NHL Rumor Mill Evening Update – April 1, 2013.

It’s not an April Fool’s joke. With the trade deadline fast approaching, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive. Read on for the latest on Kiprusoff, Pominville and many more.

Leafs get permission to speak with Kiprusoff.

Leafs get permission to speak with Kiprusoff.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports his TSN colleague Aaron Ward reports the Toronto Maple Leafs have been granted permission by the Calgary Flames to speak with Miikka Kiprusoff. No deal is imminent but the Flames and Leafs continue to talk. The Leafs were also linked to Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, but LeBrun claims the Leafs and Canucks haven’t spoken with each other since last week.

TSN: Darren Dreger also reported the Leafs are willing to discuss a contract extension with Kiprusoff, though such negotiations actually can’t take place until the off-season. The Flames goalie has one year at a cap hit of $5.83 million left on his contract, though in actual salary it’s worth $1.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I understand why Leafs GM Dave Nonis would prefer to have a goalie with playoff experience, but James Reimer and Ben Scrivens have done okay as the Leafs tandem and are one reason why the club is poised to clinch its first playoff berth in eight years. Don’t see the sense in dealing for Kirpusoff at this juncture. The Leafs would also have to shed some cap space if they do acquire “Kipper” before  next season .

TVA SPORTS’ Patrice Caisse reports the following on Jason Pominville via Twitter: “Buffalo Sabres asked Jason Pominville to prepare a list of eight teams where he doesn’t want to be traded.”

RDS.CA’s Renaud Lavoie chimes in: “Darcy Regier told Jason Pominville that with the team current situation, he needs to see what’s out there.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of things happening quickly today regarding the Sabres.  As for Pominville, submitting his list doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be moved by the deadline, but it certainly would make deadline day a helluva lot more entertaining if he is in fact in play.

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports Ryane Clowe is expected to be a healthy scratch when the Sharks face the Canucks Monday evening.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shades of the hours  before Jarome Iginla was dealt.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen lists five scenarios to watch leading up to deadline day. Among them: what moves the Sabres, Bruins and Flames have in store, as well as the trade status of Dallas Stars center Derek Roy and Edmonton Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney.


  1. Well Scrivens must be going the other way if there is a Kiprusof deal but Leafs also need to send some salary too.

    Scrivens, Liles and a prospect or a second rounder for Kipr maybe??
    Scrivens and Kuli for Kipr?

    Hockey Central is still reporting Kipr isn’t going to agree to be traded anywhere…

  2. Rumour

    Cory Schneider possibly to the Devils if Luongo can not get moved !!!

    As Ive been stating for a while now………….. ummmmmm ……………since last year Leafs and Nonis scouting Dallas HARD this week !!!

    Hoping for either Roy….. Erickson or Robidas! …..again all you guys ripped on me even Shticky today saying…… NEVER HAPPEN !!!!

    Brian Campbell still up for grabs !!

    Nonis is a Burke protege……he will pull of a dandy like the big B B did in his hay day!!!!

    Go getem Nonis do the right thing …..you know in your heart what you have to do to make a legit push this year !!!

    Get R done !

    • You are everything that is wrong with the internet.

      • Is that so Rickler …….All I did was pass on a trade that I heard and you and Ron Moore cut me down like a bully on the play ground …..Id say the shoe is on the other foot ….Iam here to talk about Hockey …..if you want to throw the stones go ahead .,……Maybe just stick to what you said and don’t read my posts or comment on my puncuations!!!!!!!!

        Mind your own business and post something instead of a comment of critisism.

        How about that brother !!!!

        Pass this on !!

    • Poor Toronto – looking for someone to trade with and they gots no one to trade. If they go after Roy – it is similar to signing Connolly. I would hate to see Toronto make trades getting rental players or get stuck paying big bucks for a player’s twilight years. Toronto could use someone like Clowe – would give them more grit and a guy that is a “team player” versus someone who plays for himself a la Roy. Maturity – maybe Toronto should do a deal for Ribero or maybe even Stafford.

