NHL Rumor Mill – August 7, 2014

The latest on Martin Brodeur, Mike Green, Bobby Ryan, and more. 

Will the Blackhawks shop Kris Versteeg?

Will the Blackhawks shop Kris Versteeg?

ESPN.COM: During a chat with her readers, Katie Strang said she believes Martin Brodeur could wait until training camp to find the right fit, or if an injury situation arises that creates a spot…She isn’t sure how far along the Capitals are in contract talks with Paul Bissonnette…She believes the NY Rangers should re-sign defenseman Marc Staal…She’s “kind of surprised” the Capitals haven’t dealt Mike Green yet, suggesting his trade value might not be particularly high right now.

Craig Custance also chatted with his readers, expecting the same old Jets unless they make a trade before the season starts…He believes the Blackhawks could try to move Kris Versteeg or Nick Leddy to get under the salary cap for this season…If the Senators are out of playoff contention by the trade deadline and unable to re-sign Bobby Ryan they could move him…There’s no hurry for the Capitals to trade Mike Green. Custance believes the Detroit Red Wings are a natural fit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brodeur could end up waiting past the start of the season to sign with a new team…Bissonnnette’s agent claimed the Capitals were among five or six teams interested in his client…The latest word regarding Green claimed the Capitals want to retain Green to see how he performs under new coach Barry Trotz. I’m inclined to believe Green’s salary ($6.25 million) for this season is among the reasons the Capitals haven’t found any takers for him yet…Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff seems reluctant to make any significant trades…The Blackhawks will have better luck moving Leddy than Versteeg…I believe Ryan will see how the Senators perform this season before deciding if he’ll re-sign or test the UFA market next summer. 


  1. I can save Ryan the time and trouble. The Senators will be awful this year and are prime candidates for the McDavid Derby.

    • If that is the case and the Sens are horrible and able to land McDavid perhaps the additon of Mcdavid would entice Ryan to stay. I’m not convinced Ryan would leave a team during a rebuild as long as the end of the rebuild is in sight. He left a contender in Anaheim to go to Ottawa where he would be able to play as a top line forward. He wanted out of a team that had a better chance of winning the Stanley cup to begin wihth. Yes Ottawa could trade him if they perform poorly this year as the return could be significant in aiding the rebuild. Yet I see nothing to convince me that Ryan would leave because the Sens are not playoff bound this year or next year, he is still young, a top end player on this team and a leader. All things he desired, time will tell if he is traded but I not banking on it. His leaving is all speculation, generated by the departure of Spezza and Alfredsson, but no substance.

      • Ryan also wants to be paid like a first line player and the Senators seem reluctant to pay up that much right now.

        • the Senators have never been afraid to pay a player a 1rst line salary. Spezza and Karlsson right now are doing just fine. Players before them were paid well as well. The Sens salary issues stem more around the fact they won’t sign 3 top line players as they want to keep the pay roll low. I have no fear that if Ryan performs as a top tear talent this year that the Sens will pay to retain him. The problem arises from whether the Sens will pay another player to come and be a top end talent on the team. Yet Someone like Mcdavid if Robert is right in his speculation might be the solution. However their are rumors of the Sens going after Sharp and Thornton. I don’t think this moves will happen but I do believe the Sens would pay them if they could acquire them a competitive salary. Perhaps the Sens will tank the season with so many questions surrounding this roster. I’m not convinced yet. The East is so unpredictable many of the teams who made the playoffs last year may not this year and someone other team swill need to fill the void.

    • That may or not be true depending on the further development – or lack thereof – of D such as Cowen, Gryba, Ceci and F such as Zibanejad and Stone, and how Lazar performs in his first pro season. But neither I nor you can say with any credible accuracy how that will play out and that they will be “awful.” You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but right now that’s all it is – your opinion. They only missed the play offs last season by 5 points and really haven’t lost that much with Spezza’s departure.
      As for Ryan, if he’s offered a decent contract filled with bonuses and a reasonable term and STILL want “to see how things go” I wouldn’t enter a season with that hanging over the team’s head. In that event, deal him NOW or as soon as possible before the start of the season.

    • They lost a good center but they still can score goals and they do have a good one two punch in net. IMO I doubt they will even be in the bottom 3. They added better leadership IMO in Legwand. Plus Zbinejad and Turris could both have breakout campaigns. Plus who knows how many points Karlsson can put up.

  2. Brodeur may just end up retiring.

    I think Spec was spot on regarding Staal earlier this week (or last week?) Rangers don’t re-sign/extend right away. I think Staal is still a trade item.

