

CBS SPORTS: Chris Peters cites a reports from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune quoting Ilya Bryzgalov’s agent claiming his client would love to return to the Minnesota Wild. Bryzgalov finished last season with the Wild, but with two goalies currently under contract (Josh Harding and Niklas Backstrom) and in talks to re-sign RFA Darcy Kuemper, there’s no room for him on their current roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Harding (MS symptoms) and Backstrom (abdominal surgery) are as healthy as GM Chuck Fletcher claims they are, the Wild will be set in goal to start the season, as they can demote Kuemper ( who’s exempt form waivers) once he’s resigned.


  1. I am sure Bryz would love to return to just about any NHL team….be interesting to see who gets a job first Bryz (who actually wasnt terrible in Minny) or Brodeur who has been pretty close to terrible for the past 2 seasons.

    • I think the Bryz went 7-1-3, so not too shabby for a “Schizophenic”, LOL. I am very nervous of our goaltending this fall, I would love to see Hards make it through this season without any issues, Backstrom sucks.
      Kemps is playing hardball with contract negotiations and will more than likely be with the Iowa Wild to start the season.

  2. I can see the bruins shipping one of their defenders to the oilers as they probably need the most help on the back end in the entire NHL. I could also see the B’s trading away Marchand as he may not “fit” with the team moving forward; if they made him available there would be a lot of teams interested in him and they could come out with a great return.

    • Oilers added three new bodies to their D in the offseason – Fayne/Nikitin/Aulie. Add them to Ference/Petry/Schultz/Marincin plus Nurse/Klefbom in the minors and I don’t see why the Oilers would be trading with Boston. The Oilers need a stud #1 Dman but I don’t see Boston offering that up.

  3. Burmistroy thought he was a top 6 forward in his first stint with Winnipeg. When placed on a checking line due to lack of production he pouted and left for the KHL where he didn’t exactly light it up. He’s an overrated commodity and won’t help many teams

  4. I’m not sure why it wasn’t mentioned about Burmistrov but he did say he wants to come back to the NHL just not for the Jets. He said even though Noel is gone he still won’t play for that team. The Jets will trade his rights and get something back. Someone should take a flyer on him. Maybe Montreal and pair him with Galchenyk

    • Buffalo or NYI would scoop him up before a top-tier team gets a chance

      • Not Tim Murray – he’s Russo-phobic.

      • Doubtful that the Jets put him on waivers so Buffalo or NYI don’t have an advantage. Anybody could trade for him.

      • Isles alreay have a surplus of forwards that are as good or better than Burmistrov. Isles actually now have one of the deeper set of forwards in the league with Brock Nelson, Anders Lee, and Ryan Strome all making the jump from the minors last year and no looking bad. The offseason additions of Kuleman and Grabovski means they can likely roll 4 solid lines. It’s D they still need.

      • Not sure how many other GMs would want to give up something for a player who has already jumped to the KHL when he didn’t get his way.

  5. Dallas could use a righty-D in Boychuck, so could Detroit. Edmonton could definitely use more D. NJ could use a replacement for Fayne. Bottom line, if Boychuk is on the block there’s gonna be a lot of interest

    • ^ Bang on. Add the Islanders, Jets, and Hurricanes to that list. No doubt at LEAST those 6 teams would get in on Boychuk, maybe even Ave’s! Boston should put him out there as they can get a real good return right now and they have plenty of depth on the blueline, plus it will help their cap moving forward.

  6. I would not be surprised to see the Isles deal with Boston for a D man. They now have a surplus of forwards and a lot of D propects on the cusp but not quite ready. Would make sense for them to swing deal with Boston. Of course it’s Garth Snow so sense doesn’t often come into play.

  7. Broons most likely will trade Bart, as he has the lowest hockey sense, but has excellent skills. Important to bring Krug and Smith in under 2 million each.

    Retaining Boychuk next summer will be very challenging, even as much he is valued in Boston.

  8. I would move Maquaid and Bartkowski. Maquaid can’t stay healthy.
    If Edm wanted a top dman I would do Hamilton for Eberle but for cap issues would have to throw in Kelly and Bartkowski.
    Boychuk I love and wouldn’t move him to the east.
    Maybe Boychuk Hamilton for Eberle.
    Boston needs a top right wing and needs to go after him or Kane or Ryan.

  9. Bruins have a great defense, but they really having some issues moving forward. Boychuck, McQuad and Bartkowski are all UFAs next year. Seidenberg is coming off major knee surgery and the big man is getting long in the tooth, not to mention his contract is $7m / year through 2016-2017. Trading Dougie is not an option, getting Krug long term is a necessity. By the way I am a Sabres’ fan, but I would give a lot to have this defense on our backline anytime. Maybe one of the best defensive units in the salary cap era.

    • Boston D is overrated here. Mtl took advantage of the Bruins big but slow D to knock them out of the playoffs in the first round.

      Still Bruins’ D is a big improvement over the Sabres one…