  3. Ryan Clowe reportedly heading for Philadelphia!

  4. Even though Clowe isn’t scoring…I think he could help the Rangers in the toughness department.scrums on the boards.

  5. If Leafs pick up Kipper they will be fine cap wise, they will ditch Connolly and MacArthur to UFA and likely buy out Komi which is over $10 million right there. Moving or buying out Liles or Grabo certainly wouldn’t hurt either. Flames keep getting hosed if a deal happens I bet Ben Scrivens, Kenny Ryan, 3rd rounder … cause hey why not?

    I really think the team to watch right now is going to be Columbus, I’d put a good hunch that if Pomminville doesn’t list the Jackets they are going to come hard for him. Something like LA 1st 2013 and one of their young defensive prospects or defenseman. I would still prefer to see them make a play for Gaborik to try and bring in that marquee player and believe they have the stones to do it with a 1st rounder, defenseman, and a prospect.

    With Detroit, Vancouver, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Philly, and New York still rumored to be working the phones for pieces we could still see some good moves.

    • Your forgetting the 5 Leaf RFA’s will be getting a rasie in the neighbourhood of $10M. There goes your Connolly, MacA, Komi $10M. That leaves one buyout left so we will see if Nonis can unload Liles or Grabo in a trade to make room.

  6. Actually it was me who said you were embarrassing.

    The Regehr deal wasn’t a shocker, let’s relax here and not act like you were the only one to see this coming. Well we are at it, let’s try relaxing on the caps and the punctuation as well.

    You’re way too much kid, take a breather.

    • *while

    • Since when was posting a trade on this site so wrong …….or so called embarressing and enough to tell me Iam whats wrong with the Internet …..

      Its trade deadline and this is a Hockey Blog for goodness sake thats what your suppose to do ….holy cow get over yourself man!

      Pass me over and move on !

      • They are when you can’t even get the name of the person insulting or criticizing you and/or your posts right. Like rickler said, take a breath and relax but most of all, MOVE ON.

  7. I hope Derek Roy becomes a Duck…all he has to do is switch locker rooms since we have to play Dallas all week.

  8. Six deals I’d like to see:
    Bernier to Buffalo for Myers and Enroth
    Miller to Toronto for Grabvoski, Scrivens and a 3rd or 4th round pick
    Vanek to Columbus for Gilles, Mason and a #1 pick
    Pomminville to San Jose for Clowe and Braun
    Roy to Chicago for Stalberg
    Jagr to Boston for prospects

    • Columbus definitely is not going to give up that much for an over-30 scorer. Gilles and Mason for Vanek, maybe, but add in one of our first rounders? Don’t make me laugh.

      • Over 30 scorer? You mean over 30 GOAL scorer? Vanek is 29 years old…What exactly is Columbus “giving up” other than a 1st rounder? Vanek is worth way more than that Paul

      • Columbus GM has already gone on record as saying he will move a 1st rounder for a scoring forward. A first rounder alone will not land a 29 yer old 40 goal scorer. Columbus will be over the moon to get someone to take Mason off their hands.

    • Thanks EJH that was fun! If all that was to happen it would make for a very exciting deadline.

  9. @EJH
    Wow, talk about blowing up the team!
    In terms of the Sabres only, the only deal I like is the Pommenville one. All the rest are massive over payments for marginal returns. I can honestly say that there is no chance of Miller going to Toronto. I would love to have Scrivens as my back up, but I don’t think he is really worth Miller even with Grabo and the pick, sorry.
    Bernier for Myers and Enroth. Another dream.
    Finally, Vanek is not leaving. if he is going, it will be to a contender for better help and a first. Not the scraps in Columbus.

  10. I’m going to warn everyone once. Nothing wrong with disagreements, but if you stoop to personal insults and profanity, I will ban you. Forewarned is forearmed.