    Green’s cap hit is high, but his performance also has something to do with him not being dealt.

    Ryan will be a Flyer on July 1.

    • Do Flyers even have the money to sign Ryan lol? Ryan’s not a guy who’d take a “hometown discount.”

      • Yes Jes, they would have the money to sign Ryan.

        • Well gary, since you seem to have inside knowledge, perhaps you can explain to us among the uninformed how, exactly, they will have the approximately $7,000,000 it will take to sign Ryan. As things stand right now, with 25 players signed for this year, they are $4,361,420 OVER the cap which means they have to cut that much by opening day just to get TO the cap limit. Let’s say the enter the season at or just below the cap. Suddenly they find themselves in the position as NJ did several years ago – of having to play with games with less than a full roster if experiencing minor injuries that keep players out for a game or two, since the salaries of any call-ups could and likely would put them over the cap again. That’s this coming season. Next year they have 4 UFAs of no real consequence – Rosehill, Timonen, Schultz and Emery – who combined account for $4,925,000. But since all 4 are roster players they either have to be retained or replacements found elsewhere. At what cost? I suppose they could take on Ryan now IF Ottawa too commensurate salary back in any deal. But who, exactly, do you think Murray would take to make way for Ryan’s current $6 mil in Philly? None of their crap, that’s for sure. So, enlighten us please.

          • For one, get your facts straight.

            They can put both Pronger and Timmonen on LTIR BEFORE the season starts…it just means that they are over the cap by the amount they are over, not the full cap relief of both salries.

            If put on LTIR on opening day, the Flyers can go the full amount of both contracts during the season. Read up, my friend, be educated instead of throwing out what most “think” is right.

            Second..of the players listed there..that’s $5 million….and seriously..none would be hard to replace.

            Grossmann and Coburn will have one year left on their contracts after this year. Shedding Coburn would save another $4.5, and Grossmann would have $3.5.

            If you buy out Lecavalier next summer, that is another $2 million a year saving…his buyout would be about $2,8 for the first 3 years, and under a million for the last 3.
            Trade either one and they have the room.

            If Hextall wants Ryan, the cap issues can easily be resolved.

            As far as trading with Ottawa…I have not said they would have to trade for Ryan at all.

            I am speaking as a UFA.

            If they did have to trade for Ryan..they have a ton of depth in the minors with defencemen, and they have chips like Schenn they could trade (which in case you are keeping track,,,that would be another $2.5 off the books) that they could center a trade around.

            They won’t be in the running for McDavid, so their first could be in play as well.

            I see it as totally workable.

            We have seen players moved with bigger contracts: ie Nash, Gaborik, Vanek….2 going to the NYR and they made the cap space work.

            The Flyers would easily be able to get enough cap space to bring on Ryan.

          • Just and fyi:

            Timmonen won’t play again due to his blood clots. Rosehill and Schultz…Rosehill played in only 34 games last year as a 4th line enforcer.Schultz is our 7th dman.

            Both are easily replace from within, or not really required.

            Emery is a back up goalie. He makes a million a year.

            I would keep him at that rate, but replace him if he wanted much more. The point being, out of the 4 guys you listed, only Emery is a guy who would be missed.

    • I agree-he will be a Flyer.

      • Ryan will be a flyer next year. he is just buying his time right now. Flyers wont waist assets to get him when they can get him for just salary next year. They can easily afford his salary as well. I have a hard time believing vinny will be here past half the next season and we will have prongers ltir and kimmo off the books with promising young d talent coming up. the cap will rise to around 75 mil roughly, leaving the flyers with around 17 mil in space

        • Why will the cap rise to $75 million? The Canadian dollar going explode this year? That is just one of the most random, guessing …..a 6 million dollar cap increase hasn’t happened since 08-09, and only has happened twice in the last decade. Barring a miraculous US, Canadian economic rebound, 6 million is highly unlikely…….2-3 million is more probable. But there won’t be any real feel for the cap for another 6 months, anything until then is wishful thinking/ random guessing.

          • That’s right NYR4LIFE..the cap is unknown.

            My point was that the Flyers would have no issues freeing up $6million for Ryan.

            Kimmo coming off the books next summer gets us 33% there. Trading one of our dmen will free up the rest of the money needed.

            Hextall would have no trouble freeing up $4 million for a player like Ryan.

        • Let me guess. You’re also one of these people that think Stamkos will be going to Toronto when his contract is up? It doesn’t mean Ryan will go to Philly, since he grew up near there

          • Not at all. I have said that repeatedly.

            Ryan himself has come out and said he wants to play in Philly.It would be a great fit, etc.

            Big difference between that and the Leafs media asking Stamkos if he’d like to play in Toronto.

  3. Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff seems reluctant to make any significant trades

    The understatement of the century … this guy is afraid of his own shadow …

    • One article I read stated, he has never made a player for player trade as the Jets GM.
      Over how many years??
      The clock is ticking on this one for sure.

      • Since the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg and became the Jets. It’s a joke. Cheveldayoff should be fired.

        • Moving from Atlanta to Winnipeg was supposed to be the tonic for the Thrasher/Jet franchise. Team stunk in Atlanta because of horrible ownership and management! No playoff wins in 11 seasons, can’t blame that on anything but management. The 2nd edition of Jets in Winnipeg is not much different than the Thrashers. ATL games were well attended when the team was horrible, then fans were turned off by one poor decision after another. Winnipeg deserves them.

    • Only smart move he’s made was hiring Maurice as coach.

      Jets need a new GM. Someone who is willing to make a move to better the team. Obviously goaltending has to be changed yet the guy is so stubborn and comes out and says hey we are fine in net.

      • Jes,

        What do you really want chev to say about his goaltending? ‘Hey everyone, are you interest in a really crappy goalie in exchange for a gold star prospect or player?…Anyone? Bueller…..bueller?’
        Of course he is going to say his goaltending is fine because it leaves a chane he can get the best out of his tenders. Throwing them under the bus guarantees a horrible performance before the season starts. Who do you suggest as replacements? What will it cost the Jets? Making trades simply to make trades is a terrible idea for any GM. I think with the growing popularity of advanced stats it is getting harder to have real steals of a trade like the Habs trading JohnKordic for Russ Courtnal. Their a no miracle trades to save the Jets but it is clear the players they have under performed last year so another year to see if they can turn their play around seems like the right move for the moment.

        • They still have the same core that was in Atlanta. How long do you want to wait for? And pretty much any goalie is better than Pavelec

  4. yeah i believe ryan will end up in philly too with Brodeur maybe if mason starts pooping the bed, the flyers employ almost everyone in the league at one point or another! and the jets will always be the jets, fire the GM and move them to hamilton!

    • If the chance of Brodeur signing with the Rangers is 0%, the chance of him signing with the Flyers is only slightly better at 0.00000000000000001%. Philly’s time would be better spent pursuing Vokoun or Thomas.

    • I can see Ryan coming to Philly, but not Brodeur.

      Mason will be fine, as he has regained his rookie form, and was huge for the Flyers for most of last year.

      I can see Ryan signing as free agent. He wants to come home.

      • How do you know Ryan ‘wants to come home’?

      • @ Gary

        How do you know Ryan wants to “come home?” You two buddies or something?

        Your probably one of the guys who thinks Stamkos wants to come home as well lol.

        • He has come out sand said he wants to play in Philly. He wanted to come to the Flyers before Anaheim traded him.

          No…don’t see Stamkos going home to Toronto.

          Ryan however, is on record as saying the Flyers play the right kind of game, and would be the perfect fit for him.

          Putting 2 and 2 together, and the Flyers need for a top flite winger…he would be a great fit with Giroux and Voracek.

          The Flyers are heavy on defensemen prospects, and have little for forward propsects. Ryan would be a good fit on the team in term of age and position.

          • Sorry, sounds more like wishful thinking rather than reality.

          • @Ranzeir..
            Based on what? What Ryan said himself?

            You not wanting Ryan in Philly?

            Why do you say it is wishful thinking?

            If Ryan wants to come home to Philly, he simply does not sign with anyone else.

            He is from the area, a need for the team, and young. He’ll fit in very well on the top line.

            You doubting this is based on what?

            It’s not like I am a Leaf fan saying in 4 years every good player born in Canada will be in Toronto.

            I am a Flyers fan, yes, but Ryan himself has said he thinks he would be a great fit in Philly. This was just shortly before he was traded to Ottawa.

            Do you think he’ll want to stay in Ottawa? A team where he keeps seeing other players being dealt away, to save a few bucks.

            Can’t see it happening, and can’t see Ottawa offering enough to make it worth Ryan’s time to stay there.

            Yes I would love to see in Philly, but his statements indicate he would love to see it too.

    • Just what we need. Another team in the east to create even more of an imbalance between east and west. It’s already tougher to make the play offs in the east with that extra team, with two it make it even tougher. If they have to move the Jets – again – move them to Seattle.

      • Sharks are moving to Seattle. JK.

  5. Really? Could Strang and Custance write anything more obvious and bland. They are saying nothing, which is probably what should be said.